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Consumer complaints and reviews about HDFC

Mar 4, 2013


from march months I did withdrawal of 500 rs two times with hdfc atm then both time 2.81 rs id deducted ,i and not understanding what is this deduction .Its showing NEFT CHGS INCL ST & CESS but my account is salaried account .please reply me and refund my money also


Nov 6, 2012


Hi Yesterday it happened two misused transcations from my credit card.
credit card no : ################
hdfc customer id 22615411
phone 8904715755
Without my permission the last two transactions happened. Please take it on compliant and please do the needful.

Nov 6, 2012

Fraud Transaction on Credit Card

please do a complain at delhi cyber crine cell and mumbai cyber crime cell by REGESTER AD AT POST as i had done it, if many complain will go they will handle seriously. The address are below.
CBI Cyber Crime Cell:
Superintendent of Police,
Cyber Crime Investigation Cell
Central Bureau of Investigation,
5th Floor, Block No.3,
CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road,
New Delhi – 3

Cyber Crime Investigation Cell
Office of Commissioner of
Police office, Annex -3 Building,
1st floor, Near Crawford Market,
Contact Details:
Web site: http://www.cybercellmumbai.com
E-mail id: [email protected]
if u want u can call me 9913761777
Nov 5, 2012

Fraud Transaction on Credit Card

I have got the card blocked due to frequent fraudulent actions on HDFC credit card.

I have tried contacting the hdfc services for multifactor authentication, but it seems that multifactor authentication is not available.
Nov 3, 2012

Fraud Transaction on Credit Card

I have raised FIR against the theft as HDFC guys expect "7 working days" for cardholder dispute form to get accepted.

Surprisingly, I got the email statement today and the transaction wasn't hidden from there. In fact, the amount was Rs 92926.29
At the moment of fraud, I asked them to cancel the credit card. But, they issued a new credit card and charged extra Rs 3654.42 on name of various fees and taxes.
May 8, 2012

Courior not received

COURIOR FROM HDFC BANK WAS Dispatched on05/05/2012, till today ihave not received, please send me the status of it.
Apr 19, 2012

HDFC Credit Card

Issue has been resolved after 4 months and 3 business days. Thanks to Rajeshwari and Joshi Paul
Feb 13, 2012

HDFC Credit Card

Dear Customer,

We will look into the charges on your card and respond with a clarification on the same. We request you to write to [email protected] with your credit card and contact details, details of the disputed charges and the reference number TTU000419213022012. We will respond to you soon.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Aug 18, 2011

aqd charges

Dear customer,

We request you to write to [email protected] with your account and contact details, details of the debit (date and time) and the reference number TTU000358218082011. We will check our records and respond with a clarification.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Apr 7, 2011

Cheated Through Credit Card

Dear Mr Cheruvu,

We request you to write back to us at [email protected] with reference ID TTU000293706042011, ard details and your contact no. A bank representative shall contact you once we receive your mail.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Jan 20, 2011

horrible customer service

Dear Customer,

We have checked our records and confirmed that the said amount has been debited against Debit Card fees. We request you contact our designated customer service team or call our phone banking numbers with your account number and contact details for further assistance. You may visit the following URL to access information for the complete address and contact details of our Branches as well as our Phone Banking numbers: http://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/customer_center/customer_center.htm

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Dec 6, 2010

Customer id

Dear Customer,

You can refer to your bank account statements or your welcome kit for your Customer id. Alternatively you could call up our Phonebanking numbers to find out your Customer id.

If it is your Netbanking IPIN that you have forgotten you can generate a new IPIN online through the following steps.
• Click on the link 'Insta IPIN'
• Input your Customer ID number and confirm
• A list of HDFC Bank Debit cards that are linked to the Customer ID will be shown.
• Select any one of the linked cards
• Kindly input your ATM PIN & Expiry Date
• You will then be asked to reset your NetBanking password (IPIN) and confirm the same.
• Now, you can re-login into NetBanking using the newly created password.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Nov 12, 2010

Unsolicited calls

Dear customer,
At the outset we would like to apologize for the marketing calls you have been receiving. You can always register for our Do-Not-Call service to avoid such calls. Please visit the following link to register:


Please note that it may take up to 45 days to activate the service.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Oct 19, 2010

Mobile recharge not done

Dear customer,

Just a reminder that we still haven't heard from you. We request you to write to [email protected] with your account number, mobile number, the transaction date and id. Please also mention the reference number TTU00113607102010 in the subject line of your mail. A bank representative shall contact you once we receive this information.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Oct 7, 2010

Mobile recharge not done

Dear customer,

We would need a few additional details from you to investigate your complaint further: request you to write to [email protected] with your account number, mobile number, the transaction date and id. Please also mention the reference number TTU00113607102010 in the subject line of your mail. A bank representative shall contact you once we receive this information.

Regards, Customer Assistance, HDFC Bank
Prapulla Mohan
Jan 30, 2013


HDFC Team,
Last year I took the HDFC credit card no:################, along with I have taken health Insurance policy(ERGO) which I suppose to pay RS700 PM. I did not pay for 3 months then I tried to purchase some thing from my card then I came to know that the card has been blocked. When I spoke to Customer Care Executive they informed that since I was not paying the premium for the Insurance so they have deducted the amount from my card and blocked my card along with the heavy interest without my knowledge
I sent a mail to the Customer Service Team to cancel the Health Insurance Policy and also to check and rectify and unblock the card. They understood my request and they cancelled the Policy I got a letter regarding the same and they issued new card to me NO: ############ 8632.
Now I am using the new card and pay the bills on time.
When I tried to apply for a loan they have rejected my application stating that I have CIBIL issue with my Credit Card. I spoke to the HDFC bank representative he is not willing to help me in any way to sort out my CIBIL issue. Due to this CIBIL case it is affecting my personal and professional work.
Kindly help to overcome this issue and please do the needful
Please reach me out if you require more details
[email protected]
Thanks & Regards,
Prapulla K M
From: <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 5:55 PM
Subject: HDFC Bank Credit Card Overdue Status
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Dear Customer,

Re: Your HDFC Bank Credit Card # - XXXX-5538

It is observed that we are not in receipt of any payment towards your card account since NA.Owing to non-receipt of regular payment to cover even the minimum amount due,the credit card account has been invalidated from further usage.

We are unable to contact you at the numbers updated in our records to remind you of the outstanding liability and facilitate payment towards the card dues. Please provide your alternate contact number for us to update the same in our records.

Please also note that the the existence of your card account and details of any default/settlement that may occur or have occurred will be shared with a Credit Reference Agency ( Credit Information Bureau India Ltd. [CIBIL] ) and the same will be shared with other lenders and / or credit card issuing entities.

The bank has referred your card account to an authorized outsourced associate, who will initiate payment follow ups to remind you of the outstanding dues towards the credit card account. to avoid invalidation of your card account.

There is an outstanding of Rs.9,807.25 payable on your card account as on date.

Please do get in touch with our Debt management Executive at the following Number / E-mail ID for any further clarification.Officer Name: Nagaraj. B
E-Mail ID: [email protected]
Ph: 9379159107


HDFC Bank - Debt Management

Know more about us on www.hdfcbank.com. Connect with us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hdfcbank

Thanks & Regards,
Prapulla K M
BAS ESS WMG - Wipro Technologies| 7760622774|
“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies – Mother Teresa”
Nov 21, 2012

HDFC Credit imposed extra amount.

Hi ,

HDFC Credit Card imposed extra amount.

Pls let me know,how i approach consumer court.

[email protected]
Nov 6, 2012


I register one site for work from home option. i planned to pay the money through the online, but without asking the pasword the money is detected my accounts. again 2nd transaction happened without my permission at all. then i block the card.
I lost the money for first transaction Rs.3921 and 2nd transaction it is happened by Rs.2632.
I want to comlinat on this issue. Please make me the suggetion on this.
i lost the money , but i didnt get anything.
My contact number 8904715755. Please help in this case how can proceed.
Name : Kirankumar reddy polu
email id :8904715755
Oct 31, 2012

Fraud Transaction on Credit Card

On 29/10/2012 22:51, I received two SMS saying that my credit card has been used for transactions -
1. Frankfurt at Luthansa - Rs. 91,697.37
2. MRS BS Cupboard at Pekin - Rs. 110.96

Please note that there was no confirmation from me before approval of this transaction.

I confirm that these transactions are fraudlent and I haven't participated in any of these transactions. I also confirm that I have my credit card with me. On calling HDFC customer care, they blocked the credit card immediately but, asked me to fill cardholder dispute form and drop it in the given drop box (which I don't have receipt). I am not seeing any progress on this as this form is yet to reach Chennai and then investigation will start. They are even not ready to hide disputed transaction from the next bill.

Its a huge amount have lost my peace of mind and hence, reporting this complaint.

Oct 23, 2012

Credit Card Disapproval


Please note that i applied for HDFC Credit Card and got Reference No : 12101115840770S2. I got all verification done at my office and residence too. I got multiple calls at office too for verification.

Today got checked in HDFC Link showing track your card application. Found the reason as follows.

Application Reference Number

Please provide reason or else i will file case in consumer court.


Baidyalal Mahalik

Aug 15, 2012

Credit Crad issue


My Credit card number is ############ 8704.
This is regarding the concerned regarding my credit card which i had raised a long back but i have never heard back about it from HDFC.

First of all i was given Health Insurance Policy focrefully (which i never wanted) during the time i received my credit card. And moreover i was told that i'll getting some documentreceipt of the HIP which i can use for tax reduction that too upto 10,000/- rs. But as of now i have not got any letter or document from HDFC which i can show in my office. I have already contatced HDFC credit card customer care many times and raised my concern but never got proper response and resoltion of my problem.

Another thing which i would like to mention is i was informed that i just have to pay 6000/- rs as premium in a year for this HIP and for that i'll get policy insurance document. And i have already paid more than 6000/- as creidit card bill till now as still i have 4500/- rs. bill pending for this month.

I would also like to mention here that i have never used my credit card anywhere then also have paid credit card bills for 3-4 times in last 6 months. And that bill amount was nothing else but HIP PREMIUM only.

Can you please let me know how come a premium for an HIP can go beyond 6000/- rs which was supposed to be 6000/- only?

I had received a mail from HDFC payment reminder reminding me about pending bill. Another thing which was mentioned in the mail that i can contact Mr.Manjunath at [email protected] or call him at 9343977670. I have sent him a mail immediately but never got response. I tried calling him but most of the time number was busy other wise out of range. But i got a call from one of these numbers (08067648049 ot 08067332600) reminding me about my pending payment of 4596/- rs.. In that call also i had told them the same thing about my problem and also said that i'll not pay bills anymore if i don't get HIP proper documents. That guy told me that he'll get back as soon as possible but hasn't done so.

Finall, I would also like to mention here that i am not going to pay credit card bills (which is actually never ending HIP PREMIUMS) anymore and will surely talk to Mr. Parag Rao.

I used to think that HDFC is an standard benchmark for its servicespolicies to customers, but i am sorry and don't hesitate in saying that i was completely WRONG.

After 2 days back i got a response from Kavita from HDFC Credit Card department explaining some company policies. I had also reeplied for the same mail asking for some information but haven't got response yet.

It has become really frustrating to worj woth HDFC.
Jun 7, 2012

Not getting my Credit Card

I had applied for HDFC credit card in january 2012 .At that time they had collected all the documents.Due to some issue I did not get the card at that time so I again submitted docs(1 month pay slip,Voter ID ,Office Id xerox) in 29 may 2012.But After sending those document I did not receive call/confirmation till date.So either they should return all the document or give me a credit card.Please help me on this.

My HDFC Reference number : 11122916404620S2
Mobile : 7829828677

May 8, 2012

Courior not received

status of air way bill number ZB3752834
Apr 1, 2012

Mobile not Recharged


Hi i recharged my mobile for 55rs on this 30th March from hdfc account. Its BSNL, the amount debited immediately but mobile recharge not happend. What is the way to recover an amount.
The Transaction ID:0330201215394758890

Please help in recovering my money
Feb 10, 2012

HDFC Credit Card

This is really surprising and embarrassing that your team has never come back to me stating that I had to pay the due for the Smart Pay for M/s BSNL Untill yesterday. This was activated without even informing me and getting confirmati from me. Your attachments do not include the duly signed form, for smart payment from my end in December 2005.

1. What is meant by Merchant City in your credit card statement which has been attached and why is it reflecting as MUMBAI? (Image named 130_02052006 in the attachment)
2. On 18-03-2006 why is your credit card statement showing with the same Trxn. Ref. No 09999999980 and the Amount Rs. 547.00 3 times. on HDFC Credit Card no. 0004************4425
3. It is really the worst experience I have ever had in my life with any bank. I have transactions with quite a few banks for the past 5 years and there hasn’t been any kind of late payment or miss out or even cheque bounce or any other issues.
4. NOTE:- Its has been very clearly updated to CIBIL from your bank as on 30-11-2011 current balance is 3549.00 and over due and amount over due is 1180.00 now you come up with a strange outstanding amount stating 16708.93 In your email. How in the world could a customer be cheated so badly from a reputed bank?
5. Why was that for 4 years it was not disclosed to the customer that the due was from Smart payment which I never asked to activate and which was also deactivated without my knowledge. Why was there a wrong information provided to the customer in 2010 stating the credit card would be closed when I spoke to your customer care executive. It was also informed that it was only annual fees which were due and interest for the same was added.

Please find the below information and the supportive Bank statement in which it clearly states that in 2005 all the financial transactions were taken care by dad and the BSNL Telephone Bills were paid by Cheques of Bank Of India.

1. On 27th January 2006 BSNL telephone bill amounting Rs. 631.00 was paid by Bank Of India Cheque number: 50XX46
2. On 23rd March 2006 BSNL telephone bill amounting Rs. 547 was paid by Bank Of India Cheque number: 50XX48

Please do have a conversation with your service manager Ms. Janet Rasquinah. It would be great if you can call me and update I have been following up with your team for quite some time now. Finally I have to trouble my parents and get my dad’s passbook copy scanned and send it across to me. I am already upset that I am not able to contribute to my sister’s marriage and now I have to almost spend an hour to check 3 times a day for your update On calling your customer care number they have informed that they do not have access to check the status or any updates on reference number 12013255840 . I am running out of time which is very precious at this moment for me. Hope you understand the situation.
Please update my CIBIL record status as closed and change the DPD to XXX

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