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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Jan 25, 2017

credit card limit

Credit card limit.
Jan 5, 2017

S/B Account Holding Illegally

I received a Postal Notice Ref RT355477314IN dated 29th Dec,2016 from HDFC Bank Vijay Suvarna that also after Holding my saving account Balance of Rs.35,087.33/-
As per the instruction I tried calling Vijay Suvarna on given 3 Phone Nos but he didn't pick the calls.
As the entire balance of my saving account No 50100020597960 HDFC Bank is on hold for Credit Card out standing As my HDFC Credit Card No ################ and I am paying my correct payments for this card in spite of that my Account is on hold for some different Credit Card which doesn't belong to me,and for this account holding procedure I am not at all informed by any Emails postal mail or not even a single call and my account was abruptly hold in an in humanitarian way. As now I am not having any balance in my account how can I feed my wife & children. I am not able to pay the fees of my daughter. I don't have any money to buy the medicines for my family.
Jan 4, 2017

rtn charges

iam paying monthly loan amount of 20000 ,instead of this hdfc bank unneccessarily charging some amount in my account. it shows (emi rtn charges). i just need clarification.. otherwise i will take action
Dec 29, 2016

EMI RTN Charges

Hi Team,

I am in complete detaste of your banking services. Could you please et us know about few unusual cases happening for my loan EMI and why it is happening so?

1. Your system is not updated with proper EMI deduction update, and hence even after deduction your people calling freqently for EMI.?
2. Sometimes EMI paid on 8th of the month, didnot deduct the late penalty charge and it was then 6180/-. at the same time 2 months back you deducted 6813/- even though payment happened on 7th(remember account was sufficient on 5th itself, bank holiday/or your loan department oliday came I guess). Then that must not be my fault right?
3. What is that EMI RTN charges? It was never deducted earlier? why from last 3 months?
4. Why the hidden charges?

You guys are giving worst nightmare on this. And I am pissed off with this. If you want to grab money in the name of loan, then let us know. or else it is completely a Daylight robbery. Honestly, this force me not to join HDFC back again and never ever. Let the EMI complete, then will see next course of action.

Thanks for ruining your customer relation.

A Frustrated Customer
Dec 12, 2016

HDFC Bank — Negative Balance in Saving Account


I had Created account in HDFC for Salary account 10 month before, after 3 month i left that company and no salary credited to that account. Now am having negative balance of -1308 in (Saving account) 50100147513493. Am not using this account and i want to close this account without paying fine. Please do clearance of negative balance to continue with your bank.
Ranjini K S
Dec 3, 2016

Not issuing pradhan mantri dhan Jan yojana form

I tried to get pradhan mantri dhan Jan yojana form for opening account... they asked me to come in January..

Hdfc bank
Bannerghatta road
Nov 16, 2016


Hi Team

This is in reference to the transaction made into my account without intimating me by hdfc bank.
An amount of Rs 862.50 has been debited on 16th Nov 2016 from my salary account, mentioning about 'depository charges DEPOSITORY CHARGES OCT16 - 50716555 on demat account. I have never used this account.

I am kishore vempati to see this has happened second time inspire of me not using the demat services and when the account was given to me it was told that it would be absolutely free. This is clear exploitation of customers.

Please help and give me an update on [email protected], call me 09036607314

Nov 9, 2016

AMD deduction

Hdfc bank is totally fraud they deduct 690 two time without any information this account is my salary account and it is 0 balance. when i left the job i have used this account from last several month , they convert it to saving account if i am not getting any salary then how can i maintain the balance i have some balance in my account they deduct all amount.

my account :00561140006062

Nov 8, 2016

1000 rs deduction without my information


I was checking my balance and i noticed that there was deduction of 1000rs , reason mentioned was ,"installment pay. transfer from casa". I have no clue what this is. no i have consern with HDFC , should i continue with HDFC , is it safe to keep my savings in HDFC.

waiting for HDFC representative to take an action.
Nov 3, 2016


I am paying bills before due date but HDFC Charged me Rs.575 Rupees in credit card bill by name of : "RENEWAL MEM FEE INCL ST & CESS". This card is free for life time as said by the officials while issuing the card than why did bank charged me for it.
I need explanation as well as return my money back.
Oct 21, 2016


Unwanted debit my account during ATM transaction, poor service, why it is deducted 2 times ?
May I know the reason, I am wasting your fast response...
Rajesh NB
Sep 25, 2016

AMB charges deduction without any information

I have a salary account in HDFC from last 5 years. But recently they have been deducted some amounts of as AMB charges without giving any information. They mentioned like ₹517.5 for July month and ₹690 for AUG month. I don't understand the cunning act of this bank where they deducting amounts for not keeping minimum balance without any information to the customer. I hope RBI has some procedure if these banks has to deduct any charges should inform customers before only.
So I request the HDFC to refund my amount immediately. Hope the HDFC officials will reply to the below email id.

My email id: [email protected]

Rajesh NB
Sharath N
Sep 14, 2016

Credit Card Disapproved

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have applied for HDFC credit card, and received my application reference number, after all verification process.
Now the status of the credit card is showing as "DISAPPROVED" with remarks as follows:-
My Application reference number is 16090618130000S2
Let me know the reason of disapproval and also guide me possible way for approval of this card. I really need this .plz do the needful

MOB : 9740771745

Email ID: [email protected]
Sep 8, 2016

Poor and very unprofessional way of handling the loan case

Poor and very unprofessional way of handling the loan case
This is regarding the personal loan which i have and for which i was paying EMI. As i got messages from HDFC Bank Employee NAME( Bano) and few more that i am eligible for a top up so as per the update i went for top up and my case was processed by Bano. The amount which i had asked for top up was 2 Lac rupees. i provided all the documenets and my loan was approved for 2 lacs now for me the total out standing was 445000 for which my EMI was going to be 15160 for 36 months as per the existing Loan no: 38495351.

To my surprise the amount which i got credit with was entire amount that is 4.45 approx(loan no), i was shocked and informed the same to Bano to which she took it lightly for somedays. then as an extreme step i had to cancel my EMI for loan no: 38495351.

now everyday i call Bano and she commits that it will be resolved maximum by tomorrow and that tomorrow is not coming. on top of that she made me to speak to her manager Chandru which also commited it will be resolved at the earliest but nothing is happening

I am in trouble as i cannot use the funds and also i had used some amount of the loan and as the bank people are saying not to touch the complete amount so i had to manage somehow and i am out of money now

Kamran M
Sep 2, 2016


HDFC bank has been charging me extra money for three months and when i found it, they took around one month to accept it even after giving all the proofs. Now this month also they are charging me 3000 rupees extra. I tried to contact all the bank officials from customer support to Managing director, but some of them either did not responded and those who responded came back with silly and non-sense responses.
there may be many customers like me who are being overcharged and they don't have an idea about it.
Aug 27, 2016

Wrong NEFT transaction

Hi Sir,

This complaint is regarding the transaction which is by mistakenly done by me to one of the HDFC saving account holder. My account is in Citi Bank and I have transferred 10000 Rupees to my friend only but that is by mistake. Currently he is not in India and not able to do any transaction. Account details is as below
HDFC account detail to whom I have transferred the money by mistake

1. Name - Vaibhav Kumar Gupta
2. Account Number - 06831610116913

This money is transferred from my account which is in Citi Bank Bangalore location.
This transaction was done on 25th August 2016.
I request you sir to please get the amount reversed as soon as possible.

My contact number is +91 9538898639
suhsma r k
Aug 25, 2016

Credit card fraud

Below is the email that i sent them regarding my credit card XXXXXXXXXXXX0933
As discussed with your customer care executive today, there is a debit on 30/06/16 - CASH BACK AMOUNT REVERSAL which is not my transaction in the month of July 2016 statement.

I took reward points cashback on 24/06 for which an amount of 3222 was credited. Due to insufficient points that amount got debited again on 24/06.
But in the statement I see another entry on 30/06/16 'CASH BACK AMOUNT REVERSAL' where in an amount of 3222 is drawn again.

When calculating the total debits I see the above transaction also being added for debits.

I was told to write a new email with detailed explanation for this amount to get adjusted in my statement. Reference number : 16212997796. Request you to process the same as early as possible.

Considering all the purchases/debits that I have made for the month of July.
> 17/06/16 - 200
> 24/06/16 - 547.19
> 06/07/16 - 143
> 09/07/16 - 399
> 09/07/16 - 632
> EMIs - 2985
Total purchases = 4905

> 18/06/16 - 777
> 30/06/16 - 4115
> 05/07/16 - 3222
Total Credits = 8114 (which is same as opening balance)

Reward points:
> 20/06/16 - 3222 Cr
> 24/06/16 - 3222 Dr
> 05/07/16 - 2419 Cr
Total = -803(negative)

For any clarifications reach out to me on 7259575138. I have attached a copy of my statement. Looking at that anyone will be able to understand the mismatch.

Credit card fraud

Aug 20, 2016

Worst Cheque Book Providing Procedures

Coming to every service areas of HDFC Bank becoming unlikeable, now it comes to providing cheque book to customer.
Firstly they don’t have the cheque book providing facility by a branch. In branch when we queries, they ask to raise the request through phone banking/netbanking/etc. They mention 3 days a time for it, to deliver the cheque book.

Incomes the courier through which they dispatch it. They use the very third class, cheap category courier service (Overnite courier, Origin from Chennai) that is even more worst then them. I raised the request 10 days back; even now I didn’t receive my cheque book. From the past 6 days, the tracking shows constant shipment status at Madivala hub (9575948690).

Since, like HDFC the courier is even more bad class, there is no way to reach them. All online requests no respond. On the other end, when escalated through HDFC side, no resolution and just ignorance.

This bank continues in market, due to tying up with employers and troubling the employees, with their good services. No personal wish to be with them.

All the service fees and fines are for them only. No fines for them, for the losses they incurred with their unfavourable services.
Aug 20, 2016


Hi , Iam hdfc bank credit card customer recently 578rs deducted from my available balance.
could you please explain me why membership fee and ST &CESS is applied to my account

Jnanesh vappangi
Aug 1, 2016

Credit card disapproved

I applied for a credit card in hdfc bank by its showing the status as disapproved

MY APPLICATION NO 16072811092280S2

Kindly find the reason y ma card got disapproved
Surinder Singh Sidhu
Jul 25, 2016

Credit card statements

Hi sir/Madam,

I have been asking HDFC people regards to my credit card statements for FY 2013-2014 for which HDFC is gonna charge me and I agreed for the same but till date never got any mail regards to the same and everytime I call the customer care they tell that they have shared me the soft copy of my mail Id and I have not recieved anything checked with all folders and said the same to them and again and again same reply could you please help me to resolve this issue

Sidhu 9886035876
Jul 25, 2016

Deduction under EAW DECCHG

Amount 28.75 has got deducted from the current account and salary account respectively with the description EAW DEC CHG even though my account was opened as salary account and was said there will be no sur-charges for any no of withdrawals from ATM other than HDFC.
There were no intimation regarding the policy change if any also. This is very bad and unprofessionalism as a reputed worldwide bank shouldn't be doing this.
Jul 15, 2016


Rs. 690 deducted from my account for months May & June. This is preposterous. This is plundering common man.
Jul 13, 2016

Charges for not maintaining minimum balance violating RBI norms

During the past 2 years my account is inactive and balance is less than 10 k rupees, the bank has charged 600 / month for a total of 6200 rs for the entire year making the balance negagive.As per RBI guidelines these charges cannot be made if balance is below 0 rs, thereby violating RBI guidelines. They have also not notified me through email or post about the charges for not maintaining minimum balance. Request you to close the account with no charges.
Jun 24, 2016

Loan disbursement

I got a call from an executive about the loan transfer and she referred me to another executive(HDFC EMPLOYEE) she asked me about the existing loan which I'm holding from ICICI and then she explained all the details about the rate of interest (11.49)and transfer charges of 1000/- rs and after getting the details I have requested her to start the process for the loan transfer for remaining amount (5,12,000/-) she took my request and she processed and one day she has sent an executive to collect all the required documents and I have submitted the same and also she asked m to reply the requirement via mail for which I did the same.
Few days later she has sent one more executive to collect my cheques and I have give 4 cheques on the name of HDFC BANK.

After two days they have disbursed additional amount which I haven't requested them.
Now I have to pay for what I haven't requested with which the EMI is too high for me.

Now when I'm trying to contact those executives they are not even picking the calls.

I have raised a complaint on this via customer care and they told that this would auctioned with in 7 working days.

I request the tea to handle this ASAP.

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