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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC

May 7, 2021

One assistant fee deducted

Cancellation of one Assist fee on my HDFC credit card
I am HDFC account holder. And also using HDFC credit card with ending no 9122 .ONE ASSIST MFE of Rs.1399 in recent debit my credit card .i am not interested in ONE ASSIST MFE . deactivate one assist Mfe membership and kindly refund my amount.

mobile : 9550075706

EMAIL : [email protected]

Vishnu kv
Apr 20, 2021


It's 28 days since my account activation. I have been trying all possible ways to get in touch with the bank. Already there is a lot of complaints, It's extremely disappointing to run behind the same thing daily. Nobody is taking any responsibility. Extremely frustrating.
Jul 31, 2020

Welcome kit not received

It's been almost 2 months since I opened my salary account, I haven't yet received my welcome kit.
Jul 8, 2020

Worst experience with HDFC smart pay for post paid bill

I got a call from HDFC executive for smart pay facility. HDFC executive activated the smart pay option for my post paid bill. I received message on 07/06/2020 that smart pay has been activated for the post paid bill. The bill has not been paid till now. Pls deactivate the smart pay facility. Because of you, y should i pay fine for the bill.

Worst than expected.

[email protected]; 9886762533.
Jun 3, 2020

Mi Revenue hold through GEFU


My bank Account : 50100242693745

mirevenue hold through gefu, Last month the 4 or 5k amount deducted from my salary account.. Now my account is in Negative balance 4,147/-. In this crisis also bank people are charging/deducting. Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

I need to stop my all payments through ACH or NCS or others.

Please stop the automatically payments..

Jagan Mohana
Mar 8, 2020

Charges for AMB

I hold HDFC salary account after i left the company there was automatically account was converted in savings without notice ,there was a charge of 1416 for AMB charges though i have made transactions of 30 k in each month when i contacted customer care there started telling i understand ur concern sorry for inconvenience nothing can be done as i got message stating 600 was debited twice for each month and 708 was actually debited she told it was GST 18 % was charges on actual charges . Hdfc bank is really cheating its customers i really had a worst experience with my credit card charges as well.

Aug 3, 2019

Remove Smart Pay

HDFC has the worst customer care support. I tried to contact them through this number "08061606161" got only voice instructions to check balance or to block card but there is no option to talk to customer care executive.

Tried to contact them through "18002664332" after waiting for a long time got chance to speak to customer executive but unfortunately it is debit card department. I even requested him to connect me to concern department but he refused.

Did all the research and called all the available numbers still same thing happened, wasted almost half a day on it.

Kindly let me know how to remove "HDFC smart pay" with credit card login since I do not have savings account in HDFC.

Or Kindly remove it from my credit card ASAP .

email: [email protected]
Aug 1, 2019

loan balance transfer and disbursed without consent

I was talking to hdfc through one agent. they said 12.5lakh is possible i sent documents through mail to check the eligibility.
i had previous 2 loans so they said they can do balance transfer and some amount will be disbursed .. i said NO.
i dont want BT as my 2 loans having less ROI and already covered 2 years so they are going to close soon.
new loan i was asking was about 2-2.5lakh they said they can give 2.5lakh i agreed then they said you open new account for this loan separate account so i said ok no problem. new account was opened and next day they disbursed with balance transfer no confirmation was given no talk no email no paper signed for the loan. they did everything their own. or there is one possibility they singed papers themself becuase they asked two times for my signed passport/pancard i sent on whatsapp/email.
or when the guy came for account opening there is slight chances something was there with him for loan but he did not tell me.
this is fraud and they should be charged with 420ipc.
let me know how to go further?
Deepthishree Kaushik
Jun 6, 2019



Please note that at the time of taking loan I had opted to ECS but even though submitting multiple time there is no action!

Due to ignorance of the bank my emi s all time going to the collection team!

Upset with such a reputed bank!

Jan 8, 2019

Negative balance

I have joined in a company, They gave HDFC as an salary account. But unfortunately i didn't join the company. After a month i went to close to that account. That bank staff behaved in a very bad way. She said we can not close the account.Come after a year. I was not knowing about minimum balance,Even she did not inform to us. Now my balance went to negative. What i have to do? it is an year and they charged -8K. very bad experience.
Yeddula Sailaja
Dec 14, 2018

Minimum balance in my salary account

I created my hdfc salary account more than a year back and after that i lost my kit also i moved out to another company and now i am using salary account in axis .Recently i got to know that in hdfc account i was charged with amount of 5000 rupees because of not maintaining minimum balance and including that i did not get any warning before.
Revathi Kumaran
Apr 9, 2018

HDFC Bank charged extra

Hello Sir/Madam,

HDFC Bank Credit Card # - XXXX-5610 (REVATHI KUMARAN)

This is complaint on HDFC credit card group. Intially when the credit card was provided to me it was clearly informed to us that we do not have any membership charges and it comes with zero fee. however, they had added the charges and statements were sent to us. We did make few purchases which we settled within the payment window so that we do not incur any additional charges. But each month the statements kept coming to us with an additional fee added to the membership amount. Our legitimate point was credit card was given to us with zero membership they why didn't they keep up the promise Enclosed copy of an email to provide you small input. Finally, when a stage came in to pick up a housing loan - this credit card team knew our lay man's plight and plotted us stating that CIBIL score will be affected if we do not settle the amount. The amount was a huge one when we settled just to get the cibil score cleared and housing loan to get through. Through some website i got this service, hence took the courage to write to your esteem organisation hoping i may get some justice. Please let me know if you need any further information / clarification. This is certainly way back time but if you can get some clarification it will be of great help and my sincere thanks for your valuable time and help in this matter. Thank you and with respect - Revathi Kumaran - [email protected] - 7899427992
Mar 12, 2018

Debited amount

Dear Customer

Greetings from OneAssist...!

We deeply regret the inconvenience cause to you. As per your request, we have cancelled your plan vide service request No. 2972208 & the refund will get processed in 7 working days.

Should you require any further assistance, please reach us at [email protected] or 1800-123-3330.



(Team OneAssist)
Mar 7, 2018

Debited amount

My mobile no. 9066517795
I have not activated for any one assist membership but they have activated without my notice and deducted money from my credit card. I want an immediate resolution on this or else I will raise this concern legally with my lawyer.

I will be available on the mobile no. 24/7 and need
Narayan Nani
Feb 5, 2018

Personal loan

I am existing salary account holder(customer ID 56678139)loan ref number 53119312 of HDFC and applied for Personal loan .I have submitted rental agreement as address proof and on request of bank i visited loan department in idiranagar banglore for some clarification needed by bank .they behaved like uncultured and treated me like fraud and insulted.i have raise a concern on this with HDFC help desk.no use of it ,iits useless.
however loan got rejected. But shock thing is they sent me a notice to visit the branch or they will charge me a processing fee. what a bull shit charge they are laying upon me without any proper reason.anyway closing salary account and transferring my car loan to other bank. worst est employee. they treat customer like fraud and MR Satish vittal who made me feel like threatening.

Jan 11, 2018

Credit card issues

HDFC bank initiated my settlement in October 2016 and there was no clear communication to pay settlement amount in 6 months, over and above there was no intimation from bank's end before cancelling the settlement. I was only told that I have to 2000 every month as per telephonic conversation. I was told when, I only started gathering information however, it was bank officials job. It's completely unfair to charge RS/- 30,000 because of non-receipt of RS/-2000 before March and I was not even aware that bank is cancelling the settlement.
Jan 4, 2018


Sir, I lost My money, From HDFC Bank Account. On 03/1/2018 I have not withdrawn an amount of any net banking/Debit card, But Amount was withdrawn 1)Rs.3000 in NOIDDA at APYTM1293914 on 2018-01-03:19:09:53. has been withdrawn from my account through Txn Not Available.
2) Rs.3000 in NOIDDA at APYTM1293914 on 2018-01-03:19:10:31. Has been withdrawn from my account through Txn .Not Available
3) ) Rs.1000 in NOIDDA at APYTM1293914 on 2018-01-03:19:10:31. Has been withdrawn from my account through Txn .Not Available
Above transaction has not been made by me Accordingly, tool free complain has been lodged and . But even after lapse of more than one week i didn't get any suitable reply . But even after repeated requests made by me in person or over phone i didn't get a suitable reply. Kindly intervene in the matter and may kindly do the needful to get my lost money.

I am doubting on the below mentioned the Mobile numbers,

8762203441 I lost My Pocket and when I was argue with them they said that I am not. Please do the need full
Gopala Krishnaiah N
Dec 23, 2017

unprofessional behaviour

Dear Team,

C ID : 71242158
Mobile Number : 9901688045

I'm getting daily minimum 2 Times calls from the HDFC bank regarding loan, says you are paying Cradit card bill on time, you are eligible for loan. I don't want to get the call from HDFC Bank for loan.

Please act& close the issue.

Thank you.
jayanthi Nachimuthu
Nov 4, 2017

Cancellation of ONE ASSIST & refund of money

Without any consent from card holder, HDFC deducted money for plan activation.

I dint get any call to activate this one assist Membership. But the One assist Mfee of Rs.1299 is automatically debited from my HDFC credit card ended with 6490 . Also, one credit entry is shown as Dial an EMI (Smart EMI) of Rs.1299.

Don't activate this type of subscription in future without my knowledge/consent.
In view of the above, I request the HDFC team to reund the amount of One assist Mfee of Rs.1299 at the earliest. In case of non-refund, I shall cancel my credit card and HDFC account with the following details:

email id:- [email protected]
mobile number:- 9715613981

Kindly acknowledge with a prompt reply.
HDFC Personal Loan Alert
Oct 30, 2017

Personal loan

HDFC is the worst bank which i have experienced this time, I personally say not to go with HDFC bank.

I have taken a Personal Loan from HDFC and the loan no is 49930616 from day 1 of the loan is sanctioned i didn't get any detail on my loan, by they expected me to pay the loan amount .

For ECS i have submitted my cheque but because of sign mismatch my cheque has got rejected , After that i have call the person who initially sanctioned / contact person contact no 9738029518 , she told she cannot recollect the cheque from me and i need to go Indira Nagar branch to submit the same.

she didnot get back on providing the detail statement on my loan .when i called here for statement she informed that she cannot provide and 2 to 3 times i have contacted she has told she will call back but she didn't do that.

After which i have dropped mail to concerned person for collection of my cheque as Indira Nagar is far from my office.

Meanwhile i have been asked to pay my personal Loan 1 st EMI by collection team which is the agency of HDFC as they confirmed and they where speaking on very bad terms.on speaking to their Manager (HDFC)

They confirmed that they will collect my ECS cheque but that is not done.

on Oct 29 , collection person with the contact no : 9741708779 send a whattsup message saying like i need my 2nd EMI also on ECS which i denied saying that u are cheating without giving my loan statement.

He also spoken rudely speaking very BAD words over phone , i have not faced such an worst experience from Any bank which is dealing with Guddos .Having their own mistake on not giving statement which they expect the customer to pay EMI.

I finally conclude as this is the very bad dealing how the bank operate with collection .
Oct 11, 2017

IGST charges cannot be reversed

Hello Sir,

My query is regarding IGST charges from HDFC bank on Credit Card.

My name is Vishwanath from Bangalore, i am holding HDFC credit card ending with 6525 and i have used the same in September 2017. Last date of payment was on 09/29/2017 and I have made the payment on 09/29/2017. In September, last week there were holiday may be due to which payment might have not realized by them on same date. So, for the same they have charged Rs. 750 (Late fee) + Rs.135(IGST) on 02/10/2017. Later they have reversed late payment fee of Rs. 750 on 03/10/2017.
When I called the customer care they are telling payment was realized late so the late fee charges were charged and reversed. But they are telling IGST cannot to be reversed, it is paid to the government.

I am not a business man, who can avail tax credit for the input tax & can avail tax benefit, I am a salaried person. My question is when I have not availed any services from the bank, why should I need to pay service tax for the same.

Please help me out on this query.

Thanks in advance.

Sameer S
Sep 17, 2017

Amount not received on my banck a/c

Hi today morning i have transferred money from payzap wallet to my hdfc bank account, but the money has not credited on my bank account pls rectifiy it ASAP.
When i tried calling custmr care nobody picking the call. Horrable expetiance , 2nd time it happend like this kind of issue

My registered number 8050040291
Email :- [email protected]

Amount not received on my banck a/c

Mohana Saha
Aug 22, 2017

amp charge- refund

I am Mohanafor this month in my account money is deducted in the name of AMA what is that actually going totally 710 is deducted for the month of July,June please refund my amount or else ill deactivate and go for another one.....
Jun 22, 2017

one assist memebership


How can one get charged when you have not opt for One assist Membership fee. On top of that I have not received the HDFC Credit card yet. Auto debit has been taken by One assist on 20th June 2017 without my knowledge. I don't want that ONE ASSIST Membership. So deactivate and refund my same amount to my credit card.

I also want one assist team to call me ASAP.

Card Number# :1715
HDFC Customer ID : 63595092
Mail ID : [email protected]

Thank You,
Naveen Bangera
Jan 11, 2017

money deducted

i was booking online bus ticket with my hdfc debit card. transaction was failed but money deducted. how can i get that money back.

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