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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Vasundhara Bhardwaj
Jun 14, 2019


Amount of Rs. 1899 was deducted from my account of HDFC, by CPONEASSIS.
How the hell this happen.
How the same can be done without asking OTP, request, , I do not have any such services, request you to please refund my amount immediately.
May 31, 2019

Poor working style

HDFC loan office treats people as if we are here to beg for money.
In fact it is a pure business for the bank and they should treat little fairly for their customers. These days government offices work more efficiently than HDFC LOAN guys.
They have minimum 10 counters but half of them people are either eating or checking their mobile.
When you see big queue in front of you, try to ask little faster. but case is exactly opposite, they look at you, pick up a water bottle, laugh with colleagues.... then drink a sip... and repeats.

Half of the counters are empty most of the times and poor poeple are waiting in the queue
May 18, 2019


Dear Sir/ Madam,
i am open the life insurance policy dated on 01.05.19 on HDFC Bank Haily Mandi but till this date not received any document & i inform to bank on many times but he is not proper work & not received my cell.so i request to you suitable action this issue.

This bank is very harassment to customer. deduction life insurance amount is attachment

Act no.50100083532201

Act holder name sombir singh

contact no. 7503777824,9812843512


May 12, 2019

Unnecessary charges

I have salary account in hdfc bank.I left my job around 1.5 years ago.Few days back i was cheeking online status of my hdfc account its showing around Rs 10000/- in negative balance.No one never informed about this and i never received a intimation from bank side i should maintain a minimum balance.Its bank responsibility to inform the customer atleast once about the charges but they never did this.Now i am very unhappy how they did without any kind of intimation.

Unnecessary charges

Apr 27, 2019

Charged unnecessary amount

The bank has charge unnecessary account maintenance charges on my account. When I tried to open a new account in HDFC bank I got the information that I already have an account and it is -9000/- rs. I never received any communication from them providing this information.

I also never received a notification my account will transferred from Salaried account to Saving account. They didn't share any info later asking me to pay 9000/-rs.
Feb 6, 2019

Nagative balance due to non maintainance of balance

Dear sir, due to some family reason i am withdrawing all amount from my account and after thus family condition is not so good then i can't deposited money in account but after three months i receive a message from bank dye to non maintenance of balace your account balance is in negative and then it continuously increasing and then when am going to home brach to waiving of the negative balance then they said we can't do anything for for you have only one option thats this to pay all negative balance but according to RBI rules any bank in india is not access any charges for non maintenance of account balance.
Dec 30, 2018

Falls information given from hdfc executive

have loan already in hdb . Its outstanding amount is 250000 approx by dec 2018. One of agent name pooja is calling regarding loan 300000 at 10.99% at last i agreed and i told i need loan of 300000 ( which i meens after balance of my previous loan closed 50000 in my hand ,) she checked and informed that interest rate is 11.25,% and processing fees is 1000 and no insurance charges. After that i have received below message from hdfc bank.

Dear Customer, HDFC Bank PERSONAL LOAN LOAN application no. 63870855 is in-principle approved for Rs. 500000 basis details provided.

In this message no interest rate mentioned then i called to pooja and she said , amount will be credit after your confirmation . Bank send you mail before disbursement the loan . And mail showing interest rate processing fees and emi etc. If you are reply the mail then loan will be credit in your bank.
But i have received below message from bank.

UPDATE: INR 2,14,318.00 deposited in A/c XX0562 on 29-DEC-18 for 63870855-P-NARESH KUMAR.Avl bal:INR 2,14,319.35 subject to clearing
After message received i called to customer care and i told , please cancel the loan amount and please withdrawal the whole amount w
. We don't need any money . I need money to close the loan amount.

Kindly see into this matter and please allow me 11% interest rate as offered or cancel the loan
Dec 27, 2018


Here would like to mention that un regards to my credit card issue mere writing mails to & fro is sheer wastage of time as Bank is not even to ready to address the issue raised by the me which has been lingering-on since last one year. Have raised this concern with the highest authority of the bank seeking the early closure and settlement but failed to see such a poor response from the management. All this while I have been mentally harassed by various officials of the bank from the call centre executive to the higher management whether its in the form of calls or mails. Inspite of the fact that I have not committed any fraud, HDFC Bank personnel from collections team has visited my place dated 6th Dec’18 to get the money out of me.

1. Credit card holder of HDFC Bank
2. Regular monthly statements not received
3. Credit card blocked without intimation to me.
4. Misbehaviour with me over calls from the HDFC personnel.
5. Finance, over limit, tax charges and late payment charges Levied on credit card
6. Repeated follow-ups done with HDFC bank on call centre no.
7. In absence of no resolution received had to stop making monthly payments
8. Mental harassment done by bank in making calls to me for making payments
9. Had asked bank to give confirmation on following points which bank had disagreed upon:
 Bank has to give me in written that my earlier charges (finance & late fee) are waived off as there was no intimation received from them in form of email/SMS.
 Need consolidated statement of the amount I had paid to bank till date.
 Bank had to adjust the complete amount which I have already paid in favour of credit card.
Till date no resolution given by the Bank instead I have been hard pressed me for the making the payment and instead amount of Rs.7155 has been marked as lien from my salary account without intimation to me. Have never denied bank to make payments from my end but had to stop in absence of no response received to my raised query.
Also registered complaint on following but till date no revert received.

Looking forward for the resolution to my query and positive reply.
Dec 19, 2018

Non maintenance charges

I had a salary account with HDFC bank two years back. But after one month my company changed my salary account from HDFC Bank to RBL Bank, so from last two years my salary credited in RBL bank and I haven't used the HDFC account because at that time i was intern and didn't had much salary to maintain balance in both accounts i.e. HDFC and RBL. So, because of this my HDFC Bank have non maintenance charges of Rs - 9481.80 . That time i wasn't aware of non maintenance charges and it was not my fault as my company changed my salary account from HDFC Bank to RBL Bank in one month.

But now i want to use my HDFC Account as my salary account but i can't pay non maintenance charges as i am not financially good.
[email protected]
Oct 13, 2018


HDFC Bank ( Credit Card) have been debited on dated.13/10/2018 towards one assist membership fee, For your kind information that
i have neither authorized nor participated in this transaction and i am no more interested for your program and facility .There fore you
are humble pray kindly refund my money through credit card ending no.3095 for which i shall be highly obliged.I don't want any member ship with out intimation if u people debit any amount again I will cancel my credit card as well as account, I dont want to pay any single amount for that HDFC Bank are scamming us

Rose Rani Indwar
Oct 8, 2018

Refund of failed transaction

i booked a ticket on 03/10/18 in irctc site but it was a failed transaction and amount was deducted from my account still i have not received refund amount in my account, please look into this matter and refund my money.
Manoj sharma
a/c no 05721140142676
ph no 9810858146

Refund of failed transaction

Shammi Yadav pk
Aug 10, 2018

Stolen helmet inside the bank

My name is Shammi Yadav I have a account in HDFC bank in Vishal incalve branch Rajouri garden New Delhi date 3 August I was went to diposit cash I was put helmet on chair inside the bank and when i trun back after cash deposit some one stolen my helmet then I ask bank employe to check in camera but employe don't help me please help my phone number is.8510022510
Aryan Birwal
Jul 20, 2018

immediate cancellation of one assist membership and refund money

Automatically started one assist services
I'm Using HDFC Credit card. I was going through credit card statement and found that without any intimation you have deducted the amount of 1399 from my credit card in july 2018

Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs:1399 . Pleases deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount.This is unacceptable that you deduct amount on name of one assist MFEE without customer's info. If it happens again i will cancel my credit card.

Deducted date : 20th july 2018
Name :Birwal kumar
Mob : 9717554244
Relationship number-4921228
Abhi Upadhyay
Jun 7, 2018

non maintenance charge

Dear sir,

I'm writing this with deep concern and grievance.i have an account with your bank and I did not use that account in last six months
and some days before when I went there to deposit some amount I checked my a/c the balance was in -ve.my financial condition is not very good so please help me, please

I don't understand that irresponsible behavior from a reputed bank like yours.
So I request you to kindly waive off that charges from my HDFC account A/c No: 50100187362250.
I have moved from Gurgaon so it won’t be easy for me to contact home branch,
Please consider this mail a final, closure of HDFC Account A/c No: 50100187362250.
Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Best Regard
Abhi Upadhyay
A/c No: 50100187362250
May 24, 2018

Credit card membership renewal charge

I have been using credit card from last one year. I was lured to take credit card by offering me lifetime free membership. I asked them thoroughly that is there any hidden term and condition for which i will be charged. They clearly denied that I will never be charged for my membership. This month I saw in my credit card statement a transaction of 500 rupees in addition to rs.90 IGST for membership renewal fees. Since the words from my bank are now broken, I feel the strong urge to make them correct this as per the offer they gave me. Also I have contacted to HDFC phone banking service but did not get satisfactory response from them.
I request bank to reverse this transaction and not charge me for the membership fees. Kindly look into it and resolve the issue.
[email protected]
May 13, 2018

Balance deducted but transaction not done


My name is Reetu devi, i have issue with my balance query. My money was deducted from my account i was withdrawal money from ATM but transcation failed but money was deducted from my account.My details are below:

Account number-50100165988691
Name -Reetu devi
Customer ID-69819063
Contact mobile no-9651505144
Alternate mobile no-7210102907
Debit card no.-############ 1249
Card expired date-11/20
Transcation date-08 Dec 2017
Transcation time-11:35:21 Am
Deducted balance-10,000
ATM Location-Sarhoul,Gurgaon

I also complained to customer service on the day of transcation they give me 10 days for revert my money back the complaint no is "DELQ1217033327".After 10 days I call to customer service they said we have reply from AXIS Bank that"YOUR MONEY IS REVERT BACK ON 17 DEC 2017" but not done then we again raise a complaint for that,I speak to senior executive again complaint raise, time given 7 working days the complaint no is "DELC1217081284".After 10 days i again call to customer service they said that"AXIS Bank reply that your money was withdrawal successful" but I am not agree for that again senior executive complaint for "CCTV PHOTOS" the compliant no is "DELC1217130907" but today after 10 days I am not any message or not any mail for that. I am not getting the proper solution about my query.

Please check my issue and give my money back as soon as possible.I need money very urgently.I wait before last 5 month to till date but my money not revert back.I also mail to Personal Nodal Officer (PNO) but i also not getting proper solution. Sir please check my query.

Reetu Devi
[email protected]
Dipak Jadhav
Apr 22, 2018

Bank not supporting to close my BANK account

Dear Sir,
I have already close my personnel loan on 24-MAR-18. Please refer attachment.But HDFC bank still charging me multiple times EMI RTN charges, even after closing my loan a/c no : PERSONAL LOAN Agreement No : 27425139

Please refer closure letter of my loan

Kindly give me the solution/ I was lost my job in oct 2017 due resesion in telecom department. So this was my salary account*(Now i dont have money to mainten the balance).Even bank is not supporting me to close my bank account. Currently I am in Haryana. For closing my account they are asking me go in Mumbai Charni Road branch. How can it possible. I dont have enough money as of now to go in mumbai for only closing my account.

Kindly look into the matter. I have to close my HDFC account no : Customer ID : 25087209

Thanks & Reagards
Dipak Jadhav

Bank not supporting to close my BANK account Bank not supporting to close my BANK account Bank not supporting to close my BANK account Bank not supporting to close my BANK account

Singh SAini
Jan 27, 2018

charged invalid interest(finance charges), over limit fee, late payment fee on my credit card

Since last 6 months, HDFC bank is charging Interest(Finance charges), Over limit Fee, Late payment fee on my Credit Card and I paying it from last last six months. I am paying atleast 3k extra to u guys. I have raised complaint multiple times for reversal of charges but they rejected it every time. Now, I am escalating this issue to Consumer Court if necessary action is not being taken on my complaint. HDFC bank has collected 15-16k extra from I want them to reverse the charges and I am raising this issue to Nodal officer also. Please take the necessary so, that bank can reverse all the charge which they applied on Credit card.

charged invalid interest(finance charges), over limit fee, late payment fee on my credit card charged invalid interest(finance charges), over limit fee, late payment fee on my credit card

Nov 29, 2017


I would like to inform you that I am holding hdfc credit card. I was not able to pay the installments for 2 months as internet ban was going on in kashmir I called customer services and stated them that I will not be able to pay the payment as internet is not working here they simply stated that you would have to pay 5000 after 2 month as minimum due they also promised me they will waive off my late payment charges after two months I made the payment of rs 5000 and when I called customer care I was shocked by their response that they do not waive any late payment charges after that i told them till the time I am not getting my late payment charges waived off I am not going to pay rest of the emi's.I also told them that time to block my card till the time we sort out this matterbut they did nothing. My total outstanding that time was 6300 and its showing Rs 17267 I am ready to pay my original amount which I was supposed to pay as the amount was only 6300.They had charged around Rs 10500 as late payment charges in span of 6 months. Now I want to know the legal procedure so that I can deal with this thing.

My email address: [email protected]
Oct 30, 2017

refund not processed for 4 months

My account was debited while i was paying for amazon delivery on 3rd july 2017, since amazon have refunded the amount, but still i havent received the amount. I have received no response from bank. When i call customer care they always say, that it will be refunded as soon.
[email protected]
Oct 9, 2017

Charged 17.25 Rs quarterly on my account

I have been charged Rs 17.25 Quarterly under the title "INST-ALERT CHG INC GST".
I want to know why I have been charged this amount?

My account number is : 00441140116634

Awaiting response.

Oct 3, 2017

Unknown deductions

I came to know that my saving account has been debited for Rs. 118.00 on 27-Sep-17 towards ADHOC ATMT CHGS INCL GST And Rs 17 twice for inst-alert chg inc gst. I don’t remember going to any branch for requesting any statement. Kindly clarify why I have been debited with the above said amount.
Sep 25, 2017


Loan A/C No. PHR############

1 Full Name as per loan account – SHWETA

2 Sanctioned Loan Amount – Rs.1,85,00,000/-

3 EMI Amount – Rs.1,92,818/-

4 EMI Due Date – 10th of every month

5 Date of Birth – 06.09.1971

6 PAN Card Number – AUBPS2145R

Complaint against your - DEBT RECOVERY MANAGER - Mr. Paras Sachdeva - Ph. 9873467755

I had taken a home loan in 2012 from HDFC Bank. Due to tight business conditions, I have two home loan instalments due at present. While my payments are also stuck in business and are delayed and that is why my instalments get delayed most of the time. But at the same time, I understand the importance of a home loan and a home. That is why i PAY UP AS SOON AS i RECEIVE PAYMENTS in my business. I am also paying the interest on the delayed payments and never disputed the same. When my clients don't pay up in time, I don't start harassing them and I don't treat them as thieves. Whereas Your recovery team starts harassing us at every drop of hat. Kindly advise your recovery team to take up the matter which is legally acceptable and under the norms. Keeping in view of the above, now my husband talks to them and they have started harassing him too. Today one Mr. Paras Sachdeva, debt recovery manager, Phone no. 9873467755 called up my husband and also my loan guarantor who is my brother. He also got very disturbed. This has been very embarrassing for me and my husband. Kindly let me know the procedure of follow up by your recovery team in case two instalments become pending? Are they allowed to harass and speak to us as if we are thieves. I will send a legal notice of harassment if I don't get a satisfactory reply from your bank.

Sep 19, 2017



This request is to unlock my net-banking account as I locked it by my mistake and also help me to login to my net-banking as I have forgotten my net-banking password and do not have the registered phone no with me.

Therefore, I'm requesting you to unblock and help me reset my password with the help of my registered email ID i. e [email protected]

Kindly help me as soon as possible. I'll be grateful to you guys.

Customer ID : 72716526
A/C No : 50100190077566

Thanking you,
Amit Varshney


Sep 19, 2017



This request is to unlock my net-banking account as I locked it by my mistake and also help me to login to my net-banking as I have forgotten my net-banking password.
Therefore, I'm requesting you to unblock and help me reset my password with the help of my registered email ID i. e [email protected]

Kindly help me as soon as possible. I'll be grateful to you guys.

Customer ID : 72716526
A/C No : 50100190077566

Thanking you,
Amit Varshney

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