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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Jul 11, 2018

Non maintenance charges Rs 2400 and account closure no.50200004914057

We have received sms on mobile number 999 309 1031 as under :-
"Dear Customer, A/c xxx4057 charged Rs.2400 for non maintenance in JUN 18. Pls maintain req bal to avoid charges. For details visit Branch/NetBanking/ Website"
In this regard please note that we have already filed an application for closure the said account no.50200004914057 on 28 December 2017, hence we are not liable to pay any charges
Further you are requested please reverse the Said charges and close the account if not yet closed.

Thanks & Regards

Harshad Mehta,
[email protected]
Jun 7, 2018

Charged fine without my Knowledge


I am using a HDFC Bank account from 2010, it was a salaried account and without my knowledge they changed my account type and started charging me for not maintaining the minimum balance.

In 2013 itself I switched my salary account to ICIC bank, from 2013 to 2018 they have not charged anything. All of sudden in 2018 they are charging me. They have not communicated to me the minimum balance rule at all.

My Bank Details are HDFC BANK - Kartik Nagar - Bangalore : HDFC0001300

Account # 05451140222668
Account holder Name: Renugadevi M
May 9, 2018


I had a HDFC salary account (03611540000224) which I stopped using after my job change.
Without any intimation and without my approval they have converted my salary account to savings account and they are putting penalty of Rs 600 every month for not maintaining minimum balance.
I demand an reversal of debit and closure of my account.
Apr 2, 2018

One Assist Plan Cancellation and refund


I'm Using HDFC Credit card. Without any intimation you have deducted the amount of 1899 from my credit card

As last year also i requested you to cancel but you have said that the plan will be cancelled in one year but now it was again repeated and saying that auto renewed without my approval or even not intimated .

Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs:1899 .This is unacceptable that you have been repeating the same.

Deducted date : 28th March 2018
Name : Arun Kumar
HDFC credit Card Ending with : 6316

One Assist Plan Cancellation and refund

Mar 27, 2018

Complaint Against HDFC Bank

Hi Sir/Mam,

I have Opened My Saving Bank Account in HDFC Bank on 21/04/2016.
But some how on June 2016, I lost my Job So i went to my native Uttar pradesh.
As i was Jobless and there was no earning, So i was not able to maintain the minimum amount Rs 10000.

On Feb 2018, i Got the Job in Bangalore, then i checked with my Bank, Then They said that My Account Balance is -8701.
When i Asked them to close my account then they said me to pay the negative amount then only they will close the account.

From 2016 to 2018 i didn't get any Call/Email from them about negative Balance. and in monthly account statement also they have not mentioned it.

Sir Please take necessary action against them and help me in closing my account with HDFC Bank.

Please find the attached Account Statement.

Best Regard's
Seema Kumari

Complaint Against HDFC Bank

Mar 17, 2018

DD issue

Hello HDFC Team,
Last friday I took DD from IT park Bangalore Branch. To my surprise when I checking DD found letter "H" display in first line reflect as "I I" in the DD. Second line "H"reflecting properly. Since I'm not comfortable with that output they tried again and result was same. Later bank staff told me this is common issue and facing similar issue from the past 6 year and printer was changed 2 months before. Later per update from bank manager or some other person hdfc bank staff used pen to correct letter H and thrice in the first line and signed one more time in the DD.

I have below question to Bank

1. Being a leading bank why can't you provide with the correct name in DD?If this reported 6 years before what is the corrective steps taken?
2. When I asked to take DD printout from other printer it was updated that it connected only with printer where letter "H" not display properly. Why it taken it granted as customer accept whatever mentioned in DD
3. I appreciate the staff trying to reach other nearby HDFC bank and output was all bank faces similar faces with DD output and staff explained even 25 Lakh DD provide in this matter and why should spent more time on one customer.

Please note that correct name reflecting properly is very basic requirement and why can't fulfill this requirement. I'm using HDFC bank account for almost 12 years and felt awkward with this incident. Request to please look into this incident and do needful to resolve this issue.


Phone: 9036073337
email id: [email protected]
Mar 9, 2018

We have never taken any loan from HDFC Bank Limited

mobile no 9448864654
Cibil Dispute ID is CDS13022018000331

We have never taken any loan from HDFC Bank Limited

HDFC BANK A/C 91641123

If the bank has taken my loan. So there Stement my signature copy or loan. I am ready to repay the loan

I took two wheeler loans from Centurion Bank in 2007.
After 6 months of taking two wheeler loans, two wheelers have been stolen. So I have filed a police report.
Two Wheeler was not found for 3 months.
After that I went to Reliance Insurance to claim insurance. In the police report, the police filed a complaint. And asked insurance claim then told me from the Reliance Insurance Office. That said to give two wheeler original RC book. But I did not have the original RC book. It was with the original RC Book Centurion Bank. Then came the Centurion Bank MG Road, Bangalore. And gave full details. And asked for the original RC book, then the Centurion refused to give the bank and said that our debt is outstanding so that insurance claims will be made by us, then I said that the loan is 12070. And the insurance claim of 16000 then told me you would get 16000-12070 = 3930. After the insurance claim.
Later told me that if you asked to sign the Reliance Insurance Claim Form, I signed it. Centurion Bank took the sum of the insurance After that the Centurion bank did not give me 3930

I have never taken a loan from HDFC Bank. Still HDFC Bank is spoiling my Seibel score

I am submitting copies of the police report
Feb 26, 2018

IMPS Incorrect Transacation

Need your attention to close complaint #6815783,

There was incorrect IMPS transaction done from account # 00411540010746 (Savita B H - HDFC Bank) to Account # ############ ( Sunitha B - ICICI Bank),

I had raised complaint in HDFC Electronic city Phase 2 Branch, and the personal RM of HDFC.
The written request for reversal to HDFC Bank was given on 14- Feb-2018 and 23- Feb-2018 as well, and its been told that it will take 7 working days.I have not received any positive reply even after 7 days of multiple visits and call to customer care and RM.

However I found the account holder details and spoke to the account holder, she conveyed there is no call or request is come for reversal of transaction from bank side, and she has deposited the cash back, so the reversal go through. But still the bank is taking is there own time to revert.
Feb 14, 2018

Fake Commitment fraudHDFC Bank/ HDFC Life Insurance Company (Employees)

I Ganesh Manjanath Nayak and my wife Suvarna Ganesh Nayak holding IMPERIA joint account with HDFC FARM ROAD BRANCH, MUMBAI. You have nominated Mr. Anuj Batra as our Relationship Manager - single contact point and investment adviser for us.

I Ganesh Manjanath Nayak Holding Policy No. 15826262 - Sampoorn Samridhi Plan. One fine morning my relationship Manager/Investment adviser Mr. Anuj Batra of HDFC Bank came with Mr. Kapil Suri of HDFC Life Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Branch came to my office at Jotun Abu Dhabi, and strongly insisting me to take the said policy which will give 8-9% return/ Annam on investment and life risk coverage up to 99 Years.

I have clearly mentioned to both the gentlemen that I would retire in May 2014 and my investment and return on investment has to be guaranteed and secured since my earning would be ZERO after May 2014 and I have no time to earn.

They have given lot of rosy picture and assured that this is the one of the best policy HDFC life ever introduced and we take the guarantee for the returns.

Since the Policy is maturing On 13th Feb, 2018 , I had called your customer Service, Sent mails to Customer service and visited your office at Jayanagar, 3 rd block at Bangalore. I was shocked to know that I would get only 22 Lakhs against the investment of 25 lakhs paid in 5 years and waited for one more year to mature if I want to go for 99years life risk coverage. Your office didn't disclose how much money I would get if I don't go for 99 years life risk for certain reason which I am very suspicious. ( TODAY YOU HAVE TRANSFERRED 2,641,181/- )

I have immediately approached both the culprits and their response is attached for your perusal.

You must demonstrate in what way it is Sampoorn Samridhi for your customer ???

I will get benefit of Sampoorn Samridhi after my death???? In my opinion it is LOOT SAMRIDHI for your customer and SAMPOORN SAMRIDHI FOR HDFC.

What is the point in appointing such a lousy Relationship Manager to destroy our life and peace of our last chapter of our life and money???? It is our heard earned money in climatic condition of 50 Degree centigrade.

Appreciate your early reply and action in this regard.

Looking forward to see your favourable reply soon.

Best Regards,

Ganesh Nayak

Mobile 9987260156

Fake Commitment fraudHDFC Bank/ HDFC Life Insurance Company (Employees)

Feb 6, 2018

Illegally freezing money

HDFC Bank is illegally freezing money from my account. They claim there is amount due on a credit card which I have never received. If they don't release it soon, will be forced to take legal route. Can't believe a bank can go to such a low level to snatch your money. Hoping to receive some justification.. thx.
Vijay Karmadi
Jan 24, 2018


I have applied for the personal loan Mr.Imam Sonu is handling my personal loan application.Before they said to they will clear my loan within 2 days as my corporate salary account is in there branch. They first misguided me by saying you have offer that the loan will be approved within 10 mins when they came to my office to pick my documents after that he created the application number saying that next day your loan will be approved. but when next day asked he said it will take another 3 days because of server issue but again he created the loan application then he said another two days it will take to approve after that there is no communication from there side regarding the application after my continuous calls he said to apply loan only. if that was the case then why did they collect the documents from my side saying ur company is big costumer for us he will have faster approval this & that. HDFC is fraud they advertise so many things first then there service is poor.

Now i am stuck because i cannot wait to apply to other bank for loan as i have lost my precious time with HDFC bank they are really fraud people how they advertise only no service has i given half amount because of them i am now facing

Will see if HDFC will resolve this issue.

my loan application number is :54418276

Jan 20, 2018

unable to contact anyone

Hi Team,

My waybill number is 43496256495. Suppose to be delivered to my address today. However, there is no delivery attempt. I was waiting since morning to receive it. When I check the status states that unable to locate address and landmark required.

I have not received any call if they are unable to locate the address. I am not able to contact anyone with the customer care number.

Kindly get in touch with my number +91 9964005033 or +91 9886392933 if need any clarification.

unable to contact anyone

Dec 11, 2017

Cancellation of one assist MFEE plan for the credit card ending:3271

Dear Kiran,

Greetings from OneAssist..!

We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you & appreciate your patience.

We are unable to find any details, requesting you to kindly mail us the customer ID or registered mobile number to [email protected]

Should you require any further assistance, please reach us at 1800-123-3330.



Team OneAssist
Satish Kumar
Dec 8, 2017

Credit card dispute Rs.5665

Dear Team

This is Satish kumar S
My Registered mob number:9738284351
E Mail Id: [email protected]
Credit card No:################.

As we like to informing you that , i got an message today morning you have used your card on payzapp on 6th of December'17 ,amount Rs.5665.00 got debited your credit card like that.

I was not made any transactions against payzapp on 6th of dec'17, last three days i was not made any transactions, i don't know how its possible. I have not shared any otp or pin number to anyone.

After the transactions immediately bank as to send the sms to the respective all customers, for this transactions i did't get an sms on 6th of december'17 .i got the message on today morning only, I think from internally somebody using customers credit cards ,please rectify the issue.

Today morning i have spoken the customer care team and i have registered the complaint(complaint no:17342434724) also for the dispute . And i am enclosing the duly filled dispute form also. Requesting you to kindly look and refund the same to credit card. I hope before the billing cycle or due date you guys will refund the amount. because i am not ready to pay the amount because of unsecured hdfc cards.

I was using an citi bank credit card past two years , i was not faced this kind of issue. the transactions are very very secured.

I hope hdfc credit card team as to secured the transactions type much more .

Finally i am requesting you to kindly rectify the issue and refund the amount on or before due date of the current month.Please call us if any information required my mob:9738284351 / alt no:8618665682.

Satishkumar S
Dec 5, 2017

Credit card status

My self RUBEN J

I Applied for credit card ref no 17112917023660S2
All the process was complited documentation verification and etc but i dint get any messages from the bank its approved are rejected so kindly check the status
Nov 24, 2017

ATM - Withdrew from my account twice!

The ATM machine i used yesterday responded ‘session timed out’ but did not dispense money to me. I used the machine a second time and no problem getting the money. The problem is, my account got withdrawn from two times but only dispensed money one time. Please help me! Who can I contact about this error?

Erika Stephens
Bank of Montreal - Canada
Machine Used: Tapovan, Rishikesh
Quantity Withdrawn: 10,000Rupee

Email address: [email protected]
Nov 24, 2017

600 is getting deducted every month

Every single month u are deducting 600 rs from my account. It is a salary account which means i can have 0 balance. What is the necessity of deducting it every month saying u are not maintaining min balance. 0 is the min so just check it and contact me back. Very disappointed with this bank and service.
Saravanan d
Nov 23, 2017

CIBIL Report wrong update

Hi ,

Iam Saravanan, as CIBIL report reflects some outstanding amount of Rs 6408, of Two wheeler loan , which i never purchased so for ...
the details as mentioned
Customer ID- 62693694
Current balance Rs 6408/-

As above mentioned details is not mine . so please kindly rectify as earliest because of this my CIBIL score getting Low ..

My details

DOB -23/10/1980
E MAIL- [email protected]
phone- 09108425752
HDFC Bank Limited
Nov 21, 2017


Dear Customer,

Your email has been received vide ref id 045-288-057. Our team will respond to you with complete details in 5 working days

HDFC Bank Customer Assistance
Nov 19, 2017



My name is Margali holding customerID : 53231252. HDFC bank has been deducting AMB CHRG INCL GST & CESS since
06th March, 2016 without informing me on email or mobile. Right now I am out of country on a project for couple of months. Please let me know how to close my account from outside the country since I find it ridiculous and senseless banking with HDFC any more.
Nov 19, 2017

AMB Charges


My name is Margali holding customerID : 53231252. HDFC bank has been deducting AMB CHRG INCL GST & CESS since
06th March, 2016 without informing me on email or mobile. Right now I am out of country on a project for couple of months. Please let me know how to close my account from outside the country since I find it ridiculous and senseless banking with HDFC any more.
Jayavardhan Gange
Nov 18, 2017

Unprofessional staff - Unwilling to help customers

I recently visited an HDFC Bank branch to update my account details. There were many counters and I did not know whom to approach.

Then I saw a counter where a banker employee is talking to another employee who is sitting in front of him in the customer seat. I thought she is a customer and I was waiting. After sometime I realized that she is also employee.

Then I went to the counter and asked him (who is sitting at banker seat) "Sir, May I know the procedure to update my account details?"

For unknown reasons that guy got anxious and his response was completely unprofessional and clearly unwilling to help. HDFCBank who was known for their brilliant service has come down like any other service industry of India?
Goutham Hegde MS
Nov 13, 2017

Cheque book issuance

custom ID is -72518454
And this is my salary account.
I have applied cheque book in Jan 2017 but without any intimation without any call from courier boy that cheque book got returned to Chennai home branch but now I am applying cheque book In many ways like net banking,sms,miscall number and after doing am getting same massage that was sorry unable to process your cheque book plz visit your account branch, then I went to account branch and I asked concern people they told me that mine check book issuance got blocked, and they sent mail regarding the unblock ,but still it's not get unblocked and still I am facing same challenge plz kindly request you to help me on this I need cheque book immediately.and home branch people will not responding properly plz do the needful.

Goutham Hegde MS
Sanjay Raghavendra
Nov 11, 2017

Unauthorized deduction from my accoungt

Hi Team

I just checked that Rs 1500 is deducted on 27/10/2017 but i have not done any transaction on same sate, also not received any mail/sms confirmation regarding this deduction, kindly help on this, ASAP.
Sanjay Raghavendra
Nov 11, 2017

amount deducted

Hi Team

I checked that Rs 1500 is deducted on 27/10/2017 but i have not done any transaction on same sate, also not received any mail/sms confirmation regarding this deduction, kindly help on this, ASAP

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