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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Jan 27, 2015

Hathway Internet Service Worst

I took Hathway internet service in Dec. This is the worst service provider ever. They only have a good IVR on their service number, where the technical staff, registers your complaint and says the services will be up in 4 hrs of time each time you call them. Apart from accessibility of the service number there is nothing called as the internet. THey are super quick when you want to setup a new connection. I asked them to discconnect the service and refund the amount for 6 months that I paid, but they are not doing that. Cheaters!!!! Such a dishonest company should be raided and shut down immediately. I am so frustated !!!!
Jan 24, 2015

hathway worst internet service and poor customer support by customer care executive

My name is Neha Parmar.My hathway account number is 1241912. I have recently purchased hathways internet service. But, since last one week my internet services have stopped working and inspite of endless calls to the customer care my issue hasn't resolved yet. They always respond saying technician will visit your place give us 24 hrs. But, no one visited my place to resolve the issue.

I have already paid advance for 3 months service. Kindly look into this issue and if you can't resolve it. Asap please refund my advance payment.

Jan 19, 2015

technical problem & not proper service

My Name is Priyanka Salunke My A/c No. is 1146686.I have too much range problem in my area & from last week of Septembar to full October repairing in going on because of that i can not use wi-fi so I want to extent my broadband plan.

I droup this mail on there every mail id but there is no reply & tomorrow my broadband plan is ending but nobody is giving spcific solution after my mail that what should i do? . I told them to send there customer care executive to check the problem & extent my plan but their is no reply. I told them that if router is problematic plz change it.

revert to my mail or contact me as soon as possible.

Jan 17, 2015

Cable operator out of reach

I have two connections. One is working fine and other is not. I tried many times to call our cable operator, but nothing worked out.
In the end, I called customer care number mentioned in website.
First Ii called in number 080-67151515. They told me call another no. 080-41228957 or 59. From there, they told to call in number 9901714684 to Mr. Raju. Mr. Raju told me to call in number 9972200927. And this guy told me, he takes are of any other zone and disconnected the call.
This is INDIA!!!
I feel that my cable operator is doing something wrong with the second connection and it is not the genuine one.
Naveen Titare
Dec 21, 2014

Fraud by Hathway Internet

I took Hathway Broadband(Customer code: 1213134) on 15 Nov 2014, area name 1st Block Koramangala Bangalore, Karnatak. I have been trying to address my complaint to hathway's Customer care from last 35 days through mails and calls but still i haven't received any reply from them. I have sent around 5-6 mails to their Bangalore support([email protected]) regarding this issue but i guess they are just sitting on their chair and doing nothing.

Two times their technicians came to check the issue but still no solution has been provided. I paid for 3 months subscription and paid Rs3370 but i am not able to use the internet service.

I request you to please look into the issue and resolve the issue by refunding my money.
Naveen Titare
Dec 6, 2014

slow downloading and uploading speed

slow downloading and uploading speed
I have a problem with my internet connection hathway , first there is a downloading speed of only 15 to 20 kbps and uploading speed is 2 to 3 kbps which is less then my mobile. Pathetic service and rude people i am facing this problem from last 2 months 20-30 times i complaint to customer care they always resister complain and resolve next day without solving problem and they speaks so rude and in cheap manner.
MY ID IS 1071508
Dec 6, 2014

slow downloading and uploading speed

I have a problem with my internet connection hathway , first there is a downloading speed of only 15 to 20 kbps and uploading speed is 2 to 3 kbps which is less then my mobile. Pathetic service and rude people i am facing this problem from last 2 months 20-30 times i complaint to customer care they always resister complain and resolve next day without solving problem and they speaks so rude and in cheap manner.
MY ID IS 1071508
Dec 6, 2014

slow downloading and uploading speed

I have a problem with my internet connection hathway , first there is a downloading speed of only 15 to 20 kbps and uploading speed is 2 to 3 kbps which is less then my mobile. Pathetic service and rude people i am facing this problem from last 2 months 20-30 times i complaint to customer care they always resister complain and resolve next day without solving problem and they speaks so rude and in cheap manner.
MY ID IS 10711508
Nov 23, 2014

Worst Customer Support

I am using hathway service, inspite of regular disconnections I was able to tolerate them. But when I asked for upgradation and paid full money, it has been more than 4 days no response from customer support. They disconnected internet and always they do tell, they will resolve in 1 hour, but since one week no solution and they are not refunding money also.
Nov 1, 2014

I never thought hathway will also start cheating customer

I am an old customer of hathway broadband and internet. My account no. Is 39**22. My contact no. Is . I never thought hathway will also start cheating customer. I had paid via cheque Rs 3819 for 6 months. I have been said every month can use 10GB with 50 MB speed. As after 10Gb gets over its automatically stop 50MB speed. Thn can use 512 unlimited tl month gets over. Than on 1st of every month my 50MB will start.
Now here they cheating its been done today its 1st november 2014. I was waiting for my 50MB speed as promised. But instead of getting that i'm receiving messaging saying i have download more th 10 GB so it's been downgraded. How the hell can hathway cheat saying this where I haven't even downloaded anything it's been cheat. On that worst Im calling like fool on this given number : 022 67134600. Its been on hold from 1hr i waited lose my 85 Rs after again calling like fool nd just money wasting without any response.
I please Request you gently stop fooling customers. As promised please provide services.
I want to see proof on what basis downgraded speed in hr without even using. Call me anytime just help me. At Least can reply mail if you guys having problem answering call.
Oct 9, 2014

Hathway is a WASTE. They have earned this word.

I am using Hathway for almost 1 and half year now, since there is no other service provider yet in my area, I had had to stay with this stupid Hathway internet.

Hathway is not worth of even thinking as service provider. It just fakes around people. I had internet problem very day in this 1 and half year. Dispite of multiple escalation and looping Nodal officers also is a waste.

These kind of service provider should not be encouraged as they dont have there own values and mission. The funniest part is, though there is no internet through out the month, but still they will send one email and also call the customers to inform that that 13th is the last day to pay the internet bill...

This server provider has to be dragged to court... I am logging a case on this company in consumer court.

Oct 7, 2014

Pathetic service and rude people

The connection any time gets down and customer care says that it happens just. There is no support in evening time and net get disconnected if there is no power in the area, just like they don't use any power backup. And if we call those guys who come for setup new connection, they say if there is problem then go for disconnection. They are not bother.
Cant trust on its connectivity...
Clayton L Rodrigues
Sep 30, 2014

Bad and disgusting services

There is no internet services since the last four days...called up the customer service at Vakola who assisted on logging a complain... To my surprise this was closed without the issue being resolved.. Next day I was adviced to log a new complain... That is still not being resolved... I walked up to the office in Vakola and was informed that services will be resumed in an hour by Mr Ravi.. Today I contacted him after 14 hours and the issue is not yet being resolved.. To make it worse I called him on his number, instead of him talking to me and resolving my issue he is on the other line guiding his engineer to a place called suresh apartment... This shows customers have no value at all.. Please shut down ur services if you can't fulfill the customers satisfaction.. Hope some action is taken at the earliest
Sep 30, 2014

New Connection

Am a MTNL broadband customer. Want to move to fiber. Was reccomended Hathway by firends.
Called the number on website for new sales. Was given a different number to call. No answer from that number.
Called the call center back. Lady took my details, told me I would be called back in 3 hours. Then put me on hold and came back and gave me another phone number to call for this connection. No answer on this number either.
Sent an email to [email protected], still no response.
I thought MTNL was bad, but Hathway is the pits.
You expect this kind of crap service from MTNL, but not from Hathway, or so I thought.
Sticking with MTNL. Better the known devil.
Guys, you suck.
Sep 29, 2014

No Internet

I had a nice experience with hathway my internet connection is not working from 6 days and whenever i call the technical support i hear them talking about the settings and they are not capable to understand what we talk, their conversation makes NO SENSE. By taking this hathway connection i am on huge loss from past 6 days but they are not bothered about that. People in bangalore please don't buy this hathway connection they come up with some offers only to attract customers saying they give more speed and etc, but the service is FUCKED UP. And these technical support team will work only till 7 PM which makes no sense at all.
a consumer
Sep 23, 2014

Billing issues with hathway broadband

Hathway have sent us the wrong bill for the month of September, with a hiked up amount by Rs 2,000. I have called them almost every single day since 6 September to rectify the amount. Their response is standard: that they will arrange a call back. That call back never happens and they send an SMS the following morning saying that the issue is resolved and case is closed. This, when no one has called me.
One call centre person even told me to not pay the bill. They're very unprofessional, managed badly, and service is pathetic.
Sep 16, 2014



Srinivas Abhishek
Sep 13, 2014

Worst Service and managers

I've been a sufferer of Hathways system too. I just want to make it plain and simple. T
heir customer care sucks. They take it very easy when we complain about it.
I've talked to many guys(at many levels) who say my problem would be resolved tomorrow.But tomorrow never comes.
And when I call zonal level manager to complain about this, he doesn't lift my call. When I call again, I get a call wait on his number. When I call him again, he doesn't lift the call again, so I keep him a message saying my query is not resolved.And call him back,
I get a call wait again and after some time he lifts the call and says this:

"Go Ahead and disconnect the connection.I don't care."
You can listen here: http://clyp.it/cr1ygty1
Then afterwards a technician manager calls and talks to us saying this would get resolved by tomorrow.
And for hathway, tomorrow never comes.

Sep 11, 2014

Worst Hathway Internet Service in Bangalore

One of the worst service and support which Hathway provided on broadband services.
I will agree 100% with what Sadashiv is talking about. Hathway connection goes every other minute and you have to restart your model/router to bring it back. People take it so easy even when you complain about it.
Their customer service is the worst. I also regret very much for taking Hathway internet.
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz think too much before you buy this connection. It may look all good in the beginning and then the real picture is very bad. I have written many emails regarding this and there was not even a reply from them talking about the actions required.
Sep 9, 2014

Payment made but plan not upgraded

Before the expiry of my ongoing Hathway broadband plan, i was suggested to upgrade to new 50Mbps plan which required to make the payment of Rs2516 against activation of the plan alongwith change of modem.
I was told that after making the required payment within 4 working days the modem will be changed and my plan shall be activated.
After making the payment and i dropped the mail to [email protected] for changing the plan in an expectation of personnel from Hathway for changing the modem and thereby activating the new plan.
But it's been more than 20days now and their 4 working days don't seems to be over yet.

When i tried calling their customer care numbers, i was told every time that my complaint has been registered and i shall be getting call from their billing dept. But within hours only i gets message that the registered complaint has been marked 'resolved'.

If my issue is not resolved till tomorrow i am going to go to consumer forum and file a consumer harassment case against Hathway.
If required i have all the necessary mail conversation records to prove my point and thrash Hathway in the court.
Sep 9, 2014

plan updated but not yet activated

Name :Deepa
Account number:964428

I have opted for plan change on 31st Aug 2014 and made the payment of Rs 2999/-upfront. After which I have been following up to install new modem. After several days of struggle and follow ups finally one rude,arrogent service engineer from PUNE,visited our place and install the modem. Now what will I do with modem if the internet is not activated. Its 10th day today and I am still struggling to get the issue resolved.

I don't understand what kind of people do you appoint.Staff is so inefficient,customer care is useless(ratto tota:with tag line "sorry for the inconvienience").
I call them several times a month regarding their internet connectivity. Every time they give same reason "server issue" ,how convienient.

Above all ,I have made full payment for the plan but I will be getting 16 GB for this month on prodata but payment is charged full ,now can anyone from Hathway team answer me how can you charge me full if I am getting service of 16 GB instead of 25 GB.

Strict action should be taken against the customer care team and the service engineer for the lack of inefficiency and their ignorant behaviour.This is not acceptable at any cost.

If issue not resolved ASAP,tell you team to take away your modems and wire and return my full money in cash,no cheque will be entertained.If not I shall file police complaint against Hathway.
Sep 8, 2014

Hathway is a Fraud and Scamming people

I've never been so pissed. They are liars and frauds. We need to have a criminal investigation done. I'm sure many dirts will get dig up. No internet service. Pathetic incompetent ignorant support team who knows nothing but how to pissed customers and lie like dumb stupid morons. Pls let us know someone in authority who can be named on a police criminal report. This fraud has to stop and we need to make an example for the whole world to see. They don't have any tech or billing info. The only thing they've been telling me since the past two weeks is that they r working on it..network is down in the whole area..that is all they can say!! The same issue everyday. Two to three days in a week there won't even be any internet connection day or night!!! Even when there is..it'llkeep disconnecting and we barely get a few hrs in a week!! Someone has to go to jail!!!
Raghavendra Mg
Sep 6, 2014

Hathway Internet Cheating customers

My Hathway account # is 1044091,

since 2 weeks the hathway net is not working & down, i reside in Bhoopasandra- sanjaynagar, I have called the customer care several times & raised the ticket. Neither technical support nor Nodal officer could sought this issue out. every time when i raise the complaint, I was kept in false commitment saying that in next 2 hours action will be taken & issue will be addressed. this drama was on going for last 2 weeks & finally i decided to cancel the Hathway connection & raised the request for cancellation, on 01/09/2014 complaint # 10590911.
Finally,I received the SMS on my registered mobile # stating that the complaint has been closed. This was shocking to see that Hathway cheated me by giving false commitment, neither my account is closed nor refunding the amount paid.

Again on 06-Sep-14, i have called the Customer care & raised the request for cancellation, complaint # 10650935.
i am not sure that hathway will refund the amount paid.

[email protected]
Sep 1, 2014

Hathway Internet Cheating customers

Dear Team Hathway,

Name : Seejo
A/c : 1171091

You and your staff both need to grow up and face the truth, you can't take the customer for a ride. Yesterday I had paid via cheque Rs 2670 for 3 months 600 kbps unlimited and Security deposit for Wi Fi router, BUT I HAVE NOW REQUESTED FOR A STOP PAY ON THE CHEQUE, reasons

a) While collecting the cheque I was clearly told that the connection would activated before end of day which after waiting till 11:30 pm simply did not happen. There were relatives in our house with whom we had to go out but we cancelled the plan waiting for activation. I waited today morning till 12 noon but again no activation.

b) The person (Jeetender Kr) who came with the router and box clearly told me the connection would get activated in 1 hour and asked me to call at 8802994164 in case of some issue.
i) He got the form signed in which I later read that "The new link has been successfully installed and running to my satisfaction" was an option which he had not told me. I was made to sign on something as if it was a visit form.
ii) I later callled him alteast 6 times but he did not pick the phone at all, simply disgusting.

c) On my terrace there are a lot of hathway wires lined up without my explicit permission, I NEED THEM TO BE REMOVED BY DAY END TODAY (SEP 1 2014) OR ELSE I WOULD REMOVE THEM. The terrace is my personal property registered in my name and I would allow any commercial usage without my explicit permission.

d) Also whomsoever comes to collect the hardware should bring Rs 75 the amount deducted from my account for stop paying the cheque.

May GOD bless you always
Aug 19, 2014


There is full of rubbishness i am facing with Hathway. This people are disconnecting ma internet services as i am not using their cable services.

I thought Hath way is one of good service provider so i took connection now this kind of foolish reasons i have to disconnect the service. This is pathetic and nonsese i have ever seen in such reputed service provider.

For Hathway,
You guys are disconnecting the services for such reason dont you think this is your integrity issue ?

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