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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hero Moto Corp

Jan 9, 2017

worst service

Dear sir,

I have pathetic experience with bhanu automotives in Hyderabad,
Few days back I have visited the above workshop for service, then they people took the all complaints related to the vehicle.
They are not done the work, which is received by me.
I have paid 3000+ rupees for service, they have to provide the good service.
Even they don't informed, either vehicle was ready or not.
They are not ready to pick my call also. Whenever I went to work and ask them for delivery, there service manager also not responding and reckless answer also. Finally I was delivered the vehicle without satisfaction.

The details are mentioning below,

Vehicle number : AP37CG4819
Owner name : sai durga rao s
Date of visited : 02 jan 2017.

Kindly check and revert back.

Thanks and regards,

binit ghosh
Jan 6, 2017

servicing worst

bike thik se wash karna bhi nhi aaata h kaisa employee rakhte ho aap log
bahar me jo serviceing karate hain wo thik hai 100 rs lete hain sab kuch thiik karte hain washing bhi kar dete hain vry nicely
but hero k servicing centre me jane ka kya fayda hota h
servicing me jane se milage increase hota hai par kaise wo ingine ko dekhte bhi nhi diesel change karne se hi hoga kya ?
call aaye mujhe sevicing karo lo nmber laga deti hoon for nmbr nhi lagana padega
servicing me gya to hour se bhi maximum tym lga diya aur washing bhi nhi kiya polishing bhi nhi kiya
servicing me kya pura din koi dega componey ko sirf washing and dusting k liye?
i m not happy with my first servicing

binit ghosh
Jan 6, 2017

not satisfy with the srevice

i recommended by your side to have a bike servicing. your representative call me on 4th of january and told me that wour servicing may take hour but i took more than 4 hour at MIhir Showroom in Aliganj
and the quaity of servicing is too worse not comletely wash no t carefully cheched the problem
they cannot resolve my problem at my first servicing
i m vry angry
if my mind feel stress then i will took sm strong step against service centre
i have listened by many people that service centre is not works properly
i need to prevent my problem by you
Jan 3, 2017

Engine Tuning issue in Hero Pleasure

After repeated visit at your authorised service centre for the same problem it is not solved yet.
Never expected such service from Hero.
Kindly help to resove the issue as soon as possible.


Asfak Alam
Dec 28, 2016

Good life reward points

Dear sir/madam,

I got my good life card and integrated with my bike chaises number, I completed first service, reward points not yet added in the good life card. Tried calling toll free number, but no response. Hero app is also not working properly " I am receiving server not respond error" Please check through that.

Dec 27, 2016

Authorised service dealer response reg.

I went today (27.12.16) to divine auto source Pvt ltd for second free service of my maestro edge. At the time of billing, he forcefully took forth free service coupon instead of second. When I resisted, he starts talking in a very bad manner and also warned me not to do billing today if I will say anything. Though I was late for second service as per service booklet record, but even as per company rules, he can ask for third service coupon and not for forth one. This kind of response from a hero authorised service centre is never expected.

Please take strict action against this dealer and also arrange to return one free service coupon as he had wasted my one free service coupon.

Vehicle no.DL1SZ5884
Avinash 0399
Dec 26, 2016


I sibmit my bike to service centre for accident al comp. He told me to return with in 2 daya but he return me after 8 day.no one listen the problem. One yoak change time is about 3 or 4 hr.time.no one have any responsibility. Please take needfull.
Dec 26, 2016

knocking sound from front shocker on road breaker

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am facing regular problem in my bike. I have purchased i-smart bike from sun motors, near H.A.L., Lucknow, (UP).

I complaint on 1st service. I went again after service for same problem.

I complaint on 2nd service. Still knocking sound from the front shocker after 2nd service.

It's not good for your company goodwill. Please do the need full.

Thanking you,
Suraj somavanshi
Dec 23, 2016

Lockset problam

Mere gadi ka 2 time lock set change karke diya h lekin fir wahi prblam gadi me h.muje gadi leke 2 month bhi nahi huwa or mujse lockset or CDI ka 5000rs liya h maine sab kaam hero fortpoint virar me kiya h or aaj wo kehte hai ki uska handle bhi change karna padwga.or uska paisa lagega.mai jab bhi workshop jata hu to muje kahte hai ki aaj nahi hoga aap kal aajaw muje.
Dec 22, 2016

Hero Ismart 110 cc

My name is kamlesh singh and my phone no. is 9166926283. I purchased a bike hero ismart 110 in the months of october-2016) from muhana motors muhana jaipur (Surya hero moto corp).
After my first service i was facing the sound problem from engine like (Kar kar). I drop the bike for repair and they charged from me as there is not my fault it was company problem. After receive the bike same problem comes in my bike and the kar kar sounds is too loud day by day. Also speedo meter is not working.

I forwarded my complaint (30-11-16, 01-12-16 & on 05-12-16) and also on customer support tollfree number. i did not receive any solution regarding that.

I want replacement of this bike as there are many problems seen and listen about this ismart 110 bike. From start of purchasing the bike i got frouds from showroom and hero company.

I request you to kindly see the case and solve it asap. I am very very disappointed from hero service.

Sound comes from engine after 15-20 days from purchased date.

Thank you in advance.

Kamlesh singh
Dec 22, 2016

mirror not work properly

dear team,

im perches xterm sport last year but bike is very poor quality engine continuously noise .mirror is not work properly this is very important issue but our showroom not response properly so please help me.

Name - G D Chaudhari

saumya ranjan biswal
Dec 20, 2016

worthless milage.not properlly done service

my has been two time service now but same problem happen .
your services man not properly work
Dec 17, 2016

Milage problem

Dear Team

My Name is Arup Laha I am from Bankura(west Bengal)I am one of your customer who has purchased a Hero i Samart Motor Byke from Soumick Automobiles (Authorised ARD of Dutta motors)Sorrom seals menaget give the comitment that you will get the mailage of 102KM/L( as per your fuel economical chat).I belive that that is not possoilbe so my expection was minemum 80kmpl but right now i am gettin 51 kmlp so it is worth lass milge.

More the three(3)times i have contact with ARD but they are unable to resolve my problem with proper sulation because all are busy other work and also all shoport gyse are not intrasted to give me the proper sulation because thay are all belong from locall garrage thay don't have any exprince but everybody wiring heor uniform.

No body know how to provide customet satisfaction so please help me and resolve the problem with proper Way.problem & next sepes are mention below.

problem details:

1.worthless milage
2.Front allow not set with tyre.
3.precilair sound.
4.self strat not working with singal tuch.

Threat details:
1.Second mail has come to your CEO inbox.
2.i need to nock cunsumer from door.
3.i need to be post this exprince at socil media.
4. create a panick sutition on hero merkate
tukuna ray
Dec 17, 2016

starting problem

I allready service 4time in 2month at jmg automobiles because of starting problem, but the problem is not solved, we face any time starting problem,
Dec 15, 2016

not properlly doen service

Hello I am Bhavsar Vinit. From Vadodara
I have problem reguarding service from hero kumar motors b/h Aradhana cinema Kothi Vadodara.
As per my discripsion they can not do service of my vehicle properly even they can not do service of my vehicle. They do only washing and repairing work. And only change the part which require.they do only repairing work. In service they can not do any thing except wash my vehical.
jolly jaat
Dec 12, 2016

mestro edge engine not good

Hero mestro edge have good style but engine is not good . I notice mestro edge engine not give best servise bcoz i have this. My mestro edge is 8 month old and 9000 km run but now the engine not work properly . This problem not only in my mestro edge this problem in every mestro edge.. So plz i request to hero moto corp plz change this problem..
Dec 12, 2016

Melody irumpanam automobile-Irresponsible in Service and dealing with Customer


Vishnu V.P.,
Mob : 09567077404
Nellimood P.O.

Vehicle details

Hero Hunk,
Eng no : KC13EFFHD00100

Dealer details

Melody automobiles,
Ph : 0484 278 2540

Complaint : Frequent air loss in front tyre and Melody automobiles irumpanam disregards proper service

Complaint details

My name is Vishnu and I bought a Hero Hunk motorbike (KL-07-CE-4316) from Melody automobiles, Irumpanam on 22-09-2015.

With in first 3 weeks there was an air loss in front tyre and Service head in Melody irumpanam told that it is due to defect in the paint between rim and tyre. I have requested a replacement of entire front wheel but they assured a repaint can fix the things.

But after 4 months again the same happened and this time Service personnel in Melody Irumpanam said the painting done last time by them was not proper and one more painting will fix the things.Again I was forced to proceed as per their stand

After 9 months again there was again an air loss and this time I have fought hard for replacement of front tyre highlighting the issue happened two times before.
But they turned down my request by saying now there is an issue with wall tube and I have to believe them as I have no other choice.A replacement was done for the wall tube and I was charged for the same.

Now after 14 months again there is air loss in front tyre.
In all the before cases I have to call some workshop men to fill the air and took the bike to Melody irumpanam service centre before complete air is being lost.

So this fourth time I have insisted them to come home and take my bike to their service centre.
But they are so rude and asking me to take a man from some other workshop to get it repaired.
The attitude and Service I got from Service personnel in Melody irumpunam is very bad as a customer which created a bad impression about the Service of Hero company itself.

I would request you to take immediate actions to get proper justice for me.

Vishnu V.P.
Dec 7, 2016

irregular response from jayarama automobiles, sarpavaram

I purchased a Hero Pleasure on 8.10.2016 at Jayarama Automobiles, Sarpavaram, Kakinada and took it for first service. While servicing they have not responded properly when my pleasure was taken to service today i.e., 7.12.2016 at 8.45 am. they said the pleasure would be delivered at 7.30 p.m. but it was not delivered upto 8.00 p.m. and they could not give proper information whether the vehicle is ready or not. the service centre has also not accepted through online payment/swiping machine and insisted for cashpayment. Due to demonetization no cash/change is available. It caused much inconvenience and worried because of closing time. The vehcile was delivered at 8.00 p.m.
V Pandya
Dec 7, 2016

Regarding service

I have given to my scooter for servicing at ranjeet hero thane but every time I have go 2-3 time to resolve the same problems after servicing. As last sunday while servicing i have given some of the problems which needs to be resolve but but they didn't done any work and given it to me back. They not done any work with my scooter and i am facing same problems again and again. So is this kind of services you providing to your customers.

Plz look into this... And revert
Vinod Pandya
Reg no. MH04 HG6212 (mestro)
Dec 4, 2016

service complaint

I would like to bring into your kind notice that I serviced Hero Duet scooter from Manas motors , vazhakulam p o,Ernakulam dist.Kerala.

I need to highlight the following complains I have witnessed while servicing the Vehicle

1. I gave the vehicle for 2nd free service & i was waiting there to pick up.I was watching when they were doing the work.My scooter has run only 1000km...They did only the inspection of my vehicle as per sevice manual.But after service they told me to pay 220rs for sevice.Actually as per service manual there is no replacement on 2nd service,then why they are charging from customers.When i started questioning they deduct the oil amount & told me to pay the consumables amount.I know that in my vehicle there is no need of top up,because it run only 1000kms.As per my knowledge the company is giving money to them for free service ,then why they are charging from customers.Even there is no consumables & oils, they are charging from customers...

2. As per there records i was supposed to bring my vehicle on 21/11/2016.But i brought the vehicle on 3/12/2016 for 2nd free service,because of this reason they took 3rd service coupon instead of 2nd.As per service manual 3rd free sevice to be done at 6000kms or 6months.Then why they took 3rd free service coupon.

I would request you to kindly look into this matter & do the needfull. I hope that you are aware that good word of mouth for the product and good services rendered increases the sales.So i am looking for your quick response.

Thanks & Regards,
Naiju k j
Dharmendra kumar
Nov 30, 2016

Manufacture defect, Replace this bike - Hero Splendor Pro

My name is Dharmendra Kumar (my phone no. is 9136202870). I have purchase Hero Splendor pro bike for last 11 months ( 08-12-2015 ) back and running only 12500 km. And day one we are facing the sound problem from engine like (kar kar)dealer says i complaint this issue to Hero moto corp. Showroom (M N Hero Amanpur -207241 Kasganj) in then he says "yes" its manufacture defect in some bikes we will try resolve this.but there was no response for this issue,So I would like to request you to please repairing my vehicle .

Thanking you

Shankar sondge
Nov 30, 2016

No passing and no rc docu process to 5 months

मेरा नाम शंकर सुभाष सोन्ड्गे है ,मेरी समस्स्या इस प्रकार है ,मुझे गाडी लेकर पाच महीने हो गये है (maestro edge ) ओर इस गाडी की पासिंग अभीतक नही हुई है ,ओर नाही इसकी rc मिली है ,बहौतहि खराब सर्विस है आपके deler की.
Saiedeep auto ajences (mohit auto ajences )ahmadnagr ,jamkhed.
I was complent to hero coustmer care and complent refrence no is ############.
क्या मै उम्मीद कर सकता हूँ की मेरी समस्स्या दूर हो जायेगी.
Dushaynt sharma
Nov 24, 2016

Manufacture defect, Replace this bike

My name is D.K. Sharma (my phone no. is 7060420073). I have purchase Hero (I smart 110 CC) bike for last one and half months back and running only 1600 km. And day one we are facing the sound problem from engine like (kar kar).Company says the average is 102 kmpl but my bike average is less than 50 kmpl, the i complaint this issue to Hero mot. Showroom (vikas auto) in aligarh then he says "yes" its manufacture defect in some bikes we will try resolve this.but there was no responce for this issue,So I would like to request you to please replace my vehicle n I will be pay the extra amount whatever would be the difference for new another bike of Hero.
Nov 23, 2016


Nov 16, 2016

Engine sound problem

Dear Sir,

I have purchase Hero (I smart 110 CC) bike for last two months back and running only 1600 km. And day one we are facing the sound problem from engine like (kar kar) but the service center people are not ready to accept.

And we are ready to return this bike. but Auto need showroom people is ready to purchase only 38 to 40 thousand only.

Kindly request you to halp me above this problem.


Manoj Bhardwaj


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