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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hindustan Times

Swaminathan I
Feb 13, 2019

Misleading Consumer Offer


A week back, I renewed Hindustan Subscription for a period of 3 years. I was offered a redemption booklet that allowed to me get my guaranteed free gift from www.flatworld.com by paying only the shipment charges. I live in Mumbai.

I feel that this offer is misleading and deceitful as the cost of the item listed in the booklet supplied by you is highly inflated and the shipping charges asked by Flatworld is the actual cost of the product...let me explain
The Solo speaker listed on the coupon values it at Rs.2499 and the shipping charges asked is Rs.599. The same product and brand is avsilable on various websites at Rs.599 or thereabouts. Defacto, the poor gullible subscriber is buying the good assuming that he is getting a huge saving; but in actuality, he is not getting anything.

This amounts to cheating and I am deeply disappointed that a reputed company like HT would employ such a scheme to con its subcribers.

Also, the McDonald deal is a farce.It just gives me about 45 days to redeem the offer, where as in reality, McDonalds had the offer for 90 days. The offer ends on March 31 and I received the discount card last week. I am traveling for a fortnight now and it leaves me with just 30 days to enjoy the offer.

I regret renewing my subscription for 3 years. I should have stuck to a year or better still not renewed it.

Disappointed subcriber
Apr 16, 2018

Regarding coupons

Hi m nem is gagan pradeep .This is to bring into ur notice that one of your agent Manish cme to us n told regrding 3 year subscription of newspaper. Also 300 rupees cashback on paytm.s o v hav decided to take it .v hav paid Rs.1398.
The attachment of the receipy enclosed herewith.

But as v got our coupon for the newspaper its for 2 years not for 3 years, and also the amount of cashback also not received by us.
Kindly help with the same .its very disheartening .
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Regarding coupons

Aastha Mittal
Jan 6, 2018

Misleading information provided by one of your newspaper articles.

To whoever this may concern,

The article titled "4 transgenders held for murder" published in 6th january, 2017 's Hindustant Times Newspaper (page 02), provides misleading information to the readers. The word 'transgender' was inaccurately used instead of the word 'intersex'. There is a huge difference in those two terms once you get to know about it. In a country like ours, with huge diversity and population, there should be awareness about these things. People don't know the difference between sex and gender, they don't know what sex do they belong to, they don't know what their gender identity is, they don't know what their sexual identity is, hell they don't even know what these terms mean. Them people live in mere oblivion because no one, not even media, is working on spreading awareness about it and the the misleading informations like this only deepen the oblivion. But, it is about time that people get to know about this. It's time that people get to know about their true identities and accept their identities without fearing anyone. It's time that we accept each others' identities without any judgement in our minds. it's time that we fight for our and each other's rights. The time has come when the government stop telling us what 's natural and what's not, and start accepting people for who they are, for what their real identities are and give rights to everyone irrespective of what they identify as. It's about time that we truly become democratic.

A concerned citizen
Abhilasha chambyal
Dec 21, 2017

Ht newspaper

This is regarding booking 28/10/2017 of HT where I have not received monthly coupen still now . Even after calling many times with t customer service nothing has happened yet. Today a sir called me nd said that your paper vll start from tomorrow how is that possible without coupen. If he again did the same nd not released the coupen I have to pay for that ... I am not satisfied with ur services at all ..... I don't want this scheme anymore I vll go with times of India newspaper.... Please refund all my amount which is debited from my account..
Nov 6, 2017

Complaint board and hindustan times both are doing there part

Same complaint as listed all over this page, Paid for coupons on 15-09-2017, but not received till today i.e. 06-11-2017 (nearly two months). And repeatedly called their office and personnel for the same. But they only give new dates.
Apr 18, 2017

Not received newspaper as per subscription date.

Hi, i had renewed HT newspaper last year. I confirmed with HT customer care that my subscription will be end on 14 April.. till 14th April i will get newspaper...

However my vender discontinued my paper on 10th Match which is 1 month earlier.

I already discusses this matter with area manager and he assured me that i will get news paper, but nothing happened...

I want to complain this matter please short this matter ASAP..

I will be thankful to you.

My contact no. 7838866391
Jagmohan Singh Bhandari
Mar 12, 2017

Subscription Coupons not received

My name is Sunita Francis Pillai, I have been subscribing Hindustan Times paper for last 3 years. My last subscription ended in January 2017. i subscribed annual subscription in December 2016 to continue for 4th year through an authorised Agent from Hindustan times who visited my home to collect the payment.
I paid the payment through my Icici debit card. I was promised to receive my coupons in January. However till date I have not recieved any thing. i did tried calling consumer help line but got the reply that the coupon was delivered but the fact is I never got the coupons. Now I had to pay monthly payment for the month of february as i continued the paper. but now I had to stop the paper. But please now i want to know what is the status and what about my money I have paid to Hindustan Times.
9167250182 my registered number
Ankita Agarwal
Sep 7, 2016

Coupons and gift not received

I have subscribed for hindustan times coupons and paid with Debit card two months back i complained many times on 022 67764242 and even to executive but no response .Very poor service..they will irritate you calling many times till the time you have not subscribed and paid after that no reponse..this is really terrible.
Ankita Agarwal.
Mira road
Prince Prajapati
Aug 20, 2016

Subscribe coupons not received payment made by cheque

I have given cheque to newspaper vendor and they said they have given to ht Media but I have not received coupons till now I have given cheque on 18th July 2016 & now it is 20th Aug when I discuss with newspaper vendor they says to contact Hindustan times office but the number are not reachable plzzz help me or return my check ..
Chq no. 673368
Contact no. 9757202626/8689911550
Aug 17, 2016

non receipt of newspaper

Non receipt of newspaper even after paying.

I have paid for the yearly subscription of HT newspaper last year itself for the entire year of 2016. But still i have to face problems with the delivery of the newspaper to my place.
No coupons are delivered to us at our postal address. Your whole system of coupon collection is a time consuming, paper wasting, and frustrating method for the entire gamut of people associated with it. Inspite of paying you i am supposed to keep a track of your coupons , give them every month to the vendor. Our vendor is also not getting his timely money. He has tried to reach out to you on his end but thats also was of no use.
We have complained at your office a number of times and your staff has been extremely rude against the same. They have not been able to solve our query.
Finally when we send an email to you regarding the non delivery of the newspaper you ask us to go and file a complain to the post office and send you the complaint letter??

Our duty as a customer is to pay you your money and not concerned with problems that you face with your postal departments. It is completely unjustified on your part to harass us even more by asking us to look into your postal faults.
It has been almost a month since we are not receiving any newspaper and you are least bothered to solve the query?
This just shows that you are only concerned with your money, providing the service is of no importance to you.

RUSTAM: 9769475837
May 28, 2016

Not getting news paper from last 10 Days

Customer ID : R0031892
PAPER STARTED -AUGUST ,2015 ( coupon No : 40921784)
Vendor : M S MUTHU
My Address :Flat no.103 ,C wing,Manali Heights,chikanghar end , kalyan west, MAHARASHTRA 421301 India

My Mob No : 9819518264/9833576763
I am Deepika bansod .I had booked the newspaper to the vendor M S MUTHU his contact number -9619386135 but after some
months vendor M S MUTHU handover this task to vendor PRAVEEN his contact number -9769316987 as he stays in our area only .But his delivery boys not delivering papers and sometime delivering to some wrong apartment of our building so we have to call vendor and when we need paper we need to go to his shop in morning before 8 am
.So,because of all this I have been frustrated and deeply disappointed.

Please request you to take action against him & please start the delivery of news paper

I urge everyone to rethink before subscribing to HT.
My email id : [email protected]
Jan 5, 2016


We have applied for HT subscription for (3months) on 01-11-2015 and our form number was 200783818.
But still we have not received any paper nor any call...after several follow up one agent came at home on 20-12-2015 stating the name written on Cheque is overwritten hence we have not sent it for clearance.
Again he was asking for another cheque.
We all were shocked that after 45 days person is coming at home than too we have called him up and he is asking for another cheque so casually....

Pathetic service of HT....
Nov 30, 2015

not recieving prize of ht quiz

my name is husein khilawala. i had won the 'ht quiz' of november 8,2015 and was noted about being declared as a winner on 15th november,2015.
they asked me for my address details which i have sent but they have not sent my prize till now..it is going to be a month..
my email id is-'[email protected]'
Sep 16, 2015

All The Complainants

All the complainants have the opportunity to file the case in consumer courts for compensation. Its a matter of deficiencies in service, hence can ask compensations for loss of money, mental disturbance and even mental cruelty.
Shilpa Adak
Jul 2, 2015

IDP institute is a fraud

Hello sir,
My name is Shilpa Adak. I am a student residing in Mumbai. I registered for IELTS exam as i want to pursue my further studies abroad in Ahemdabad as there were no seats left in Mumbai.I gave my exam which was pretty good but then my results were not satisfying as i got 5.5 band in writing whereas in my classes i used to get 7 or 8 out of 9.My teacher ws flabbergasted when she saw the results.But,somehow i managed to get my confidence back and gave the exam again and as usual the seats were in Mumbai so again I opted for Ahemdabad the results were the same which was unacceptable to my university The process of evaluation takes alot of time and another 7,000 rupess which is totally in vain and they never increase marks as they have to give a refund if at all there is a increase in marks.It is just a institute which is killing the dreams of aspiring students and earning lump sum of money by giving them less marks.I am sure that there are many students like me.Also, the fee of exam is 10,400 which cannot be afforded for 2-3 times.The system is totally ruined and filled with corruption where the innocent individuals are losing their opportunities .They either want to give marks to their gujarati people who did their whole schooling in gujarati medium or they have become so blind that they can't see the efforts made by the innocent students or maybe they just want only their students to get more marks and pass in the exam.
I feel ashamed that people like them exist in our country.
I will be grateful to you if look into this matter and help me to seek justice.i am sure your little help will help many students to make their career and a small step to remove the tag of corruption from our Country.
Yours sincerely ,
Shilpa Adak.
Jun 11, 2014

coaching or student ka result na dene ke liye

mai maharaja agarsen inter college me 11th class ka student hu maine abhi waha se 11th class ke exam diye hai jiska result bhi aa chuka hai ..or sare student ko result bhi de diya gaya hai..lekin mera result nhi diya gaya or jab mene result ko kaha to mujh ko daat kr mana kr diya gaya or koi bhi teacher meri bat nhi sun raha.. Kyo ki maharaja agarsen inter college me jo 11th or 12th class ko chemistery padate hai vo teacher sab student ko apne pass tushan ko bulane ke liye bahut jada torcher karte hai..or mujhko jab unhone torcher kiya to maine nuki complant D.M se karne ko kaha to unhone mujhko fail karne ki dhamki di or mujhko dat kr chup kara diya ..or isiliye ab mera result bhi nhi diya.....mai hindustan time se umeed karta hu ki vo meri help jarur karege or aage aana wale student ki bhi help karege...........
My no is 9719860007
Jun 2, 2014


This is with reference to your report"India's Teenage ceo's".
The report excited me a lot and i had kept all those mentioned in the report as my inspiration.
On researching i found that notemybook.in has not a single sale
No book is available .
How can there be a company without any stock?
Please there are many other start-ups .Give them attention not like notemybook.
Thank you
[email protected]
Jun 2, 2014

Coupons not Received

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with reference to my Registered Mobile no 8879636060 in the name of Umar Shaikh, I have subscribed for HT newspaper for 2 years. I received 1 year coupons which got expired on April and now I am supposed to get my second year coupons for which I am completely disappointed with the services you have offered to me so far.

For my second year I am constantly calling up your customer care since last 2 months and every time I am being told by your customer care executive that we are forwarding your complain and you will receive in 10 working days. In my last conversation that I had with female executive (I don’t remember the name , heena or ruby ) she said she will personally look into it and within 3 days u will receive your coupons. Today when I called your customer care , I am being told again that complaint is not forwarded so he is forwarding the complaint again.

What sort of customer service is this where no one is ready to take the ownership of the problem. Everybody is repeating the same line again and again like parrot that we are sorry and we will personally see to it that coupons are delivered in 3 working days.

Please understand my problem as I told them that my vendor has stopped giving me newspaper and will give only once I submit him the coupons. I am now paying for newspaper every day for which I am not supposed to. What’s the use of subscribing to newspaper then.

Completely annoyed and disappointed with the customer services you all have. If u have any courtesy please call me back asap.

Umar Shaikh
B7/302, Snehal Vaishali Apt, Vaishali Nagar, JOgeshwari W, Mumbai 400102
shivaranjani Rapelli
Feb 7, 2014

Not received Coupons of Subscription

Hi, I have paid the subscription for Hindustan Times News paper, Booking Date: 18/11/2013, Form No: 10353384- Cheque Date:19/11/2013, Executive Name: Sunil Valvi, Cheque already cleared, but i didn’t get the coupons. I compliant to HT Media but there is no respons to me, and they not reciveing my calls also. I talked to Mr. Sudharshan, but now he not reciving calls and SMS. Please if you can solve this problem it will be very need full to me. this going on from 19 November to till date.
K.Venkat Subramanian
Feb 4, 2014


I K.Venkat Subramanian, D-7, Vindhya, Anuskhatinagar, Mumbai 400 94, had booked Mint newspaper with booking reference 70025664 with coupon ref.no. 7200923 the coupon period was 15th May 2013 to 14 May 2014. My Cheque dated was 28.4.2013. My Mint paper came only on 12th July 2013. The paper vendor is Mr. Chandran. From 31st Jan.2014 my paper vendor has stopped putting paper, on enquiry he has said coupon has not been given by theCompany. The representative of HT media Shri Krishna, took the complaint for twice and now has stopped lifting phone. Mr. Deepak representative instead of solving the problem speaks rudely, he is directing to contact company, he is telling he is not authorised to tell the name of the officer to whom complaint can be addressed or his phone number or email address. Such indifferent and arrogance way of talking is Mr. Deepak. If he can not solve the problem, he should atleast suggest how our paper subscription can be restored. By this Forum I request you to solve my problem.

with regards
Yours faithfully
K.Venkat Subramanian.
nitesh shah
Dec 28, 2013

not received hindustan times coupan

i m anjani shah i have not yet received hindustan times coupan from march 2013 from your side so my news paper vendor is stopped to deliver hindustan times .so kindly do needfull & asap send me coupan for 12 mths .my mobile no is 9619680502
Geeta P
Dec 9, 2013

Non receiving of coupons

I have complained for non delivery of Coupons and Newspaper.

I had mailed also several times at [email protected]

since last 2 months i am facing this problem
suresh prajapati
Jul 6, 2013

for gift artical

I am old customer for hindustan times, i am living in Bhayandar(E).Thane maharastra -401105.
i start my news paper with cupon syatem process. Allready this is done and news paper regular come at
my home, but main cause is that when they take cheque frome at that time HT person told me we have schem /offer this
year for old custome of teffin box gift which is deliver at your home, So till today i ma not get it. so please help me Not issue of gift but this type company make chitting to customer or it is in process, if it is process the how much time it will take, because for cheque they are not wait so why customer wait for it,
hope fully think you will sort my problem,

Thanks & Rg.
Suresh prajapati
Jun 27, 2013

not received implementation card hense newspaper not started sinve 3 month

i have subscribed for Hindustan times newspaper on 18/3/2013
through their representative
their representative gave me only subscription copy
and not the implementation card
i have request the company for the same
calling their customer care no as well as mailing address
i have just receive receive reply that yours complaint will be solved on urgent basis
but its been not the same
i have call and mail them innumeracy time
but its been same reply
since 3 month i m purchasing newspaper
theirs executive are rude not giving sufficient reply.
Their mailing department does not reply to the mail and above that the said
the have replied.
Jun 14, 2013

did not receive coupons

This is mahendrakumar m ganacharya.

I had subscribed for Hindustan times newspaper coupons. Before 4-5 months since we had provided the cheque of Rs 499 /- to executive name Amol.

The cheque number is 684635 .It was for abt Rs 4199/- of APNA SAHAKRI Bank Ltd date. 10/07/2012.

when we inquire customer care they said this coupons already used by another vendor please kindly refund my above amount rs.499

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