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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Jul 31, 2014

Credit card not delivered

Dear Team,

I have applied HDFc credit card in feb-2014 and today is JUly end and lot of verification call were done but still my card is not delivered. I have recieved that they are facing some address issue and i have done with the declaration sign and again submition of few documents,but still no status on the website and no phone call nothing except the verification call.

My reference no. is - 14062318564430O1.

Pls help to do the needful. because m fed up with the services.


Vidhi Singh
ashok 2014
Jan 23, 2014


I applied for credit card in hdfc,all the verification is done successfully, but in credit card status it is showing your credit card is disapproved.
They dint mentioned any reason for that,so i want the reason why they disapproved my credit card as soon as possible.

Application Reference Number


Ashok Kumar

ashok 2014
Jan 23, 2014


I applied for credit card in hdfc,all the verification is done successfully, but in credit card status it is showing your credit card is disapproved.
They dint mentioned any reason for that,so i want the reason why they disapproved my credit card as soon as possible.

Application Reference Number


Renu Rakhra

Jul 30, 2013

for credit card

Dear sir/madam

my self Rahul Kumar, I was appled to credit card on 25/06/2013 my ref no. is 13062217165250O1

But I has no information regarding my credit card, also i complain many time, i am giving my detail Below

Rahul Kumar

DOB 21/11/1984

Mob. No. 9910087275, 9717467275

Thanking you
Manu Bhardwaj
May 4, 2013


Hello All,

Subject: Credit card ATM pin not received.

I made my Platinum Plus credit card ending with number 3220. But I have not yet received the Credit card ATM Pin..Please send the ATM pin by post on my address updated on your records.


ManMohan Sharma
Apr 22, 2013

Agent has taken cheque of 10000/- to approve pl

Dear Concerned,

Today I am approaching you as a customer of HDFC and I am hoping you can help me, I have applied for personal loan in the month of Mar 25th 2013, and one of the guy Niranjan from your bank to me and collected the required documents and he asked me to given the cheque of 10,000/- to open the insurance policy for security purpose i have given cheque and i have got my policy also, but its been almost a month that i have neither received and sms or call from your bank, when tried calling the agent he is not responding to me and every time he it will be approved in 1 week or next three days, i have even tried calling the telecaller Sandhya on her number 04065890193 she replied her Manage is getting married and the loan is getting delayed and stuff.

I am just wondering if this is the kind of work ethic that you as a company propagate. If yes -- no wonder India is in the PITS when it comes to global manufacturing and after banking.
I am shocked that a company CEO is associated with treats its customers so shabbily.
Its sad that I have to explain my situation in life -- which is NOBODY'S BUSINESS EXCEPT MY OWN -- to some man at the helpline, to get my details on PL
It is amazing that NO email id can be easily found on the HDFC BANK website for someone like me to register a genuine complaint -- or is it the company's game plan NOT to have such a link so that you can pretend that your company is the best when its actually not? No place to complaint would make it seem there are no complaints --right? Is that what you want to show shareholders .

Just one thing -- being an employee of branded company I do have some access to the people from Media & Police too.

No doubt i want the my money to be given back with the intrest and i am not at all intrested that bloody insurance policy.

But this is completley bank people or cheating the customers and making money themselves, in my complete family we hold 4 account of HDFC Bank, now i am realizing that we have did a big mistake taking the account with your bank.

Best Regards,
Narasimha Rao. M
Mar 15, 2013

Deficiency of Service


On new year I travelled to Europe with family. On 28th Dec I detected that my Debit card is not functioning neither at ATM nor at the Merchant establishmnt. I called their phone banker from Paris and he refused to help and suggested me to call the branch. But I told him that I dont have branch numbers also the branch was closed by that time but person refused to offer anyhelp to unblock my card. Next day I called my personal banker, she promised to get the card unblocked in less than 5 minutes but the card did not work. Subsequently I wrote to their gervience redressal cell and strangely after few reminders from my side I got the reply that my card is working but the fact was different. This was the time that I had ran out of money and I could not buy food for my kids, I missed my flight, I had no money to pay taxi or hotel bills and I had to request a friend travel from amsterderm to help me. During this time I hd made several calls to HDFC bank but of no help. finally my card was unblocked on 2nd Jan end of the day. But by then my holidy was spoilt, I had been taken to police, I have lived without food, I had acted like a beggar and most importantly I had made international calls worth Rs 50000.
Once back I lodged my complaint in HDFC bank and I asked them for compensation. Strangely they said that they can apologise and nothing else they can do. As a result I have stopped all their payments due to them on my credit card and have told them that I am incapacitated for making payments and all what I can do is Apologise. If they expect me to accept the apology then they should also accept my apology.
Now they have loaded huge finance charges and other levies and have almost doubled the outstanding and they are now threatening me on account of CIBIL, this is absolutely unfair.
I have adequate money in my account with them but them they have to act professional and not use the weapon they have unfairly. I am open to fight them in court of law but with using cibil is like hitting below the belt.

Can I get some help.................
Mar 14, 2013

change mobile no.

my name is neeraj my acc. no. is 12031610013274. my old mobile no. is 8802935171. please change my mobile no. my new mobile no. is 7503666010.please help me.
Robin Sidana
Mar 8, 2013

Amount Put On hold

my saving account 17181140010506 has been put on hold without my information. When i called they said some amount is due on my credit card ################. I got a call from hdfc credit card department some days ago and they asked for credit card settlement & i was ready to pay the settlement amount as they told me to pay in 8 emi. But after that day i did not get any call from hdfc & they put my saving account balance Rs.36000 aprox on hold. Kindly look into this.

Robin Sidana
Feb 11, 2013

credit card prepayment charges

I am banking with HDFC bank from 7 years i never had any problem with my banking with HDFC bank before even if i had a problem like posting of stolen checks on my account with the HDFC banks own problem i still continued my banking and even i increased my banking with hdfc and continued buying more services from hdfc .Now i keep savings account ,demat account and credit card account with HDFC. i preffered HDFC over other banks as i had feeling the nature the HDFC BANK give us service is very much customer friendly. but i was shocked with the malpractice used by HDFC bank credit card department in just disbursing its loan.. follow the story below.

i had received a call from HDFC CREDIT CARDS and they were offering me loan against my credit card upto 1 lack on my credit card . i needed some money for my personnel purpose and they were offering me it 1 lakh without any transaction charges or file charges .before opting for a loan i had confirmed with the representative on phone call about pre-payment penalties on my loan. they said its 3% of the amount which would be left when i will be making payment i confirm this thing with two people who offered me the loan and on the other call which came for the confirmation. they said sir there would not be any other charges.i said ok please put the offered money in my account.
. i inquired the credit card department regarding this issues so i received a E-mail which states that ,the service charge which is being put according to the GOVT. new law which put the charge on all banking services.
i have no idea about what is the definition of service which HDFC bank following and more to it.
help me understand when i am making a payment using your Hdfc bank savings account to credit card which part of the service i am availing from you.
apart from it when i took a loan our contract clearly mentions there would not be any other charges more than 3% would be levied on pre-payment of loan but now HDFC bank is asking for total loan amount +3 % of prepayment charge +15% of taxes on prepayment of loan

################ this is my credit card no.
singh jagjit
Feb 5, 2013

Harrasement by dhramapura branch employees

sir i Harinder singh s/o Ranjodh singh village.Ballomajra Distt.Mohali is having a saving and FDR account with your dharampura bazar Patiala. kharar.desumajra.Branch.i having following saving andFDR accounts no. 0600193001874.joint account at dharampura bazar patiala. i also had FDR,s of RS.10.lakhs in patiala branch which i encashed i faced lot of harrasement by empioyees of HDFC bank.dharampura bazar Patiala branch and they also misbehaved me due to this i am still mentally distubed i have wasted three important days for encashing my FDR,s.due to this i am thinking to all my relationship with HDFC bank will not recommend any person to open the account with such type of Bank where employees does not know how to behave with their customers. . now i want the stict action against the employees of Dharampur bazar patiala.who harrse and misbehave me which lead to mentel distrubeabce in my mind afte this incidence. . i waiting for your action and applogise from these employees present in date 02-02-2013. .your customer .Harinder singh s/o Ranjodh singh .village.ballomajra disstt.mohali.punjab.(140301) .mo.no.9888515404
Dec 28, 2012


Dear Mr. Praveen,

We have noted your request details and will revert to you shortly. Request your co-operation and patience in the interim.

Dec 21, 2012

regarding change in phone number

My name is Quazi Nurul Islam. My customer id no is 34364697. i have change my mobile number. my new number is 9474618252. please help me change
Dec 17, 2012

regarding change in phone number

my name santosh dhaware my customer id no:00291000112307 have changed my old mobile no.9881393155 new mobile no.8007682020 please help me change
Dec 13, 2012

regarding change in phone number

Dec 12, 2012

regarding change in phone number

MY NAME SHEEBA my customer id no:34627882 HAVE CHANGED MY OLD MOBILE NO.9037405149 NEW no 9633058183 PLEASE HELP ME CHANGE THE SAME ASAP
Dec 5, 2012

regarding change in phone number

I am trying to contact HDFC customer service from last 2 days. But no response, no one will answer. Only "Thank you for your pateince". What is the use of such poor customer service. If you are ready to answer then please remove that contact number.

020 6160 6161 and 9890603333 are the numbers, which I was trying. I need to reset my internet banking password urgently as I forgot my previous password.

I don't think there is use of phone banking in this.
Dec 5, 2012

regarding change in phone number

My name is Shiv kumar a/c no 04851980011033, i lost my old mobile no. my new no. is 9899002784. please help.
Dec 3, 2012

regarding change in phone number

MY NAME Arvind Kumar ACCOUNT NO.05881050079746 HAVE CHANGED MY OLD MOBILE NO.9266000239 NEW no 9911467600 PSE HELP .
Dec 3, 2012

regarding change in phone number

MY NAME Arvind Kumar customer id no:40651298 HAVE CHANGED MY OLD MOBILE NO.9266000239 NEW no 9911467600 PSE HELP .
Dec 1, 2012

regarding change in phone number

Hello my name is ankit mishra im a nre account holder act no.08521060000025 and cst id 25724060
Have requested in early november to change me old mobile no.9335340129 to my new mob. No. 09310204806 as i have forgotten my netbanking password and i can not check anything online. For the same problem i have also submitted the mobile number change request through the form. In delhi. Hauz khaz branch but it is very sad to say no action has been taken and im really very disapponted this might end up in closing my account. Due to the unexpected delay
Plz look into this mater
Ankit mishra
Nov 5, 2012

regarding change in phone number

I am Balakrishna my account no:17541050004670 i have changed my mobile number Old Number 9620518321 to New Mobile Number 9620762909...
Pls do the needfull.
Oct 29, 2012

regarding change in phone number

MY NAME priyanka customer id no:39677635 HAVE CHANGED MY OLD MOBILE NO. NEW no 9003140551 .. PSE HELP .
Oct 10, 2012

HDFC bank credit card membership renewal fee

Dear Customer,

We request you to write to us at [email protected] from your registered email address with your card details, contact details and ref id TTU000459710102012. (Pls quote the ref id in the subject line of your email). We will revert to you on this.


HDFC Bank Customer Support
Feb 28, 2012

unwanted Collection call

Dear Customer,

Please write to [email protected] with your contact details, issue details, type of loan and the reference number TTU000422927022012. We would like to check this up from our end and get back to you.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank

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