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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Oct 14, 2010

Transaction failed but the amount deducted

Dear Mr Chhajer,

In such cases of transaction failure, it typically takes the bank 12 working days to credit the disputed amount back to the customer’s account. If you do not receive this credit within the said time, we request you to write to [email protected] with your account number, contact details and the reference id TTU00116214102010, so a bank representative can investigate the delay.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Sep 28, 2010

Missing shres from my HDFC Demat A/c

Dear customer,

Non-monetary corporate actions such as credit of bonus shares are executed by the respective company/R & T Agent in co-ordination with the depository (NSDL / CDSL) directly over your demat account. The actual date of credit is not informed to the participants (DP's like HDFC Bank). Therefore we request you to contact the concerned company & inquire/clarify your concerns in your capacity as a shareholder.

We as a Depository Participant are not technically empowered or legally entitled to do as instructed by you.

Further, HDFC Securities Ltd (HSL) and HDFC Bank Ltd are two separate legal entities. HSL deals with trading accounts and HDFC Bank Ltd maintains demat accounts.

When you trade in the demat environment through a broker/ exchange/ clearing house, there are two entities you deal with.

(a) HDFC bank who is your Depository Participant(DP), where your demat account is maintained
(b) Your Broker, HDFC Securities Ltd. who puts through your trades.

Both are distinct entities and separate companies.

Therefore there are two distinct relationships, two set of account numbers, two set of identification numbers and two set of documentation.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Aug 24, 2010

Third party transaction charges

Dear Customer care,

My name is T.Bharathi i have lost my debit card i have blocked it and applied for new debit card on 23/8/10 the bank person said in 7 working days i will get..The girl beside me in my room has stolen the card she know details of me every thing so she applied for third party transactions..can you help in this matter...How can i be secure from this shall i block the net banking account or as i told i have applied for new debit card will all my details like TIN, net banking number all will change or will be same as the old one..Please reply back to my query with a solution what can i do to be secure..

Jul 22, 2010

Amount deducted

Dear Mr Tandon,

At the outset, we would like to caution you against posting sensitive information such as your account number on a public forum such as this, as it may be mis-used. As you mention in your post, we did publish an intimation of the revised balance limits in individual account statements as well as on our website. So we regret the fact that we can’t do much in the way of waiving off these charges. However, if you would like any other clarification on this issue, you can always write to us at [email protected] quoting the reference id TTU00078622072010. A bank representative shall contact you immediately.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Jul 20, 2010

Third party transaction charges

Dear Customer,

The charges levied on 14-July-2010 for Rs.110.30 are for the third party cash deposited on 06-July-2010 at Roop Nagar Branch.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Jul 19, 2010


Dear customer,

Your NetBanking access is currently blocked and it will get unlocked within the next 24 working hours. Once activated, you will be able to access your NetBanking account.

A new NetBanking Password (IPIN) is not being generated for your Customer Identification Number (CUSTID).

Please access your NetBanking account through your CUSTID and the existing IPIN after 24 working hours. Kindly bear the following in mind while accessing NetBanking:

- The IPIN is case sensitive (e.g., if your IPIN reads as a9dM and you key in as A9Dm, the system will disallow access to your Net Banking account and it will prompt to enter the IPIN again as exactly provided to you).

- In case the IPIN contains "O" (Alphabet) or "0" (number), kindly try interchanging them, as the visual difference between these two characters is very slight.

- The NetBanking access gets disabled after five consecutive incorrect attempts.
- The NetBanking access gets disabled if the account is not accessed for 180 days.

If you are still unable to access NetBanking, please get back to us with full details of the error message.

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 6.0 or above) to open the e-mail statement of your account.

Instructions for Opening the E-mail Statement:

1. Open the attachment of the Statement.

2. You will be prompted for your password.

3. The password is the Primary Account holder's Customer ID.

4. If you encounter any problem in opening your E-mail Statement, please check the following

-- You will need to check if you have used your correct Primary Customer ID

-- Your system has Internet Explorer version 5.5 or above.

-- Your Web / IT / E mail administrator allows e mails with attachment.

If you would like further clarifications, we request you contact us on any of our phonebanking numebrs. A bank representative will be happy to help resolve any queries or complaints.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
May 31, 2010

Recovery Agent

Dear Professor Labh,

All bank representatives are trained to be polite with customers and we are sorry about any distress they may have caused you and your family. We would like to work with your son to resolve the payment issue and would be obliged if you could ask him to write to us directly at [email protected] We request him to quote his loan account number and his contact details; please also mention the complaint id TTU00041328052010 in the mail.

Once again, we apologize for all the inconvenience caused, and would like to assure you that these calls won’t be repeated in the future.


Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
May 25, 2010

Cheque Bounce

Dear Mr. Ghosh,

Your EMI for the month of May 2010 was correctly presented to your Savings Bank Account on its due date. However, it was returned unpaid by your banker due to ""Insufficient Funds"".

However we request you to forward the copy of Bank statement showing sufficient fund to investigate the matter further.

Please write to us with this information at [email protected] with the complaint id TTU00040125052010 mentioned in the subject line. As soon as we receive your mail, a bank representative will initiate an enquiry and keep you informed.


Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Nov 19, 2012

visa debit card has been blocked

I have been trying to inform HDFC people that my card has been blocked for online transactions because whenever i am trying to purchase online ,at the time of payment i am getting an error saying that :

For security reasons your Verified by Visa purchase has been prevented from being processed due to
repeated entry of incorrect details.Your account has been blocked for use at Verified by Visa merchants.
You will need to contact Customer Call centre to unblock your Verified by Visa account.

Account number : 09241140000806
Name : Vinod Joseph
Anjali Sethi Send email
Nov 5, 2012

Cheque Bounce

Replaced last compaint

Dear Sir,
I have taken auto loan account no.is 06541050001307.My emi deducted today 05.11.12.but i have deposited 2000/-rs.on 05.11.12.But my cheque has been bounced today morning.please help me.
Anu Sethi
Anjali Sethi Send email
Nov 5, 2012

Cheque Bounce

Dear Sir,
I have taken auto loan account no.is 06541050001307.My emi deducted today 05.10.12.but i have deposited 2000/-rs.on 05.10.12.But my cheque has been bounced today morning.please help me.
Anu Sethi
Subaind Send email
Sep 27, 2012


same with me... HDFC sucks...
HDFC Bank Send email
Sep 4, 2012

unfair due projection

Dear Customer,

We undersatnd your concerns and apologize for the inconvenience caused. We will take this up with the concerned teams. Please write to [email protected] with your card and contact details, details of the calls that you receive and the reference number TTU000453704092012. We'll get in touch with you.
Aug 28, 2012

unfair due projection

I am Anantharam P S Udupa.
I want to register a complaint against HDFC credit card department.

So called HDFC Bank Managers from Delhi are calling and intimidating me and have gone even to the extent of visiting my office, the reason I have got from them is that I still have my dues with them for the credit card. I have settled my account with HDFC long time back but they again want me to pay the amount which I am not even liable to pay. It’s been more than 2 yrs now that I have surrendered my credit card and had settlement made at around 33,000.00 against the surety that I will be detached from the card account.
Now out of blue they are calling to repay which is totally unfair. HDFC has proved me today that the best thing they can do is to play with their customer emotions, I have no words to even say now, HDFC has been checking my patience from last 2 weeks and being a human I am not even reacting to the situation HDFC has created in front of me.

1st of all HDFC representative has given me fake surety and got the settlement made and now they back stab, I do understand that HDFC will not accept this mistake also.

And Lastly, HDFC has to be shameful for what ever they have done with me and my family. The Trauma, the mental pressure, their rudeness and all the harassment's I have got from HDFC is not forgettable.

It’s a very shameful thing for me that I was a part of HDFC and I am not in for your cheap games.

Now, my only hopes left on you, if you can solve or help me with the problem I am facing right now.


Anantharam P S Udupa
May 3, 2012

A dispute transaction and no responsible action on the issue

Dear Team,
This Complain is regarding a disputed transaction made from my saving account. One disputed transaction is showing in my a/c of Rs. 2990=00 dt 07/04/2012 which is not made my me. It is already 26 days over from the day i complain to the HDFC Bank.
I comlained of this transaction to the HDFC Bank, Shankar Nagar chowk, Nagpur as well as at its customer care center. But I am not getting any responsible response from any where. At customer care, all the time , when ever I ask for the status of the complain, they ask for another next 5 working days to resolve the issue. Perhapes they are trying to make fool to us.
Due to the this careless attitude of the bank I am not able to do transaction from my account, as they freezed my account.
Here I requested to the Team, Kindly look into the matter and help.
Deatials of disputed Transaction are -
Dt - 07/04/2012.
Disputed Amount - 2990=00
Card No. - ################

Thanks & Regards
Bhartesh Jain
My Problem Send email
Mar 29, 2012


I to have the same problem, eventhough my account was opened as salary account and was said there will be no sur charges for any no of withdrawals from any ATM other than HDFC. There were no intimation regarding the policy change and they have deducted 27.58 INR twice on a same date with two different Cheque/Ref. No..:518 and 4797 (value date 29th Mar 2012)
Account Holder's Name : Madhavi srungavarapu.
Pkatmi Send email
Mar 18, 2012


Totally agree. In fact, I've been checking this rate for over 15 days and everyday it is listed as 48.88 for USD. The actual exchange rate in the mean time has gone upto 50.15

In fact, from what I have been able to gather the difference in buying and selling rate at HDFC is also huge - almost 3%. So if you're thinking about taking advantage of the newly introduced higher interest rates on NRE deposits, better take into account that you would be loosing 3% straight off the bat over actual exchange rates. Plus there is always the possibility of INR depreciating even further. So if there's any chance you might need your USD back in the near future, I would suggest just doing an FCNR deposit.
Mar 7, 2012





March 7, 2012
Currency (quoted vs. INR) Currency Rate applicable
United States Dollar USD 48.88
Euro EUR 64.33
Great Britain Pound GBP 77.05
Japanese Yen JPY 0.6184
Australian Dollar AUD 52.48
Canadian Dollar CAD 49.07
Swiss Francs CHF 53.08
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 6.10
Singapore Dollar SGD 38.77
New Zealand Dollar NZD 40.67
Swedish Kroner SEK 6.97
U.A.E. Dirham AED 13.19
Danish Krone DKK 8.39
Norwegian Krone NOK 8.24
Saudi Riyal SAR 12.85
Omani Rial OMR 127.45
South African Rand ZAR 6.30
Swap Cost
Currency (quoted vs. INR) Tenor in months Cost
USD 6 Months 7.20%
USD 12 Months 5.90%
GBP 12 Months 5.28%
JPY 12 Months 6.62%
EUR 12 Months 6.55%

Swap cost is considered for arriving at the final interest rate incase of OD against FCNR Deposit.

Please note that the above rates are subject to

1. Market fluctuations
2. Intraday fluctuation

The bank reserves the right to make changes in the rate in accordance with the market
Mar 2, 2012

3rd party cash txn

2nd March 2012


HDFC bank (Kormanagala branch) has charged money without information or prior intimation on 6 occasions . Rs 110.30 charged everytime without specifying reasons. the only reason which i can attribute this too is depositing cash in another HDFC branch (KR Road ) in the same city. Does HDFC bank expect the customer to deposit the cash in the same branch where it is opened????? if it is so, they should inform the customer during the time of account opening, or at the time of depositing the money.
Feb 16, 2012

Mothers name in Defaulters list, hence as a daughter there will be no loans issued

Can anyone help me in giving the solution for my problem stated below.I am not able to get any loans and credit cards due to the mothers bad cibil rating which has taken place due to settelement and cheque bounces(the main reasons to be noted in cibil rating of my mother) . I have ben told that I will not be able to receive any loans or any credit cards in my life. Please let me know how can I avail loans irrespective of mymothers financial cibil rating.
HDFC Bank Send email
Feb 7, 2012


Dear Customer,

We understand your concerns and would like to look into your account details so that we can clarify the charges. We request you to write to [email protected] with your account and contact details, details of the disputed charges and the reference number TTU000415331012012. We will respond to you soon.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Jan 30, 2012


With the description NWD DEC CHG (ATM Withdrawal charges) eventhough my account was opened as salary account and was said there will be no sur charges for any no of withdrawals from any ATM other than HDFC. There were no intimation regarding the policy change if any also. This is very bad and unprofessionalism as a reputed worldwide bank shouldn't be doing this... And they have deducted 27.58 INR twice on a same date with two different Cheque/Ref. No.. I want my money back with proper clarification in the next 3 Working Days in my mail .. Account Holder's Name : Somanath Nanda Account Number : 09681610030889 Cheque/Ref No. : 4357 and 4355 (Value Date: 28 JAN 2012)
[email protected] Send email
Jan 20, 2012


I am also facing same issue with this bank in Delhi. My cheque book has returned un-delivered on my official address while i am still working in that company. Bank did not bother to inform me and now i have been asked to visit the branch. This is disgusting.
Vempala Send email
Jan 16, 2012

Crisis time: Card Swallowed at ATM: Techinal Error:

Theye have a response cell called talkto us and it is as hopeless...i get the automated mails stating we will get back in 3 days and its months of follow up and none even has contacted me. HDFC service is pathetic.
Aug 10, 2011

Crisis time: Card Swallowed at ATM: Techinal Error:

My HDFC ATM Card was swallowed on the midnight of 8 June 2010 by and ICICI ATM, just before i was flying abroad and i was stranded without money. I have registered complaints with the HDFC bank and the top management and till date even thought they have acknowledged that there was a technical error, they have failed to reimburse the same. I have written to all the top people concerned and i get only hope less sorry's.


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