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Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Dec 31, 2019

Maintenance Charge

I wasn't maintaining balance in my hdfc account.
Now they have charged me -2750
I can't even transfer my money to that account as I'm changing my company and that company has HDFC as their salary account

Customer ID: 63546982
Branch : T nagar branch

NAME: Suresh H
Dec 14, 2019

Online Fastag HDFC application no. is HFR941890

I had applied for Fastag via HDFC online facility and the application no. is HFR941890 and paid Rs.500/-, 10 days ago. I haven't received any mails further neither Tag. The toll free number is simple waste which is always busy. There is not other way to contact the bank in this regards.

HDFC is looting public money using this opportunity, such a cheap trade. I further request all not to apply fastag through HDFC online rather go in person to get the same.
Nov 30, 2019

Minimum balance charge


I'm a customer with hdfc bank for more than 4 years. Few weeks back the bank charged rs. 1100 for not maintaining a minimum balance of 10000rs WITHOUT INFORMING me through mail or phone. Everyday they are calling for loan and credit card and all non sense. I visited the bank but they are not responding well.

They should have informed me about the charge prior to the incident. Since I'm a student 1100 rupees is very valuable to me. Kindly look into the issue and process my refund amount. My current balance is -90 in my account.

[email protected]
Oct 31, 2019

Holding money without any prior information


I hold two accounts in HDFC bank. They have put around INR 759 on hold with reason as miRevenue hold.

Request to take necessary action on the same.

Holding money without any prior information

Prabhu Vino
Sep 23, 2019


Dear Sir,
This Is Prabhu From Chennai.I want to close my Hdfc account due to some personal reasons.Already I took Personal loan in hdfc bank and it will Debited from my hdfc account.Last Month, I was changed my ECS from hdfc to Axis Bank.My last emi was Debited my axis account.last 60 days,I was tried to closey account but bank officer tolf unable to close your account due to installment loan is linked and come after next week.I was asking Customer care officer in loan department and he told we dont have that kind of method and ask Account department.Account department officer told ask loan department.LAST 5 MONTHS,Hdfc DEDUCTED 700 RS IN A MONTH FOR AMB CHARGES WITHOUT INFORMED.SOME WORST HDFC OFFICERS TOLD NO MAINTANING CHARGES SIR IN BEFORE OPENING A ACCOUNT.2 months finished,still am disturbed your bank worst behaivour.kindly TAKE ACTION

Cust ID : 115372877
Reg Ct no:9087839150
Sep 15, 2019

Negative amount on salary account

I opened a salary account on HDFC bank about 1 year ago through my workplace for getting the salary credited. After that i left to another company where i have to open another account..so i forgot and let go off the old account which i opened a year ago. Now i realize that I have that old account in hdfc bank and when i check the account balance it shows Rs. -5203.79. i dont know how the salary account got into this much debt..i never used credit card too..I want to close this account.
Mantosh Kumar
Aug 24, 2019

Unfair deduction of money

I opened an salary account with HDFC few months back. I didn't made any transactions by this account. But it automatically got converted to savings account without informing me. Now from past 2 months they are deducting minimum charges from my account and the balance is negitive now. On enquiring with customer care, they refused from closing the account with clearing my dues.
Aug 19, 2019

Minimum balance

Myself Sharu Antony. On March -18 -2019 i joined in an IT in chennai . On that month itself I created a 0 balance salary account in hdfc. I registered this account as a salary account this month of August. After 4 months the hdfc Bank has charged an amount of Rs.708 as fine. It is said that it will be a 0 balance salary account for 6 months. Please find me a solution for this.
My contact details are as follows:
EMAIL: [email protected]
Phone : 7025808675

Sharu Antony
Navaneeth Krishna 13
Aug 15, 2019

Account has insufficient funds


Myself Navaneeth Krishna holding a salary account with HDFC bank where I use bank's debit card and net banking facilities for all my financial transactions. By the end of 13th August, I had Rs.1,700+ and on 15th when I had to fuel my car (for 1000 rupees), transaction got declined. Managed to find an ATM nearby which didn't render my money but informed that my account has insufficient funds. This is unacceptable. I wanted to know why my account has gone for overdrawn position, why I was not informed prior and how do I get my car back from the fuel station? I'm raising this formal complaint to investigate further and to get back my hard earned money.

Navaneeth Krishna
RBS Business Services, Chennai
Jul 10, 2019


Dear sir/madam,

i didnt get my RELIVING LETTER .Emp code-CJ23278.
Kindly do the needful.
For your reference I attached my offer letter.

With regards


Jul 4, 2019


i didnt get my RELIVING LETTER .Emp code-cj02329.please give me a reply. am already sent a complaint ther is no action taken.
With regards
Email I'd.. [email protected]


May 18, 2019

Minus balance account

I have opened the hdfc salary account from thiruvanmiyur branch at Jan 2013. Before 1 year I tried to login the hdfc net banking. It shows some error. So I thought like the account has been closed. Now from new company I tried to open new hdfc account. They told that I have minus balance 8500 in hdfc account. I did not get any email or message for this minus account. Now I want to close this account without pay this minus amount.
Sathishkumar Jayapal
Apr 19, 2019

Money deducted

A/C NO : 50100198417365
IFSC : HDFC0009035
NAME : Sathishkumar. J
Mobile No : 9698847296

1. Rs 531 deducted on 07-12-2018
(Transaction No : MIR1833851924011)
2. Rs 522 deducted on 07-12-2018
(Transaction No : MIR1833852021961)
3. Rs 531 deducted on 05-01-2019
(Transaction No : MIR1900306255715)
4. Rs 526 deducted on 16-04-2019
(Transaction No : MIR1910294737862)

For above details money deducted from my bank account and I have attached screenshot also for reference.

Kindly take action and revert my amount as soon as possible.

Money deducted Money deducted Money deducted

Apr 10, 2019


I have an HDFC bank account which i was using and it was a Zero balance account which was opened when i was working in my First company .Now i dont use it as i have shifted to a different company. Suddenly getting a message that each month 600 deducted and my bank account shows -21204 for non maintenance of minimum balance.No prior intimation was given before detecting. Kindly waive off and close my account.


Apr 6, 2019

Insta Jumbo Loan

The jumbo loan which i took through my primary has been pre-closed. I never knew the bank close Jumbo loan with pre-closing charges, its interest and Tax to it by themselves without my knowledge.

How could this happen without any prior intimation or sign or approval from me.

Feb 6, 2019

Negative balance

Respected sir

I had a salary account with HDFC bank which is converted from salary account to personal savings account from June 2018, when I left my job. I'm not using this account since July 2018 for various reasons.

Since I'm not able to visit my home branch to close my account. Recently I opened my account and the balance becomes negative for non maintenance balance charges.

Since I want to close the HDFC Bank account, the bank personals told me to pay the charges to become balance zero. I unable to pay the charges due to financial situations, please help

Account number : 50100177947862
Branch. : Sriperumbudur
Customer ID. : 71218216
IFSC. : HDFC0001254
Dec 18, 2018

Sexual harrasment and teasing

My name is john, and my sister is working in hdb financial services in chennai. She is working under hdfc prime banker in hdfc bank.in that office they treating like only not like human being only slaves, they are responding like s**it.
Name is venkat bharatwaj and he is sales manager in hdfc bank nungambakkam prime channel , he is using un professtional language with girl employee's, sexual talking , simply doing harresments also.the b***d dont know how to behave with girls, Because of this my sister very depressed. Even if they complaint againts the sales manager to hr they not responding , they scolding only employee and make them to releave.they holding the salary and incentives.it happens continously.and there is an higher official name called pallavi she only responsible for this, even if the lady is helping to the sales manager only. If it continous next step i ll go for police definetly ...
AshWin Nair
Nov 9, 2018

Negative balance

I had account in HDFC for Salary account 2 yr before, i left that company and no salary credited to that account. Now i am having negative balance of -4800 in (Saving account) Cust ID - 71217839.I want to close this account without paying this amount.
Oct 15, 2018

One Assist fee without my knowledge and approval

When I got the Credit card from HDFC Bank they charged 1399 first time in 2017 and I asked to deactivate the service but they said in future we can stop and gave waiver 400 Rupees, but now on 11-10-2018 again chargedby1399 for One Assist service so I spoke to the phone Banker regarding for that they said in 8 working days you will get a call, you can tell them to stop it's all happened like last time but they won't stop the service, so I decided to mail HDFC Nodal Officer in Chennai and I mailed him but no response.

One Assist fee without my knowledge and approval

Oct 2, 2018

About credit card Application progress

Sir I submitted my credit card Application to Mr R Purushothaman in Chennai whose mob no is 7871051516.He told that My application no is CC38437373. I submitted my application on 14 th september 2018. Till now I have not received any verification call neither Mr R Purushothaman is telling the status and telling that you can complaint where ever you want. I have attached all my documents as pan card, adhar card, salary slip, service certificate. Sir I am working in Indian Air Force. Please help me as possible. Presently I am in
Air force Dett
Kudankulam nuclear power plant
Sir I want either card or my documents back. No verification call no reason whether my application is in progress or not.
Sep 22, 2018

Harassment from HDFC Bank

My HDFC Credit Card Number is ################.
I have been using this card for over 5 Years. I have not been getting my hard copy statements from them despite multiple requests, due to which we had avoided using our HDFC Card. In the month of March 2018, we had spent Rs 1340 on the card, and we received a statement in June 2018 amounting to Rs 3597. When questioned about this, we are informed that it is due to late payment fee and the customer care was not ready to talk further on this and instead gave us a number- 04423748701 to sort this.But unfortunately, this number is always busy/ unreachable and they do not provide an alternate contact or call back as well. We then paid them a part amount by cheque to sort the issue but the cheque did not get cleared till date and we are not informed anything on this, nor do we know the reason. The next month, we received a statement for Rs 4218, for which we had written a letter to the HDFC, and till date there is no response from them on this. The next month we have received a statement for Rs 2701, and it states that the issue would be Referred to RBI Approved Credit Bureaus.
There has been an unnecessary harassment from HDFC Bank. Firstly they had updated wrong mail id on the card and they do not respond to mails sent from other IDs. They give a contact which cannot be reached any moment. The customer care does not sort the issue. There is no response to the letter. They do not send hard copy statements on time. How will a customer sort an issue if this is the way they work?
Sureshkumar B
Sep 12, 2018

Minus balance

My salary account was hdfc after few month before they changed my account to other account.im Working in Mumbai my hdfc account branch was Chennai. If I went hdfc bank to close my account means they telling to go branch where is ur account . My account is going in minus. In government bank if account is not maintained means they will close the account automatically y in ur bank they taking minus .as per RBI guidelines their is no chance to take customer account to minus. Now in my account it is -708 I'm not cheated bank like other . If I need to close the account means I need to clear the account. Y I need to pay u my money without doing any wrong . I going to complain to RBI for taking minus balance. Y I need to give my money without any reason if account is not maintained just close the account. Y private Bank or cheating they leaving the person who cheated the bank with bigger account . Then collecting the amount from the poor people. If u not taking any action to close my accounts I will complaint RBI or I will burn my account book in bank itself
Uma Maheswari Selvam
Sep 10, 2018

Need to close my bank account immeidately

Hi ,
Have experienced a worst service with HDFC bank for the last few years .
Never my personal banker Meena.M is reachable at 044-66748602 . Also they never call back to us.
No one is ready to hear what problem their customer has. The card blocking request is alone processed on immediate basis in few seconds . But what about other services . A very poor customer service is provided at HDFC bank end . They don't even know the meaning for Prime customer, but they refer us with that term . I need my account closure to be initiated immediately .
Thanks and Regards ,
Uma Maheswari . S
Aug 10, 2018

Money withdrawal

Hdfc is charging for non maintainance of my minimum balance amount.I joined a company and they have opened me an salary account.I left that company within five days.They have not closed my account in Hdfc.then after 3 months it gets converted into savings account and they are charging regularly

Money withdrawal

Jul 16, 2018

deducted money from my account and make it to -5000 rs

i have a sallary account in hdfc bank kotturpuram branch chennai provided by our working company allsec technology vellachery , after few month i regined from company , and i was not using that account from past few month , suddenly the convert my sallary account to saving account without notifying me, and start to charge , and they keep my account in rs (minus)-5000/-, kindaly help me, i cant pay that much of pamalty , currently i am not working anywhere, because of my helth issue

thanks & regards,
sujeet kumar sinha

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