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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Aug 13, 2019

Deduction of money

Respected sir,

I have my salary account with HDFC Bank , Mahadevapura branch , Bangalore having the account number : 50100224020270 and the customer ID : 112604943.

Sir, bank authority has changed my account type without any information and they have deducted RS: 1965/ for the issue of minimum balance. They haven't informed anything regarding the minimum balance or the change in the type of the account. Without my consent they have done this.

Please help me to get the refund as soon as possible.

Your's faithfully,
Aug 9, 2019

Deduction of money

First they convert my current account in Savings account without giving me notice or informed me and deducted money 800rs without my consent for not maintaining min balance.
This time also the deducted 700rs for not maintaining min balance in June july. They didn't even notified me and I remember that I think my balance went to 4500 for few days and for that they have charged me 700rs??
That's not fair
Aug 9, 2019

Charge without my consent

First my salary account changed to saving account without my knowledge that time they charged 800 rs which I paid. Now my min balance is 5000 but for few days it went to 4200 and they charged 700rs without giving any notice or notification that my balance gone below and they will deduct money.
For jun and july they charged me in Aug
I don't even remember that if I have had maintained min balance or not in june or july.
Sneha Hareendran
Aug 8, 2019

Amount cut for not maintaining minimum balance

I had my salary account with HDFC, then i left the job and I did not have much balance in my account. I couldn’t close my account or change the account as my PF is linked to that account, I hadn’t withdrawn my PF till then. After that i moved out of India and settled in UAE. After that i saw whatever money I transfer to my account for personal purposes are getting debited and charged saying I didn’t maintain my minimum balance, I wasn’t aware that they will charge me on the same. Kindly help me get my money back.
Aug 8, 2019


Hi , Today HDFC bank has deducted 707 rs from my bank account without even informing for AMB . which I was not aware of earlier
priyanka vijayakumar
Aug 2, 2019

Salary account not activated

Hi Team,
I have completed by new account opening formalities in my organisation by HDFC bank member on 29th August 2019 and I received the account kit on the same day, but my account is not activated till now.

Account details:

Name : Priyanka Vijayakumar
Account number: 50100303021751
IFSC code: HDFC0002729
Jul 15, 2019

Waiver off negative balance

Hi ,
I have opened HDFC salary account. After I regained respected organization I was not using this account.

After 2yrs I logged in and saw negative balance in my account. I have called the customer service to waive off my negative balance and close the account . They are denied.

Please help me in this .
Rahul Bhajantri
Jul 9, 2019

Being charged for salary account.

I have a salary account in HDFC bank and being charged Rs. 600/- per month for not maintaining minimum balance:
1) How can they change a salary account to a savings bank account without informing?
2) I quit the job more than a year ago and the account is not closed automatically like ICICI bank.
3) How can I be charged for the money I didn't spend and the account is not being used either.
Please sort it out for me as I don't want to pay for something I had information about. Why should I pay for something I wasn't even informed about. I don't have money to do it either. I would like to close the account without paying the credit for which I was not even informed about.
Amit Kumar
Jun 28, 2019

Negative charge imposed on my saving account without any prior information

Account number-50100248403312
Charged my saving account by 2849 for non maintenance minimum account without any prior information.
I opened this account on knowing that this was a 0 balance account.

Negative charge imposed on my saving account without any prior information

Jun 27, 2019


Big frauds in banking sector ..
hdfc in future days will not be known for service they will be known for all fraudulent activities ..
My friend transferred funds to my account when visited bank they said to call customer care they said we don’t know about this but they have deducted money from my account with out my permission all bullshit sort of promises now better i have planned to go and file complaint behalf of waiting for this many days ..
May 28, 2019

Unsolicited calls for loan /cards


I dont have any relation regrding SB account or loan with HDFC bank, but I daily receive calls from HDFC banl for personal loan or credit cards. I dont want to receive these type of promotional calls from HDFC bank. Not sure, how they got my mobile number. Please stop any promotional calls.

Sumanta Thakur
May 28, 2019

Cancellation of one assist

I'm Using HDFC Credit card. I was going through Credit card transaction and found that deducted the amount of 1899 from my credit card without my permission on 22/05/2019 and last year also.

I never excepted this from HDFC Bank, In spite of confirming this to customer care last time and still I'm being charged for this.

Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs 1899. Pleases deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount.This is unacceptable that you deduct amount on name of one assist MFEE without customer's info.

Kindly, refund my amount.

Shashank Raju D
Contact number: 8867768882
Credit card ending no:6048

Cancellation of one assist

Jeevan Shetty C J
May 23, 2019

Maintainance of Minimum balance


I have opened my salary account one year back but my company not credited my salary to that account...Now after 1 year my minimum balance amount is -9300...
I have mailed my company people and I have contacted my hdfc people regarding this but none helped me
Now I need close this account

Need your support to close the account
May 8, 2019

Could not operate account

Hello sir/madam

I have a opened a HDFC bank account (salary account) in Aug - 16, this account is now closed. Please help me to reopen this account for my salary account. I have a issue there is a huge negative balance in this account which I early opened and did not maintained properly.
Anshu k
Apr 21, 2019


To whom ever it may concern.

I would like to highlight the true culture of HDFC Bank in Bangalore location. Tusar nigam is a Branch manager of Old airport Road branch. Mr. Nigam has very wrong attitude and he has spoiled banks internal culture and because of his wrong attitude and misbehaviour many employees has left their job. It's a matter of serious concern that the management has to take it very seriously and also management should sack or terminate him immediately. Why they have given the Branch manager role to a person who doesn't know how run the Branch and also not fit for any kind of role. Many of my colligue and friends of HDFC Bank they are so innocent and best people in the society they had mentally harassed by Branch manager. We also had seen that he has very wrong attitude specially towards ladies. Why and how this person is continuing in the bank and why not top management is taking serious step. I request to the management of HDFC bank to take necessary step to remove Mr. Tushar Nigam in order to bring good culture and peace to the old airport Branch in Bangalore location.

Mar 6, 2019

Deducting money for Zero Balance

Hi. I hold an account in HDFC. This was opened by mh company, being a salary account. Then they changed jt to to another bank, and we were never aware that zero balance will be charged. HDFC has deducted my money, how is it our fault when we were not aware of mainting a balance and moreover it is not out fault that our company changed to another bank.
I need the deducted charges back and also shut my hdfc account.
Feb 25, 2019

Charged negative balance in savings account


My balance in savings account went to negative for not maintaining minimum balance. I deposited money into my account to maintain minimum balance. As per my understanding, Reserve Bank of India has made it clear that the banks cannot make the balance negative for maintaining minimum balance. Please look into it
Feb 25, 2019

Applying penalty for not maintaining balance, without informing about salary account changed to saving account

Dear Sir/Madam,

I joined a software company in 2015. For this company they made me to open salary account in HDFC Bank (Branch - BASAVESHWARANAGAR, bangalore). Later 1 year I quit the job and joined new company, there I opened another salary account with some other bank. So I was not using my HDFC bank account. Later 1 day I loged into netbanking with HDFC then I saw -9500 amount (negative amount). Then I got to know that HDFC bank were charging penalty amount for not maintaining minimum ammount. As I was not knowing that I have to maintain minimum balance for salary account I neglected to close. But without bringing to my notice HDFC bank as been changed my salary account to saving account and they started to charging 600 penalty amount every month, now its total amount is -9500 ( negative amount).

Please I'm from middle class family, I cant pay 9500 amount to HDFC bank (charged amount for not maintaining minimum amount), that too they charged without bringing to my knowledge. So I like to complaint on HDFC Bank (Branch - BASAVESHWARANAGAR, bangalore), for doing there fraud things and charging amount for not maintaining minimum balance.
If they have called or communicated like your salary account has been changed to saving account and you have to maintain minimum balance, then I would have closed by bank account in HDFC bank.

Please address my complaint, as they are doing the same with other people and robbing amount from middle class family.

Bharath B

contact number : 9164621235
email : [email protected]
Feb 12, 2019

HDFC Bank is cheater bank , they are looting money from customer's account

I have raised complaint here and followed up as per your HDFC response giving all the details in the emai;. Still after 1 week no response also.
How much of customer's money HDFC is eating like this ???
All I want is revert back my money to my HDFC account immediately

HDFC Banks is the worst bank

see below my complaint

All the details are shared to HDFC Bank over an email , complained and talked to HDFC BANK grievence cell and emailed to higher management more than a week. Until now no response at all bcoz you illegaly took all the money from customer

HDFC Bank Limited Feb 7, 2019
Dear Customer,

I request you to share your account/customer Id, Charges details, Complete issue and registered contact details to [email protected] with ref ID- TTU070219-16 in the subject line. Will assist you better.

HDFC Bank Customer Assistance
Feb 8, 2019

HDFC Bank closed the case I logged without solving not even responding on the case

I had logged complaint on deducting money from my account. case no is 8888887.
Hopeless HDFC Bank did not even respond and closed the just without solving

I tried to reach to Greivence cell, escalated to level 2 and 3 , emailed many a times with no answer and response to any of these. Finally after a week they closed the case

people please Beware of white color thieves HDFC Bank. don't open account in HDFC Bank please
They will take your money. you keep in their bank
Feb 8, 2019

HDFC Bank official extremely rude

HDFC Bank people talk so extremely rude. One lady talked to me regarding my concern about their deduction of money from my account. She shouted and scolded me , got into fight and hung up the phone.
All this because they deducted so much amount from my account and when questioned she did not have answer , so diverted in all these unprofessional talks and closed the case

hdfc bank phone no where lady so so rude --- 080 25240013
Feb 6, 2019

Looting money from my account deducting money due to balance

HDFC bank, Why are you eating customer's money ???
why you have deducted o much amount from my HDFC account?? HDFC desperately begged to open account, I opened salary account. After 2 months they started deducting amount so much. After calling many times they say my salary account got converted in Savings account without any intimation and started looting money from my account
such a hopeless hdfc bank I must say , cheating and taking customer's money

can u revert back below amount deducted to my Account immediately ???
[email protected]
Feb 2, 2019


Dhananjay Rao
Jan 10, 2019

deducted 2124 Rs as Negative Balance

I have noticed the negative balance in my account i.e 2124 Rs . and i walked down to whitefield bangalore branch and requested for closing, They insisted me to clear the negative balance first, accordingly i paid 2130 to the teller and handovered my account closure form, Currently i have noticed that they have not credited the amount given by me, i have contacted customer care and got to know. and they have closed my account making zero balance.
Please help me to get the paid amount which is 2130 at the earliest.

Account No.
Transacted Branch :HDFC Bank Skyline Icon, Pak Plaza, Vaikuntam Layout Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066

deducted 2124 Rs as Negative Balance

Jan 8, 2019

Waiver the negative account balance

My hdfc salary account was opened, while I was working in my first company. It's almost 1 year now, I have resigned from there. And currently I'm pursuing my higher education. Recently I got a message that due to non-maintenance of monthly average balance for the account (which I was unaware and unprecedented about it), I have to pay fine for the same. As I'm a student, I'm not in a position to pay the penalty and maintain the monthly average balance. Due to all these circumstances, I want you to know that I'm not interested in continuing the banking service with you. So please close my account and waiver the fine amount.

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