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Hathway Internet


Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway Internet

Apr 6, 2018

Internet Not Working

We got a new connection and we have raised a request that internet is not working. I am raising the issue daily and a new ticket will be opened daily without the problem being resolved/addressed they will close your ticket. There will not be any call from technician or confirmation from the network if the issue is resolved or not. but they will close the ticket.
The most worst part is the customer care. I don't know why the hell they have a customer care if they don't listen to their customers problem. Every day they will cut my call without even addressing the issue properly. These guys are most interested in getting the account renewal rather than checking if the Customer's internet is working or not.
This is the worst Network I have ever seen and used.
anki jain
Apr 5, 2018

internet work not properly

my internet are not working properly , its speed are very slow. my account id : 1119720975
anki jain
Apr 5, 2018

internet work not properly

internet are not working properly from few days . its speed are ver slow . my account Id 1119720975
anki jain
Apr 5, 2018

internet work not properly

internet work not properly . it speed are very slow working . my account id 1119720975
Apr 2, 2018

No internet connection from 1 month

No internet connection from 1 month, more than 15 times I register complaint but not single action taken answers came from hathway "within 4 hrs we rectify your problem".
If hathway can't able to solve their own issue then refund our money, I tried this option also but hathway behave like king answer comes " return our modem then we Ll refund your money ". What n which type of service you provide to customer. This is very ridiculous n worst service. I suggest everyone don't go for hathway. If in case we late for renew connection more than 5 times they called in single dday.but after complaint not a single call from hathway side.
Asset Trackr
Mar 26, 2018

Requested for Invoice

My Account NO. 12990
company Name : Asset Trackr Pvt Ltd
Email Id : [email protected]
Contact No. 9742348055

I have Spoken Many times to your customer care and service is hopples.No one in the position to solve the problems from Feb -18.
I have requested the FY 2017-18 ( Hardly 3 or 4 transaction bills) because of I unable to download from our portal.They will commit like will send in 72 hours in a day etc..
They are telling they cant give the bills which crossed 6 months.I am asking the same year bills, Why it is not possible to give the bills? Pls answer.
They will tell the customer pls hold, i will do transfer the calls then they will deduct the call..I think hathway executives don't no deal with the customers
Mar 22, 2018

internet is not working

my account no is 1126144110
My wifi is not working last 3 months i am doing complain everyday but no one came and resolve my problem.Now my plan is over so everyday they are calling for renewal and when I am telling my problem then they told we are sending request and our technician will come tomorrow still technician didn't come .Last month my child's exam was online but in between exam automatically wifi disconnect
and my child was not done exam and he got fail and after 1 week again my child's exam so before exam i told them pls check my wifi connection but no one came and told on phone your problem resolved. but same happened .Now they told "madam, you are telling lie cos exam can not online "They didn't accept their fault and blame on me.
Really Hathway service is worst .
Kunal Gupta
Mar 21, 2018

Worst internet service ever taken

I am frustrated with the internet connect , Please refund the advance money back .

From the start only i am facing disconnection issues multiple times a day . I complained many times but issue exists .

Also I am surprise i am not able to take office calls from internet , although its showing me 50 MBPS speed by speed test .

The same time if i am using a simple mobile hotspot of my 4G connection i am able to do , although its showing just 2-3 MBPS speed .
So is that this 50mbps is fake speed , I am really fadeup of speed issue and disconnection .

I just checked speedtest.net its showing me 50 MPS speed but still i am not able to browse properly , this issue is not only in one device but all devices .

And finally i decided to through dis connection i mailed them 4 times , no one responded . Its strange How can you cheat at that level

Account No : 1153986013



Mobile : 9873140281

Email ID : [email protected]
Mar 19, 2018



Attention: Mr. Vishal Rajpure, Regional Head Mumbai for Hathway Technical and Service and Mr. Santosh Sonawane, Appellate Authority for Escalation

Subject: Deplorable lack of internet, speed, and worst customer service possible at our residence for Account #: 1153357198

My husband and I signed up with Hathway internet on December 17, 2017, for a three month plan of 200 GB at 50 MBPS. We have had nothing but trouble with this connection, and we have faced our last straw with Hathway service and hence this massive complaint and escalation. Please see details below for the absolutely deplorable issues we have faced with, by, and because of Hathway:

When the technician installed the two devices (router and media) on Dec. 17 for our new connection, he said that the two new media devices he had with him were not working and hence he put in an old media device and said he would come and change it. We never heard back from him nor did anyone ever come to see it or change it despite my countless phone calls to Hathway regarding this old media device put in for a new connection and my request to have it changed.

In the few months that we have had Hathway, more often than not we face the issue of not having internet all of a sudden for a couple to a few days at a stretch. When I call, I get a ticket number but no one ever comes to check nor does any follow-up. Luckily, I had the mobile number for one particular technician (Jay) who did not visit despite me asking to check our devices and wiring but said he checked at Haware Parekh (the building two buildings away from us where apparently the wiring is coming from) and that there was a wiring issue there and asking me to turn off and turn on. This worked literally only once despite the many times we faced this issue repeatedly. And your representatives on the phone were once able to reset remotely too.

This last time I realized that my internet was not working starting the night of Feb. 27. I waited one day (Feb. 28) to see if it’s some remote issue (like server down on your end) before I called Hathway on March 1 onwards. From Feb. 27 until present day, I still do not have regular working internet or speed.

Everytime I call Hathway I get a SMS with some complaint ID and also meaningless reassurance from your representative that someone from the technical team will call and visit on that day. No one EVER calls. No one EVER visits. I have to follow-up with phone calls and they just say “Wait until end of day. Someone will surely call or visit.” Not once has it happened despite being told that every single time.

I literally have eleven different complaints (those of which I have saved and doesn’t include all those I already deleted) with service ID’s but NEVER a follow-up, call, or visit, much less a resolution:
Feb. 13: Your Request for CC GPON L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 13022018C7155
Feb. 13: Your Request for Hygiene has been generated with a Service ID - 3022018C7402
Mar. 1: Your Request for CC MEN L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 01032018C11434
Mar. 3: Your Request for CC MEN L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 03032018C11316
Mar 3: Your Request for CC MEN L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 03032018C5080
Mar. 5: Your Request for CC MEN L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 05032018C1784
Mar. 6: Your Request for Hygiene has been generated with a Service ID - 06032018C10584
Mar. 7: Your Request for CC GPON L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 07032018C9020
Mar. 7: Your Request for CC MEN L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 07032018C9349
Mar. 10: Your Request for Hygiene has been generated with Service ID - 10032018C10508
Mar. 12: Your Request for CC MEN L2 has been generated with a Service ID - 12032018W290288
Never did anyone call me back nor did anyone ever come to my place to check out the complaint nor fix the internet. Explain to me how and why that is even acceptable?

For the brief times I did have internet working, I needed to get signal in other rooms and therefore installed a powerful wifi extender. That private company representative is the first one that informed me that I am not getting any speed, at least nowhere near where I should. I was getting about 11 to maybe 18 mbps if I stood right next to the device only; mind you, I paid for 50 mbps. I should have been getting at least 45 consistently, esp. when standing right next to it. So you can only imagine the speed, or lack thereof, that it would have been stepping away from it. I immediately called Hathway to lodge a complaint about the speed and again was given the false promise that it would be looked into. No one ever called. No one ever came.

After speaking to so many representatives with no resolution, I had to escalate to supervisors. I spoke to four different Floor Supervisors (William on Mar. 6; Himanshi on Mar. 7, Ravi on Mar. 12, Ameet on Mar. 13) and even Team Lead Mahindra on Mar. 13. Unfortunately, like your representatives, the supervisors also would only do a canned apology and make empty promises of which I was already tired of hearing as they meant nothing. The supervisors wouldn’t follow-up on their own with technical team nor did they call me back. William said that “due to some technical error in the system, my complaints weren’t actually getting registered.” I told him I had numerous sms with complaint id’s. Himashi said that she would tell the technical team and someone would contact me (which of course didn’t happen) and next day when I asked to speak to her, I asked if she followed-up and she said no. Ravi and Ameet never called me back. I was even promised that the head engineer/technical person would get involved and I would hear from them; nope, that never happened. I asked, why can’t someone just come to the house and visit and look into the issue. Why was that so hard? They wouldn’t visit, and they wouldn’t even call to find out the problem. I told all the supervisors I should at a minimum get a call back from them giving me an update and to check if I had internet working properly or not. At the very least, a customer should be able to expect that, especially from someone that is at a supervisory level. But again, you miserably failed. I even told your supervisors to cancel my connection if you do not want to provide me internet, but they kept me at bay with false reassurances it would be fixed.

On Mar. 13, a technician named Pragnesh called to say there was some line issue at Diamond Garden and that my internet would be fixed permanently now since they fixed that. Nope, it wasn’t the case, and this was also the first I was ever hearing of something about my connection having anything to do with Diamond Garden. I asked him to send someone to the house anyways as there is always an issue with my internet and I have an old media device and to send a new one. He said it was just an issue at Diamond Garden and he didn’t want to send someone despite me telling him that I only have a speed of 0.1 mbps even if he says he’s fixed it permanently. Eventually the earlier-mentioned technician Jay came and even he did his own speed test with his own device and saw that I did only have 0.1. Mbps. By this time, I was on the phone with Vishal (Regional Head) updating him on my aforementioned issues.

Technician Jay told me he would be back in an hour to hour and half with a new device and a laptop to check. At 2 pm, I called him as two hours had easily passed but he didn’t return. He said he’d come around 5. 5 pm passed and no news. I called back at 7 and he said there was no device. He could have called me to tell me he wasn’t coming or there was no device but he didn’t. He told me he would have the main tech guy Mahesh call me but no one called then nor the next day and on Mar. 14, I still did not have internet.

Then in the evening of Mar. 14, Jay came and took the router and old media device and installed at ZTE device but I still did not have internet. I called him and he said because the network is full it is not allowing a new connection and that he would call me with a password when it was up and running and it should show four lights if it’s working.

He never called but the next day or so I noticed four lights and so I looked on the back of the device and entered what I figured to be the password. It connected briefly but since then and till date I still do not have any internet. It came and went as did the speed when it did temporarily connect. Since installing the device, I still have not received any phone call or visit from the technician or Hathway to advise me; they should at least guide me on how to change the device name and password.

I have repeatedly asked to have a new/proper device and/or wiring put in, at an extra cost if that’s the issue, so that we have exclusive internet and don’t face these connection nor speed issues. Apparently, that’s not possible. The power/range comes from two buildings away and from what I’ve been told, the signal keeps getting cut from there and hence I don’t have speed either because of the wiring. At this point, I do not know what or whom to believe about how or why I don’t have internet.

Hathway is quick when it comes to getting a new customer and setting up (even if incorrectly) a new connection, but absolutely apathetic when it comes to service or follow-up. Hathway is also prompt in sending countless reminders, calls, sms, and emails saying that payment is due for renewal “to continue to enjoy uninterrupted service” and “always eager to help.” Excuse my language, but that is total BS. I have had NOTHING BUT interrupted service and definitely have not received any help.

This is the most egregious and ridiculous experience ever with a service provider. If you do not wish to provide me internet, then just have the gumption to be direct about it. Do not continue to patronize me. Out of our three months contract, I have never ever had the speed nor even close to the speed I signed up for; I have never ever been given the proper media device; I have never ever been called back proactively; I have never ever had a technician visit despite my actual service id/complaint numbers; I have consistently not had uninterrupted internet more often than I have had internet, and this last month, I have not had it for over three weeks straight now. And I still don’t have internet! Now you tell me, is this the kind of service I signed up for with Hathway and what a customer is to expect with your company?

I do not want an apology because as you all have proved time and again, it means absolutely nothing. I want you to give me a private hassle-free connection with totally uninterrupted internet and actual 50 mbps speed. I want a technician to visit me when I actually call Hathway and provide a complaint without me having to call back again and again as no one visits and no one calls. I want credit for all these months of no internet. Do not expect me to renew my contract if you are not able to make the right amends. You have blatantly and seemingly willfully cheated us. I will be taking this to social media, consumer bureau, Google review, word of mouth, and wherever else possible. You fix whatever the heck you have to fix on your end and go to whatever length required to do so. Enough is enough.

Your most dissatisfied customers,

Swati and Jayesh Vasan
Account Number 1153357198
Hathway Broadband
Mar 19, 2018

money paid but connection not activated

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. Please inbox us your Hathway account number and location. An executive will get in touch with you soon.
Hathway Broadband
Mar 19, 2018

No network connection

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Hathway Broadband
Mar 19, 2018

Hathway brain band internet

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Mar 18, 2018

money paid but connection not activated

i have paid money but my connection not activated yet even i lodge a complain in hathway mobile app many time, every time they closed it as resolved. even i called many times but no responce yet.

worst experiance i ever had...
shame on hathway...
Bhakti bhogi
Mar 17, 2018

No network connection

Connection no 1119541207 ... I am using this broadband service since 2015 but now I am having regret on choosing Hathway.... from January 2018 your services are worst. Normally 14 days in a month I don’t get network apart this I am paying for 50 mbps speed but I am getting only 2.3 mbps. Your staff offered me 3+1 month service but still it’s not reflacting in your system. It’s my daily coarse to call in your Mumbai head office and put a complaint. Now its my humble request to refund my balance money so that I will take some other network services.
Ganesh Garikiparthi
Mar 16, 2018

Hathway brain band internet

I have taken a new connection with ID no.1157377413. As per the agreement discount amount Rs300 has to be to me. The representative told me after paying RS.3179/- for 6 mom's and one month free total 7 months. But the discount amount has not been returned till now so please do the needful as promised my Hathway of RS.300/- my mb no.7207895551. my mail ID [email protected] expecting favourable reply.
Hathway Broadband
Mar 13, 2018

No Proper Speed!

Dear Customer,

we apologize for the inconvenience. Please inbox us your Hathway account number and location. An executive will get in touch with you soon.
Hathway Broadband
Mar 13, 2018

Account not activated money paid

Dear Customer,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Mar 10, 2018

Account not activated money paid

hi all
account number 1157224792
Never run behind hatway it's worst.i took connection one week before in Chennai thoraipakkam.They have not came on site and manger also not responding for the call ...Never take connection in chennai.i have paid 1400 for new connection but no response till now
Raj dalvi
Mar 10, 2018

No Proper Speed!

As compared to other ISPs hathway gives comparatively less speed! My plan is of 5mbps and it offers exact 568KBs Speed. But is not satisfacial, google drive offers download speed of 20MBs and Upload speed of 15MBs in India. But when I keep anything for download my speed is limited till 568KBs why so? Any other ISP gives a speed of more then 10MBs download speed in less then 5mbps plan. Hathway has failed all my expectations! If you could do anything about this speed issue I'll be glad to know or else I don't have any other option then changing my ISP!
Feb 26, 2018

Internet services are not reactivated after house shift

This network is really a waste....waste... waste network. These people are idiots. These peole don't how important the net activation for customers. If the people are late for recharge they go on calling for every hour but will not reactivate once the recharge is done. Idiots
Feb 16, 2018


Since i bought the connection it's always remain slow in speed , if it can't cover a house then what's the sense of having a WIFI , I am totaly fade up of this hathway . Specially it causes problem during the weekends.

My Account no is 1154388444
Feb 16, 2018

worst service ever!!! 1 week and activation not done

account number: 1156049798

i had purchased hathway connection on 10th feb and still by 16th feb activation of internet is not done..
if i knew i would have never made prepayment...
for payment they insist on prepayment and then forget about your connection completely.. ignoring phone calls..
even customer care doesn't know.. whats the problem an why Activation is not done yet..
every one says call someone else we dont know the problem.. after long waits got to speak to surpervisor farheen.. she also seemed clueless..

i am thinking of putting consumer court complaint against hathway for harrasment and fraud.. dont go for hathway .. i am going to get my money back from them
Hathway Broadband
Feb 15, 2018

Hathway Broadband - Worst Service , Worst Network

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Feb 15, 2018

Hathway Broadband - Worst Service , Worst Network

Hello ,

Acct No :1117866750

I am Using the Hathway from Past one Year , But this Year the Service is worst .

I am Facing the Technical Issue in the Broadband and I have registered complaints above complaints .

But till Now Its Not resolved . Customer people will say it will be resoved within 24 Hours and they will close the ticket without resolving the Issue .

I have paid in advance , Hence I need to Continue , there is no other choice .

Its a Worst Worst Service
Feb 13, 2018

No Internet after Activation and Installation

Account Number: 1155790023
Sales Executive: Mr. Prakash [88844 37758] (Wilson Garden/Lakkasandra Region)

I got the connection activated on Saturday morning (10 Feb 2018) and the connectivity worked fine until Saturday evening. Since Sunday (11 Feb 2018), there is no internet connectivity. I have repeatedly tried to connect with the Customer Care, Mr. Prakash who sold us the connection with so many promises but no one has solved the issue till date- 14 Feb 2018.

As I have already paid the full monthly amount in advance plus an installation fee of 600, I feel there won't be any solution to this as you already received the amount so why would you care about providing the service.

I migrated from ACT Internet to Hathway and I regret that decision. Please DO NOT GET a connection from Hathway and spoil your day/month/year/life.


Thank you

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