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Apr 3, 2020

Un professional & incompetent Staff HBL

I deposited requisition slip for a new cheque book on 16 March 2020 at HBL sitara Tower Br Faisalabad. Due to COVID-19 pandemic , I deliberately went on 3 April 2020 at about 1210 hours ( after considerable time ) to collect it so that it reaches bank and I dnt bother bank staff un necessarily. But to my surprise and horror it was disgusting to know that same has not been demanded either due to lack of fund or for some other reason best known to bank staff. Its very poor and unprofessional attitude by the br in particular and Bank HBL as a whole. I asked for return of my requisition slip which I deposited for new cheque book which was denied bluntly. It is beyond imagination that a bank like HBL can hire such unprofessional illiterate untrained and discourteous staff, becoming a stigma , on the name of HBL. It is worth mentioning that visiting banks in this lockdown situation across world and Pak is not recommended/ advisable. And one has to wait for a considerable time in Q outside bank / Br for turn exposing to all ill health hazards. Same complaint will be forwarded to Banking Mohtasib and a legal notice to bank for damages in due course of time. All my contact and mailing information are available with the HBL then why I was not informed regarding any such issue even after 17 days. I can influence minimum 100 to 150 persons at once to delink from HBL and opt for other professional banks.

Best regards

Muhammad Tahir
Ali Butt
Jan 14, 2019


I visited hbl islamic branch Jalal Pur jattan (Gujrat) for withdraw purpose but cashier said me your signature are not shown me you go to the lady that sit in the room but when i go she shouted and said what i do you go to your branch where your account but in the branch where my account have to renovate and the whole system of that branch is not working and the crew told me you can withdraw in our islamic branch but the lady didn't behave well.
Now within days I transfer my all amount in UBL.
Faraz hyder
Oct 2, 2018

Renew of debit card

I want to renew my debit card.. But hbl is not responding me from 7 days im trying to helpline customercare service no agents not receiving my calls.. Even branch manager is no responding... this is my 03423773552 kindly response
Usman communication
Sep 22, 2018

Cash withdrawal biomatric

Sir men konnect agent hon meri device me cash withdrawal biomatric ka option nhe aarha bray mehrbani mera ye msla hil kren 4140355971723 wali Muhammad samoon

Cash withdrawal biomatric

qazi khan
Aug 29, 2018


HBL mardan man branch main ek faisal naam banda hay hum bohot pareshan hogai hai oski waja sai or os ki behaver tik nahi custumer sai
khan najeeb
Jul 10, 2018

cash withdrawal by unfair means

sir i have account in hbl chungi ararsadu branch yesterday i have receive some fake calls from ############more than 20 times in the end i check and it was the help line of hbl and then they have collected some data from us after few time i have checked my account balance there is no balance in my account then i moved to my concerted branch but they are not cooperating with me although they have all the transaction details even though they are not cooperating my 2 lac rupees have gone but they are not cooperating with me and my account number is ################ and my contact number is 03415283159
Jun 28, 2018

Habitual late crediting of salary of Pak. PWD employees

Asslam o Alaikum!

Very regretfully it is stated that HBL branch situated in I & T Centre G-9/4 Islamabad always credits the salary of Pak.PWD employees very late whereas other banks like NBP, FWB, ABL etc, where PakPWD employees' salary is credited well in time. Due to this reason and also the way other services are provided in the said branch quite a few account holders have switched over to other banks, now I and a number of my other office fellows are planning to switch over to some other bank.

Muhammad Ibrahim Alvi
Acct. No.18530014393901
HBL I & T Centre G-9/4 Islamabad branch
Abdul Rub Iyas
May 24, 2018

My Account Debited without cash received from ATM & Imtiaz super Store

Dear Concern,
My Account Number is 08777900408903

Yesterday on 23rd May 2018 I charged my ATM card twice at Imtiaz Super Store, but transaction was not successful due to link failure and HBL debited my account twice while it was just credited my account once.
Further more I withdraw cash from ATM but link was also down and cash could not with draw but HBL deduct amount from my account. Total 3985 was deducted Transaction details are as follows

Transaction reference number
############ (at Imtiaz)
############ (At Imtaiz)
################ (ATM cash withdraw )
Abbasi nazir
May 16, 2018

Staff attitude complaint

Today on 16.05.2018, I visited HBL Branch, in Model School, Hyderabad. I submitted cheque amounting to Rs. 40000/- to Lady staff Ms. Irum/Erum. After a while she informed that your signature differ therefore she is unable to hand-over the amount. I reminded her that such type of objection raised before 2/3 months but the manager, HBL Elsa Kazi Campus/ Model School, Hyderabad allowed me cash.

It is therefore requested that the lady staff (Ms. Irum/Erum) may be instructed not to tease customers on provided all the formalities.

I hope that in future best services may be provided to customers.

Nazir Ahmed Abbasi
Apr 26, 2018


I am holding an account with HBL Sindh Secretariat Br Karachi since 1985. I am a holder of Jubilee Life Insurance Policy No 289911 obtained through my HBL, Sindh Secretariat Br, Karachi account No 0916 0060358-501 - (Titled Syed Riazuddin). Payment of premium falls due in the month of November every year. On payment of five premiums the Policy was converted to "paid up" vide option exercised by me on 01-08-2017 and again on 22-11-2017. Despite that the bank has debited my bank account twice (on 21-11-2017 and 17-04-2018) with premium payment. The recovery of premium is unauthorized, illegal, arbitrary. I have written letters dated 28-03-2018, 10-04-2018, and 18-04-2018 to Jubilee Life Insurance with copies to the Manager HBL Sindh Secretariate Br, Karachi duly supported by relevant evidences as annexures. A letter dated 23-04-2018 was specifically written to the Manager HBL Sindh Secretariate Br, Karachi with the request to reverse the entries representing unauthorised collection of premiums on 21-11-2017 and 17-04-2018. I also met the Manager HBL Sindh Secretariate Br, Karachi, Mr Shanil on 26-04-2018 to explain my problem personally and to know the progress if any made in my case of unauthorised deduction of premium from my account. I regret to state that the meeting with Mr Shanil was a total disappointment. Mr Shahnil appeared absolutely unconcerned and indifferent to the problem. About my written complaints as per letters dated 28-03-2018, 10-04-2018,18-04-2018 and dated 23-04-2018 he was very casual, uninterested and uninformed. He simply stated that "staff ne receive kia hon gai aap k letters". It is worth mentioning that in my last letter dated 23-04-2018 received in the branch on 23-04-2018 by affixing seal of the branch it was informed that if unauthorised deductions dated 21-11-2017 and 17-04-2018 on account of premium were not reversed within three days of the received of my letter dated 23-04-2018 I shall be constrained to:-
(i) approach your head office with a view to report your illegal and unauthorized actions being played with my 33 year’s old account by you and your staff.
(ii) take up the matter with Banking Ombudsman or the High Court, as it deemed appropriate by me.
(iii) close my over three decades old account with the bank but not before everyone responsible of playing dirty with my bank account is taken to task.
I met Mr Shahnil on 26-04-2018 i e exactly three days after the delivery of my letter dated 23-04-2018 in the branch However, it is stated with total dismay that Mr Shahnil was totally unmoved, unimpressed and unconcerned with my problem. I am account holder of HBL since 1985 and having a substantial business account in the same branch since 2010. Besides there are my other joint accounts and my family members accounts in other branches of HBL. It appears that HBL does'nt give a damn to the loyalty of an account holder no matter how old is it. In view of the attitude of the Manager and staff of Sindh Secretariat Branch narrated hereinabove I have all intention and justification to close all my bank accounts with HBL, wherever maintained but not before I exercise my legal rights to teach a lesson to all concerned.
Apr 17, 2018

HBL Staff Misbehavior

Dear Sir,
i would like to inform you that from the last 5 days i visiting HBL Pabbi branch( Branch Code 235) To transfer 500000 PKR to my friend but they are just talking to each other and not working.
We request all the staff again and again but they Misbehave with us. they did not transfer our money.
Kindly take some action against the pabbi branch staff.
Feb 28, 2018

hbl mobile apps

sir mary mobile par hbl apps on nai ho rahi jab ma apps my detail enter karta hu to waha mobile number par ( mobile number validation failed) ata ha many apki help line par b complain ki thi par woh kah rahy thy k ap apni branch sy rabta kary jab branch sy rabta kia woh kah rahy ha k hamary pass apka sara data thek ha app help line par rabta kary is waja sy ma apki dubai ki psl ki qurandazi may b shamil nai ho saka plz mara yah issue solve karwa dy my number 03074351757

hbl mobile apps

Feb 7, 2018

Misbehave of hbl staff

Sir today i have received call from karachi hbl head office from number 02135205140 at 12:18 pm on my number 03017501628, a laidy asked me about my loan payment installment.she talked me in very harsh way and misbehave. My loan installment of january and february is short only and today i have submited the amount of january loan payment in my account. The lady who call me tell me that 'why are u not submitting the installment since one and half month and she warned me that 'i m giving u last chance till tommorrow in very ill manner. I told her that I want to settle all the remaing ammount of loan in a single payment and tell me the process but she replied that i am calling you so listen my words first about your short installmen and dont ask me about any other thing first.
I want to tell u that this is not a right way to talk with customers.please take a notice on it.will be very thankful to you.

Best Regards
Sajid Ali
ehsan ullah khan
Feb 2, 2018

salary late posted

we are account holder of hbl main bazar branch kala bagh(1257) since 10 to 15 years and we have salary accounts,your bank satff do not post salary on time every month our department fesco/wapda release our salary 29&30 date of every month but your staff late posted on 2-3-&4 date every months,when we went to bank for salary Manager askeed your salary not posted yet we are requested to manager please post the salary on time every month manager asked me if you not satisfied to our bank/branch than you can shift or closed your account . sir, all other banks/branches posted the salary on the 1st date of every months.please look in to the matter seriously and solve our issue as soon as possible. we shall be highly thankfull to you Mr:Ehsan ullah khan Ac/No,12570009833201 Mr:Muhammad Akram secretry union 12570009843801 Mr:sadam hussain Mr:muhammad iqbal Mr:ibrar HUssain Ghulam Hassan Amir badsha,Bilal Asif ,waqar shah ,MattiUllah,Abdul Aziz,Muhammad Hanif,Aziz ur rehman,karam din, ghulam muhammad,Muhammad shafiq

salary late posted

Jan 11, 2018

Hbl staff misbehave

Dear sir Mei apna A/c HBL br code 0909 Mei 3 sal sy chla RHA hn mkr muje yha bht disturb Kia ja RHA h yha ka staff Jo aj KL h (cashier,ops manager).wh bht gald zuban use kr RHA h .or daily sestem off kh kr cash receive nhi krty. pls is PR action lia jy.thnx my contact no is 03084001987
Jan 11, 2018

Hbl Staff misbehaviour

Dear sir Mei apna A/c HBL br code 0909 Mei 3 sal sy chla RHA hn mkr muje yha bht disturb Kia ja RHA h yha ka staff Jo aj KL h (cashier,ops manager).wh bht gald zuban use kr RHA h .or daily sestem off kh kr cash receive nhi krty. pls is PR action lia jy.thnx my contact no is 03084001987
nazia shaheen
Jan 2, 2018

staff negligance

sir i have an account in HBL karak city branch.i applied for admission that needs online bank draft,when i came to HBL karak branch. they dosn"t know about online fee submission,after this they make a draft without stemp due to this my admmission is cancelled the admission becouse my fee was not submited on time,ur staff play with my future,sir i request u to kindly trained ur staff and also tell them how to deal with the coustmer thanks
[email protected]
Dec 5, 2017

Misbehaviour of Bank Manager

I am account holder of HBL Main Branch Muzaffargarh since 10 years and have salary account. Your Bank staff do not post salary on time and now this month till date 05.12.2017 salary was not posted in my account. When i went to bank for salary information the Manager asked me your salary not posted yet. I requested to Manager please post the salary on time every month. Manager asked me if you are not satisfied to our bank then you can shift your account to other bank. Manager abused me and asked me "you can get lost from here". Behaviour of the Manager was very rough. I am also paying the over due charges of loan which i took earlier due to late posted of salary. All other banks posted the salary on the 1st date of every month. Please look into the matter seriously and solve my issue as soon as possible. I shall be highly thankful to you.
Nov 12, 2017


very poor and Unprofessional services you have.
Naveed Hussain Jutt
Nov 10, 2017


Dear Sir,
I visited your HBL branch Sahiwal(2397) approximately a month ago.When i entered in Branch i will go direct Brach Manager Office who is a Female.I tell her my probelm but she ignore me and also misbehave with me.After some talking she shouted at me and call security to Take me out from Bank.After that she black mail me through her mother and different people in my cell number.Also said that they will kill me if i complaint her.I request you that tell me who is responsible if something wrong happen with me HBL or Branch Manager
Kindly obliged my request and take Action on Immediate basis.
Thanks & Regards
Naveed Hussain
Mobine No:03216566319


Zulfiqar lasi
Nov 7, 2017

ATM transction

i had debited PKR 500 on 31/july/2017 via HBL ATM Machine but I did not get the money. i complaint twice and filled the claim foam in my mother Branch
HBL Plaza Branch Karachi. 4 month passed but they did not reverse my amount of PKR 500
Account #07867912295603
Zulfiqar lasi
Oct 18, 2017

Rude Behaviour of Charsadda Brach (Mardan road)

My Name is Suleiman Khan from Charsadda. I have been a loyal customer of HBL and almost carry out transits in million as a Electronics Shop in Charsadda depositing payments TO PEL, DAWALANCE, Oreint , KENWOOD and other local brands but due todays Rude behavior of Charsadda Branch staff, I am forced to look for other options like ABL And Alfallah for my further transitions. You have installed a LED in Bank and your staff is busy in watching what ever is playing on instead of satisfying customers. I am extremely hurt by this rude behavior By Mr. Waseem and Mr. Sohaib .
Kindly look it into this matter seriously before you loos most of your customer.

Your sincerely
Suleiman Khan
mobile # 0334-9082506
Oct 17, 2017


Assalam o Alaikum!
I hope you will be all right. I am a residence and customer/account holder of HBL Bank factory area branch (2405) district Rahim Yar Khan. On Monday October 17, 2017, at 3:30pm I visited this branch for the request of issuance of cheque book. I stayed and kept stand there for about 10 minutes, no one greeted or asked me the purpose of my arrival. A madam, sitting there behind one counter, was working and assisting the lady customers. There was no single staff present on their counters. I stood there more than 5 minutes. After that, I went to operation manager named Hussain Irshaad (he told me this name) and told him that all counters are vacant except one of that lady’s. I requested him to call his staff to assist me. But the operation manager behaved me absolutely rudely. He treated me as I was the class-four servant. He scolded me saying that he will not call any of the staff and he angrily said that how I dare to talk about all this. Sir I am a respectable citizen and educator of Government of Punjab. Your HBL operation manager insulted me before other customers. My self-respect is injured by his treatment. Who is responsible for this chaos? If you will not take any necessary action against the operation manager, I will be compelled to think about any further action. All of the educator account holders opened their accounts in your HBL because your staff came in our training centres and consequently we all chose HBL bank in comparison with MCB as they also visited there. But I was at fault to join HBL bank.

Yours sincerely,
Shahid Ali 0331-7538039
Sep 21, 2017

personal loan

Dear sir,
it is respectfully submitted that i am working in education department as J.E Teacher (B-16) since 31-10-1996,i applied twice loan in NBP Dera Bugti branch and paid at time. now i transferred my salary to HBL for loan purpose,
4 months ago i submit my loan application to HBL but still i ignored. HBL sui Branch Manager said that your loan application is rejected due to CIB defaulter. i provide them clearance certificate of National Bank of Pakistan. but still they are refusing me from loan showing different excuses. sir, my mother is seriously ill, she is heart patient and i want to cure in a suitable hospital. kindly grant me loan in my favor.
CNIC No: ############-3
a/c No:05167901737003

personal loan personal loan

Aug 29, 2017


CARD NO:. ############# 1336

MY ID CARD NO:. ############


EMAIL: [email protected]

ACCOUNT NO: ################


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