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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Apr 15, 2015

Not able to pay online

Acc No: 967048

I am not able to login to online to pay the bill. it saying user id entered has expired. Please help.
Apr 12, 2015

didnt get refund

On 5/11/2014, I have surrendered my hathway internet connection as I was going back to Kolkata. On that date Naveen an executive from the company came and took away my router and the modem, giving me a copy of the receipt of the same and informed me that within 15 days I will get the refund of Rs 1000 for the WIFI Router by means of DD. But unfortunately till date I have not received any DD from Hathway. So I waited for 3 months and on 5/02/2015 after returning from Kolkata, I called up the Hathway customer care and discussed my issue with them. The Executive listened to my issue and escalated my case to the senior team advising me that one of their senior team member will give me a call within 24hrs. I waited but no one bothered me to call from Hathway. So again on 10/02/2015, I spoke to Mubeen from the customer care and repeated the same process of filling my complaint but nothing has happened. No one called me yet. Again on 13/03/2015, I spoke to Sobha from the customer care team and repeated the same process, but everything is in vain. I am helpless...... :( :(
Apr 6, 2015

Hathway - Refund & Connection Deactivation

Acc Number: 662544, located in Bangalore. There was always a Internet issue now and then but that exceeded from 26th Mar 2015. Raised a complaint on 27th April. When a service request was raised on the same day one, they told 24 Hrs it will be rectified. Later they told me that issue will be rectified when I get the new modem (users were asked to migrate to 50MBps plan). The new modem was installed on 28th Mar 2015. Again a request was raised on 28th till 1st Apr 2015. They never came to the location for checking the issue, simply closed the ticket first 3 days. 4th day i asked them how you closed the ticket without confirmation from side, they did not any clue. Fed up with this service, a mail was written to their billing & help desk mail id on 30th Mar for Internet closure. They told that I will get a call from back end team within 24Hrs. No response yet, in between a guy called me asking me to wait for a day and he will send the technical team and correct the issue. No one came here. Next day again i wrote a mail for disconnection today, No reply for that, again another guy called me asking me to wait for a day and he will send the technical team and correct the issue. No one came here. How many days they need to check the issue, I have already paid Rs 2516 for 3 months Internet (Apr- June), no clue whether they refund that. The mail ids they use only when they want to send plan changes, when customers write a mail they do not even respond. Can you please do the needful in deactivating the connection and getting the refund.

These are few of the service requests that were closed without checking the issue in the actual location: 12324399,12334228, 12337035, 12323646,12320061, 12309667,12309558.

I had got a mail confirmation from billing team on 4th Apr that the amount will be refunded, today a lady from Refund Depart called me saying that amount cannot be refund for prepaid. Can you please do the needful.
Apr 5, 2015

Worst Broadband service

I got a new connection from hathway some 10 days back. The service is not working from the time of installation. Nobody comes for fixing up the connection issue even after repeated complaints at the customer care center.

Have paid the amount for 3 months service and now I am regretting for taking this broadband service.

Akshay Sukhija

Hathway Account No 1306572
Apr 4, 2015

Hathaway, The most pathetic ISP

Hathaway Manager

I got Hathaway internet connection on 08-02-2015. After I got the connection they took a week just to install the WiFi router I had opted for. Then after it was finally installed the internet doesn't work for most of the days. When I call and ask they say its a 'high power' problem and a technician will come and fix it. Till date I have filed 6 complaints( Complaint no. 12201824, 12271161, 12281263, 12297748, 12321520 and 12364120). Most of my complaints have been closed without anyone bothering to fix it. The worst is my latest complaint( no. 12364120) which I registered on 3rd of April 2105 at 9pm. I was told that someone would come and fix it by 10 am the next day. I waited till 11.30 am and called customer support, they told me that someone would come by 1 pm and as expected no one came. Then I called at 2.30pm they told me 5 pm and when I called at 5.30pm they told me by 7 someone would surely come. Since no one did I called at 8 they told me someone will come by tomorrow morning 10am. So when I called this morning to my surprise tbye said that today is not a working day for the technicians so they will come on Monday.

From the customer care executives I got a number of nodal officer,Mr. Ajay Perdesi who is supposed to be the one responsible for the technical support. So when I called the numbers( 020-30252130 and 9730013182) no one picked up.

Its been a nightmare since I got this internet connection so I suggest that no one should get Hathaway broadband internet connection.

Swechhya Bista
(Hathway a/c no. 1292866)
Apr 3, 2015

paid but disconnected

One of the most ridiculous Internet Service I have came Across in recent times is Hathway!

I have taken service since last 3 months- in 3 months more than 10-12 times net was not available/ sometimes days too. now funny thing is after 3 months I paid the renewal payment online 20 days before due date. after the payment too I was getting reminders to make payments. I called call center, they said to ignore the same.

finally, on the due date they promptly disconnected the service for non payment. when I told them they agree yes payment has been paid, they can see too. but why disconnection??
are all blinds working in the HATHWAY???

now also after 3 complaints they say we are restoring the services, but did not. funny joke is that they can see payment made 20 days in advance, but no action. is this the way they work.
hathway- please get up now..... otherwise u will be shutting the door too soon.
a/c no-1245482 ph no 9573157575 hyderabad
govind k
Apr 1, 2015

delay in new broadband connection

im k govindarao k(9014205041) from saroor nagar hyd...i gave 6oorps to ur hathway executive for new connection yesterday,from yesterday idiot is not responding to my calls and he his not providing me any information regarding connection his name name is a nagaraju contact num 7093322389
govind k
Apr 1, 2015

delay in new broadband connection

sir ur hathway executive took 600 rps from me yesterday for newconnection purpose from. He is not responding to my calls and no information regarding connection and idiot executive name is A Nagaraju contact number is 7093322389
govind k
Apr 1, 2015

delay in new broadband connection

sir ur hathway took 600 rps from me yesterday for newconnection purpose from he is not responding to my calls and information regarding connection and idiot executive name is A Nagaraju contact number is 7093322389
Hathway Broadband
Mar 31, 2015

Hathway Broadband


We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for sharing your details, we will get in touch with you.

Warm Regards,
Hathway Broadband
Mar 31, 2015

Hathway - WORST ISP Hyderabad - Strict Complaint and Cancellation Request Hathway A/C no. 1305358 - Vineet Kumar Agarwal

Hi Hathway Manager,

One of the most ridiculous Internet Service I have came Across in recent times is Hathway!

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I would like to mention before finally suspending Hathway services completely.

I got the connection on 27th Feb. 2015 and since 28th Feb Internet is not working. and paid 2020 check for 1st April 2015. A/C - 1305358

I registered the complaint on 28th itself in Hathway Customer Care.

Since no call, no message, no mail ever came. In-fact I have followed with the executives, customer care repeatedly on 29th, 30th,31st and have made 9-10 calls but all they have to say is Sorry, will come back to you and when I finally I told there Line Manager I will Suspend the connection, very nicely they have said go ahead !

Business will never run if you will treat your customer for granted as Hathway has treated me and Pioneer and Beamtele in Hyderabad is far more better services to go for.

Than you for all the troubles, mental harassment's and Time wasting you have given to me in past 4 days. Thank God I haven't paid Cash now I will cancel the cash and put this review Online your team deserves it. Atleast few folks will save their hard earned money.

Thanks & Regards
Vineet Kumar Agarwal
Mar 27, 2015

hathway - best service provider in NO CONNECTION

These buch of incompetent, illiterate employees and MD running HATHWAY for cheating people around india. Every month service is down for a day or two. They have standard answer that issue will be resolved in 4hours but it never happens.

This company of uneducated employees fooling people and doing nothing but th scam. They shall be banned from this business. I disconnected thr cable service a year ago because of the similar problems. Now time has come to tell these bunch of fools take your garbage and keep it with your garbage employees. They deserve it more thn me.
Mar 24, 2015

HathWay Broadbad is Worst Internet service

I took new Hathway broad band connection on Feb 26th 2015 with plan 50 MBPS speed up to 20 GB after that plan will be changed to 512kbps for that month.
Initially have paid Rs.1670/- for 4months. and they promised that they will give 8GB pen drive as promotional offer. But they never respond properly.
I have called so many times to customer care(040 66989898) and they logged complaint for pen drive. Today is 24th march 2015 but still I did not receive that pen drive.
Coming to service.
I have called more than 15times to customer care for the no connection issue in these 28 days.
I did not use internet connection 24 hours completely on any one of these days.
I called them yesterday and asked them to remove my broadband connection and refund my money back and they said that it will take 8 days to disconnect the connection and it will take 30days to refund my money.
Mar 21, 2015

worst inetnate service

My account number is 1262513. I am not able to use your services since last three days. I have made the complain also (12224430) on Friday evening. Your technical person told me that the engineer would attend the call by 1 pm on Saturday but no one attended the call today. Your people kept me waiting for the whole day. My entire day got waste.
About the connectivity, i have lodged the complain in past as well but no one attended the call. I updated you as well that the modem installed at my home is very old and not functioning but i understand that you also do not seem serious about my concern.
I am hardly able to use your services, most of the time, there is no connectivity.

Also , i have taken the speed connection for 5mbps but i am not able to get 1 mbps.
[email protected]
Mar 17, 2015

Pathetic service, no internet after 5 days of installation

This is a classic case of worst customer service. I recently subscribed to Hathway internet service (50 MBPS speed). As usual the sales rep Mr. Ashok Punjabi boasted about Hathway, promised best service in town, showed the sky in palm and took the check. I gave the check with the condition that the internet has to be up and running under 2 days. Day passed and I made couple of calls to get the connection, every time I called, I was told the technicians are on the way will be there in 1-2 two hours at the most and after repeated calls and waiting 2 gentlemen arrived very late with just cable modem in hand (no equipment to check if the internet is working). They tried to configure the modem with little knowledge they have and it didn't work so, they blamed on my router and left. It has been 5 days since then and despite so many phone calls to their tech support nothing changed. Whenever I call I get same standard answer, 'will arrange the call in next 30 minutes' obviously, no one calls so, I call again, I got the same response and same thing was repeated multiple times. They promised to send a technician, I waited all day long but, no one showed up. To me, it was like talking to a robot instead of a human being. The worst thing is the sales rep who boasted about their service and took the check from me, stopped taking my calls and never answered the text messages.

I learned my lessons for ignoring netizens reviews on Hathway. I am taking time to post this message so, you DO NOT fall prey to persons like Ashok Punjabi and Hathway's false promises.
Mar 11, 2015

50 Mbps plan works at 4 to 5 Mbps

I subscribed to the Hathway unlimited 50 Mbps (up to 10 GB per month) plan. The speed is almost always way below 50 Mbps. On the first day of the month the speed is 8.21 Mbps <http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4205841221>. Hathway is obviously cheating its customers. Complaints are heard just for the heck of it; no action is taken to satisfy the customer.
Mar 3, 2015

billing issue

When{25,11 ,2014}we get connection we hadpaid already3145rs,as a six{6}months plan.But now my connection is disconnected.Because they are calling and telling me to pay for renew 2358 RS either account will deactivate please help us to what will we do now please reply as soon as you can

Lakshmi Narayanachar
Mar 1, 2015

TopUp Plans do not work


I have paid for topup twice once for 10 GB and another for 5 GB but topups are not applied at all. The money just goes to the account instead. I have never seen such a worst system. When I call up the customer care, they say every time that we are sending the request to the activation department and we'll activate in 2 hrs. Even after waiting for 2 days, I did not get the topup activated. I would have called customer care 5 times in a week. Nothing works out. Such a worst customer care I have ever seen.
Myrah K
Feb 28, 2015

Worst service!!!

Dear Hathway internet service providers, WAKE UP!!
Your service is EXTREMELY POOR, and we are sick of calling up customer care at-least five times a MONTH. There is always some TECHNICAL ISSUE that "will be solved in 1-2 hours". The speed is SLOW and the COST is higher than others in the market. And your service is disrupted at precisely the same time when I have some IMPORTANT BUSINESS to be done. Pull your socks up, guys!
Sunil L
Feb 28, 2015

BAD SERVICE, Compensation for loss of service not given.

My service was interrupted between Feb 7 -Feb 20. The technical issue was with the cable, due to which my connection did not work,this got resolved only after repeated calls, and emails to the call center. The call center folks do not give any details as to what the issue is or when it will be resolved, they use scripted phrases with meaningless empathy along with false assurance that the issue will be resolved in 24hrs, They have no clue what to say when I ask them to check when the issue was first reported, Some agents do not transfer me to the supervisor or straight out lie that the supervisor will call back or not available, or put me on hold stating they are transferring me. Finally when I called on Feb 16, I waited till the agent put me to a supervisor, I am not sure if I spoke to a supervisor or someone posing to be supervisor, however she assured me she will take up the issue and it would be resolved the next day. I got a call from a person from the billing dept, who was not helpful, the next day. There wer no calls from the technical dept, the issue took four days to get the issue resolved. A compensation for the days when there was service requested has not been provided. When I called the call center they asked me to write an email, there has been no response to three emails I have written. Today (Feb 28th) my service expires and I do not want to renew it, I want to get compensated in cash for the days I got no service.

Please help Hathway customer who endure such horrible service. There is no escalation matrix or an Ombudsman to intervene when customers have a problem.Customer have no proof of the conversations with the call center, the agents are free to update what they wish on the call logs.

Hathway A/c Number :1215630
Feb 27, 2015

No Internet connection

My Hathway account number is 1036866, i own a plan of 50MBps, from past 10 days i dont have internet connetivity, iam rid of speaking to the customer care, every time i call them assurance is all i get which is fake.

Iam an employee who works from home, and if the connection is so stupid no one would like to opt this. This is my first experience with the hathway braodband and its the worst one.
Feb 25, 2015

cable mlderm is not working properly

I have using hathway net connection since last year. I had connected my i ball router with cable moderm, it was working good..but after 2 moths it asking Hathway login page for every device connected to that router..i had checked my router it is working good ..but Hathway cable moderm is working as worst as it can ...will Hathway will reapir my moderm for free...?
Prashanti sharma
Feb 12, 2015

Worst Service and no responsibility of Hathway Broadband

I am Prashanti Sharma.On 31st Dec i deposit money around 2760 INR cash 400 INR Cash as installation fees to Mr Kasam Sheikh (Hathway Broadband agent).
I raised the request regarding hathway internet installation. After many days i get the connection line with userid and password.For 1 day, my internet worked intermittently. i tried to call the Hathway customer care pune helpline number 020-30237660. When I called them for 1st time, they said that we can't raise request until first one is closed. I told them to close it. They said that only backendend team can do it. After 1 week, i called them again. They told me that they have raised the request for me. 3rd time i called customer care and i was shocked when i get to know that my 1st request hasn't been closed yet and thus, i can't raise new request. I asked them to do the needful asap. They informed me that they have dropped the mail to manager regarding this.After 2 days, when i called customer care again, they told me that your request "Work in Progress" is still in pending. I warned them to go to consumer court. They asked me to do it.

They have very ridiculous service. Below are my Information

customerid/account no : 1249890

Hathway Address and phone number
3rd Floor, Sterling Plaza , Above AXIS Bank,
Junglee Maharaj Road, Pune - 411 004
Phone Number: ############
Fax: ############

Please do any needful. There service is total bullshit.Regards
Feb 4, 2015

No internet & no action taken for complain

I am not able to access internet connection for the last 6 days due to DNS server error & Local area coonection does not have a valid IP.I raised many complain tickets but no action was taken from their end & to my horror they closed the complain tickets(11802926,11813657,11793580) without cross checking with me.Everytime when I call,they tell me that the issue will be resolved within 24 hrs but no action has been taken & without checking with me they close the complain tickets.
I am using the Hathaway broadband service for the last 3 years,but never has gone through such a situation before.
So why should not I change the Hathaway Broadband service & opt for other internet provider service.

Name : Rajib Sarkar
Account no: 840907
Feb 3, 2015

Hathway Slow Internet Speed and Bad Service

Plan: Speedway 1MbpsD2MbpsN 6MonTODU
For over six months the internet is half the speed of the subscribed plan, i.e 1 Mbps during the day and 2Mbps during the night.
I have complained several times regarding speed and constant disconnection. They say the problem will be solved within few days, now its been over 6 months. On asking for complain number they deny to provide it. Whenever its time for plan renewal they say you will be provided a month of free extension which they have not provided as they are not permitted by their superior. I have asked through email for written document related to extension and speed issue which they deny to provide. Most probably they are cheating their customer by saying they will provide free month if you pay, but in the end they wont provide the extension. and speed is half of what they promised. The download speed is only 40Kbps -60Kbps for 1Mbps plan. I have complained over phone, email and also went to their office. They always say we are changing device or we have not yet received email from superior to configure the device. This is gone over six months.

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