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HDFC Credit Card


Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Credit Card

Mahesh Tambrallli
Jul 18, 2019

Request for NOC

Hello Sir

Please send me a Copy of the "NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE" for the Settlement that was done on my HDFC Bank Credit Card# (############ 1412)

I would also request you to please clear my Name from CIBIL as the settlement was Successfully Closed in a Triple (Three) Payment .My Details are mentioned below

Credit Card Number: (############ 1412)
Poornachandra apple
Jun 14, 2019

HDFC credit card outstanding

Good Noon ,

I have HDFC credit card , i have taken 20000 Instant loan on this card and 12 month tenure to close the loan, i paid 12 installments after this HDFC team need to close this outstanding but they don't reduce this outstanding , i contacted to HDFC customer care service there is no update on this , i sent mail to [email protected] there is no update .

after the one year they applied the late charges and increased outstanding extra 20 000 + more , i really worried about this services and process.
Nithin Johny
Mar 27, 2019

HDFC credit card - Fraud foreign transaction, bank charging to the credit card statement.

I am using a HDFC Bank credit card.
On 26/2/2019, I received a SMS on my mobile, for a transaction of Rs. 9061.90/- at CMHK PP Refill, which was not done by me.
Immediately received a call from HDFC Bank customer care from Chennai aksing this was done by me.
Informed no, they blocked the card.
When I asked how the transaction was authorized without OTP, they told it is a foreign transaction and OTP is not required to authorize.
Few other transaction attempts followed, but since the card was blocked, it was not successful.
I send them a credit card dispute form, to reverse this transaction.

HDFC Bank complaint number : HBL=055-652-304
After a month of investigation, HDFC told this is an authorized transaction and charged to my statement, and I need to pay this amount.
This card was not stolen, and the card number or CVV was not shared with anyone.
HDFC still haven't informed, how this card information was stolen, and how can someone use my credit card details for this transaction.
Could you please investigate, on this matter.
Attached e-mail transactions with the bank, dispute form send to the bank, SMS received for the transaction.

HDFC credit card - Fraud foreign transaction, bank charging to the credit card statement.

Krishna Chaithanya K S
Mar 22, 2019

Unauthorized Deduction of Amount

Dear sir,
My HDFC CREDIT CARD has been debited with Rs.1976 on 20 MAR 2019 for the Activation of Service Called ONE ASSIST which I never requested for. The same happened in the 2018 too, I have complained about this they have said that Next year that means in 2019 for this transaction I will get a call to AUTHORIZE for the service bur couldn't get the call but they have activated and deducted amount from my account without my permission... Please Help me in Rolling back the service and refunding the amount in my account.

With Regards
K S Krishna Chaithanya
contact : 9700999125

Unauthorized Deduction of Amount

Jan 17, 2019

Deduction of money from my credit card without information

I own HDFC international dine card which i had taken last year, while applying for this card HDFC bank associates have clearly told me that there will be no annual maintenance fees. Now after one year they have deducted 2500+400(gst) as maintenance charges. During deduction i didnot get a single email or message about the deduction. This is really an unethical thing which they have done. Without giving an acknowledge to customer they have deducted money and they have mislead me while applying.

Please address this issue as soon as possible and please refund the money which you have deducted.
Jan 2, 2019



I have purchased something worth 12000 and now want to convert it to Smart Emi and I did it through net banking , there it showed me option for 6 months EMI and I proceeded further the same. But then at the acknowledgement page it showed me error like " Request cannot be processed as requested amount is greater than the transaction amount". I tried calling toll free numbers so many times but I am unable to get any solution as none are responding.


Dec 24, 2018

Cancellation of OneAssist Enhanced WA Privilege Single Plan

I would like to canel the OneAssist membership with my HDFC card with relationship no.5943585 providing Enhanced WA privilege Single Plan and would like get back my debited amount of around 749/- from my HDFC account.So kindly please deactivate this OneAssist facility before proceeding any further.
Oct 2, 2018

About credit card Application progress

Sir I submitted my credit card Application via application no CC38437373 on 12 September 2018. On 14 I got 1 verification call. After that no verification call till now no message. What is the status of my credit card Application. Sir please help me. Please confirm the status of my application.
Vineet Singh
Sep 26, 2018

Credit card statement not sending with correct card number and adding interest and fine to balance money: complaint number :052-058-847


My name is Narayanaswamy M from bangalore, DOB 19-aug-1988. I took HDFC credit card few years back and at the end bought one iphone. I was chosen for 9 months EMI option. before ending the last EMI around RS-3300 , i lost card and requested to block it. later , I started getting statement with new card number but i neither requested not took new card. I called credit card department and informed many times about the issue but they are saying they cant send new card if customer not requested, But then why assigned new card and asking for payment ? Now since i told i cant pay for new card, they keep putting the fine and interest. I went to my home branch and raised the concern, even they are not ready to solve the problem. I am feeling very bad about the HDFC customer care and they are not at all justifying why they have assigned new card number and why keep adding fine for their mistake.

Please help me to solve this issue and come out of HDFC pain asap. complaint number :052-058-847

contact : 7411607453

Thanks in advance,
Narayanaswamy M.
Mary Rani
Aug 23, 2018


Richmond circle branch

My self Rani Mary J, My credit card no.XXX XXXX XXX6975 ,[email protected]
Approx 4 months ago I had hot-listing the Credit card after all outstanding cleared.
The settlement amount was taken on Feb 2018 for 35,000, where have I cleared the first installment for Rs:- 15000/- paid and I cleared the pending 20k in the 2 months i.e 10k and 10k to the bank. In three months I have cleared the card settlement. As per the letter so I paid the same amount to them and got the settlement letter and receipt.
I am getting a call from HDFC credit card collection agency harassing me and my parents, they do call from different number & harassed me which could further lead to a losing my social repute
I want to know that I haven’t read anything about this harassment in the terms & conditions while giving the credit card. When we take the services, they remain very polite and then suddenly their colors changes and they keep harassing. Without even checking the past records of the client, they keep on harming our social repute.
Now HDFC bank is saying that this settlement is pending for Rs:- 37660/- to settle again for which i am completely disagreed and told them I am not going to pay a single rupee for this credit card.

This is the very bad customer service. Now though I got free of charge credit card I will be
not using the same. I have never seen Customers from any other bank so ill-treated to this extent. Such worst behaviors of this agency people.

I will wait to hear you this otherwise I will also be forced to legally against you through RBI as per Indian Constitution.

Thank you in advance
Rani Mary J
Aug 9, 2018

dispute amount 6999

The transaction amount incurred/authorized by me is for Rs.__ 6999____ but I was billed for Rs.___6999_______. (Attach copy of authorized chargeslip) june month statement
Aug 8, 2018

Tried to use my credit card by posing as HDFC staff

A person from the following number - 8744839798 called up saying HDFC card is facing some problem you will get OTP now please share so that we can reissue a new card to you. and from behind i got failed transaction messages as i did not give OTP and blocked my card. They tried to use the card on PayU to the named account "Sri ram soni".. Do check and forward the contact to police before they try to do damage to others.

Tried to use my credit card by posing as HDFC staff

May 11, 2018

not able to generate IPIN

I am trying to redeem my reward points, from my HDFC Net banking each time directed to me https://netbanking.hdfcbank.com/netbanking/
And asking for User ID and IPIN. I am giving the same User ID that I am using for credit card net banking and for IPIN (Password) giving the same password that I am using for credit card net banking. When I am submitting it is showing
The Customer ID/IPIN (password) you have entered is invalid, please try again
If you wish to register for our NetBanking Services :
Click here to generate the IPIN (password) instantly.
Click here to download an e-Age Banking form. The completed form can be submitted at the nearest branch.
I am trying to
Regenerate IPIN using One Time password (OTP).
again it is asking for User ID.
after giving the user ID I am choosing the option
Authentication with One Time Passwords (OTPs) sent on your registered Mobile No., and Email ID.
then after entering the captcha I submitted
and each time it is showing
We apologize, but this facility is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.
please provide me solution asap.
Apr 7, 2018

Amount Deduction without Intimation


MY CARD NO. ############ 4408.
MOBILE: +91 9731492489.
[email protected]
Apr 4, 2018

Automatically started one assist services and deducted money

Deactivate OneAssist
OneAssist Consumer Solutions Private Limited,

I have opted to use an HDFC Credit card, but I found there have been deduction of “ONE ASSIST” money every month (automatically debited from my HDFC Credit card ending with 8863), that I haven’t opted to subscribe for the One Assist, so kindly stop doing this and I am not paying the money, that I haven’t made any use of it. Pleases deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted (Membership fee, Monthly fee etc.) charges immediately, as earlier as possible.
Waiting for the deactivation & money refund. I shall be very thankful to you.
Mar 16, 2018

Deduction with out my knowledge

I did not get any call to activate this one assist membership, automatically amount got debited from my HDFC Credit card ending with 4151

I don't want to activate this One assist plan.

Please deactivate this service and refund my money.

Please deactivate this service and refund my money or else it ill be taken to major issue i am sure about that
and your call center service is worst service in this world they don't know the customer details if i ask they are telling after 48hrs they will tell is this the way you people are giving the service to the customers worst worst service
without informing the customers you people are deducting the money this is illegal i am sure i will raise a complaint in consumer court

Jan 22, 2018

Worst service

Hi Team,

With reference to the request number 18022224199, I called HDFC customer care and requested to convert my complete transaction into EMI, which I was doing before, but sudden they told me i don't have EMI option to convert(Which I was doing before). at the time of card activation no one updated me this EMI conversion option is a periodical offer,now RS 34,147.sat on my head , which I can't pay in single shot, which is a high burden to me. please dont make me to fall in tense and burden.if it is a know thing i would have been taken care on all.

Kindly look into it and help me to convert the amount into EMI on Priority.

Thank your
Jan 9, 2018

Deduction of money without notice


Without any consent from card holder, HDFC deducted for plan activation.

I did not get any call to activate this one assist membership, But one assist M fee of RS. 1617 is automatically debited from my HDFC credit card ending with 7505 on 28/12/2017.

I don't want to activate this plan and why you guys are forcefully activating this One assist plan.

Don't activate this kind of subscription in future without any knowledge/consent.

In view of the above, I request the HDFC team to refund the amount of One assist M fee of RS 1617, otherwise cancel my credit card and please refund the amount.

HDFC account with the following details:

Registered email: [email protected]

Registered mobile no: 9043067070

Alternate no; 8148148994


Saad hannan

Deduction of money without notice

rekha reddy
Dec 18, 2017

un authorized tranzaction

My name is: B Rekha Reddy.
Cell no:7829952923.
Please check this transaction. This is a fraud transaction done by hackers. Please check this transaction as soon as possible. Transactions info like this

Rs.5000.00 was spent on ur HDFCBank CREDIT Card ending 5848 on 2017-12-18:17:57:13 at GOOGLE *akhlesh paswan.Avl bal - Rs.15830.00,

B. Rekha Reddy
suhas hebbare
Oct 31, 2017

Credit card payment

we count not ascertain the status of your transaction from the gateway.however,we have recorded your request and shall verify details and try again.

My account debited with 55000 but not sent HDFC credit card payment

When it resolve please solve

TXN reference number JUTI5776921024
Oct 23, 2017

non receipt of credit card starement for october2017

i have not received credit card statement for hdfc card no################ for month of october2017 .need support urgent
Chandra Shekhar T
Oct 16, 2017

Deactivation not doing


I am Chandrashekhar using HDFC credit card, intial time they told no annual fee for credit card, but after 2 years they started annual fee without any communication.
I tried them to deactivate my card but they not at all responding, then after 5 months again I started to use because they already put the fee and I payed the same ( this happened in 2015)

Again I told them to deactivate the card and they told from 2017 it will be deactivated. But again they put annual fee in April 2017 and I tried to call customer service but no response. Meanwhile I not paid the bill from April 2017 which I am not using the card from long time. Pls help me to come out from this.

Kalluri Abhilash Reddy
Oct 9, 2017

Credit Card


When i will get credit card i had applied & submitted all documents on Tuesday,12th September-2017, till yet its showing in process. please acknowledged me when i will get card.

Best regards,
Kalluri Abhilash Reddy
Shaikh Mohij
Oct 3, 2017

Credit Card


When i will get credit card i had applied & submitted all documents on 20th sept, till yet its showing in process. please acknowledged me when i will get card.
Sep 30, 2017

fraudulent transaction

On 28/09/2017 i have seen a fraudulent transaction which was happened using my credit card for the payzapp wallet which is not authorised by me. on same day i only done 20000 not more than that. Also, hdfc credit card levied an amount of 500 as a fine which is not acceptable. so could you please investigate further and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

fraudulent transaction

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