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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Bank

Sep 16, 2020

Unauthorized transaction on credit card

Hi, My credit card has been charged for One assist MFEE for RS 1899. I am not using or taking any service from one assist. I Want to Cancel this transaction and refund of Rs1899 as soon as possible.
Jul 18, 2020


Please send me a Copy of the "NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE"

Hello HDFC team,

Please send me a Copy of the "NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE" for the Settlement that was done on my HDFC Bank Credit Card# (############ 5232)

I would also request you to please clear my Name from CIBIL as the settlement was Successfully Closed in a Six Payments. My Details are mentioned below

Credit Card Number: (############ 5232)
Jul 16, 2020

Refund the charges for MEFF

I'm RAMESH KUMAR KODAN. My hdfc bank credit card ending with 7649 was charged for one assist MFEE for 1899₹ automatically. I don't want this service and want to cancel this and refund my amount as soon as possible.
My registered e-mail i.d is [email protected]
Feb 20, 2020

Waiving off maintainance charges on my hdfc bank account


Hdfc bank is charging me money each month for non maintenance of my savings accounts.
I have been trying to reach out to customer care executives but each time the call gets automatically disconnected. I am totally getting frustrated with this. I don't want to pay a single penny to them for non maintenance as it's totally against law.
I request you to please solve this problem.

Waiving off maintainance charges on my hdfc bank account

anamica bisht
Oct 8, 2019

deducted my money and the amount is around -5000


I have an account in HDFC, my account was a salary account and then i left the job so the account was automatically converted to normal savings account, and then they started deducting my balance without any prior notice and now the balance is negative around -5000, my account number is 50100205772008.
I want to complaint against them, they deducted my account balance and now it's in negative. I want my money back, please take some action.

Contact details:
Name : Anamica Bisht
Contact number : ###
Email : [email protected]
Account number: 50100205772008
HDFC branch code : 3756
prabhat shukl
Sep 29, 2019

money lost

It started the day i joined a job and they asked me to open a bank account in hdfc ,
I asked them if they would deduct any minimum balance charge in the future, they simply said no and I agreed to open for the same.
Then few months back i quit my job and I was still using the account every month.
But now i am checking that they had deducted some of my money and when no money left in the account the put my account in negative balance.
I called the customer helpline to close my account and return my money and they said i have to go in near branch for that, I did go there but they denied and said i have to go to the main branch.
The main branch is 30 km far.
First of all they did not notify me that money will be deducted, and then gave me incomplete or wrong solutions.
I want nothing more , just return my money and close that account.
Sep 6, 2019

High negative balance introduced in salary account without notifying

My company had opened a salary account in HDFC bank , but due to some reasons my salary was not credited in this account. Later I saw a negative 2100 balance in my account. I was shocked, how can a zero balance salary account can go negative. That too I have not received a single mail or phone call about this being done by HDFC bank. This is seriously duping customers about their good banking services. I look forward to get this resolved on urgent basis, as I think they will keep doing this practice in future.
Ashish Bhandari
Aug 29, 2019

-9451 account balance due to non maintenance in saving account

I did my last transaction on my HDFC Bank account on 18 April 2018 which was my salary account after that I havent used the account as I left my job .. after that now my account was charged for non maintening the minimum account balance 600 per month now it has become around - 9451 rupee. As I knew before that non maintenance charge on savings acoounts are not applicable as per RBI guidelines . But now that amount is increasing in minus every month .

-9451 account balance due to non maintenance in saving account

Aug 5, 2019

Unwanted massage

Dear support ,
I have received below massage form last month's

Dear Customer Mandate reference no: HDFC################ issued to ASHISH SECURITIES PVT LTD with value Rs. 25000.00 and frequency MNTH is received today for processing. In case of any issue please get in touch with your branch.

Kindly fixed this issue as I have not issues above mandate number to anybody.

I have also visit HDFC branch last month but not resolved
This issue.


Unwanted massage

Aug 4, 2019

Unauthorised deduction

I am a customer of hdfc bank credit card and today my account was debited with a total of amount INR 2186 at around 4 pm in 4 slots.
1. Rs 1949
2. Rs 79 three times
It was an unauthorised transaction and i have never shared my card details I request you to please refund my amount as i am financially not too strong.

Unauthorised deduction Unauthorised deduction Unauthorised deduction

Mukesh Khare
Jul 7, 2019

Account Number: 50100131020736 - Wrong Non Maintenance Charge

Dear HDFC Officials,

I am the account holder of HDFC Bank with Account Number: 50100131020736.

Today when I checked my account via internet banking and I found available Balance INR -2,206.92. I was shocked why it is showing in a negative amount.

When I investigated the same I found that this account has been changed into normal account and these charges are the Monthly non-maintenance charges.

Sir, it was my salary account (Zero Balance account). Why nobody from your side informed me that it has been converted into normal account and rupees 10k is the Maintenance amount per month.

I am not able to pay any single rupees to the bank due to my financial condition. Also, I want to close this account immediately because I am not able to maintain the min. amount of 10thousand rupees per month.

Please investigate my request and do the needful to close the account.

Thank you,


Apr 30, 2019


Dear Sir,
I have worked with HDFC Bank under employee code -82249wef january 2011to Aug2011at Jammu Branch(Anand vihar). You are therefore requested to kindly issue me relieving letter or NoC as well as I need it urgently.I shall be highly obliged.

My email id- [email protected]

Rakesh Kumar jha
Ajay Sharma1
Apr 30, 2019


I am receiving call in the name of HDFC Bank Karolbagh for HDFC loan against Bharti axa policy.
These are person calling from Delhi in the name of HDFC BANK head office.
Kaveri Singh (+91 85888 01750)
Neha Sharma (+91 96544 00396)
Pooja sharma (+91 88600 41664)
Apr 17, 2019

Salary account has negative balance 37988/- INR

Dear sir/Madam,
I am Mohammad Iqbal Chowdhury,
I was issued a salary account from my company and account was opened in HDFC BANK but due to some reason i had to leave the job and then the bank converted it savings and started charging non-maintainence charges which accumulated and now its -37988/-INR
I don't know how this happened and what should i do as the account should have closed as i was not using the account for a very long time.
Please help me

Salary account has negative balance 37988/- INR

Mar 27, 2019

Settled the credit card account 5228 5204 0034

Hi sir, settled the credit card account like to close the account. My Reg. Number is dead 9873304593 so, please contact me another number 9350093040 to discuss the outstanding balance and proceed with the payment. My credit card number is ############ 5650
Mar 25, 2019

Of account number required

Dear @

Kindly note that I am unable to locate my pf account number
Request you to send me the same asap for the following details
Name-mohit sareen
Employee code - M1507
Pan number - BLJPS1249C .

Alternatively , you can redirect this mail to the right person
Will appreciate your prompt response
Lokesh Rai
Feb 12, 2019

Call Center agent apoorva ghai abused me

Debit Card not issued yet // Phone Banker abused me // Phone Banker called me Madarchod


My name is Lokesh Vinod Rai & my customer id is 47551139. I temp freezed my account on the 22nd Jan 2019 because I was suspecting a fraud. I reactivated my account on the 01st Feb 2019 by visiting my home branch in Vivek Vihar Delhi ( Ashoka Niketan ), at the same time I also ordered a new Debit Card to be issued ( RuPay Card ). I did produced all my KYC documents & I filed a form & the lady at the desk assured me that my debit card will be sent to me in 7 working days & my internet banking will be activated within 7 working days.

However, this wasn't done. I did contacted the HDFC phone banking yesterday ( 11th Feb 2019 ) & after 1 hour of frustrating experience with different people where in I was pushed from the pillar to the post, I spoke to one agent Apoorva Ghai ( Not sure about exact name ). I told him everything & he told me that no new card is issued to me & I said I was promised & I need a card. I requested to speak to a supervisor & he very rudely said he is not going to transfer my call & he place my call on mute. Post he removed me from mute he abused me by saying " Teri Maa Chod Dunga, Madarchod, Teri Maa Ki Choot ".

I have been a customer with HDFC for 12 years. Is this how you people treat your customers. You take money from us & then abuse us.

It has really been a sorry state of affair that an organisation is abusing people.

HDFC at the time of selling products treat customer as God when it comes to post sales service they consider the customer as Dog.

I am facing trouble & I want my debit card asap.

This is insane, I am no longer waiting for 7 days again.

Why do you promise if you cant live upto it. This is very idiot service. I am no longer waiting for 7 days again for Ru Pay debit card & my internet banking to start. I cannot go to the bank everytime to withdraw funds.

I also work.

I am going to post this complaint everywhere on social media platform unless get a solution.

The phone banker who abused me must be fired.
Jan 18, 2019

Against EmployeeANUJ RAJPUT at Tagore garden

Dear sir,
I am writing this message as an official complaint regarding one Mr. ANUJ RAJPUT who sits in Tagore Garden. My auto loan complaint was given to him to handle. While he being of no help has also behaved in a highly unprofessional matter and has been rude in handling and while talking to a customer. He has caused immense nuisance and mental distress while is highly undesirable. I urge you to take strongest possible action against this individual so that such people don't malign the image of your esteemed bank.
Dr Harsh Bhardwaj
Jan 12, 2019

Amount deducted even after paying penalty

My bank balance was in negative due to non maintenance. I settled the amount and paid the penalty. On 12 sep 2017. Then again bank has charged 5100 RS for non maintenance despite of having enough balance on 06 Aug 2018. When I visited branch the told me it's for non maintenance.
Bank details:
Account Number: 07092000001504
IFSC: HDFC0000709

Amount deducted even after paying penalty

Jan 2, 2019

Harrsed by HDFC Bank Employee

Hello Sir/Madam I would like to raise a complaint against one of HDFC bank Employee Name Rishab , Telling him self on ITO branch his number is 8750663149. He maid calls to my friends circle and told that my payment is due however there are no payment due on my end. He was trying to reach me for one another friend which payment might have due. He told my friends and relative that my payment is due later on when i called him back then he took another name of my friend and told me that his payment is due and he given my number in reference however i don't have any relation with the name he given. He ruined my reputation in my relatives and friends which impacted alot.

Kindly take strict action against this guy.
Nov 22, 2018

lots of Charges in HDFC Bank Account

Dear Concern ,

First of all please be Sure if you listen Public issue then please try to provide Resoluation with 100% Efforts .
Come to the point i have an accout in HDFC Account and I am frastrated due to lots of Charges . below charges Summary for your Reference .
i belongging from Middle class Family thats why this charge will try to create lots of issues , so i want this charable additional Charges money waiver in my account asap .

you can see also : in oct-nov my salary also credited but non –maintaince charges will be deducted from my account . if you read bank Policy if you have salary account and company detail also updated the we no need to put any amount for maintainance . then why charges has been deducted from hdfc account .

i need my whole money Back in my account , if i don’t receive waiver then i’ll Close this account Permanently and before Closing account i’ll take more further steps against Customer harrasment issue for my Satisfaction . my Salary account will changes if waiver not received . Hdfc is multination top 1 bank in the india why hdfc try to falling down .

it’s my humble request you to kindly try to do resoluation asap .

also thanks to NCCF Team for your great effort for Customer satisfaction .

04-oct : 18300/- INR Rupees Salary Credited in hdfc same Account
Charges Summary:

Atw Charges : 5800/- rs on dated 04 oct 2018
amb charges: 708/- Rs. on dated 06 oct2018 for april
amb Charges : 708/- Rs. on dated 06 oct 2018 again for may
amb Charges : 518/- Rs. on dated 06 oct 2018 again for june

02 Nov : Salary Again Credited in same Account (14307/- INR Rupees)
Charges Summary:
amb charges: 189/-Rs. on dated 13 Nov 2018 for june again
amb charges : 470/- Rs on dated 13 nov 2018 again for July

Ashish Singh

lots of Charges in HDFC Bank Account lots of Charges in HDFC Bank Account lots of Charges in HDFC Bank Account lots of Charges in HDFC Bank Account

Dec 21, 2017

Hdfc ceedit card DISAPPROVED

I applied for HDFC Credit Card and got Reference No
: 17121413689020SG
got all verification done at my office and residence too. I got multiple calls at office too for verification. Today got checked in HDFC Link showing track . Application Reference Number mentioned above Status DISAPPROVED. Hdfc agents met us for Credit Card at my office and we never gone to HDFC for the same. Executive called and we given all papers and verification. As per RBI GUIDELINES I want to know the Reason for Rejection as it placed a hard enquiry in my CIBIL report. My CIBIL was all clear and i got personal loan too. I didnt find reason for rejection, Please suggest me what is next process. And where exactly my application got disapproved. Hoping positive response.
Nov 16, 2017

OneAssist mfee

Dear Tuan,

Greetings from OneAssist..!

We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you & appreciate your patience.

We are unable to find any details, requesting you to kindly share the customer ID or registered mobile number.

Should you require any further assistance, please reach us at [email protected] or 1800-123-3330.



Team OneAssist.
Nov 15, 2017

OneAssist mfee


I have recently got a Credit card ending 7100 and has been debited Rs.1440 for the activation of OneAssist M- Wallet protection, which I don't subscribe and is out of my knowledge.

Request you to kindly cancel WalletAssist Power Membership, Relationship number: 2961682, Plan: Power Individual, Customer ID: 73521122 and also kindly make refund at the earliest.

Mob: 7291941447
Email id: [email protected]

Nitin sharma kumar
Sep 24, 2017

Provident fund fully withdrawal at the time of my resignation

I would like to inform you that myself Nitin Kumar Sharma employee code 170542 has resigned from the post of CSO at Karol Bagh branch(1317) on 3rd may 2017. At the same time we have applied for fully withdrawal of my deposited provident fund as well as experience letter. 120(4months)has already passed but I have not get any such amount in my account or any confirmation regarding it.

There is so much requirement of my fund but nobody helped me neither pick any phone calls nor given a response of my mail till now that is fully harrassment of employee.

I again request you to kindly transfer my provident fund in my salary account as soon as possible

Nitin Kumar Sharma

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