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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hathway

Hathway Broadband
Jun 17, 2019

Money not Refunding besides making several request

Dear Samita Malthotra,

We have forwarded your concern to our team, an executive will get in touch with you.

Hathway Broadband
Samita Malthotra
Jun 15, 2019

Money not Refunding besides making several request

We got cheated by the hathway company they told will provide internet connection in 5/222A, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110 092 and took 3540 rupees money on 6th Feb, 2019 and they not provided connection and if we asking for refund then they are telling in next 15 days money will credit to your bank account but they are telling lie again and again. We are waiting from last 5 months still money is not refunded .Please help us to refund our money. These cheat companies should not taken care by any authorities. This is our hard earned money and they have taken this as there asset.

What a shame on this company.

Samita Malhotra
Registers mobile num: 9654882244
Thank you
Nimisha Singh
Apr 9, 2019

Harassing me for not continuing with their services

I closed my connection and submitted the router in February. However, i am still receiving calls for recharging that connection. On n average I receive 10 calls a day. Most of them misbehave with few, a few who are decent enough assure me that I won't receive any more calls but still there has been no relief. Off late the company executive have started threatening to take legal action against me for misbehaving with their callers. Day in and day out these people are harassing me.
Mar 26, 2019

Harrassment by your Executives

Since I am out of station I haven't recharged my internet connection. But Hathway's customer service executives have been harrassing me day in and day out calling 5-6 times a day. Even after expressing the reason and asking them to add me in DND still no avail. Request to please look into the matter
Zeba Rizwi
Mar 6, 2019

Money taken but did not activate internet service

Hello Team,

This is to bring kind notice that I have paid the full amount for my internet connectivity that is 4000. As it is told by one of your employee about this scheme that I will get 1-year internet in 3500. He lied to me because he wants to sell this product to me. After I have paid the amount he told me that I cannot get this plan . Then he told me to pay 500 rs more to get a new plan for 8 months. Forcefully I had to pay 500 more because I have already paid 3500 rs.
Now when I have paid the full amount of 4000 4 days back still my internet is not working when I checked online it's showing deactivated because of non-payment. Confirming that when I thought of confirming with your employee, he is not picking up my calls not even bothering to reply.
So this kind of fraud your employees are doing with your customers' either you give me my money back or activate my internet connectivity.
For your reference, his Name is Sonu mobile number- 9599867964
I have all the chats and screenshot available with me.
Expecting a prompt response for the same.
My customer account number- 1148133937

Nov 5, 2018

False offer

On august 1 2018 , i renewed my hathway broadway connection for 3+1months in which one was given in offer. But my aacount got deactivated after 3 months only. And i have complaint on customer care for 3 day regular but i dnt get any replys . Below is the only message i revieved after 3 days
(Your Request for CC L2_FS Tech has been generated with a Service ID -05112018W117921)
Its a fraud for us.
Jun 26, 2018

installation not started

Hi Hathway,

Let you know that, we have owned 2 broadband connections. Please find the Account no. 1161166994, 1161167376. I have never been satisfied with the service that I have received.

I am have been suffering for installation for my connection not started.
Your sales person " Rakesh Pandey" committing me daily that installation will done by today since 23 days.
I have pressure from my management for the same.

Apparently, Customer Satisfaction is NOT important to your company.
Meanwhile this is the BAD experience.

Motive of this escalation is Seeking Fast solution.
Jun 24, 2018


I have discontinued my hathway internet connection and I do not want to renew my Broadband connection. Every day twice or thrice I am getting calls and Messages from hathway asking for renewal even though I have confirmed that I do not want to renew.

It is really irritating me!!!

Can you please stop calling/messaging me , as I am tired of answering your calls everyday.
Jun 18, 2018

bill details issue!!

I haven't come across such irresponsible customer service executives. Have been following up for a bill copy for Mar 2018.....and nobody is even bothered to respond. Ridiculous!! The irony is they call themselves Customer rep associates but take no effort to understand customer's Ask.
Jun 8, 2018

Poor customer service - Disconnection and No response nor no refund

Hi Hathway team,

This is mail is regarding refund request followed by the disconnection provided by your team.

I had to call your team starting from 21st May to check the feasibility repeatedly on a daily basis but your team confirmed no feasibility only on 29th May.

Please be informed that i have moved to a near by location (Athipet) from mogappair West on 29th May 2018 and your team could not help still. So i had to request for a disconnection and for a refund of the pending months usage and security deposit that was paid earlier.

I had opted for a half yearly plan on 9th Jan 2018 and paid 7119.00 INR which gets only by Sep 9th 2018.

Today your engineer have collected the installed Hardware's from me and confirmed all the equipment are in good condition and said he will close this case of HW collection for initiating the refund.

Though i had called your team repeatedly, i did not receive good response and all the cases have been closed with incomplete information or not listening to my request of not to close the case without a resolution. All the cases are mentioned below for your ref. Please be informed that i have all the conversations with your customer service recorded right from my first call of feasibility till refund request till date.

I have 3 calls for which none of your team members have raised a case for disconnection too.

My only request is to grant me refund for the pending 3 months and 10 days along with security deposit that was paid as half yearly subscription plan.

Appreciate your swift reply with requirements asap. Thanks.

Account NO 1154630468
Registered mobile no: 9092702354

Case ref: 21052018w359346,27052018w450114, 04062018w567912, 06062018w594826,

Your dissatisfied Customer!


Arokiya benjamin. S
Ph: +91 9092702354.
Apr 22, 2018

Hathaway a cheater fraud service Provider

Hathaway services are getting really bullshit.
None reply after so many follow ups.You guys really cheat.
Apr 20, 2018

Request to remove my number from your database

Dear sir/madam,

We have changed our broadbrand service provider and are no longer interested in Hathway services. Request you to
remove my number (9810422484) from your database at your earliest.

We are annoyed with the frequency of calls and messages from your executives. We no longer wish to have Hathway services even if it is the last SP on earth.

Hope you can understand the anger which caused me to write this kind of mail to you, but I am sorry because you have left no option for me.

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanking you in advance.

Sincere Regards
Apr 5, 2018

Always shows No Intenet

Hi Team,

I am feeling that i have made a wrong decision for make connection of broadband.

Minimum thrice a week, Internet shows "connected, No Internet".

A/C --1138887370

I will disconnect soon.
Jan 10, 2018

Hathway False Mailer and SMS

Dear Sir,

I was a Hathway Broadband Internet user (A/C 1119576054) in the past, but I had to remove the connection in April 2017, as I was moving out of town.

I had successfully unsubscribed from the broadband plan and the device was collected from my home by Hathway Representative around April-May 2017.

Its been almost eight months since I have discontinued the Hathway services and returned the device, and today I am getting a mail by Hathway regarding not receiving the device.

I also contacted the customer service helpline, and the response I received from them was horrible.

Kindly get your facts right asap and stop harassing people that once were your loyal customers.
Aug 25, 2017

signals disconnects every 3-4 mims

i took the hathway plan for 8months and after 2-3 months the speed of internet is vry vry slow.
beside this. signals of wifi disconnects every 3-4mins
. fix it asap
deepali dmello
Jul 1, 2017



This is to inform you that I have now taken a separate new internet connection and I'm looking forward to receiving a refund of my Hathway connection - A/c 1143794426 (old a/c number 1653589).

We moved from one home to another and requested a transfer of the Hathway account/connection and were informed by hathway that a transfer cannot be done, however they informed that I can take a new connection and the old one will be refunded. This was informed by the representatives from both the areas.

On 24/06/17 a person from Hathway (Santosh - Tel no. 8108096670) came and collected the Router and Modem - GRN No. 280102. Santosh informed me that the refund would be processed and that I should write an email to Hathway requesting them to send the refund to my new address.

Please note that I renewed my Hathway connection in Chembur Govandi (A/c 114794426) on 25/05/17 for 3 months; but moved to Bhandup on 09/06/17 and hence have not used the service since then. I called Hathway and requested for a termination and refund on 08/06/17 itself and thereafter even followed up several time -- Complaint reference numbers: 18155024 and 18158602.

Since I've use the service for only 15 days or less from the 90 days; I'm looking forward to receiving a refund of the balance unutilised period of 2.5 months (approximately 75 days).

After writing for a refund to the billingdesk as instructed by Santosh, I received a call from the customer service representative that a refund is not possible.
I am appalled at his attitude and the misinformation provided to me.

An acknowledgement of receipt and an early response and refund for this would be most appreciated.

Suresh Kumar Padaga
Apr 18, 2017

Worst service and waste people

It's almost 2 months and till now I didn't get money back.Kindly let me know whether I will get my money or not. How many mails and follow ups I have to do for my money. One of the worst experience I had with your service.Kindly let me know the exact reason why I am not getting my money? If not possible tell me I will stop writing mails and I will go to consumer forum instead of wasting my time with you people.

Pls respond immediately or I have to raise complaint in consumer forum.

Ac: 1653570
Authcode: 929930
Hathway Broadband
Nov 15, 2016

payment not reflecting 1120298343

Dear Sir,

Thank you for sharing your details. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Nov 15, 2016

payment not reflecting 1120298343

Account renewal was done online on the 12th November. Payment acknowledgement was sent by Hathway with the transaction ID however even after 48 hours no response. 3 customer service agents put me on long hold and hung up the phone. Billing team also doesn't answer emails.

A/c # 1120298343

Hathway Broadband
Nov 14, 2016

net not working

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. Please inbox us your Hathway account number and location. An executive will get in touch with you soon.
Parakh Gupta
Nov 10, 2016

net not working

My network is not working from past 4 days .Earlier I had a plan of Rs.750 then i converted it into Rs 660 .And now they are saying I have to pay the balance to start the net. And they also said that my earlier plan is of Rs 919 and I don't understand how come it is showing of Rs 919. Please address this issue at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience.
Hathway Broadband
Oct 24, 2016

Range is very less and speed issue

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Oct 21, 2016

Range is very less and speed issue

(A/c no.- 1119580114, customer name- rishi raj, 9718265066)
I m using hathway broadband services since 8 months and since September i m facing a lot issues in using internet :-
1. Speed is very slow than actual plan
2. Range of device is very less withing 2m
3. Some sites of a particular domain do not works on my connections
Regarding these issues i have lodge complain so many times but they didnot resolve it single time and when we call them( customer care) they give different issue on different time . So after all of this i have no option then to move out from hathway and to lodge a complain against company in consumer court regarding cheating with customer.
Hathway Broadband
Oct 12, 2016

Internet Not working - False commitments & Fraud Support Staff

Dear Sir,

we apologize for the inconvenience. An executive will get in touch with you ASAP.
Oct 9, 2016

Internet Not working - False commitments & Fraud Support Staff

Hi Team,

It's been more than 2 hours now that I received a call from Sikander who said that he is arranging a callback in 30 minutes. I neither received a call or the issue has been resolved.

Is there anyone who can look into this and get this resolved or at least be honest to say that you cannot resolve this and I should take refund and get another service provider.

False commitments and fraud support staff is all I get.

Please reply on priority.


On 09-Oct-2016 12:36 pm, "Sandeep Tripathy" wrote:

My internet is not working since yesterday.

I have a connection of 50 Mbps. However, the only time I get that speed is when I make a complaint and a technician is standing in my home doing some trouble shooting. After 1-2 days, the speed is again 3-7 Mbps.

I raised a ticket yesterday that there is no speed. The technician came and did some troubleshooting after which the net stopped working. He said another technician will come in an hour. This was yesterday and since then I am waiting for the internet to work.

Please can someone get this working on priority or let me know if I should apply for disconnection. Also, my internet validity should be extended by 2 days as this is all your fault.

My account no is 1119408324.


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