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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

t. bucchi abbai
Jun 9, 2014

very poor service

a/c no.1021442 hyderabad.
I have Hathway internet which disconnects 7 to 10 times in an hour.When i call them they say they will come repair but never come and solve the problem.Now for the last one month i am not getting it for days together.I have complained 12 times.If they can;t solve the problem let them refund the amount Rs1850/ paid by me.
I have informed their executives Mr. Abhilsh, Ravi, Ganesh and the guys at call centre.

T.Bucchi Abbai. 9/6/2014
Jun 6, 2014

net speed prob in night

hello sir,, my a/c no 1010137 name/; mitesh mohanlal jain,
add;- a tower 203 green avenue ghod dod road ,opp joggers park surat

my internet is not working properly any time prob,my nat plan is 512 to 2mabps night not working in night tym, i complain lots of time but no answer properly , custmer care no 02616696100 nota pic the call phone nahi uthate ha 10to 15 rs charge my mob only wating no answer,my complain no22 may-9792770
24 may-9806084
25 may-9815170
27 may-9825773
28 may-9832637
01 jun- 9863163
04 jun- 9888469
lots of complan speed issue but not solve problems plese sir i respect ur company u solve my all probelms in few day my share market bussness lots of loss please give my money i change brodband company and i complain in grahak suraksha kendra thanku
karishma d
Jun 3, 2014

worst customer service

I am a very old customer of yours, whenever I face problems i contact your customer care and two of you employees anand kumar and manisha is very rude and just hopeless. I request you to take strict action. I am disconnecting your internet service just because of your worst service provided by you customer care.

karishma darda
May 28, 2014

Internet not working

Internet not working since yesterday. I called customer care many times but just waited in the queue and couldn't even log a complaint.
May 22, 2014

Extremely Rude and Unreliable

Most unreliable service and extremely Rude people!! I was promised that my service will start today 20th May but just today they added wire connection after three days of follow up and they told me they will give me modem connection tomorrow between 12 to 6.
I told them that there is no one available and only time available is before 12. The lady on call just hung up saying its not possible and better check with the sales guy I had talked on. On talking to sales guy, he said it might not be possible to do installation before 12 as engineers are not flexible. I said I will complain of this rude behavior to consumer forum and he least cared. He said 'Go Ahead and Complaint'.
This is unacceptable. We consumers don't have anywhere to go. Even when there are so many complaints of hathway, this company is just flourishing with zero customer satisfaction. People take Hathway because WE DON'T HAVE A CHOICE.

I would look forward to suing this company if I face any more challenges. Any guidance on the same will be appreciated.
May 22, 2014

Poor Service by Hathway Mumbai

I want to complain about hathway's service in south mumbai. They are ridiculous. I have called almost 20 times in last 30 days. Every time I want to use the internet I cant directly use it, its frustrating. I have to call to hathway customer care (02267576222) and after wasting more than 10 mins of my life (everytime) and my money over the call, then only I get the internet on my PC. Few weeks ago the internet was down for 4 days straight, when asked they said they had a fiber cut in the area. Does it take 4 days to restore fibre cut issue ? The customer care guys are hopeless. The only answer u get from them is to give a power reset to the modem. For them reset is the only solution.

I wont recommend hathway to anyone. Go for MTNL, TATA anything but no hathway..
May 17, 2014

Termination of Postpaid Broadband Plan

Account No. - 1047541
Hathway Branch - Bibwewadi, Pune - 411037.

This is to inform you about the misleading information provided at your
Hathway Office in Bibwewadi.

I had previously activated a 1Mbps unlimited postpaid plan for a duration
of 1 month on 21-5-2014. The people in the office at that time told me to
deactivate the plan after 1 month if I didn't want to continue. They also
said that if the plan wasn't deactivated, charges would apply for the next
month as well and would be charged via postpaid bill.

A month later on 16-5-2014, I went to the same office for deactivation but
instead of processing my request, the guys this time said that such
deactivation is not possible and bill has to be paid even if I chose not to
use the broadband.

This is ridiculous! How can someone be charged for a postpaid plan if they
themselves don't want to use the plan any more!

The plan is supposed to finish its paid 1 month duration on 20-5-2014 and I
hereby kindly request you to terminate my plan and look into this matter.

Also think on educating your staff on the services you offer as well as
humbleness as they lack both the skills!

Hope your service via e-mail isn't just as bad as your consumer service at
the bibwewadi center.
May 9, 2014

Poor Speed

My No. is 109554. I had opted for higher speed of 50mbps but I had never got it escape for few days in the begining. Why no body is visitng to verify the problem. Can anybody tell what consumer forum is doing for all this type of sevices. Please uninstall my connection and refund my total money immediately.
Jayant Tibhe
May 6, 2014

Hathway DOCSIS 3.0 POOR SERVICE and fluctuating Internet


My hathway account : 1081264 and I have taken a Hathway Docsis3.0 connection 2 months ago. Issue is, the connection was good for the first month and second month onward it started fluctuating and then it started disconnecting frequently. And I need to start the modem again and again.

I kept calling the dedicated customer care for my INTERNET and they keep saying we will ask the engineer to solve the issue which he doesn't and then back to square one. Also all the complain numbers closed without resolving the issue.

I have almost called 10 times but no-one visited, look into it immediately. The service is truly PATHETIC.
Apr 13, 2014

Cheater Hathway

I have taken hathway plan which boosts its internet to 2.5 mbps in night. But, its nightmare only...the speed never went above 450 kbps...whenever, I complain them, they adjust it to somehow to 700-890 kbps. Not more than that.
They cheating with people, I heard similar problem with my friend as well.
Please request you never buy such cheater company's broadband.
Mar 30, 2014


Dear sir,

I Manoj Ahuja having your Hathway broadband connection from 4 years.(Cable Modem)
My account no. is 627969. from last three months i am getting poor internet connection and Wi-Fi not working.
Daily i am facing the problem of disconnection of internet.
I have made so many complaints from 3 months to your costumer care help for proper internet connection.
They pick phone calls and promise to solve it but then no reply come from them.
I am facing the same problem,
Still I have not getting the proper signal of Internet.
When I start to use the Internet within 30 min it gets disconnected.
Please, Take it very seriously as i am your very old and regular customer, and solve my problem as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

Manoj Ahuja.
Customer no. 627969
Sec-36, Noida
Ram Narayan
Mar 5, 2014

Poor Service of Hathway Internet

Sir my Hathway Internet connection No. is 231134. I am facing lot of problems in regards with the Hathway connection and I am to think of again about Hathway connection for next renewal. Since 26 January 2014 I am not getting proper service due to failure of MODEM, which was supposeed to be replaced within no time in spite of reporting the matter personally at Mira Road Hathway office, but that was in vain. Though My Modem was replaced and connection was given on 13/02/2014, but it is just working and Internet getting disconnected very often and some times within seconds. I would like to request the Hathway Internet Authorities to please look into the matter and give a better service.
Feb 16, 2014

Worst Service Ever I found

Hello .

I am using hathway internet since last 2 months and the services i am getting are very poor . they promised me to give 50 (M)bps speed .. where i am getting 50 (K) bps speed.. i am calling to their customer care again and again to raise a complaint but every time they are saying that your problem is resolved ... HATHWAY IS ABSOLUTELY BULLSHIT .. now i dont even feel to call their customer care to raise a complaint .... USELESS CUSTOMER SUPPORT they have. I have paid them in advance .. feeling angry on my decision for choosing hathway .
If anyone from hathway reading this complaint ... its my request to hathway.... STOP PLAYING WITH OUR PATIENCE !!!
Feb 10, 2014


Hi this is manas my account id -1038078,my complaint_id -9308164.my broadband is not working from 4/2/2014 but i registered complain at 5/02/2014 but not getting any response from hattway.I talked to the manager of mumbai(hattway customer care) but he also told me your issue is resolve till 10/02/14 i.e they are taking 5 days to resolve but unfortunately that issue is still running.They are telling always lie there manager (Hemant-mumbai branch)also.i called minimum 20 times to hattway customer care.please take necessary action to the manager and the engineer who didn't call me till now.
Feb 3, 2014

Hathway digital TV

I am a customer using hathway digital TV since a bit.
I have 10 complains in my hand made to the so called "CUSTOMER CARE" of hathway!
I am a citizen of mumbai and is really worked up with way hathway is going about the issues.
I would'nt wish to go ahead with this and would really recommend the Govt. to take strict actions against Hathway.
they have opened a company with no regulation and horribly HR maintained call centre.
Horrible services
[email protected]
Jan 25, 2014

internet not working

hi my a/c no is 1068100. i had registered a complain on 19 jan 14 that internet not working, inspite of calling so many time the complain was undertaken on 24 jan 14.and that also wifi router still not working again i registered a complain on 24 jan that wifi router not working and secondly speed was promissed for 50 mbps where as it shows 12 mbps.
Dec 12, 2013

DOCSIS 3.0 Just horrible

The connection was good for the first month
second month onwards it started fluctuating and then it started disconnecting frequently.
I keep calling the dedicated customer care for my INTERNET DOCSIS and they keep saying we will ask the engineer to solve the issue which he doesn't and then back to square one.

Dont think the speed is Great. Its just for a month to rope you in after that back to there old fashion crap
Oct 1, 2013

poor connectivity and bad customer care

Hathway service is worst n wastage of money. Poor connectivity bad n untrain customer care.....several followup no result yet
No connection from last 4 days. Wastage of time n customer money my account. No 515318. I want my money back for days as I had no connection. I want refund for 4 days. This not request I want my money as there was no service given. I hope I made clear now.
Sep 21, 2013

bad service, adamant behaviour by executives and harassment

i am kishore. having a hathway connection. i was regular in payment of monthly bills but due to constant problems in connectivity and irregular services by the executives i informed the executives to disconnect and stopped using the net. But the executives filed to disconnect and have been claiming bills every month, even it was not used by me and surprisingly the bill collectors passing threats to use muscle power to collect the unused bills, which is not expected from any internet service providers. The executives of Hathway are acting as micro financiers insisting for illegal amounts. Hathway is required to rectify its activities through their executives. Numerous complaints are being seen against Hathway, which is the symbol of lethargic attitude of the company, which deserves to be rectified.
Jul 1, 2013

Hathway is the worst service ever for Internet.

Hathway is the worst service ever for Internet. 15 / 30 days there Internet Server is down , there cables are broken , there call center cut the call , to top it they don’t provide what they promise.
Dont ever put your money on such bogus Internet Service !
Jun 12, 2013


I Have been calling up Sai Star Network Helpline everyday for past 8 days for sending some technician at my home to check what is the issue with Set Top Box which is not working for last 8-9 days. nobody came so finally i had visited the Kandivali office where i carried my STB to check, now when they checked it at their office it was working, so that means there is some issue either in cable wires or signlling somewhere, i requested (actually pleaded) them to send somebody at home to check the issue, till next day afternoon again nobody came, so i called up again that time the guy told me that their technician is in that area i will ask him (so dont understand till now what they were doing), finally that guy came i checked it was not working so he said there is some issue with signals i will come back with proper wiring by 3 pm.....till now nobody came again same rutine i am calling up them everyday and they say person will come to your house.....

This is is most pathetic customer service i have everseen, hoping that someday they'll come by their own and solve the issue....
May 30, 2013


the worlds worst internet connection is from Hathway.
worst services & response are only avialable from hathway.
pls dont take this worst connection
[email protected]
Feb 15, 2013


my no is 115790,
internet is working
i am ready for full payment
i am not in my home
where to give money?
in our area post man is missing
pl rerply

4/5, Ramkrishna Co-op. HSG. Soc.,
Off. Eastern Express Highway,
Opp. To Hotel Sharannam,
Thane (W) 400 604.
I N D I A,

Cell 8879496710, 25802815®
[email protected]
Oct 16, 2012

Bad Customer care

Correctly said by both of you.
It will be difficult for us to find a service provider as bad as Hathway.
They have no idea what they are doing in this industry. The only point you can connect to them or talk to them is when you are a new customer or there is a renewal required (at both times they call you).
In all other cases, it is just that you call them. If things are good someone will attend and say we will get back to you (which never happens) and in most other cases, it will be engaged.

Hathway needs to be taught a lesson so that they don't repeat their mistakes and they must be made to pay heavy fine amounts as penalty for fooling their customers.
Oct 13, 2012

Bad Customer care

I have paid around 10000 Rs. for 1 year but their service is just unbearably awful. Most of the time their internet connection is out of order. They always have one or the other problem with their wiring. Though they answer your call, but their explanation about their awful service thing is such that you will find yourself helpless. I am stuck with them neither will they return my money nor will they improve their service as they already have my money.

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