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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC

Sep 19, 2020

Cancellation of one Assist MFEE membership

I am a HDFC bank credit card holder . The bank has auto debited Rs. 1899/- from my credit card number ending with 9648 without my concern on date:07/09/2020. I am not interested about this service and don't want this One Assist MFEE membership any more. So cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs 1899

Gona Prashanti
Gayathri mahadev
Sep 2, 2020

Transfer amount from old to new food card

Want to transfer old food card amount to new card
I had a HDFC food card and the card is lost so I have applied for a new HDFC food card. I want to transfer the amount left in my old card to the new one. Please guide me with the steps to be taken for the same.
Jul 1, 2020

OneassistMfee (unauthorised transaction)

OneassistMfee (unauthorised transaction)
I am a HDFC bank credit card holder . The bank has auto debited Rs. 1899/- from my credit card number ending with 2393 without my concern on date:04/06/2020.

I am not interested about this service and don't want this membership any more. So cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs.1899/- otherwise file a case at district consumer court.

Name: Sindhu
Contact: [email protected]
Jun 7, 2020

changed the rule from AQB to AMB (average monthly balance) without notifying me.

I have HDFC account simply because I had my salary account with this bank. After I left the company I haven't used it in 2 years and they have changed my account type. I was never informed about it via any mail/call/SMS from the bank and now when I logged in again to close the account, my balance is in minus. I was never informed about the change in account type and their T&C about maintaining AMB!

I was surprised to see negative rs balance and the amount I had in that account was also gone, when I asked customer care about it they said this new rule was introduced a few months back and there is nothing they can do about it.

This is completely unfair!
May 31, 2020

Cancel and refund unauthorised fee in name of One assist MFEE

I am a HDFC bank credit card holder . The bank has auto debited Rs. 1399/- from my credit card number ending with 0708 without my concern on date: 30/05/2020. I am not interested about this service and don't want this One Assist MFEE membership any more. So cancel the membership and refund this debited amount of Rs.1399/- otherwise file a case at district consumer court.

Prashant Sharma
[email protected]
Dec 31, 2019

HDFC and their unrealistic penalty charges

I had my salary account from HDFC bank and continued to process transactions even after I left my job. For the past 21 months I didn't have a chance to use my account for any transaction. As a result they started deducting the penalty amount from my account. I had Rs. 573 in my account initially which they deducted. I want to close my account and henceforth thought to paying the penalty amount of aboit RS.1200 as mentioned in my net banking 3 months back. Yesterday I saw the amount have increased to Rs.3692.77. There is no mention of what and how the penalty has been calculated in my account statement. Now I don't want to pay a single penny after this incident.
My account number is 50100149448196.
Nov 12, 2019

Rejection of valid address proof and Miscommunication

Reference to :'HBL=061-423-384' Address Update Request'

Dear Sir,

I am an NRI customer of HDFC living in France with customer id: 43678641. I made an address change request through net banking in mid-October to update my overseas address. I have provided a valid telephone utility bill for the last month as address proof. The telephone utility bill is an acceptable document for overseas addresses and is listed is the HDFC valid list of documents.

Now its been almost a month my address is not updated and I have not been given a valid reason why this address proof is not excepted.

I am very unhappy with my relationship manager Mr.Prateek Batra, he has been miscommunicating to NRI services and to me. He has created a lot of trouble. I have some WhatsApp text which I can share to prove how badly he has handled this situation.

I would request you to change my relationship manager and please tell me how can I update a simple overseas address.

If my address is not getting updated in a week I would prefer to close my NRE and NRO account with HDFC. I will also escalate to my company HR and would strongly recommend avoiding corporate accounts with HDFC because of bad service.

Hope you understand the situation and help me out.

Customer Name: Amit CHOUDHURY
Customer ID: 43678641
Account Number: 50100069379905. (NRE Account)
Account Number: 24021510000181. (NRO Account)

Nov 1, 2019

Balance of my account is in negative

My account was salary account. When I left the company I was unable to use the account. It's nearly about 2 years. And the bank charges me rs.5700 for non maintenance of account. How could the bank do this I m unable to pay any kind of this amount to the bank as I am not in the condition to pay. Bank should automatically close my account if my account was not active.

Name: Nasir Ahmad
Bank Name: HDFC
Branch Name: Sector 62-Noida
Noida X Uttar Pradesh
Account No. 50100218473231
srinadh reddy sadhu
Sep 24, 2019


Dear Sir,

I had opened HDFC bank account in Bangalore in the months of march 2018 for getting salary,amount has been credited for few months after that i quit the job and moved to some other place and i had not use HDFC bank account, now i am doing job in hyderabad one of the corporate office and they used to issue HDFC salary account only,then i moved to HDFC bank and i have explained the all this and they said the amount is -7800, i was shocked and asked the concern person they said if you want to use HDFC bank account again you should be pay -7800 rs even i didn't aware about this fine.And nobody told me to maintain minimum balance,even i have canara bank account and there was no rules like that.
shall i pay the fine amount to activate? please help me on this even i have called to customer care million times but nobody responding properly,kindly help me on this.


Registered mobile number: 7702970208.


Srinadh reddy sadhu.
Sep 10, 2019

Cancellation of Insta Jumbo Loan

Cancellation of Insta Jumbo Loan
Dear Sir,

Complaint given on : Mail on 20.08.19 and 27.08.19 noresponce to your end and all ready courier to letter also in favour of The Branch Manger on 14.08.19. to address The Branch Manager, Hdfc Bank Ltd, Card Division P O BOX # 8654 Thiruvanmiyur PO Chennai 600 041

Sub : Cancellation of Loan

Ref: Insta Jumbo Loan Account No 0000000000049442165

With reference to the above we wish to inform I am a customer of HDFC Savings account & Credit Card holder having no ############ 6377.

With using the internet banking yesterday, I erroneously clicked the offed of Insta Jumbo loan on my credit care, and i I have received a loan amount of Rs. 300000/- credit into my savings my savings account on 13.08.19.

I request you to cancel the above loan amount and request you not to charge my bank charges on the above closure.

Thanking You
Yours faithfully

Jul 21, 2019

HDFC bank salary account to saving account without informing.

HDFC bank opened my salary account and haven't inform my about their terms and conditions.
Now my account is in negative and they haven't inform me about the maintainance charges and they are saying to pay these fake bills.

Mail id - [email protected]
Rahul Roy
Apr 26, 2019

HDFC Fraud with me

Dear Sir/Mam
My Name is Rahul Kumar ,my account is in hdfc candolim branch goa,account no. Is-50100209133341,my account is not secure in your bank,dont know how i got a mail from your bank regarding bank loan repayment that is auto loan that has not taken and utilize by me and even I m not aware about this fraud but ,m getting repayment mail from hdfc bank,on that mail loan account no. has mentioned.is 54814289,i know its done by hdfc and there staffs itself ,so many times i tried to share my issue to hdfc staffs but there staffs behaviour was not expected very poor experience with hdfc so its my humble request to you short-out this major issue as soon as possible otherwise i will have to take legal action against hdfc and there concern team through court and consumer forum,before few months its happened once regarding credit card that i have nt taken bt was often getting repayment mails and calls from bank,so kindly look into this matter as soon as possible,otherwise i will take major action against you and your bank.

I shall be very thankful to you..!

[email protected]
Mar 16, 2019

HDFC Bank sanctioned a loan of Rs.155000 against my credit card without any confirmation and maximum time my personal account operated automatically

Sir, This is Deepak Kumar (Mob.-9062940460, [email protected])HDFC Bank a/c holder (Cust. Id.- 63958662, A/c no.- 50100116851378). I had open HDFC bank a/c in 2015 as max saving account with HDFC securities a/c. When I was trade in equity script in 2015-16, I saw your bank automatically sold my holding shares and that time I was found our Vedanta ltd. shares approx. 400-500 shares sold automatically. And that amount not receive till now. Approx 10 months later, I have changed my max saving account to Classic Account in that case my saving account changed to non-maintenance account but still you have charged me rs.700 rupees every month for non-maintenance charge. And few months later, bank have automatically changed my classic account to again max saving account i.e. in maintenance account without any confirmation/inform.
At that time I was in financial problem, so I was decided to close my account but my small shares holding exist in demat account. That’s way I was decided to share my account details to my friend Arindom Patra (Mob.-9563565848) and after that he was handle and continue with my hdfc account service. After that I have used my credit card only. But few months later HDFC bank authority was called me and they have told me, you have taken loan of Rs.155000 against your credit card. That time I was shocked, and ask how is that possible? How can give you loan to any other person without my permission. Earlier, when HDFC was offered me pre-approved personal loan of Rs2.55 lacs three times, but every times loan offered rejected by Branch manager and executive due to IT files.
After that, I was trying to contact my friend but still not reachable. Again, I was trying to contact HDFC bank customer care for sanctioned authority name please and tried to talk directly, but still HDFC Bank not provided any name to me.
After that, my credit card was blocked by HDFC Bank in sep.2018 .

HDFC Bank have taken action without any permission/information :
1. Sold my many intraday and holding shares automatically, that’s reason I've faced many losses.
 Till I’m not getting approx. 400- 500 shares amount of Vedanta ltd.
 Till not getting 200 bonus shares of script name don't know (check statement details, that time price Rs.142/share)
 Automatically sold my 18000 shares of Avance Technology Ltd.
Without my permission changed my Classic Account to Normal Max Saving Account
 Three times rejected my pre-approved personal loan of Rs.255000 due to IT files, which was directly pre-approved by HDFC Bank.
 HDFC Bank was charged approx rs700 per month many times for a/c non-maintenance fee
 Without my permission/documentation/confirmation/physical acceptation sanctioned loan amount of Rs155000 against my credit card. Why hdfc bank provided loan against credit card amount was directly credit in my saving account instead of credit card?
9. I was received mobile sms from name of HDFC Bank to buy 2000 shares of Sawaca Business Finance Ltd. @24. Because of this, I have lossed approx 42k in that shares.
10. In 16 Feb. 2016 HDFC Securities was sold my all vedanta ltd. holding shares automatically @73. I have lost big amount in this script. After one year price hike from @73 to @360.
11. I wasn't receive total credit limit of my credit card of Rs.120000. I have receive Rs.112000 credit limit of my credit card. I don't know rest amount is where.
 Without any confirmation HDFC Bank was blocked my credit card in Sep 2018.
 Without any reason HDFC was charged me over limit fee on my credit card many times.

Latest automatically actioned by HDFC Bank
14. An unknown number(25485081) updated automatically on my HDFC Securities account on 08 March 2019.
15. A fake Insurance policy generated automatically by HDFC Life on 11 March 2019, which has Policy No.: IF000119 UIN: 101N005V05, Scheme no.-PM000216744 with mentioned unknown mobile number (8486478144) and unknown address (B-121 sector-5, Noida, Delhi NCR, Delhi-201301).
Why, and what nonsense going on? Why HDFC Bank operated my account automatically. Please investigate and refund my all deducted amount which was deducted automatically in last three and half years and revert my all losses amount which was operated by HDFC Bank.

Sir, I don’t know what should I do.. I have no enough amount to pay my loan amount. Please investigate and verify my complete issue and give me suitable resolution.
Definitely I will accept your given resolution feedback.

Yours’ Faithfully
Deepak Kumar
HDFC Cust. Id- 63958662
Feb 19, 2019

amount not credited to sbi Beneficiary

Amount of Rs 5000 is deducted from my HDFC account but not credited to beneficiary account. I have waited for 5 days but still the scenario is same.
Saianki chatterjee
Feb 8, 2019


Balance in my account got deducted towards my credit card payment without any notice . Now my balance is in minus and I need to make my other payments . They have deducted above Rs. 55000 and now my balace is Rs. -51884 . Kindly assist me with the same.
Rashmii Sudhakar
Feb 6, 2019

Deduction of balance

I opened hdfc in Bangalore during internship because I was said it is zero balance account and I completed my internship and I'm now studying in tamilnadu..They deducted 600rs as maintenance without informing before hand the need of maintaining minimum balance...as a student how can I maintain 10000 balance .please look into it
suman nandi
Jan 24, 2019

Fraud call

Just now got a call from the number 9910402718 (claiming to be HDFC Bank) asking me about two wheeler loan and addressing me as Mr.Govind Gupta.

From True caller the number is showing to be from Delhi.

Please take action against this number ASAP.

Suman Nandi
Jan 22, 2019

Deduction of no maintain fee

My company open my salary account in hdfc bank in 2016, at that time we were informed that it is a zero balance account, now they keep deducting money even my account is not operational for over a year.they even send message that they will deactivate my account but didn't do so.. please see in to it.my account no is 50100125039197
karthik bandi
Jan 22, 2019



This is to inform you that HDFC bank debited amount around Rs 17,831.32/- from my account without informing me.When i checked my statement , it is showing withdrawl amount transferred to "FUND TRF DM-545964XXXXXX1385". NO transaction ID.

I tried to call HDFC bank, but no response.

My account number is :50100064710564 ,Bangalore HDFC BANK

Please some action againt this issue..

Nov 19, 2018

HDFC NRI ACCOUNT Penalty charges and Customer services are sensitive to the issue

This is a year long issue with HDFC.

i have Requested to change my existing account with HDFC to NRI account.
But they haven't updated the account properly and did not receive my welcome kit.

Some technical issue with Bank on sending Welcome Kit to my location. ( This is HDFC bank issue and why they are keep on deducting the amount from )

its some much frustrating and wanted to close the account but HDFC customer service are pathetic in handling or solving my issues

Without evening sending Welcome Kit, they have keeping deducting my account and it is around negative balance of 8000 where my existing 5000 were taken away as penalty

Hi Sajeesh,

Sorry to say this.
I am extremely disappointed with HDFC and going through the bad experience with them.

I have requested to

1) convert my existing HDFC account to NRE account

2) create new NRI account and

3) update my phone and address details to US address and phone number.

issue :

1) the account is still showing India address and phone number
2) i have not received the welcome to this new account

how in vain, I will maintain this account and have the minimum balance if I have not provided with login access and details.

HDFC customer care is so pathetic.

HDFC NRI ACCOUNT Penalty charges and Customer services are sensitive to the issue

Pritam Ajmire
Oct 16, 2018

Demat account opened without my knowledge

This is to inform you that, you have opened my Demat account without my knowledge, kindly close the account and refund my amount of inr 619.50 on 11 Oct 2018.

DP Account number -39753906
Name - pritam ajmire.
Sep 28, 2018

Incorreclty charged for CASA installment

Incorreclty charged for CASA installment
I was charged rs. 1000 by HDFC bank under 'Installment Pay transfer from CASA. - 50400124316470'. Respond ASAP.

Sep 14, 2018

One assist HDFC complaint

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm Using HDFC debit card. I was going through credit card transaction and found that deducted the amount of 1899 from my credit card without my permission on 7 sep 2018.

Kindly cancel this plan and request you to refund the amount of Rs 1899 . Pleases deactivate ONE ASSIST membership & refund me all the deducted amount.This is unacceptable that you deduct amount on name of one assist MFEE without customer's info. If it happens again i will cancel my card.

Kindly, refund my amount or i need to make a complaint how you people debit money without customer information

Thanks and Regards
Anishabrata Dutta
Jul 22, 2018

Enrolled to One Assist membership without prior intimation

I am using HDFC Credit card (4893************0929) and I have been registered to One Assist without taking prior information of mine. In this regard I want to convey the message to your team to cancel the plan of one assist.

Don't enroll me to any such plans without my permission or else I will have to cancel my credit card..

Anishabrata Dutta
Registered mail : [email protected]
Jul 10, 2018

not providing card statement

Hi There,

We are requesting Credit Card Statement for my father's credit card but your customer care is unable to provide since my father who has his account with HDFC, does not have his mail id registered and no branch or no customer care can help us out in that.

We are in urgent need of the statement. Kindly help us out.

Customer ID-6076540
Statement Period:- Apr'16-Sept'16

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