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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Jun 7, 2018

AMB nonmaintenance charges are reduced even if AMB is maintained

Hi Sir

I got message in my phone that Rs 450 and Rs 300 is reduced for non maintenance of AMB in the account for the months May and April respectively. But I have maintained an AMB of 6077.71 for may and made sure that it is maintained in the month of april as I calculated myself and kept FD for few days but as per statement it is showing 4710.71. In the website and statement AMB non maintenance charge is reduced as Rs. 531 and Rs 354 respectively. It is very difficult if charges are reduced this way as I am struggling to find money for my living. Please help me credit back the unauthorised charges they have made from my account. They are already recovering so much taxes from my account . Everytime I keep 5000 money is getting reduced in form of taxes or Ic increase in GST or something else!! Please advise me on this
May 23, 2018

They are deducted money from my account claiming AMB

I had an HDFC Bank Account where they always charged penalty for not maintaining minimum balance of 10000. Once I cleared everything and deposited 10k, the deducted further 3000 saying about average monthly balance. When I went to close the account, they said I would get a call from home branch. I did not even get an email notification before they closed the account.

They have a very irresponsible way of banking where they never inform the customers about anything related to their services but are very prompt in charging penalties.
Parveen Khan
May 7, 2018

Multiple charges on loan

in the 2017 i was hospitalized for my health issues and had to quit my job for hat matter. i was unable to pay the loan EMI in those days.The bank has some exceptional charging policies, if the EMI is bounced the loan department charges you the return chrges, however along with the return charges there are charges by the personal banking team as well.I don't understand the logic of the same bank changing me twice and of different amounts on the same return transaction. after speaking with the loan dept and logging multiple complaints i was refunded by the loan team. however the charges by the bank has not been refunded yet.

Now I'm employed but my salary get credited late sometimes, in spite of informing the bank about it and also requesting them to do certain changes they refused to help. and now again and again i keep on incurring the charges even after having stable financial state. the bank is whole ans ole responsible for affecting my credit score and has also given a lot of stress. the charges are also quit high for a middle class person

they have their loan departments separate and any changes to you loan you need to take an extra effort to go to the specific loan branches only which are 4 in count. This what you call non customer eccentricity.
Rohit Khurana
Apr 2, 2018

complain against collection agent hdfc bank

MY name is meenakshi khurana i was borrow a personal loan from hdfc bank in jan-16 . in last month feb-18 my personal loan instalment is bounced . i was not in town . but hdfc bank collection agent going to my home and talk with my mother & elder sister very rubbly & mis behave with her. he come my house with 2 other gays . & pressurize to my mom give me money any how. i am not going to any where without money. this is very bad . so please Take very stick action against him . his name is ballot singh
contact no. - 09877037186

my e. mail i.d - [email protected]
my loan no. - 37675506
name of bank - HDFC BANK
Mar 12, 2018



complain no-DELC0318050625

Without any prior notice you have converted my salary account to regular savings account, and deduced AMB of two months at a time. I kept calling you guys every month for the account update but you guys informed its salary account as of now and not to worry and you will sent the details before conversion. Now without any sms/call/mail you have transacted two months (w.e.f-12.03.18) at a time. Kindly refund back my money of both the months(jan and feb), I will maintain it next time onwards otherwise I have to take further action against it or notify to RBI.

kindly check the account statement of 12 March 2018.
Mani Kumar p
Feb 15, 2018

PF Account Number details

My name is Mani Kumar P. I have been part of HDFC Bank as Sales executive (Direct Sales - CASA) in Ramachandrapuram Branch, Telangana (formerly undivided Andhra Pradesh) and was joined on 01/09/2007, have worked for a period of approximately 06 months 11 days.

During my employment and at the time of leaving from the organisation, I have tried to obtain my PF Account details and relieving letter from HR department of HDFC Bank, but I have neither received my PF account details nor relieving letter for some or the other pretext after submission of my resignation letter to concern person in HR Department.

I would take this opportunity and request you to please provide my PF Account details.

My employment details are as specified here under:

Name: P Mani Kumar
Employee No:CMO8823
Date of joining: 01/09/2007
Date of leaving: 12/03/2008
Designation: Sales executive (Direct Sales - CASA)
Branch: Ramachandrapuram Branch
City: Hyderabad
State: Telangana (formerly undivided Andhra Pradesh)
email: [email protected]

Please provide my PF ACCOUNT DETAILS.
Balachandrasekar Jeevanandam
Feb 9, 2018

Unknown deduction of money from credit card

My credit card ending 1565 is been charged by RS.1899 as one assist member fee. I haven’t received any calls as well as I didn’t confirm the service. Due to this, I have pushed to late fee of 800 rupees. Please do the needful to resolve this issue.

I haven’t been using this credit card for almost a year. But this is giving me headaches by these fees and charges.

Cust id : 39512156
Jan 22, 2018

Loan fees redundant deduction

Dear concerned manager,

I have been paying my EMI in my personal account from money transfer as I am not in living in India. I pay the exact amount every month and sometimes the overdue charges apply to the account right after I make the transfer. Leaving my balance short of the EMI amount. Due to this, the EMI payment bounce back every month making it a late submission and putting a late submission fee. I have missed a couple of months where I was genuinely late for my payment but other than that I have paid over 15000 rupees extra in a year as late payment charges. Which for me is a considerable amount. I have noticed some charges been deducted from the account for loan manual hold charge account twice and my closing balance and account balance does not match. I would request you to kindly provide me with a proper fees and charges description for a personal loan account and a bank statement for the same account for the last calendar year. Also, where can I share my account id and personal details to receive the emails with the documents?
Raju Dutta
Jan 11, 2018

Deduction with out my knowledge_Rs.1499_One Assist M Fee & EMI Facility


I did not get any call to activate this one assist membership, But one assist M fee of RS. 1399 is automatically debited from my HDFC credit card ending with 2192 on 08.01.2018. And also, Rs. 100/- is debited towards EMI facility.

I don't want to activate this plan and why you guys are forcefully activating this One assist plan and EMI facility without my consent.
Dont activate this kind of subscription in future without any knowledge/consent.

In view of the above, I request the HDFC team to refund the amount of One Assist M fee of RS 1399, & Rs. 100, total Rs 1499. otherwise cancel my credit card and please refund the amount.

HDFC account with the following details:

Registered email: [email protected]

Registered mobile no: 9062073818

Alternate no - 7980655735

Raju Dutta
Jan 10, 2018

Unfriendly bank they LOOT MONEY

have closed my hdfc personal loan account.They LOOTED my money by charging precloSer charges 4.79%
I will not to go to this STUPID BANK
Dec 27, 2017

BRN deduction

my account number50100142977431 this a third time deduct my amount 177 again 177 today deducted my account last 2 month before also deduct without my knowledge how you deduct my amount my customer I'd 67109663 I want refund my amount below attached my snap

BRN deduction

Dec 27, 2017

cibil records needs to be corrected

I had received a jumbo loan vide no ############ 3326 against credit card no ############ 4440
The loan was completely paid off
However the cibil records shows Post (wo)settled.I have not settled this account.I have fully paid.
Please rectify the cibil records so that my cibil score is not adversely affected.
Please treat matter as urgent
Nov 9, 2017

Payzapp-Transaction failed but money deducted from account-Not responding customer care

I used payzapp to recharge for 399rs. It failed so i tried again...then i got messages from bank that money got deducted from account both times. But both transactions were failed. Its not showing anything in the app about the transactions. I tried calling customere care. Its always busy or it keeps me waiting by playing some music for hours..Want my 798rs refunded
Nov 3, 2017


Fraud call from 3 different phone no.(use name Shakti Vel P)
I have got phone call from Phone No.9901434434, 9278666789, +911204981250, 9212642220 ( Named as RAJ Malhotra) in three days. He asking regarding my SBI Debit cum ATM card. He told me that Your card will be blocked & provide new card due to security purpose. So, verify your personal details. I have told him some details of myself. But, after sometime I called SBI customer care regarding this issue. Customer care told me that is fraud call.

I was also got threat from him that your a/c will be empty.
Please take action against him.


Rachana Sharma
Vicky prabhakar
Nov 1, 2017

Refund not done

Payzapp is a worst service which they never can't be reached on their contact number and email I'd I made a refund of 5000 to my account from payzapp which gave successful notification but the amount never reached my account and am unable to reach them if I don't get any response am sure am gonna proceed legally

Refund not done

Sachin Kumaar
Oct 26, 2017


I got credit card ending with 6562 Ten days ago and has been debited with Rs.1299/- towards One Assist Membership Fee on 5th/Oct/2017.

I didn't get any call to activate this one assist Membership. But they are automatically debited on my HDFC credit card.

I have tried contacting the email address but no response from OneAssist.

This is a completely fraudulent transaction from the company. Please refund Rs.1299/- immediately to the credit card otherwise I will have to raise the grievance with Consumer Court .

Name : Sachin Kumar
Credit Card : HDFC - Ending with XXX6562
Contact no. 9711046688
Oct 21, 2017

one assist fee

I did not get any call to activate One Assist Membership. But the One assist Mfee of Rs. 1299 is automatically debited from my HDFC credit card (5820) on 20/10/2017. I did not accept one assist while submitting credit card application. plz check and refund my money.
Krishna K Pandey
Oct 17, 2017

Extra charged in credit card to be reversed

Dear Sir,
I have been a member with HDFC Bank for over 17-18 years and seeing my credit card-payment records, you will find not a single occasion where payment is delayed or paid with extra charge / interest .I had been abroad for 2 months and there was no utilisation of card and also could not see any mail for statement during Aug/Sep, 2017 . It was only when I did a purchase of Rs.19290=00 on 5th Oct, 2017 , I came to know that total outstanding was Rs 46966=00 and so concluded that there has been purchases for Rs 27676=00 ( 46966-19290) in Sept and Rs 19290 in Oct. which will be reflected in statement by 5th Oct. 2017.

The very next day ie. on 6th Oct. I got a call from your office , informing me that I have to pay an amount of Rs 28304-00 for previous dues and that the amount of Rs 19290 =00 ( which was done in late evening on 5th Oct. ) will be indicated in next statement ending 5th Nov. and so I did make a payment of Rs 28304=00 immediately on 6th Oct itself against Rs 27676-00 .

I understand that an excess amount of Rs 628=00( Rs 28304 - Rs 27676 ) , that I had to pay is late payment charges , which I request to revoke looking my payment history and the prevailing situations which lead inadvertently and the same be credited to my next billing / statement.

With kind regards,

Dr Krishna K Pandey
9426642094 / 9998583122
DT 17th Oct , 2017
Malathy Muthuraj
Oct 13, 2017

Deactivate Smart Pay for Prepaid from my credit card

Please deactivate Smart Pay for Prepaid from my credit card,because i don't want it.
My mobile no:7871222694
Mail ID : [email protected]
Sep 28, 2017

Repeated calls and use of Vulgar Language

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a customer of HDFC Bank-Credit card and totally dissatisfied not from the services but from the behaviour of your staff members. HDFC people calls me time and again and use very vulgar language so that I make payment on time. Understand, I have taken this credit card for my use not for the hussle they have created into my personal life and I want these people to be chucked out from the bank. And who have given them permission to use their personal phones to call the clients - I want to report the numbers 8750793259 & 9540040686. Please take an immediate action against these numbers, else I will have to go to consumer Forum to complaint for this.

Please take action on this ASAP.

Parul Dagar
Atul Daware
Sep 26, 2017

Worst Bank..Worst Service


I am unfortunate user of HDFC Bank.

I received my credit card bill statement on 4th Sept-2017, Below is the snap of my bill.

Total amount due
(Rs.) Minimum amount due
(Rs.) Payment due date
58,899.10 34,356.79 Immediate

And paid the whole bill amount on 6th Sept-2017, below is snap;-

06/09/17 IB BILLPAY DR-HDFCVE-489377XXXXXX1362 000000000000000 06/09/17 58899 18116.9

After paying my bill when I check my credit card balance, it was still -900 rs.
I had word with your credit card call center they said it was charges for over-limit credit amount.

Respected Reshma,

Now my concern is :- if HDFC Bank wanted to add any Additional charges as (fine, interest and late payment charges) under my account why it was not added when i asked for the Full and final amount of my Account which i have to pay , I have paid 7000-8000 rs as fine, interest and late payment charges. and i would say that this is unprofessional and Absurd behavior of HDFC Bank towards their Reputed Customers.

Reshma, you never forget to drop me remainder email, but you never bother to check the customer's statement and charges.Your team and your useless third party recovery vendor use to continuously call me and harass me for a long time.

You will not believe they directly threaten me by saying recovery team will come to my home and recover the amount. They even don’t have manner to talk with the client, even they never had updated details of my Account as they called me even after I made the payment completely .

Is this the way HDFC Bank Staff works? Before threatening me you can check my previous personal loan which I completed on timely basis by making payment on Due dates .

This is the worst service example
Respected HDFC Manager/ MD/ CEO,

I took a loan from HDFC of 2.5 L in December-16. I have EMI amount of 6707 Rs. every month.

I bounced the said amount loan for last two month because I have some personal issue.

Your recovery team harassed me by calling and threatening as usual. Please find below pics of their continuous follow-ups.

28th Aug-17 was Sunday, your team added my number in your automated system, no-one was available there on that day in your office while I picked up the call.


Now, My main concern :-
I agree that I bounced my EMI against that you deduct Rs. 15310 from my account on 7th Sept-2017.
Means, around Rs.1896 I paid as bouncing charges, interest and fine.

If you deducted the above mentioned amount from account then why below mentioned amount was debited from my account and post deducting Rs15310 .

I am not getting why HDFC Banks Accounting Team is working like this and making their Client's Life Miserable

18/09/17 NWD DECCHG 07/06/17 CARDEND 9902 080617-MIR1725565688296 ################ 18/09/17 7.19 229.69
18/09/17 NWD DECCHG 07/06/17 CARDEND 9902 080617-MIR1725565664943 ################ 18/09/17 2.48 227.21
18/09/17 44123195-EMI RTN CHARGES-MAY-201 040617-MIR1725565676005 MIR1725565676005 18/09/17 181.1 46.11
18/09/17 44123195-EMI RTN CHARGES-MAY-201 040617-MIR1725565664935 MIR1725565664935 18/09/17 13.92 32.19
18/09/17 44123195-EMI RTN CHARGES-MAY-201 040617-MIR1725565688283 MIR1725565688283 18/09/17 9.21 22.98
18/09/17 INST-ALERT CHG INC GST JUL-SEP2017-MIR1725565674027 MIR1725565674027 18/09/17 17.7 5.28

This is the worst services i have received by HDFC bank , as i have other accounts with different banks but never witnessed such kind of behavior with their Clients

Your recovery team call people so many times and literally harass them in such a way that the person who is already going through a bad phase still don’t want to commit suicide ,should take that step and commit a suicide.

My dad was hospital since 2 months and that’s why I was unable to pay EMI on time.

I know this is my personal issue but I pray to god that you all should suffer this kind of pain.

One more thing if HDFC Banks makes profit by debiting one or two penny from public's account then please tell us that Bank needs money to pay SALARY to their Employees or meet their EXPENSES , Beg us we will happily donate it to you guys.

Dear RBI Team,

HDFC is worst bank and worst service provider.

I have my small firm for which I approached HDFC bank to open current account team, they rejected our request for Current account and the reason of rejection was our partnership deed was made on Rs.100 stamp paper.

Now please tell me, is HDFC Bank is bigger than or more important than PAN Department of INDIA.
If Government of INDIA provided us or helped us with the PAN card and if they didn’t find any problems about our documents then who are these people to reject our account.

We opened our current account with YES BANK and ICICI BANK using the same documents.and we are happy to do Business with them as they care for their Clients

HDFC recovery team has no manners to talk top their clients, they harass & threaten the clients and provoke them to commit suicide.

Worst Bank..Worst Service

Sunil Kumar dhakad
Sep 22, 2017

Moni detection

Mene 2000rs ka transaction. Kiya tha Lekin peda nhi Nikla or
Account se cut Gaya transaction 02.09.17 Ko kiya tha or av tak refund nhi hua.
Rs.2000.00 was withdrawn using your HDFC Bank Card ending 0591 on 2017-09-02:13:16:26 at NEAR CENTRAL GRAMEEN B. Avl bal: Rs.30360.25
Sep 6, 2017

Credit issue

Money detected from credit card and its not added in PAYZAPP

I have added 5000 rs to my PAYZAPP wallet from my credit card on 06/09/2017 .But it deducted from my credit card and not added in to my wallet.
Please help me to resolve the issue.
My mobile number : 7899586221
Email : [email protected]
Sep 6, 2017

Credit issue

Money detected from credit card and its not added in PAYZAPP

I have added 5000 rs to my PAYZAPP wallet from my credit card on 05/09/2017 .But it deducted from my credit card and not added in to my wallet.
Please help me to resolve the issue.
My mobile number : 7899586221
Email : [email protected]
Sep 6, 2017

One Assist Membership Cancellation

Dear Devashish,

Greetings from OneAssist...!

We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you.

As per your request, we have cancelled your plan vide service request No.2319845.

The refund will be processed in bank/card account from which the amount has been debited. It takes 7 to 8 working days for the refund to reflect in your bank/card account.

Should you require any further assistance, please reach us at [email protected] or 1800-123-3330.



Team OneAssist

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