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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Sep 8, 2014

Hathway is a Fraud and Scamming people

I've never been so pissed. They are liars and frauds. We need to have a criminal investigation done. I'm sure many dirts will get dig up. No internet service. Pathetic incompetent ignorant support team who knows nothing but how to pissed customers and lie like dumb stupid morons. Pls let us know someone in authority who can be named on a police criminal report. This fraud has to stop and we need to make an example for the whole world to see. They don't have any tech or billing info. The only thing they've been telling me since the past two weeks is that they r working on it..network is down in the whole area..that is all they can say!! The same issue everyday. Two to three days in a week there won't even be any internet connection day or night!!! Even when there is..it'llkeep disconnecting and we barely get a few hrs in a week!! Someone has to go to jail!!!
Raghavendra Mg
Sep 6, 2014

Hathway Internet Cheating customers

My Hathway account # is 1044091,

since 2 weeks the hathway net is not working & down, i reside in Bhoopasandra- sanjaynagar, I have called the customer care several times & raised the ticket. Neither technical support nor Nodal officer could sought this issue out. every time when i raise the complaint, I was kept in false commitment saying that in next 2 hours action will be taken & issue will be addressed. this drama was on going for last 2 weeks & finally i decided to cancel the Hathway connection & raised the request for cancellation, on 01/09/2014 complaint # 10590911.
Finally,I received the SMS on my registered mobile # stating that the complaint has been closed. This was shocking to see that Hathway cheated me by giving false commitment, neither my account is closed nor refunding the amount paid.

Again on 06-Sep-14, i have called the Customer care & raised the request for cancellation, complaint # 10650935.
i am not sure that hathway will refund the amount paid.

[email protected]
Sep 1, 2014

Hathway Internet Cheating customers

Dear Team Hathway,

Name : Seejo
A/c : 1171091

You and your staff both need to grow up and face the truth, you can't take the customer for a ride. Yesterday I had paid via cheque Rs 2670 for 3 months 600 kbps unlimited and Security deposit for Wi Fi router, BUT I HAVE NOW REQUESTED FOR A STOP PAY ON THE CHEQUE, reasons

a) While collecting the cheque I was clearly told that the connection would activated before end of day which after waiting till 11:30 pm simply did not happen. There were relatives in our house with whom we had to go out but we cancelled the plan waiting for activation. I waited today morning till 12 noon but again no activation.

b) The person (Jeetender Kr) who came with the router and box clearly told me the connection would get activated in 1 hour and asked me to call at 8802994164 in case of some issue.
i) He got the form signed in which I later read that "The new link has been successfully installed and running to my satisfaction" was an option which he had not told me. I was made to sign on something as if it was a visit form.
ii) I later callled him alteast 6 times but he did not pick the phone at all, simply disgusting.

c) On my terrace there are a lot of hathway wires lined up without my explicit permission, I NEED THEM TO BE REMOVED BY DAY END TODAY (SEP 1 2014) OR ELSE I WOULD REMOVE THEM. The terrace is my personal property registered in my name and I would allow any commercial usage without my explicit permission.

d) Also whomsoever comes to collect the hardware should bring Rs 75 the amount deducted from my account for stop paying the cheque.

May GOD bless you always
Aug 19, 2014


There is full of rubbishness i am facing with Hathway. This people are disconnecting ma internet services as i am not using their cable services.

I thought Hath way is one of good service provider so i took connection now this kind of foolish reasons i have to disconnect the service. This is pathetic and nonsese i have ever seen in such reputed service provider.

For Hathway,
You guys are disconnecting the services for such reason dont you think this is your integrity issue ?
Aug 19, 2014

Poor service and support of Hathway Bangalore


I want to complain about the Hathway broad band internet service in Bangalore. I get the internet service maximun for 4 days in a week and rest of the days no internet. The modem goes offline for every 2 or 3 days, then i have to call the customer care the worst is i have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes in call to talk, after taking the complaint it get the service only after a day. the biggest mistake i did is i paid for 3 months and i have to struggle for 2 more months. can anyone help me.
Aug 16, 2014

Worst broadband connectivity whitefield


I have had the worst broadband connectivity experience with Hathway Broadband. Moreover the the customer care no 08040164016 always gives one of the next three responses. 1) All channels are busy 2) No does not exist and the worst 3) You are in queue and there are like 20 other furious customer lined up before you.
It should rather be rename to Hathway FraudBand and i would never refer Hathway to anybody anywhere in India.

Frustrated Customer of Hathway FraudBand
Aug 16, 2014

Joking at customer

Very worst, i called for sales enquiry, and they are joking at customer
Aug 4, 2014

Without intimation Service deactivation

Since the day I have taken New plan of Hathway having issues with logging to Hathway page I spent 10 to 15 calls to get it rectified and now they have deactivated the internet service without intimation and no customer service is rectifying this issue nor giving explanation on why service is deactivated inspite of me making jul'14 month payment. Can anyone guide me how to lodge customer complaint against this, I am frustrated calling customer support again and again.
Aug 3, 2014

No Connectivity at HSR Laout

Day and Night Sales person will call to take connection and promise for connection in one day . Once Amount is paid no response from either sales person or technical team,they wont pick the call .Call center people will just pass the time saying we will resolve the issue with an hour . After struggling 1 week finally we will get connection. once connection is done ,suddenly Network will be down within 1 hour . If we call call center , they will tell your physical connection down.NO response from any body.

So finally HATHWAY is JUST FRAUD COMPANY . Bull shit they will give service. My suggestion to every one. Please don't take HATHWAY connection , thinking it is economical. They will just make foul us and grab money without giving any connection.
Aug 1, 2014

daily disconnecting network

y account no. is 1062035. I am getting regular problem from your net
last month my computer break down for your net work. my technician
conformed that short circuit received from your cable. I spend an amount
nearly Rs. 6,000.00 for the same. i changed hard disc, dvd writer smps,
processor fan, lan-card and etc.......

and secondary thing is that i am not getting regular internet connection. i
have made nearly 30- 40 complaints from last 20 days. as per your last
records is from 20th july 2014 as on date i have made 10 complaints against

actually I preferred to Hathaway due to it is best network, economical and

but my experience that it is very costlier due to my phone bills for your
regular complaints.

iam very very un-happy for your service.

you are forcefully getting to me to go to suit a case against your net work
to consumer court.
Jul 30, 2014

Serious Connectivity Issues in HSR Layout

My a/c number is 1079934, i am facing serious connectivity issues for the last 3 weeks. Every time the connection is going off and coming back only after 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes the connection itself will not be there... I called customer care and informed the same minimum 3 to 4 times. Every time getting the same reply that the connection will be resolved within an hour. Paying too much and facing these kind of issues is unacceptable. please revolve ASAP.
Its also a warning to peoples who is going to take connection in HSR layout. Please ensure that connectivity issues are resolved before taking the connection..
Jul 26, 2014

Hathway Docis 3.0

My ac no. is 1034952. This is the worst internet connection. No one even bothers to call you back after receiving a complaint. On
21st July, I made a complaint but till now one has contacted me. Everyday there is a problem of no connectivity. Every time the connection is off and on. Sometimes there is no connectivity for hours. I am disgusted with Hathway.

royce dsilva
Jul 23, 2014

worst service ever had

I took new connection one week back, but from last two days not open at least google page also. They speed 50 mbps, now its coming 50 kbps lol. i am trying to call customer care but no one respond, they say 24 hours service but no service after 7 pm. Hathway broadband is worst service ever seen. Please don't take this broadband.
tejal shukla
Jul 23, 2014

no internet since two days

This co has worst ever customer care in the world.. They don't have ans to problems. Mr Pragnesh also had the guts to laugh away to the queries I asked regarding compensation of so many days of no severe. Last week too the net dI'd not work for 3 days. The nodal officer today not picking up the phone. I hope the concerned people read it.
Jul 21, 2014

About the KYC form

It is one of the most Bad cable network i have ever gone through...!! Can anyone tell me where the hell am i goin to get the KYC form?? we have only one LCO office here at hyderabad. The employees are so irresponsible... no one is ready to help out.
and the biggest crack , irresponsible idiot , useless fellows are there from SAI NETWORK..who works for hathway , He doesnt respondsss... reallyyyy fed up with ua service HATHWAY.... the speed which you show up for selling new set top boxes and new connectionss..have the same speed for solving out the problemss tooooo...!!!
reallyyy Horrribleee
Jul 16, 2014

Login issues when cable switched between 2 laptops

Please look into this issue. I either get timeout error message or some null message when I try login in from laptop (after logging out from other laptop). Also, logout never takes place effectively in 1 attempt.
Jul 9, 2014

help to file a consumer court case in Mumbai

DOCSIS 3.0 Mumbai
I have taken the service from Hathway for their new DOCSIS 3.0 modem from 07/07/2014 Since taking the services it has been an pathetic experience for me, at first the sales guy kept calling at my place day and night for the cheque to subscribe for the services giving a promise that this new modem will provide speeds upto 50 mbps which is nonsense it doesnt work at all, it keeps connecting disconnecting all the times have raised so many complaints still no response so i asked them to refund my money but now they are saying that because its a prepaid services so no refund i asked them how are you entitled to take payment if you cannot provide services. the call center people are only passing time. since i managed to find this site. please if anyone is well experience in consumer court case please let me know, need to file one against hathway my number is 9870707458/ MUMBAI
Jul 9, 2014


I have taken the service from Hathway for their new DOCSIS 3.0 modem from 07/07/2014 Since taking the services it has been an pathetic experience for me, at first the sales guy kept calling at my place day and night for the cheque to subscribe for the services giving a promise that this new modem will provide speeds upto 30 mbps which is nonsense it doesnt work at all, it keeps connecting disconnecting all the times have raised so many complaints still no response so i asked them to refund my money but now they are saying that because its a prepaid services so no refund i asked them how are you entitled to take payment if you cannot provide services. the call center people are only passing time. since i managed to find this site. please if anyone is well experience in consumer court case please let me know, need to file one against hathway my number is 9870707458
Jul 8, 2014

Worst experience of service

we had applied for hathway connection but never got it........we were taken for a ride by one of the hathway agents( worker) MR. NITESH (in mazgaon area mumbai). Never believe in there service and promise.They had taken the connection amount in advance and we were never given the service when we cancelled the connection we were not refunded the money.They are cheaters dont believe them they take you for granted.
Jul 8, 2014


I took broadband connection on 02/07/2014 and then they took 3-4 days to finally install the connection. The id and password they have given and for first few moments it woked fine howver afterward it is taking one to two hour to login and connect.

Frequent disconnection is there and when call their telephone they jeep you on hold for 10 min only to call another number or for some useless reply.
I have asked thwm to disxontinue the service and take back their modem wire. I want my mney back and compensation for wasting my time and charges of telwphoning them.
They are big fraud and cheat.
Amritesh 9390812741 hyd.
Jul 3, 2014


Hi my name is amrit n I am from south delhi there has been a serious fraud with me. One of the employee of hathway Mr Tanveer took money from me for my recharge and gave me the slip but my internet never worked. I called the customer service and they just put me on hang every time for 5 to 10 minutes.Finally I got some reply from hathway customer care and they told me that my package has expired and I havent paid them the recharge money. I have the reciept and still they are not ready to believe. I am thinking to file a complaint against hathway in a consumer court. It is not about the money but about the headache they have given me and rude behaviour of their customer service department. My client code is 827137.
Jun 18, 2014

Frequent Disconnection

I have taken Hathway Internet Connection at Bangalore having Customer Id 1065816. I am very much disappointed with the service provided by Hathway. Ever since I had taken the connection I am facing problem with the connection, Mainly it's due to unreliable wireless router provided by Hathway.
Frequently internet gets disconnected and is restored by disconnecting wireless router power supply and connecting back. This is a frequent feature. Complaints were made in the past no action was taken to rectify this defect.
History of the complaints recorded are mentioned below.
9164710 dated 01/01/'14
9167487 dated 02/01/'14
9170332 & 9171439 dated 03/01/'14
9171543 dated 05/01/'14
9187806 dated 06/01/'14
9238096 dated 19/01/'14
9648878 dated 22/04/'14
5682031 dated 30/04/'14
9931815 dated 10/06/'14
Till date no action has been taken to rectify this issue. They are taking the customers for a ride.
Jun 15, 2014

lack of customer service

ID no 1036516 i have been requesting the Hathway Customer Care for a technician to come look into my internet issues. But as always there is lack of customer service. I really regret now I opted for Hathway.
shubham patil
Jun 10, 2014


u have promised to give speed at night of 2.5 mbps bt its vry slow tht i cant even skype lless than 1 mbps speed wtf is dis
i dont pay for lie
t. bucchi abbai
Jun 9, 2014

very poor service

a/c no.1021442 hyderabad.
I have Hathway internet which disconnects 7 to 10 times in an hour.When i call them they say they will come repair but never come and solve the problem.Now for the last one month i am not getting it for days together.I have complained 12 times.If they can;t solve the problem let them refund the amount Rs1850/ paid by me.
I have informed their executives Mr. Abhilsh, Ravi, Ganesh and the guys at call centre.

T.Bucchi Abbai. 9/6/2014

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