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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC

Mar 5, 2020

Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating.

I have applied for my provident money because of urgent need ,which got transferred into my HDFC account on 18th Feb 2020 transferred amount was 10,676 from which Rs 8,566.64 was deducted from my account within seconds later I got to know Bank has imposed non-maintenance charge from March 2019 to January 2020 ,I never received any call ,message and emails during these time also when I tried to close my account on leaving my job not get proper response rather customer support team started telling me about thier new schemes.I wrote request mail to bank again and again because I really need that money but they didn't co-operate with me a single time I called in my home branch on the given number too but during office time the number is not reachable and not connecting either later they don't pick.It is against RBI guidelines to deduct charges and the amount is huge for me 8,566 which the bank is keeping wrongly I need my money back .So, please help me in this as a consumer it is my right to get help regarding this issue.

Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating. Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating. Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating. Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating. Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating. Deducted large money from account and on complaining through mail or call no team member is cooperating.

Nethravathi. SR
Dec 26, 2019

Not providing outstanding details

My name is Nethravathi.s I was using credit card from 5 years I want to know my outstanding to clear I'm unable to reach customer care as customer care service is not available on dis card tried many times but not able to get d information on my outstanding my Card has been blocked permanently I want to clear my outstanding kindly arrange a call from customer care r from collection team as soon as possible my number is 9148108171 mail I'd is [email protected] kindly help me out..
Nov 2, 2019

Negative balance due to dormancy

Hello Sir,

I had a salary account with hdfc last year but as I left the company the usage was stopped. Somehow they had made my account dormant and continuously charging money. They have charged 6000INR without even informing. I tried reaching to customer care several times but they do not receive my phone. Also when I went recently to bank(electronic city) they told please go and talk to marathalli bank. Please help me waive off this amount.

Rehnuma Altaf
Sep 30, 2019

Unnecessary deduction of amount from my hdfc account

I have not used my hdfc account from past last one year. none of any transaction has been done. I have not even informed that my account has been changed to saving from salary. Now they charged me -8000 which i m definetly not going to pay for it. looking forward for help.
MD ameer5888
Jul 31, 2019

Invalid Customer - Customer is not authorised for this operation

Invalid Customer - Customer is not authorized for this operation
Net banking dashboard shows as Invalid customer - Customer is not authorized for this operation but I am getting amount credited in my account. Kindly advice what needs to be done
Jul 15, 2019

They are demanding to pay more money for maintenance whn I asked them to close my account


I had a salary account with HDFC bank which got converted to saving account after I left my job.
I had to settle back in my hometown due to personal reasons and since then I am not able to visit the home branch where I had my account. I visited local branch and called customer care in regard of closing my account have non maintenance charges of Rs,. -3,600 as of now.

Please waive of the occurred non maintenance charges of Rs. 3,600 from my account so I can get this account closed.

I am not able to pay this amount as I am not financially able and as I have lost my previous job.

Account Number: 50100235188173
Customer ID no. : 114399354
Mobile no. :6360723488/ alt 7337639903
Kavya Umapathy
Jul 9, 2019


I am using HDFC account from past 1 year. My balance was RS.850 and today I got a message stating that they debited RS.600 for non maintenance. They didn't send any notifications about the non maintenance before, directly they deducted from my account. Now my account showing minus of RS.720, I really don't know how they calculated. This not good, unnecessary the bank charging without noticing. I am from middle class family, please do needful to get my Deducted amount back.
Jun 25, 2019

HDFC call from +91 44 6160 7475

I received a call from +91 44 6160 7475 and tells that recently I have used my credit card transition from facebook payment and asking to close my card & issue new card.
Later asking my other details like postal address, so found suspesious & didn't given any details.
Friends please don't get trapped for online fraud.
Don't give any details if they ask to close card.
You just disconnect & call customer care service no for further clarification.

HDFC call from +91 44 6160 7475

Apr 30, 2019

Fraud call followed by email

From: <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Apr 30, 2019 at 4:26 PM

Dear Valued Customer,

As a security measure we have requested your HDFC Bank card ending with XXXXXXX3657, to be reissued. Since we have not received your consent for card reissuance during our telephonic conversation, we would urge you to get your card reissued at the earliest. Please contact phone banking @ 61606161 for any further assistance.

Alternatively, we would request you to change your card PIN for security reasons immediately through NetBanking or at the nearest HDFC Bank ATM. Periodic change of PIN is recommended to avoid any misuse of the card.

Alternatively, you can also reach us on the following number.
Risk Intelligence & Control Unit : +91 44 – 24430133

Yours sincerely,
Vishnuprabu S K
Risk Intelligence & Control Unit
HDFC Bank Ltd

Fraud call followed by email

[email protected]
Apr 5, 2019

My Funds kept in Hold

Dear Team ,

WIthout any prior Notice ,HDFC Bank has kept my savings/balance on HOLD ,Every month 4th I have loan due payment ,to clear due on regular basis I used to transfer necessary funds into HDFC Bank savings account (50100074505268 ) with customer id 58882958 ,
my loan amount has been cleard but again they deposited back and kept complete balance amount on HoLD under HOLD FUNDS category .
If I'm not able to reach via phone/email due to my travel out of the country ,HDFC Bank didnt even sent any notice or communication to my Mail Box (internal HDFC Netbanking service ) .
Now I'm not able to understand anything if I look at my bank balance details etc .Please find below for more detials .
Im attaching complete screenshots of my netbanking details with transactions,closing balance etc .Pleas provide your help on this .
MAIN Available BALANCE it showing is :
Account No.
Available Balance
INR 472.99
######For the same account ,they holded funds and mentioned it as Hold Funds ,so now what I have to do with this kind of problems created by the bank to me ? Please help me on this ,as I have logged three complaints using Mail box service in HDFC netbanking .

Savings Account No.: 50100074505268 , KASAVANAHALLI

Name and Holding Pattern KOLLAPANENI HARISH (Sole Owner)
Balance 11,334.87
Hold Funds 10,861.88
Uncleared Funds 0.00
Overdraft Limit 0.00
Amount to be Swept In 0.00
Available Balance 472.99
Required Average Balance 0.00
Mandate flag for Mode of Operation N.A.

My CONTACT No :+61438282268 .

My Funds kept in Hold My Funds kept in Hold My Funds kept in Hold

Mar 28, 2019

Deduction of money from account without any reason

Hi, I opened a current account with HDFC last year. The banker told me that there will be a minimum balance of 50,000 for 2 months and after that, there will be no minimum balance. I agreed and opened the account.

Now for 2 months, they've deducted 3500 & 3000. When I spoke to the bank manager, he claimed they will be having a bank document with my signature that stated that I will have to maintain minimum balance or my money will be deducted. I asked them to show me the document with my signature. They said the document is in their head office in Mumbai, it will take 2 working days. I called them every 2 days, visited their office again and again and it's been 3 months, there is still no response from their side.

It's such a fradulent bank. Beware!
[email protected]
Mar 16, 2019

HDFC Bank sanctioned a loan of Rs.155000 against my credit card without any confirmation and maximum time my personal account operated automatically

Sir, This is Deepak Kumar (Mob.-9062940460, [email protected])HDFC Bank a/c holder (Cust. Id.- 63958662, A/c no.- 50100116851378). I had open HDFC bank a/c in 2015 as max saving account with HDFC securities a/c. When I was trade in equity script in 2015-16, I saw your bank automatically sold my holding shares and that time I was found our Vedanta ltd. shares approx. 400-500 shares sold automatically. And that amount not receive till now. Approx 10 months later, I have changed my max saving account to Classic Account in that case my saving account changed to non-maintenance account but still you have charged me rs.700 rupees every month for non-maintenance charge. And few months later, bank have automatically changed my classic account to again max saving account i.e. in maintenance account without any confirmation/inform.
At that time I was in financial problem, so I was decided to close my account but my small shares holding exist in demat account. That’s way I was decided to share my account details to my friend Arindom Patra (Mob.-9563565848) and after that he was handle and continue with my hdfc account service. After that I have used my credit card only. But few months later HDFC bank authority was called me and they have told me, you have taken loan of Rs.155000 against your credit card. That time I was shocked, and ask how is that possible? How can give you loan to any other person without my permission. Earlier, when HDFC was offered me pre-approved personal loan of Rs2.55 lacs three times, but every times loan offered rejected by Branch manager and executive due to IT files.
After that, I was trying to contact my friend but still not reachable. Again, I was trying to contact HDFC bank customer care for sanctioned authority name please and tried to talk directly, but still HDFC Bank not provided any name to me.
After that, my credit card was blocked by HDFC Bank in sep.2018 .

HDFC Bank have taken action without any permission/information :
1. Sold my many intraday and holding shares automatically, that’s reason I've faced many losses.
 Till I’m not getting approx. 400- 500 shares amount of Vedanta ltd.
 Till not getting 200 bonus shares of script name don't know (check statement details, that time price Rs.142/share)
 Automatically sold my 18000 shares of Avance Technology Ltd.
Without my permission changed my Classic Account to Normal Max Saving Account
 Three times rejected my pre-approved personal loan of Rs.255000 due to IT files, which was directly pre-approved by HDFC Bank.
 HDFC Bank was charged approx rs700 per month many times for a/c non-maintenance fee
 Without my permission/documentation/confirmation/physical acceptation sanctioned loan amount of Rs155000 against my credit card. Why hdfc bank provided loan against credit card amount was directly credit in my saving account instead of credit card?
9. I was received mobile sms from name of HDFC Bank to buy 2000 shares of Sawaca Business Finance Ltd. @24. Because of this, I have lossed approx 42k in that shares.
10. In 16 Feb. 2016 HDFC Securities was sold my all vedanta ltd. holding shares automatically @73. I have lost big amount in this script. After one year price hike from @73 to @360.
11. I wasn't receive total credit limit of my credit card of Rs.120000. I have receive Rs.112000 credit limit of my credit card. I don't know rest amount is where.
 Without any confirmation HDFC Bank was blocked my credit card in Sep 2018.
 Without any reason HDFC was charged me over limit fee on my credit card many times.

Latest automatically actioned by HDFC Bank
14. An unknown number(25485081) updated automatically on my HDFC Securities account on 08 March 2019.
15. A fake Insurance policy generated automatically by HDFC Life on 11 March 2019, which has Policy No.: IF000119 UIN: 101N005V05, Scheme no.-PM000216744 with mentioned unknown mobile number (8486478144) and unknown address (B-121 sector-5, Noida, Delhi NCR, Delhi-201301).
Why, and what nonsense going on? Why HDFC Bank operated my account automatically. Please investigate and refund my all deducted amount which was deducted automatically in last three and half years and revert my all losses amount which was operated by HDFC Bank.

Sir, I don’t know what should I do.. I have no enough amount to pay my loan amount. Please investigate and verify my complete issue and give me suitable resolution.
Definitely I will accept your given resolution feedback.

Yours’ Faithfully
Deepak Kumar
HDFC Cust. Id- 63958662
A/c No.- 50100116851378
Mar 14, 2019

HDFC wants to bite my whole account amount via adding financial charges

Hi HDFC Team,

This is to inform you I have an HDFC credit card with some limits in thousand. I have made transaction and also paying the amount with interest + interest. On 2nd March, 2019, I have made payment of entire pending amount and just de-register the card. Just for safer side no such extra penalty will be applied by HDFC bank. Because I have Credit Card of SO CALLED HDCF BANK, they applied PENALTY and notifying that some 200 INR as default penalty amount even I have not made any single transaction via HDFC Credit Card but bank applied EXTRA CHARGES.

On top of that HDFC BANK applied some N number of charges and send the statement with WHOLE AMOUNT. BANK should think that customer will pay only their charges which are comes under as mirror transparency. Customer are earning for their needs not to INVALUABLE EXTRA CHARGES. Entire payment was done in last month and still bank is charging extra FEE. why????

Unfortunately HDFC BANK Customer
Mar 7, 2019

Credit closer

Hello Team,

i closed my HDFC credit card January 2019, however i cleared all my outstanding payments and requested customer care to cancel my credit card. The card has been canceled and i received message now i unable to use the credit card also. Today i received a message and mail like i have to pay renewal charges. i'm not using the card why i have to pay the charges. could you please resolve this issue ASAP.
Mar 6, 2019

Taking all my money from account

I’m not able to use my card, not able to withdraw money and the amount is showing in negative even though I just added money to that card.
Mar 5, 2019

Charged Fine for AMB

charged Fine for AMB
respected Sir/Madam,

I have HDFC bank account(50100034576260) in Bangalore,Richmond circle. Which was not used for many days, when i have deposited certain amount then they have deducted more than 9000 rs for the penalty AMB.
If you could help me on this for getting my account balance back it will be great help.
mobile number=9652033563.account no:50100034576260

Kalidasu Rajakumar
Mar 5, 2019

Money deducted(9000) from my account for not maintaining min balance

Money deducted(9000) from my account for not maintaining minimum balance.i Did not know that I should maintain minimum balance.i want to use the account again..mobile number=9652033563.account no:50100034576260.please do the needful
Feb 28, 2019

try to close my consumer loan no one helping

I have raised for to foreclosure the loan and i have mailed for that i have sent request for that i have went to branch for that, but no one has resolved the issue and i have fed up of this. i have made a mistake that taking the loan from hdfc. To close my loan, i fed up of this people. No one is helping me out.
Shaik Simal
Jan 27, 2019

Threat from hdfc bank collection agent

I met with serious accident when I was rushing to office on joinning day for document submission, my financial situation has changed and I could not able to pay the credit card bills, I have informed the same to the collection agent when he came to my stay and I said that I will pay in next month, with in couple of days again they came to my place, I my absence they ask my room mate to give a call to me, he refused to do so as he was busy, they started talking abusing language, argument started, senior agent has started threatening that you peoples are non locals so be careful, and he is gonna look our end.

I came to know all these and I have given call to him and asked why he is doing all these, and he said ' he will come to my native' and disconnected the call, he did not pick the call after that

I dont understand what he is gonna do coming to my native, what he is trying to say, what exactly he means.

I am so much frustrated and scared what they gonna do and my room mate said ' the way they talk and their behaviour not less than rowdies,

Those two agents will be the responsible if something happen to us.

I am gonna Lodge a complaint in nearest police station about this submitting call recording and cc camera recording.

Never expected this from such bank, low class standards.

Stop begging people to take credit cards.

Credit card number:. ############ 6127

My phone number: 9000851841

Me and my room mate have threat from those two agents, that is the reason I am posting this.
Vivek Shankar
Jan 10, 2019

6400 deducted from my account after they clearly said its been waived off.

vivek shankar <[email protected]>
Wed, Jan 9, 11:45 AM (1 day ago)
to support

According to this reply from hdfc my hold negative balance was waived off. I decided to add 15000 to the account till i close it because i understood that if it was zero again i would be charged for non maintainence. I really feel its unfair that my money worth around 6400 was deducted yesterday as non-maintainence charges dating back to 9 months ago which was already waived off. I was not intimated at all that i cannot add money into the account or do any transaction in the account till i close it.

I have also attached the screenshot of the email below which says that the amount of 5640 has been waived off.

I request you to please refund the amount immediately as i am in an unknown city now with no money. I donot have any friends here for support neither family. This money deduction has put me into a lot of trouble now as i donot have any money for this month. This might be a routine for banks but customers are the one facing the issue. I am sure 6400 is nothing but its a lot to me. God forbid if i am in some trouble or difficult situation now, i don't even have money to put myself out. I hope you are able to understand the difficulties of a single person 2000 kms far from friends and family.

i have attached the mail of our previous conversation below.

Thanks and regards,
Vivek Shankar
Savings account no: 50100218822740

6400 deducted from my account after they clearly said its been waived off.

karthik battula
Jan 9, 2019

Personal Loan

Kind attn
Dear Sir,
My name is Mr. Karthik Battula personal loan Ref no.64118889.
Sir,we applied for the prsonal loan thru HDFC bank whose office is in bangalore somewhere this process of personal loan started about 8 weeks ago, one guy came from this HDFC bank and took signature on loan agreement along with that all salary slips and statements. after complete all this f...king process we are still waiting and requested for 1lakh loan we got msg from HDFC for application Acceptance. But nobody responding to me when i am asking my application status and about all the process going on.
r amarnath
Dec 28, 2018


this is regarding the issue for NOC of my credit card bearing number ############ 5019 which was settled in the year 2008 as per your records.
please do the needful
Dec 27, 2018

Amount deducted without notice

There has been a continuous deduction of money from my account without any notice or details. My account balance is now negative 3000.

My HDFC account was salaried account and I was told there is no minimum balance required to maintain the account. But now the account type has been changed without any intimation and a sum of Rs 5000 has been deducted without any notice. It is my hard earned money and I want it back, also I don't want to hold an account in HDFC anymore.

Please give me my money back and close my account
Susika Naidu
Dec 24, 2018

penalty charges

Hi Sir/Madam
I am susika from Bangalore I opened a salary account in hdfc bank but it's automatically changed as saving so they deducted non maintainance charge 1844 so I complaint in hdfc bank they said to refund the amount and you will get call from hdfc customer support within 2days next day I got call from customer support he asked to give alternate account number to transfer refund money so I gave after that he said our bank side charges to refund 78rs so he asked OTP no and I informed OTP no after that he said your account changed as a salary account after December 31 you check a statement refund will be credit and cut the call after that I checked a bank statement 22000rs deducted in my account through online shopclues purchase and I called him he switched off I was shocked it's huge amount for me I am a middle class family please help me and reply as soon as possible ) so I raised a complaint hdfc bank 20december so I got call 24 December from hdfc bank he said your amount not refund , because salary account changed as saving account so help me to refund amount 1844 and 22000 also
Nov 25, 2018

Amount got deducted recharge not done

I recharged my phone , amount got deducted but recharge not done.

Amount got deducted recharge not done

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