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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Aug 2, 2019

Harassing by sending candidates to home

They are harrassing by sending people to house .
Jul 23, 2019

Hdfc negative balance

I had a salary account in hdfc back in 2013-2014, which is showing negative approx 7000 and I tried to reach customer service many time to get my account number so I can resolve issue they are not answering my questions and due to the same my cibil score affected and please help me ASAP
Avanthi Nataraj
Jul 9, 2019

Charging me for not maintaining balance

Hi sir,
I have taken salary account in Hdfc bank when am working...After I resigned from the company that got converted to savings account and start deducted my amount in my account of 8000/- for non maintenance of balance...right now my account went to negative balance of 6500...
How can they charge me mercilessly like that... How can a person maintain the balance if he/she not working... Please do justice to me and take action on Hdfc jubilee hills branch.
Avanthi rayudu
Jun 12, 2019

dormant account- deductions by bank


I had a salary account with hdfc bank which got converted to savings account when I left my job (A/c no: 50100010117531). I had to settle back in my hometown (Ujjain, M.P.) due to personal reasons and since than I am not able to visit the home branch where I had my account (Bangalore). I visited local branch (Ujjain, M.P.) and submitted application for closure on 10 june 2019 as on that day my balance was positive and now this account have balance of Rs. -653 on 11 june 2019. I have already lost an amount of Rs. 4000 approx (which was my balance).

They should return my deducted balance & close my account as I have already put closure application on 10 June in 38, Gokul Hall, Kshapnak Marg, Ujjain Branch as My balance was positive on June 10 and became negative on June 11.

May 11, 2019

Account Closing of my Salary AC.

I had salary Account (No. 50100201171478), which is given by employer , after left the company,the salary account balance was Zero. I didn't do any transaction from last more than 1 year, and they keep adding MAB charges every month, also i had a called to respective managers, but no response. Now it shows negative balance Rs.- 9363.00. So my request you to kindly look on this matter asap.
May 2, 2019


My name is TAMIL SELVI C ,I have purchased a two wheeler through HDFC bank loan(loan no:55424209) on 05/03/2018 and I am paying the debt regularly. Without my knowledge/ any information they have accessed one credit card account and sent to my non residential village address. I have written a complaint to the branch manager by his advise i have returned the credit card to the Thiruvanmiyur branch along with a written statement. Now they have created a personal loan for collecting money through my bank account and following some unauthorized transaction.
May 1, 2019

debit without permission

Hello there

I Received SMS from HDFC BANK that RS-1899/- deducted from my debit card to towards CPONEASSIS. without my permission.. i did not get any mail.this kind of unsolicited charging of my debit card and use of my card by the company is really a criminal act and the co. how can a bank allow such things.. I dont even use my HDFC card for anything after it was charged for fraudulent transactions a year back. and now this, Do something about this ASAP

Please deactivate and refund my money ASAP
date of incident : 12.33hrs. 30 april 2019
Kotak Credit Card No.xx8276
OneAssist Relationship Number : 4229556
Apr 23, 2019

Banks Charging us GST but not Issuing Invoices

Banks Charging us GST but not Issuing Invoices

TID : 28046341

It is our Right as a Customer to know the exact amount to be deducted from our account prior to the deduction which can be variable everytime.

How would we know how much charges would be deducted on a given date.

We still haven't received the Invoice for the EDC Annual Rent paid for 2018.

I think there is something very fishy with the HDFC Bank invoicing system. Bank is charging us Rent plus GST but not issuing us the invoice.

We don't even know if the Bank is Even depositing the GST charged bybit to the Government.

We are receiving the payout reports everyday. They can also send us the copy of Invoice/Performa Invoice same way.


Sunita Malhotra
Apr 22, 2019

deducting amount


My amount is deducting and also balance is showing in negative and branch people is not closing account also.
I just want to close account without paying negative amount
Apr 10, 2019

Deduction of Money

Hi ,
I have opened an account in HDFC bank while working in Delhi but I left the job in december 2017 and operated the account for a few time. Yesterday when one of my friend transferred some amount to my account then I got to know that my balance was in negative (-1692.23). I was shocked to see that. Since I am preparing for exams and not earning, how will I manage to keep 10000 rupees in my account. This is very unfair HDFC should have asked before deducting my money.

Shreyas Bharadwaj

Deduction of Money

steyn raghav
Apr 10, 2019

Cancel my one assist plan

I'm using HDFC CREDIT CARD SINCE LAST 2 YEAR CARD NUMBER ENDING with 6014.My account is activated with ONE ASSIST MFEE and charged Amount Rs.1899 with out my knowledge. I want to cancel the unauthorized plan against my Card, and also credit my money in my credit card which you have deducted in my credit card account.

Also this is unfair that you cannot deduct the amount from the credit card without prior notice through call/message.
And HDFC Bank also has to recheck this issue with the Auto Payment modes.

This is th2nd year I'm requesting for the cancellation of this ONE ASSIST plan. Please kindly take a notice and CANCEL the plan and repay my amount Rs.1899 as soon as possible.

So request you to please cancel this activation against my credit card, and refund my money also.

Cancel my one assist plan

Mar 10, 2019

Accumulation of negative balance without any notification

I joined a company EY in june 2018 , They opened my account in HDFC Bank in hurry.I got a PhD offer So I left my job within two days.I never used this account ever in my life.Wihout any pre-notification they changed my account to a normal account.I just now saw that they have made my balance -2800 Rs. without giving any notification that they are creating negative balance in it.As I cannot pay this much amount.I request you to take a strict action of this activity.
Pushpinder Singh
Mar 7, 2019

Non maintenance charged against salary account

I was charged with non maintenance towards my salary account in HDFC and while opening the account the manager said it's a 0 charges account and no negative balance would ne charged, it's been one year since I'm not working so no salary credits in my account but the negative balance is going on increasing and I am not able to repay the amount.
[email protected]
Feb 15, 2019

Minimum balance maintenance charges

Respected sir,I am Narendra Kumar Sharma. Previosly in 2016 i was working in a hospital at Gurgaon they asked me to open a account with Hdfc bank branch noida to get my salary.I opened the account during opening of account bank person told me that it is a zero balance account and you will not be charged any single rupee for not maintaining balance.I left that hospital and i joinined another and i opened account in another bank.After that i got emails every month about maintenance charges around 500 rupee.when i visited the branch they told me that i can not close my account for 2 years.And they told me that i will not be charged any money as they converted it to zero balance account.But i am receiving same charges emails.I am unable to pay their maintenance charges and i want to close my account.Please help to close my account with Hdfc bank.
Contact details mail id- [email protected]
Feb 13, 2019

NEFT amount not credited to beneficiary account


I've made a NEFT transaction from HDFC Bank with "txn no. N032190739586539" on Feb 1st 2019, Amount has been deducted from my a/c and it has not been credited to the beneficiary's account.

Kindly help in resolving the same.
Winit Mishra
Feb 4, 2019

Deducted 7308.94 after showing negative amount

I have a salary account with HDFC from last 5 years and they were continuously showing negative amount but last month they showed negative amount of rupees 7,308.94/- and auto deducted the money when salary credited. When calling to customer care not getting any replies and they not even mentioned any email address on which I can complain.
Jan 21, 2019

un-noticed deduction from my bank account

Hi ,
my name is y v Chaitanya. I have an account in HDFC bank which is salary account and I didn't know it is a salary account and will have to maintain minimum balance of 10000/- or else the bank will charge fine of 740 every month. They already deducted 1400 from my account without any prior notice and when I asked them they says they sent me several sms and email which I didn't get a single. Now my account is in -5999 , so when I visited their branch they says I'll have to pay all charges to close the account.
Jan 7, 2019

HDFC Regalia Credit Card

The following is the sequence of the events:

1. I received SMS on 22.11.2017 at 7.01 pm stating that free Access to Indian Airport Lounges under Priority Pass are not allowed and will be charged.

2. I immediately sent a E-mail & Letter dt: 23.11.2017 mentioning about the sudden action and not to debit priority pass charges without my acceptance . This has been acknowledged by the Bank. Prior to 22.11.2017 SMS, I have not received any communication from HDFC Bank by SMS, E-mail, etc.,

3. Infact, I have not received Original Monthly Statement by Courier for several Months in 2017 and no Original statement from Jan’2018 onwards . Only after giving a Complaint Ref.No.18089006922 I received statements by courier.

4. As per the Statements; Bank has Unilaterally debited Rs.1742.04 plus CGST Rs.156.78 plus SGST Rs.156.78 on 9th Jan’18 for Priority Pass alleged usage on 6th Oct’2017.(15th Jan 2018 Statement ).

5. I have sent E-mails and letter dt: 29 & 30. 1.2018 to reverse this Unilateral debit of Priority Charges. This has been acknowledged by the Bank

6. The wrong claim of Priority pass of Rs.1742.04 was reversed by the Bank on 5th Feb’2018. However the CGST & SGSCT Charges were not revised by the Bank,

7. In the statement of 15.2,2018; Bank has unilaterally debited Rs.1746.09 plus CGST Rs.157.15 plus SGST Rs.157.15 on 1st Feb ’18

8. I have sent an E-mail and letter dt:26.2.2018 to reverse this Unilateral debit of Priority Charges. This has been acknowledged by the Bank

9. In the Statement of 15.3.2018 Bank has unilaterally debited Rs.1287.19 as finance charges.

10. I have sent E-mails and letter dt: 23.3.2018 to reverse this Unilateral debit of Finance Charges. This has been acknowledged by the Bank.

11. On 26th March 2018, the Bank has reversed the wrongly debited Finance charges of Rs. 1287.19

12. In the Statement of 15.4.2018 Bank has unilaterally debited CGST of Rs.115.85 plus SGST of Rs.115.85 against the finance charges of Rs.1287.19 ???????

13. . In the Statement of 15.4.2018 Bank has unilaterally debited Rs.4637.37 as finance charges plus CGST & SGST????

14. Seeing the above self serving pattern of the Bank without any consideration for the longstanding customer and Gross deficiency in service causing unnecessary harassment agony, I decided and sent a mail to the MD & Head of Cards on 26.4.2018.

15. If the Bank continues in the same pattern I will be forced to approach the Banking Ombudsman and the Press.


Jitendra Goenka.
Dec 17, 2018

Hdfc charged installment pay from casa

Please refind money
Rahul bogjara
Dec 14, 2018

Hdfc bank missuse my signature for account opening miss use my documents

: Hdfc jasdan branch miss use my signature
Jasdan hdfc bank without my permission
using my fake sign for loan gurantor
I was not sign any agreement
Now bank sending me court notice
Again bank send me
Ministry of finance government of India notice
I didn't sign any agreement for guarantor
Bank mis use my hdfc bank account

Hdfc bank missuse my signature for account opening miss use my documents Hdfc bank missuse my signature for account opening miss use my documents Hdfc bank missuse my signature for account opening miss use my documents

Dec 6, 2018

Penalty charges

Dear Team, credit card not received but take bank charges.
[email protected]
Dec 3, 2018

Closure of HDFC Bank account

Respected Sir,
I want to bring to your notice the issue regarding negative balance of my India HDFC Bank account. We are aware of the minimum balance we are required to maintain in HDFC bank account.
Please note: I am living in US for the past 8 years & I had money in HDFC bank to support my mother who is currently living in India.

When we realized that balance was low, we called the bank & also emailed them for closure of HDFC bank account. The HDFC customer support asked me to come in personal and submit the account closure form in local branch.

As of today, the negative balance have gone to -7,000 INR & I am sure this will keep going negative.
Kindly request you to help us resolve this issue. Please let us know if you need any supporting details.

Chandan Shendge
email: [email protected]
Nov 16, 2018

Regarding credit card cashback

Dear Sir/Madam,

My credit Card No.is xxxxxxxxxxx6897 . I had purchased Voltas AC dt. 16 july 2018. but till date i have not reced. cashback. I have many time call to customer care & send mails. but there is not satisfactory reply to me. i have received two ref complain No.18299397531,18289426453, But not solve my problem. pl. look into the matter.
Shilendra pal singh
Oct 23, 2018

Refund money

Pllzz refunds my money ... i have use the ATM but not receive the money 200 feetbypass jaipur Ajmer road .. 15 August - 1000/ .... 16 October - 100/ My accc .. no ... 50100219115751 and my connt.. no.. 08954779468
Jul 19, 2018


Dear One Assist Team.

Iam T.NAGARAJU From Karimnagar District Telangana State.

Iam not Accepted any Registration for ONe Assist Membership. But you are added me as a Member, and Deducted rupees 1399

from my Credit Card on 6th July.I found this deduction from my July 2018. credit card Statement.

So,my kindly request to please refund my 1399 ruppes. if not refund the amount, I will go through Legally.

Thanking you,

Mob. no. 9440433554.
Relationship No:2344212.

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