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Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

Andhra Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd

Feb 13, 2019






Sep 2, 2018

unprofessional behavior by HR and triners

Hi i was selected in sony process of HGS and my all round and documentation was done properly but after few day trainer had and i had issue as she was rude and unprofessional as she was pointing out only me and when i complained about this to my HR they had no conversation and after making long wait at the reception they told me not to come from tommorow without giving a proper reason and did not give me any written document and when i asked them about my document and termination letter they told me i will get after some time but still i did not get and HR and trainer is not giving proper responce also this is very unprofessional from a multinational company as it's employees are not good so the reputataion of company will also low
Mrs Anita jain
Feb 5, 2018

Poor management

Hello, my self Akansha Jain
i wont to complain against Hgs Indore there management was vary poor . All the manager's are Mennersless. And no one take action against him after complaining the associated even if any single employee do complain so they guys are using the manager authority by wrong way . and if we complain to Opration manager or Busniess Manager or HR . all guys are support with him either he was Wrong or not and only employee have pay for the complain beocous they attemp the wrong charges and forcefully employee have done the resign with wrong reason becouse if we mention complain againest manager in resignation they are not accepting this and say your salary will not come This Redeculus , And the Third Class Manager Name is "Mr. Brajesh Kumar Shah".
Jagdish daima
Jan 6, 2018

Torturing to the employees

Hinduja global solution is a third class company never listen the problem of employee and creating more issue with the employees.shibani baneerjee she is working last 12year along with royson Fernandes she also creating issue with agent and after that they are torturing agent and he or she left the organization.If agent is going to complaint HR nazmeen Hanna shaikh she is also supporting them only. Our government has to take strick action against them or closed the Hgs company.
Moit bharti
Dec 27, 2017

About my incentive

Hello sir/mam,
I was employee in your company HGS race course road Indore in idea Rajasthan process from last 1 years and my employee id is 168865 i would like to draw your kind attention on this problem I did overtime in may & My overtime salary should have come in June but in June my exam was going on & after exam my health was not good so in June month i was unable to go so my overtime should come in July but it didn't come & when i talk to my manager and he told me that in August month with salary your over time will Come but it didn't come then again i talk to my Manager and he said i will check your overtime salary status after he told me i will talk to our HR then i again asked him that what happened after some days he told me your overtime will come in September with your salary then i told him can i talk to our HR then he replied that i have talked to her.. You don't need to talk to her.. Then again in September my overtime salary didn't come then i told my manager then again he said same reply then i after some days i resigned in September then he told me that in your FNF everything will come but after my resignation my overtime salary didn't come and continue i talk to my HR she told me i will checked i will talk your manager then i will tell you after my HR told me i have talk to your manager and you talk to him..When i made to call my manager and he told me i will check your status and i will call you. you don't call me but his call didn't come then i call again to my manager then i asked him then he replied that i will tell you in evening and i asked him can i call to our HR so he replied if you will to our HR so she will tell you to talk with me after 2-3 days i again call to my manager then i asked what happened with my overtime salary status so he told me your overtime salary will not come and it will never come because it has taken to much time so now i can't do anything and i told that sir we have talk to Our HR so what happened so he replied if your overtime salary didn't come so what can i do..
Nov 14, 2017

Team lead torture

My name is Muzammil.A emp id- 175080
I am working in hgs chamundi towers from last 13 months. In ECHS National accounts team (High Point ) my lead (Primary Reporter) is Ravinder Reddy. I don't know what is the issue he had with me he started torturing me and he told me so many times to leave the job and the same thing he used to tell the team members about me by saying ask him to leave the job.
I wanted to inform to HR team but I was bit scared to inform so I left the job on Nov-07-2017.
Please help me on this issue
Emp Id 175080
Contact No. 8884053982/9742407070
Aug 1, 2017

Salary problem

I have worked there , due to some reason I have to came to my native place. I informed to my TL that I wouldn't be able to come, if any formalities that I can do it on mail, they didn't provide any information and they blocked my salary .
They don't have any rights to block my salary like this.
HGS people are ruining peoples life.
They are paying so less.
No procedure is told to me. No workaholic environment.
Lots of politics.
Very bad experience with HGS.
I ll never recommend anybody to work there.

Emo id_ 188664
[email protected]
Irfan shaik 72
Jul 1, 2017

About harrassment at workplace

Hi, i am working as a advisor in Hinduja global solutions, amar synergy, near sadhu vaswani square, pune, maharashtra,India. I had been harrassed at my workplace from past 2 months by a co-employee. I informed this to the manager, operation manager(Rajeev thakur) and to the HR department a month ago. But they did not take any kind of action on him. Infact HR(Anusha Wagh,prajyoti more) is telling that guy never harms a girl, after showing all the proofs of being harrassed. As per the companies policy if a person is being harrassed at her workplace, the person should be terminated without any explanation. But none of the superior authorities are not taking any kind of action. I was sexually harrassed and gone through mental depression. So i dont know what to do now. Tell me if the authorized persons are not taking any action and not supporting us then what can be done now. I will be very pleased if u help me in this matter.
May 11, 2017

Pay Increase/Rise problems.

I was working for HGS (previously Caroline Services) for just over 5 years. On one of the recent Projects I was assigned to, The Manager (Lemmy Chibuye) received several emails and another Advisor received several SMS TEXT MESSAGES from the Campaign Manager stating that the Advisor's currently on that project will receive a substantial pay rise in the region of £30,000 + per annum. We (the Advisors) received no support from any of the managers regarding this and we were goaded into thinking we would get this pay rise. Everybody was totally ecstatic as we thought "it's about time the company HGS did something worthwhile for thier workers. After investigation, it was found that it was a BLOODY SCAM AND THAT WE WERE NOT GETTING A PAY RISE and dude to that the advisors carried out some sort of 'Revolution' against HGS - Chiswick and decided to leave. What company does this to their staff and then steals it right back? What company gives false hope and then blatentely lies to their staff, and falsifying their trust. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and I just cannot believe I put my trust in such evil company. R.I.P HGS Chiswick.
Nov 26, 2016

team ledar torches

Hello sir

My name is Kamlesh Kumar patel my emp Id 165506 Indore m.p I am working from amazon process 6 month working ...Sir aaj last 6 month se mujhe koi leave nhi mili hai mene apne manager and team leader se bola ki sir mujhe last 6 month se koi leave nhi mili mujhe ghar Jana hai to 7 din ki leave chahiye to unhone mujhe saf saf mana kar diya or bole ek bhi din leave li to job se niklba dunga sir last 8 month se mai ghar nhi gaya to sir plz leave ke liye aap request kare jabki mene mere team leader se 1 month pahle he bataya tha mujhe leave Lena hai to unhone mujhe bola ki le Lena jab leave magi to mana kar diya or mere account me 10 leave bhi padi hai sir ghar Jana jaruri hai or mujhe Jane nhi De rahe plz help me........my team ledar Akash saha Amazon process plz contact my number 9806575793 and my email Id [email protected] gmail.com
Bangalore 123
Nov 1, 2016

Complain against manager

Sayad Akram and Anil Kulkarni are the worst peoples in that company, dy willing treat employee like sleave. In every thing du wills toucher you by threatening Caf form to ruins your job. If any higher authorities is cheaking this comment pleases take action against them
Sep 9, 2016


Hai dear team, iam working past 7years in hgs company in mysore as of now Cro post still my salary will be only 9536rs wats the my experience of 7year dear team are you agree my salary ...its very cheating iam disaapointed my salary sir...and and annual appteial also not happy still only raising 600rs this is a appresial amount...poor peoples how maintain the house with this salary...this is a big cheating my salary..pls help on us to my salary to increase....
Sep 5, 2016

They get rid of you using other reason

I was at HGS Preston branch.United Kingdom. 15 August 2015
Most of the colleagues there were nice but they will get rid of you if they don't like your looks .
They will give other reasons for your sack. So many people don't get to finish off their probation.
It's so sad.
[email protected]
Aug 20, 2016

Realising letter

Very bad experience with HGS.
Worked for 2 years.
9th August was the LWD, today is 20th August still Releasing not received.
Behavior of every managerial person is very bad.
ER and HR department are also same
Hr aritra
May 24, 2016

Ill behave from my stupid manager Sudeshna Pal

I am Aritra Ghosh worked with hgs 4 month,. I m just tired of being treated inhumanly from manager Sudeshna Pal and her manager Suchi Yogesh side , Sudeshna Pal thinks HGS is her fathers property & all the team members are her slaves that bitch. Enough is enough now , in a recent past they force me to give resign and they are so happy on that day. Last 4 month i do 14hr shift its pathetic to tolerate her,even i complain her manager Suchi Yougesh he dint give any response. Each and ever time he humiliate me This job for me a bread and butter but that bitch is take my job.
What nonsense is these???
I don't know who the hell has kept such peoples on job

If seriously company wants to take any action than company must take an action against the Sudeshna And Suchi first because of their decent behavior especially with female team members

Or pls teach them few manners
Its a humble request

& what to do with my issue???
Sarfaraz fatepure
Apr 5, 2016

Salary and pf

Hi team
This is Sarfaraj fatepure I didn't got pf no please give me pf no argent regarding that I have to candy from hr dippartmen she
santosh saket
Mar 10, 2016

Salary issue

sir i working in hinduja global solution as a cso my salary not came from last two month and team leader is very rude when i ask to about my salary only he says salary will come today or tomorrow. Now i very frustrated and going to die.
Nov 11, 2015

i don't know what to do at this kind of a situation

I really need a help
Nov 11, 2015

team leaders inhuman behavior and abusive & rude languages

I am deboshree chatterjee working with hgs . I m just tired of being treated inhumanly from team leaders side , team leader thinks hgs is his fathers property & all the team members are his slaves. Enough is enough now , in a recennt past I have been exrtemly ill which was informed to team leader via phone call & message in whatsapp but still team leader has mailed an abscond letter
What nonsense is these???
I don't know who the hell has kept such peoples on job

If seriously company wants to take any action than company must take an action against the team leader first because of his decent behavior especially with female team members

Or pls teach him few manners
Its a humble request

& what to do with my issue???
Nov 2, 2015

Served partial notice but not getting released.

I would like to ask all responsible managers and seniors, if HGS has now become a place where people at responsible position can do whatever they feel like? I am really sorry that as an employee I am not salisfied working here as there is no work life balance. There is no respect as well and people are abused all the time. I am not talking about all centres but Silliguri. Few people holding responsible position are being bossy. I have served partial notice and I am ready to pay whatever is the amount as lieu of notice but its not being accepted. Even my resignation has not been accepted and I am being told that I can leave if I want to but full and final formalities with not be conducted for me. Hence its obvious that in case I leave I'll be marked absconding. I really don't know what do and whom to ask for help. If there is someone who is a real manager by aspect then please suggest. My email ID for comunication is [email protected]
Sep 28, 2015

complaint on HGS hyderabad

I am Arun Kumar. R, is a previous employee of HGS working
as Customer Care Agent in Airtel process in HGS,Somajiguda, Hyd
approximately from april 2015 to june 2015. They did not provide me
salary for the first month without reason. So that I asked the
Management reason why they stopped my salary. But they speak
irresponsibily. So that I resigned the job and I complained on HGS
through e-mail. After that they creadited my salary. Then the matter
stopped. But HGS management took the personally to that matter. I
think they are taking revenge on me. So that is why they created new
blamings to me that I have spoiled company properties something like
Company has the CC camaras. So, if i done any mistakes
with that company they have definitely captured as they blaming. So
please respond my mail and take the action to those management. If
you are not responding I will give police complaint on HGS.

Yours Sinciourly,
Arun kumar. R
Venkat12ab Send email
Jan 16, 2012

PF amount not yet recieved

Respected Sir,
This is M.T.VENKATESWARA RAO, Employee ID : 60795 before that I was Employee of Hinduja Global Solutions I worked in Vizag Airtel Lobby as an Executive Front Office . I joined on 01.09.10 and I worked there more than 9months After that I resigned on 31.05.11 due to my health Problem. While this duration (01.09.10 to 31.05.11) Provident Fund (PF) has been deducted from my Salary Account according to Government statute Now I want to get back that amount and also I did not take my Experience Letter. I request you to please Give some guidance because I don’t know where I have to approach regarding this matter ( PF and Experience Letter ) if you provide the person name & E-mail ID or contact No details, the person who take care about P.F. in HYD or Banglore. It will be very helpful to me. Below I am giving my P.F.NO. Details
P.F. No: KN/46294/48551
A/C No: 0004Y97768001

Mobile No: 9959364546
Thanking you Sir,

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