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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Nov 12, 2016

500 and 1000 rs note

Today, HDFC Bank denied me to deposit cash of Rs 68500 just due the fact my pan number was not updated in their records. I am transacting to this account for last 7 years and without pan number and they haven't any problem. Now today when I tried to deposit 500 and 1000 notes then for pan number they rejected my deposit.And made pan number mandatory. I don't why it was mandatory for lat 7 years. If pan number is the rule to open and operate a bank account then pls do not open any bank account and close all bank accounts which do not have pan numbers till date because a rule is a rule. In this bank there are several accounts which are not having pan number but still functioning. I think pan number is not mandatory document to open and operate bank account. When they want business they are free to flout the rule but when they need to serve they take support of same rule to harass people.
This is really a "Selfish" bank.
ravikumar bodapudi
Oct 2, 2016


I am paying bills before due date but HDFC Charged me 688 Rupees. in credit card bill by name of : "FIRST YEAR MEM FEE INCL ST & SBC" this card is worst. This card is free for life time than why company charged me for it and I want my money back which was deducted for no reason....
Alok Mishra
Sep 26, 2016

non maintain minimum balance in account

Hi Sir,

i have account in HDFC bank last 3 year . In my account minimum account balance 10k maintain Due to some reasons a'm not able to maintain account 10k in account . In my account -8k nonmaintaing charge also they are not close my account says pay 8k then close account . Please suggest me what should i do. Please help me

Thank you
Alok mishra
shashank pandey gurgoan
Jul 30, 2016

balence dedut due to not maintain 10000 rs in HDFC bank

I have saving account no. 12031140081254 i could not maintain the limit of min balance in above account no. so bankers deducted money(7500) from my account and right now my balance goes low , i ask them about that then i am not satisfied their response i request you to see as possible in that matter and obtain money from bank which was deducted and return my money i hope you solve this problem as soon as possible and return my money and bank will not charge again for that right now .


shashank pandey
email:[email protected]
contact no:- 9599037281
Mukund Nair
Jul 14, 2016

Fraud money deducted from account


This is notify you that I have been the victim of Fraud money withdrawal of money from my HDFC bank account no. - 50100074107571

Below is the whole details how it happened with all data that I have:

On July 7 at 7:20 pm - I got the first message on my registered mobile no.( 8527293365) of money withdrawal from my account of Rs10000.

Then within the time interval of 7.20 pm to 7.21 pm i got 4 consecutive money withdrawal message from my account.

Transaction where of Rs. 10000 , Rs 10000, Rs 10000 and Rs 7600 from my account a total amount of Rs.37600 of fraud withdrawn is done from my account .

I haven't made these transaction nor i have shared my Card details to any one. Card is with me. I have blocked my card by calling at the Toll free no.next morning as the no. was not reachable in the night at the same day.

Already an FIR has been launched with reference to this case.

Complain no. - MUMC0716086973

CDF form is filled from my end . I am attaching the copy of FIR and CDF form in attachment.

Please look into the matter on priority and provide the resolution on earliest .

This is my humble request to you to look into this matter very hard and punish the culprit very hard and refund my money at earliest asap.

Fraud money deducted from account Fraud money deducted from account Fraud money deducted from account

Jul 11, 2016

salary account ko saving account m change kya jabki salary aati h har month

Dear sir

Mera salary account h HDFC Bank m enhona n mujhe koi jankari di or aaj hi mera salary account saving account m kar diye or 690 rs bhi - m kar diye jabki meri salary abhi last month June m 24 ko hi aai thi mera salary account m or
Mera account No 50100139834113 h sir mera salary k cheqe nhi dallna h ab btao ab m kesi account m dallu HDFC BANK BRANCH --A 12 SHOPPING MALL DLF QUTUB ENCLAV PH 1 GURGAON HARIYAN hai

Please solve my problem please help me

Thank you
Reg santu bharti
[email protected]
Jun 30, 2016

Business loan


Jun 1, 2016

Md zaid loan department

Md zaid staff member is to cheap person this person is using abusing language..
Deep Moni Roy
May 11, 2016

HBL=033-140-133' Complaint against Auto Loan No. 37250000

Hi Team,

My Loan account No is: 37250000

I have applied for loan amount of Rs. 300000/- @ 9.65% rate of interest. along with that I have applied for Loan Suraksha Worth Rs. 6561/-. After that my loan amount is supposed to be Rs. 306561/-.

But when I got the repayment later the Loan amount is showing Rs. 325511/- Because your Auto loan Manager Mr. Bonta Prakash Rao added a GPS tracker of Rs. 18950/- into my loan account without my consent.

I have given complaint to "[email protected]" & "[email protected]" but till now I have not got any resolution the extra amount is not removed from my loan till now.

Even on 27th Feb 2016 I have received a mail from "[email protected]" stating that the amount of GPS tracker will be refunded into my bank account within 7-10 working days.

PFB the screen shot. But the amount is not credited back into my account till date.

Inline image 1

I really appreciate the services of HDFC Bank but this time I am really disappointed by the behaviour/attitude of your employee Mr. Bonta Prakash Rao. I had a lots of conversations with him & every time I humbly requested to refund the amount but always he said that it is under process & it will take some time. I am really frustrated with procedure & now I am bound to write this mail to you.

This is only the reason I have not paid the Instalment of April & May 2016. My CIBIL score is getting affected just because of Mr. Bonta Prakash Rao.

I am from a lower middle class family. I am working in a private company & it was a big dream of mine which I have fulfilled to buy a small car. I don't have so much money to waste all these things. Please try to understand my pain. Hope you people can understand what is the situation I am going through. I humbly request you to please investigate the matter & refund my extra amount Rs. 18950/- into my bank account so that I can pay the overdue instalments.

HBL=033-140-133' Complaint against Auto Loan No. 37250000

Deepak Yadav
May 4, 2016

Personel Loan

Hi I have applied for a loan no - 39390033, which is for Blalance tranfer of my current loan with Axis bank.By the time they have offered the loan they have committed 11.49 wherin post that it was disbursed at 11.99.Loan was seems to be disbused on 29-04-16 But as of now their no update of closure of my axis bank loan as it was commited that HDFC will take it up with Axis bank and close,Still i dont have any update of DD which is need to be sent to axis bank for axis bank PL closure,please help.
Apr 13, 2016

Harrasement by hdfc agents

I have purchased one accidental policy(HDFC ERGO policy no-51874577/00001) on 12.05.2014 by direct payment from my credit card.During that time your agent told me (agent code-############ Miss Barnali Mob-09038171894 ,kolkata branch) that it is two years policy and it will be refund if it is no claimed during this period and refunding process will be initiate by her.
My policy will be end on 11.05.2016 and i want refund of my premium amount without renewal but i do not know what i have to do for this process.During this matter i have so many times tried to talk with your agent but no response from her end even not pick up the customer call.
[email protected]
Apr 2, 2016

IMPS Fund Transfer problem

IMPS Transfer Failure
I did IMPS fund transfer from my HDFC Bank Account to 'ICICI BANK' account. The amount got deducted from my HDFC account. But it did not get credited to the beneficiary account and even I got the same SMS.. "Your fund transfer for Rs.xxxxxxx on 02-04-16 could not be processed . Please try later .(IMPS Ref no. 609)".

Need at least some feedback from bank side , as many peoples are facing the same issue. Please help on this.
[email protected]
Apr 1, 2016

IMPS Fund Transfer problem

I did IMPS fund transfer from my HDFC Bank Account to 'ICICI Bank' account. The amount got deducted from my HDFC account. But it did not get credited to the beneficiary account and even I got the same SMS.. "Your fund transfer for Rs.xxxxxxx on 01-04-16 could not be processed . Please try later (IMPS Ref no. ############)".

Need at least some feedback from bank side , as many peoples are facing the same issue. Please help on this.
Mar 5, 2016

credit card applied more than 30 days but did not get any information

I have applied for credit card on 4th Feb 2016 but till date I did not received it.I just the acknowledgement slip.for your reference app no is CC25491782.kindly confirm the status on urgent basis.I also attached the acknowledgement copy.

credit card applied more than 30 days but did not get any information

Mar 4, 2016


HDFC BANK EMPLOYEE in sikanderpur City court branch is the worst customer service in India
All the employee seems to be very busy with their own paper work without bothering anything about the customer.
The don't have cooperate etiquette manner and customer certricity.They are very arrogant selfish and rude.

i just wonder how they get qualify with that personality or may be they don't have any proper training for them.

it really suck by looking all the rude face even before approaching them


HDFC BANK EMPLOYEE in sikanderpur City court branch..GO TO HELL.
Ankur Arnold
Mar 3, 2016

NWD DEC CHG - Amount Deducted


Amount 28.63 is getting deducted with the description NWD DEC CHG (ATM Withdrawal charges) even though my account was opened as salary account and was said there will be no sur charges for any no of withdrawals from ATM other than HDFC. There were no intimation regarding the policy change if any also. This is very bad and unprofessional ism as a reputed worldwide bank shouldn't be doing this.
Feb 17, 2016

Credit card

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Rajesh kumar,

My application No : 16020123244770O1

I have applied for credit card but its is showing status - DISAPPROVED


Kindly please give me the feedback why my credit card application got disapproved.

Thanks & regards,
Ph No : 8588846513

Credit card

Jan 12, 2016

debit card problem not getting resolved.

My debit card transaction was failed of amount 1500 / INR on 20 sept.2015.The same amount has been deducted from my account but failed to received by other party.
i already submitted CDF form to HDFC brach office(Sec 31 gurgaon).
i had raised this concern many times to customer care.they says go to HDFC branch office,they will sorted out this matter.but Branch Manger said we can not do any thing in this matter and matter is closed by customer care.now its 4 month back issue not resolved yet.
my complaint id is 966221
customer id is 53207247
contact no is 8800307609

So please take some necessary action on above matter & hope that HDFC Bank will reverse that charges asap without any further excuse ......

Awaiting your reply

Sandeep Negi

debit card problem not getting resolved.

[email protected]
Dec 25, 2015

Cheating of Employee

My name is Neeraj Sethi,I have given my House No. 544,Sector-31,Gurgaon on rent from 01/08/2015 to Mr. Praveen Sharma working as cashier in hdfc bank IMT Manesar Branch.I know him from last 20-25 years,after shifting in my house I asked him for rent he said me I will give you next month and the next month he said that I can't afford the rent so I will vacate your house.Then he vacate my house on 25/09/2015,and he purchased my old furniture Double bed,Sofa Set,Center Table,Office Table and RO Water Purifier System, and taken 75000/- cash saying that I will pay all your payment with in A month.Now when I'm asking for money his father and he given A false complaint in Police Station,there IO of the complaint did the best investigation and he said them to write a compromise and said me that he has no authority of recovering the money,now Please help me to get my money back.Thanks & Regards.
Vijay Pratap
Nov 1, 2015

disapprove credit card

I applied credit card but disapproved pleases tell me reason, all verification is OK and again resubmitted my document. but what was the reason to disapprove tell me.
And I have 3 time applied within 18 month. Again and again disappeared.
Now I block my hdfc account.
my credit card application 15100816617710O1.
My name- Vijay Pratap
contact no 8510928694.
E [email protected]
vijay kumar19
Oct 2, 2015

credit cards depatment

Hi dear hdfc bank departmant ..my name is vijay kumar .my credit card application no . CC23615941 . i aplied in 21.09.2015 . my complat is nobady calls to me the verifecation and i will check in your website our application status than i see no recods found ..plzz sir tell me why did not call me.. my contact no ...959959198, 9996494848
Jun 28, 2015

credit card blackmailing

credit card account number-############ 7735 we have already given the money but the bank is denying from the payment we have given and blackmailing on that credit card. the bank is saying that they will consider legal action against us for the recovery of the same. when we a re discussing the same matter with the bank manger they are saying to give more money to recover the account and blackmailing us on this credit card.
Mar 26, 2015

Harassment Calls

Hello Sir/Maam

It has been few days i am getting harassment calls from credit card company 3rd party. They are calling all my office peers and also sending some people at home and office. They are threatening me like hell.

Please help me to solve this issue.
Feb 25, 2015


This is a complaint against HDFC employee named Ajay Chowdhary, Phone number: 9650106662, City: Gurgaon.
I had taken a personal loan for which all the installments were being paid timely but due to some unavoidable circumstances, one installment got due.
I got a call from this guy and I told him that ill be making the payment once I receive my salary but this person is using abusive langauage over the phone, harassing and torturing me and is not even listening. He calls himself the senior manager.
I talked to other officials of HDFC bank and they supported and asked me to make the payment on the date I committed and they also asked me not to pick up Ajay's call. But this guy, Ajay is calling me from different different numbers as he might be needing his commission.
You guys must not keep such illiterate people and you must fire this person right now or else I'll go to a level higher than this. I can lodge an FIR against you. There should be some decency when you talk to your customers.
I need an action against above mentioned employee ASAP.
Naresh Rao
Feb 2, 2015

Account blocked


I have a credit card from HDFC bank and ending with 9653 and payment is due from a long which was my mistake that I did not made the payment on time due to family finance issues.

Last week I called up the customer support number of HDFC and informed about the issue and told them that to tell their collection team to contact me so that I could made the payment of card which is pending.

Now, I cannot make all payment at once so I planned to make an interim payment and in 2-3 months maximum I'll make the full payment.
But, what they have did is they blocked my account, which was not blocked in past and around 33,000rs. charged from that account.

My father is in hospital and that is my coaching fee which was kept in that account, borrowed from somebody for this purpose and I've completely lost everything because of this.

If there is any way anyone can help reverting that amount to me, I'll be more than happy. I'm getting killed mentally and emotionally every second of a day.

Please do the needful. Please please please please.

All this happened when I was ready to make the payment and nothing was done when the payment was due. What kind of service is this.

If I don't get any resolution of this, I will end my life as I can't see my father helpless in hospital and see my carrier slip away from my end.
I again requesting you please help reverting my money to me. Please.

Naresh Rao

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