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HDFC Credit Card


Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC Credit Card

Aug 2, 2016


This complaint is against HDFC credit card on the charges of burglary.

The charge is that my credit card has a benefit of accessing the domestic lounge. When i asked the service provider to provide me the access, they informed me that this particular service has been discontinued. On multiple attempts of having a response form them about how have they informed me regarding the discontinuation of this service, the customer executive replied me stating that the intimation had been made through statement email.
When i went through previous statement emails, nothing had been intimated, however, it had been mentioned in all the emails that the facility of lounge access is available with my card. When i shared the screenshot of my statement email, the customer executive came up with a built up story that lounge access service has been restored. Now how can such a service be withdrawn without intimation and restored suddenly on sharing my statement?

I seek the proof of how have the customer service executives intimated me!

Manika Chhabra
nazeer khan
May 2, 2016


I am paying bills before due date but HDFC Charged me 572.50 Rupees. in credit card bill by name of : "FIRST YEAR MEM FEE INCL ST & SBC" this card is worst. This card is free for life time than why company charged me for it.pls clarify why this has been given. Also mention on what basis this amount is defined.

Please revert this.

nazeer khan


Amit Sharma1223
Mar 28, 2016


HI sir,
My Name is Amit Sharma

I have applied for HDFC credit card, I have received my application reference number, and also received verification calls to my number 8983834591, and all verfications done.
Now the status of the credit card at the HDFC site is showing as "Disapproved" with remarks as follows:-
My HDFCBank Creditcard Appln CC26054915 Ref 16031917122570W2

My ph no. 8983834591

Please suggest me what is next process. And where exactly my application got disapproved.

My email id : [email protected]
Phone : 8983834591

Please let me know where exactly my application got disapproved.I am getting 19000 salary even my friends got credit card with less salary.

Thanks & regards
Amit Sharma
Mar 7, 2016

Over Charged and Need refunded


I am kaleem M Pathan

I have Paid the Overall Charges on my credit card but i was charged over and the late fees of RS 700 And the Finance Charge of Rs 5120.99 service tax Rs 814.93 .

I have dropped the check in the Bank drop box of Hdfc on 20/7/2015 .
And the check was cleared on 28/7/2015.
And my due date us 24/7/2015
and there was no week offs nor Traditional holidays .
It was the mistake of the Bank .
And i m not responsible for that

Please revert me asap.
Feb 10, 2016

HDFC credit card agents Priya and Anjali fraud

I am posting this to tell about the customer dissatisfaction of HDFC complaints.

BookMyshow offer for 1 with 1 ticket offer for HDFC times card has been changed around August 2015.

After August 2015 this offer was not available but i received a call from Agent between October 2015 and December 2015 to take HDFC times card with 1 with 1 ticket offer, however this offer was not available from August 2015 was not available.

I again and again asked about the surety of this offer, even i asked for the process of availing this offer. Agent named "Anjali" said visit bookmyshow, you will get one link to register you card for this offer. I visited link but didn't find any link. I called back and then Agent named "Priya" recveived call and she said that "Anjali is not in technical team, so mistakently she must have told you but once you receive Credit Card, you will surely get the link to register card for 1 with 1 ticket offer."

I said "my friends are having same card but they are not able to use".

Response from Anjali was "SIr, The card which we are providing to you, will surely have this 1 with 1 ticket offer"

I again confirmed from them that will i surely get 1 with 1 offer as i was going to take this card only for same offer, she told me that surely i am going to receive this offer.

But after the card delivered to me on December 2015, i didn't get this offer.

I called Anjali and Priya many times. They stopped receiving my call.

and once Anjali received call and again i was told another process for getting 1 with 1 ticket offer(which is not available from August 2015).

I registered above given complaint(complaint no. 16015535747).

I received call and i was conveyed each information regarding my card clearly but i wanted to take action regarding those Agent named "Anjali" and "Priya" and asked to return my credit card membership fees bank as i had taken card only this offer.

When last call was received by team, i was told that surely some action taken will be taken but still no action has been taken.

Finally my request was closed by replying only "We observe from our records that you have been contacted by our official and clarification has been given on the query raised".
B swain
Dec 2, 2015

Bill Issue

Hello Team,

Kindly check the concern as I made the complete payment as per my usages but HDFC debt team debited the 1347.72/- on Nov 2015 form my hdfc bank so please help us on priority.

Card Holder Name : Bidyadhar A Swain
Card No : ############ 1981
Registered Mob : 9595454322
Sep 1, 2015

Fradulant calls regarding Creditcard

I got call from 9211110854 and the person told me that he is calling from MasterCard Visa Card service department. He then gave me an eloberated plan for Rs.6999 which would get me 2 packages for a year, and other benefits etc. At the end when I quarreled with him to give me details of his company and how he got my number, he hung up, and now I am unable to call him. Later I checked it's definitely fraud.
Doe John
Aug 25, 2015

Fake calls in the name of HDFC Credit Card

Today i got a call from +91-9266611053 saying that it's a verification from HDFC Bank credit card as some services are activated on my credit card. The lady on the call were asking me about my Credit Card number and other details.I refused and asked her to reveal here identity but she denied to do so and disconnected the call. Now i am trying to call on the same number but not getting any response.

Some one should investigate these fake. Either HDFC should protect their customer's bank details from getting public or the Government should take necessary action against the criminals.
Jul 26, 2015


Dear Sir,

I have taken HDFC Credit Card in 2008 adn was stationed in pune till 2011. Due to personal problems in family i have relocated to Hyderabad in 2011. Now the HDFC Kanjur Marg Exe.Mr.Prashant Desai has bee calling since last 2 days and asking to asking to settle the account immediately. I am repeatedly requesting him that i am not in a position to pay the amount for settlement for the time being. He is not ready to listen and is continuously calling on the landline number. As parents are aged 83 and 80 and are diabetic he is not ready to listen and keeps on calling on the LL number. Yesterday again i had requested him that i am not in a position to pay the amount and i am not doing my job then he tell i do not know any thing i want Rs 15000/- by today else i will file a case against me.

Please help.
Jul 16, 2015

HDFC credit card sucks!

I was very desperate to buy credit card as I have to gift something to someone really special. Being a salary account in hdfc I decided to go with hdfc credit card. Salesperson Mr. Raj from Pune told me that I should go with titanium card. I asked him the limit I will get on the card , he says atleast thrice or twice of your salary. So I go fr it. When i received the card, I got only the limit same as my salary.I called this guy, he was so hopeless, he dint talk properly nor solve my issue. Hell with this card. I told him to take back the card as it is of no use to me. but all in vain! very pathetic service HDFC! You can do anything to get customers! SBI is better than you I swear. Hopeless and very disappointing service! Groom your salesperson. They are very rude . Hell!
Jul 11, 2015

fraud call

Received fraud call at 1.43pm on 11th July'15 from Credit Card Service Department (mob no 9211110854) asking for details on card including cvv no...
When I refused to provide details the person started using abusive language.
May 24, 2015

Application Reference No

Hi Team,

Myself Siddheshwar Bansode and i was applied for Credit Card and also all formalities as like address verification, company verification, document verification, telephonic verification has been done in last week Friday but still i am not getting my application reference no. So share my application reference no asap. If you share the same then i can track the status of credit card online.

Awaiting for your positive reply.

Application No - CC23010239

Thank you in advance.

Warm Regards,
Siddheshwar Bansode
May 8, 2015

Unnecessary Finance Charges Applied

There was a simple query (mentioned below) asked by me to HDFC Credit cards division via mail to "[email protected]" on 26 March, 2015. But till date I haven't received any revert on it expect an auto generated mail mentioning the complaint no. (HBL=029-114-989 & HBL=028-997-514) stating the information which is totally irrelevant to the query raised by me.
Even am not getting any mail id for next level of escalation.

On 4th March, 2015 I had called customer care and asked that after paying how much amount would my coming statement would show dues as Nill (Zeros). So as per his reply I had paid Rs. 75,831.02. But this months bill has been generated stating dues of Rs. 3,438.00. So please let me know the reason of this discrepancy. Also please send me the breakup of this Rs. 3,438 (please do not send the statement reflecting on site). For the time being am paying this amount but after your reply and investigation if there's any discrepancy I believe I would get refund of this money.

Please help/suggest.
May 4, 2015

Very Bad Service from HDFC Credit Card Section

Regarding credit card payment, No email statement , no SMS from HDFC Bank regarding Bill payment and Bill details. After so many calls to customer care, they have not sent the statements. After due date they just call and tell the amount with late payment fee. Customer care staff is very irresponsible, arrogant and give rude answers. They do not help you in case of any query.

Please do not go for HDFC Credit Card even if you get it free of cost; if you don't want future headaches.
Really the worst service...
Er Manojkumar Sachdev
May 4, 2015

Disapproved Credit Card

I have applied for the hdfc credit card and also received sms from hdfc bank and address verifcation is also done. Then still the my credit card is disapproved.

My Refrerence No: 15042719745950W2
Application No: CC22311888
Feb 16, 2015

Docket Not Delivered

HDFC has sent my card on dated 5th Feb 2015,But still it was not delivered because HDFC has sent at our office address but you are delivering at our room we already informed at Blue dart customer care i.e. please delivered it at our office other wise you returned it to Bank but we are not getting any response from your end. So please look at this issue and try to delivered it at our office address with in 24 hours.
The given number was not connected.your delivery time
72 hours..
Kindly check it.
Jan 13, 2015


To whomsover it concerns,

I am an existing customer with HDFC and was using Credit card number: ################ two years back when i was residing in Delhi. Due to my marriage and relocation i received call frm customer care excecutive regarding the payment, after making the payment i asked them to close the card. Some how when months later i checked my email i found the card is still active and has been suspended due to some reasons.

I was not aware of the CIBIL Rating as well, however i got that thing settled and when i wanted to get new card issued my application has been rejected saying old card was suspended and all those reasons.

Could you please tell me when i am following up since past 8 months i am not getting any proper resolution. There is no outstanding on my old card. Now also another application
15010719852010W2 has been disapproved with similar reasons.

Could anyone let me know how to resolve the issue i am facing because of the careless attitude of your customer care executive.

Somya Vajpayee
Ajit More
Dec 12, 2014

Refund and Conversion of EMI

Hi HDFC Team,

1) Refund of my credit card bill payment:
I mistakenly paid the bill of my HDFC Credit Card twice. Immediately I called to customer care and updated to them about this issue. They told me that you will get your refunds ones the transaction is commit. So I called them after two days and now the customer care representative said that I we cant refund your money because it has been adjusted to your outstanding amount.
But I don't want that amount to be adjusted so I requested to them for refund and they refused that.

2) EMI Conversion of amount:
I purchased one phone from amazon worth 22000 and I forgot to convert that in to EMI. So I called them and told them to convert the amount in to EMI. First the committed that they will do EMI conversion. After two days when call them they told me that your previous amount which I mistakenly paid for my credit card bill twice has been debited with your actual 22000 amount.
i) The first representative told me that you have to do one more transaction from your HDFC credit card then only it get converted in to EMI. I did the transaction of 1550 and waited to commit new transaction.
ii) When I called next day they told me that your outstanding amount 17500 and it can not be get converted in to EMI. So I asked her why its can't get converted. she told me that this can be converted only when the amount 22000 else not. she suggested me to do a purchase more 5000 of goods then only its get converted.

I am not able understand each representative has there own suggestion. I requested to have call with senior HDFC guy. They told me that you will get call with in 24 hours from are senior consult but I didn't get that call.

This kind of a service form HDFC credit is not good and we cant complaint also and we didn't get reply also from them
Dec 4, 2014

want to settle the dues of hdfc card

Hi have hdfc card 4346 7810 1568 3626. On my name micky salve i have npt pay minimum due of last 3 month. Hdfc has block my salry ac i dont have momey to pay in one go want convrt the dues in emi but bank is not given the opttion. And not even ready to relese my salary ac am ready to pay 6000 cash now rest amount plese help me to take emi option from bank i dont have any pther income source aprat my salary and my family also dipeding on me. ...please help to reaslove the issue and help me to relese my ac as i dontt have any money my emi of bike gone from tht ac and loan has taksn form hdfc only becose of my bike emi also will not go and thay will chage me ....i already ask forr emi when my amount due is just 28000 but hdfc has not give due to outsantding has gose high ....my contact number 7043750980 please call me i dont have my mail asscess everytime .....

Micky salve
Sep 4, 2014

close my hdfc gold credit card

I have no due remaining and send a letter to the hdfc credit card office chennai to close my hdfc credit card. But still my credit card havenot been closed. When i have call the customer service they say my signature mismatch. I am fed up with this. I want to close my credit card as soon as possible.

card no: ################
contact no:7800527118
sai vani
Mar 11, 2014


hi dis sai raghava i have a credit card of ur bank while i am swiping credit card it shows decline why what is problem
Gourav Batra
Nov 29, 2013

Credit card disapproved.

I applied for credit card in hdfc,all the verification is done successfully, but in credit card status it is showing your credit card is disapproved.
They dint mentioned any reason for that,so i want the reason why they disapproved my credit card as soon as possible.

Gourav Batra,
[email protected]
Jun 25, 2013

Sales team fraudsters


I want to raise complaint against the fraudulent services offered by HDFC bank for their credit cards. 2 employees of pune team , Purvi and Ajit (9970244866) were involved in this

I was contacted by Purvi in June last week and she promised me the titanium times card free of cost saying it is an exclusive offer for cognizant employees.
She pleaded that she had to achieve her monthly target so I should take the card immediately.

I had specifically told her that I am ok to take only the titanium times card and do not want the platinum plus card. She agreed and committed that the card she is offering is the titanium times card .

Her colleague Ajit visited me to collect the documents and once again when I asked him the same question he said that the platinum plus card has now been stopped by the bank and he is providing the titanium times card only.
I asked him to provide the benefits of the card over mail and he said that he will do so , but he did not respond back even though I called him and reminded him repeatedly.

Meanwhile he submitted my documents and now when I have received the card it is a platinum plus card , which I had specifically said that I do not want.

Ajit is now not responding to my calls and when I asked to speak to Purvi or his manager he is disconnecting calls.

I spoke to their manager Sachin (7276629384) and he first agreed that it is Purvi’s mistake but not he has completely washed his hands off and asking me to deal with customer care.

I have been placing requests to cancel the allocated to me, but there is no response on that also.. every time I ask them to cancel the card they say only option is to upgrade and go for higher card.
This is a fraud bank and the employees are trained in cheating innocent people to achieve their targets.
May 3, 2013

HDFC Credit Card Cancellation

Hi My name is Shashwat. I need to cancel my credit card ASAP.

I have paid the entire pending amount which was due for full and final settlement. The total amount which I paid was Rs.25195.01 and I want to cancel the credit card with immediate effect.Yesterday I called your Service Manager Ms. Ritika Makwana for Final Settlement and cancellation of this credit card but she appeared to be busy and she told me that she would be calling me back. However she never called me back and when I tried calling again on her number then she did not pick the call.
My query reference number is 13102300404

I hope that no further bill will be generated for this Credit Card and the Card is deemed to be cancelled with immediate effect.

Expect a prompt response on this.

Shashwat Upadhyay
[email protected]
Feb 6, 2013

Added more money (3000) to the credit bill.

Hello Sir,

I have purchased a laptop in EZONE shop Pune, Using by HDFC card .
From merchant side there is a option that EMI with 0% of interest.
But HDFC bank is added all tax and 1% interest also.
Please take an action on the bank.

Thank you
Santosh Hiremath

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