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Consumer complaints and reviews about Hitachi

Team Hitachi
Nov 14, 2019

No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution

Dear Kartik,

We understand that our team got in touch with you and shared all the requisite information. Feel free to get in touch with us in case any assistance is required.

Team Hitachi
Team Hitachi
Sep 24, 2019

Brand new AC not cooling since installation

Dear Jaideep,

We hope that your complaint is resolved. Please get in touch with us if you face any problem with our product.

Team Hitachi
Team Hitachi
Sep 16, 2019

Brand new AC not cooling since installation

Dear Jaideep,

We do not want you to feel this way. Kindly share your mobile number or complaint number with us at [email protected] and we assure you we will look into this right away.

Team Hitachi
Jaideep Manghnani
Sep 14, 2019

Brand new AC not cooling since installation

We have bought a new brand Invetor AC from Hitachi and from the installation the same is not giving the cooling which atleast a AC is supposed to do.
Technicians who came to install were unexperienced they even didn’t knew the place of outdoor fittings. Somehow the outdoor got fixed However the AC is throwing the hot air. No element of cooling.

I’m depressed and raised the complaints but it seems they hardly bother about this. Never recommend anyone to go for Hitachi brand. Correctly said “No value for money and costumers”
Team Hitachi
Aug 19, 2019

No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution

Dear Kartik,

We regret that you are facing any issue with your product. One of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

Team Hitachi
Aug 18, 2019

No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution


Reaching out to you in utter desperation to help resolve an issue that is pending from the 25th July, 2019. I had raised a request (CASE #19072500659) to fix a 'no cooling in the refrigerator compartment' on the 25th July and the issue is still not resolved. The technician who came to visit us said the defrost sensor was faulty, and needs to be replaced, which he did on the 11th August post multiple reminders and follow ups (17 days post the request was made).

Post replacing the part I told him to make sure the cooling was back to being efficient, and suggested we test it out before closing the case and giving him the code. He insisted that protocol demands the code be entered by him, so I gave him the code with the trust that he will be available in case the issue is still not resolved. Alas! The issue did not resolve even with the part replacement, and the cooling was still very low. I tried calling the engineer multiple times but to no avail, so called customer service and reopened the issue with another case (Case #19081200755). I also have escalated the issue on the Hitachi app a total of ~25 times and called customer service at least 8 times, but the issue is still pending and no technician has yet visited!

This is when the product is under warranty, and from a reputable brand. I am absolutely distressed and rather frustrated with the after sales service. If you track my case the same issue has been reported from last year, and I seem to be just getting run arounds and no real resolution.

I have tried using the level 1& level 2 'connect to management' escalation matrix on the Hitachi app too, but that seems to be of no use too.

I'd like to know when can I expect my product to be repaired. If 23 days seems to be an acceptable time frame to no fix an issue, it reflects extremely poorly on your service standards.

Ideally I should be getting a replacement for the product, since complaints of the same issue have been raised multiple times. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE THE OWNERSHIP OF CALLING ME AND GIVING ME A CLEAR EXPLANATION AND ANSWER TO THE QUESTIONS, AND A HARD DATE BY WHEN CAN I EXPECT A RESOLUTION.

Thanks & Regards,
Kartik Lakshman

No Service under Warranty for faulty Refrigerator! Case opened since 25th July with no Response & Resolution

Team Hitachi
Jul 31, 2019

Faulty Compressor.

Dear Sonal,

We understand that your complaint is resolved now. Please get in touch with us if you face any problem with our product.

Team Hitachi
Team Hitachi
Jun 15, 2019

One month old ac replacement request

Dear Pritam,

We regret that you are facing an issue with your product. One of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

Team Hitachi
Jun 15, 2019

One month old ac replacement request

Dear Sir,
I have purchased a new Hitachi 1.5 ton window ac- model also no HMG10 RAW318KUD-192D10618 on 1st May 2019 from Vijay Sales. This has been installed by Hitachi service engineer. It's cooling has been reducing since 1 week of purchase. Now there is large ice formation in could with noise due to icing. It is more less clear that there is gas leakage- in general I had to scrap all my previous ac after leakage _ even after leakage repair and has filling, it did not run more than one month or one season- in current case_ I will be out of warranty by next season . I have raised complaint in Hitachi s site- complaint no is 19061410372. The assigned service engineer told that he can do leakage repair and refilling after some days. Replacement can only be done by Hitachi company. There is no contact number for escalation in Hitachi site.This implies ultimately my new ac will be scrap soon. I am requesting Hitachi to replace the defective ac with a new one. Best regards
Team Hitachi
May 17, 2019

Faulty Compressor

Dear Sonal,

We deeply regret the inconvenience you had. We have notified this to our concerned team and one of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

Team Hitachi
May 2, 2019

Faulty Compressor

Dear Sir/ Madam,

My name is Sonal and I am staying in SECTOR-83, GURGAON, HARYANA, -122004. I have a 2 ton Hitachi AC - Model no-RMI223HBDBW. Mr Masroor (90799 08373) from Star AirCon visited me with another engineer on 19th April 2019 and found the compressor to be faulty . ( Complaint no#.19041102900). My AC is under warranty and the tax invoice for the same was shared with Mr masroor on his whastapp and I was assured it would get done in 2 days.
I was also asked to send a mail to to [email protected] for a speedy response. Till date no response has been received from them. The Hitachi customer care asked me to send a mail to [email protected] . I sent a mail on 26th April and on 27th , I received a response that field team from concern service center shall attend and resolve my complaint. The "FIELD TEAM" CANCELLED my request without even calling me.

Before this, my service request numbers #19042603697, 19042309956,19041606559,19042609893 were also cancelled without me receiving a call from the service center.

As my AC is under warranty , I request you to get it done asap as you too are aware that it has become very hot and i need the AC to function properly.

Team Hitachi
Apr 29, 2019

Hitachi Refrigerator

Dear Amit,

We have already escalated your concern to our team and will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Team Hitachi
Amit Sawhney
Apr 26, 2019

Hitachi Refrigerator

This is in reference to my Hitachi 586 Litre Side by Side Refrigerator (R-W660PND3). Got this around 5 years back. The issue is that the door handle has broken again & needs a replacement. We had got it replaced almost 2 years back (infact the complete door was replaced as the handle is attached to the glass door & does not come separately) & now it has again broken because of substandard plastic which Hitachi has made the handle from.

Absolutely disappointing. Moreover I hae visited MANY times to register my complaint on website (https://hcserve.com/crmprod/frmwebcallmaster.aspx). Once you are there it identity me by mobile no & also identity my refrigerator along with all the my contact details. Send me an OTP to reconfirm complaint being made. Once you enter OTP this message flashes on the screen -

'Complaint Saved Successfully through IP , You will receive your Complaint/Service request no. via SMS on your registered mobile no. within 5-10 minutes'


If you happen to connect thru phone on their customer service numbers they will register your complaint but will not share the complaint number & offcourse no surprises here as well - NO one will ever call you back to attend to your complaint even if you chase them left right & center.

The worst customer care experience I ever had in my life. They think they have sold a product to a client & that is it, never realising the customer ends up influencing others & could be a repeat client. Hitachi does not bother...

Going to take this complaint to consumer court as well to teach them a good lesson.

thank you for providing this platform atleast, as any one looking for reviews on Hitachi products will get to know what exactly they might face in future.

Amit Sawhney
Gurgaon, Haryana
Team Hitachi
Apr 24, 2019

Worst AC Company - Spoiled AC on Servicing

Dear Sarita,

We understand that your complaint is resolved now. Please get in touch with us if you face any problem with our product.

Team Hitachi
Team Hitachi
Apr 20, 2019

Worst AC Company - Spoiled AC on Servicing

Dear Sarita,

We deeply regret the inconvenience you had. We have notified this to our concerned team and one of our representatives will be in touch soon to assist you with this.

Team Hitachi
Apr 19, 2019

Worst AC Company - Spoiled AC on Servicing

This is in regards to the below account:

Primary Number : 9873930350
Secondary Number : 8826903768
Email Address : [email protected]
Product(s) : SPLIT AC - 1.5TR HITACHI RIDAA 3200F - RSD318EAD
Purchased from : Croma

13-Apr - Called for Servicing
13-Apr - Service Guys came. Switched on the AC & checked. I checked AC after servicing & found that blower had stopped working. Service Guy had already taken RS900 & code. I called Hitachi. Cust Service rep spoke to the service guy on my phone & assured me that all will be fixed. Service guy could not fix the blower/fan on that day. He promised to send his senior the next day and went. SPOKE TO DILIP in customer service

14-Apr - No one came to fix the AC Blower. I called Cus Service. He raised a complaint. SPOKE TO NITIN in customer service

15-Apr - No one followed up. I called again & cust service agent advised to allow another day. SPOKE TO NUZZAKIR in customer service

16-Apr - New Service Guys came, they first told me that it’s a PCB issue. I told them what all happenned. They said let's speak to the last guy over the phone. Then they said that the problem is with capacitor and will need to be replaced. I told them that the Hitachi service guy spoiled it & I will not pay for it. They said, No problem & promised to come back in the evening. Again, no one came. Meanwhile, I had a chat with Hitachi cust care who asked me to send an email to [email protected] CHATTED WITH SUNNY SINGH in customer service
16-Apr - Wrote an email to Hitachi with the whole story & requested to get my AC fixed which was spoiled by your Service Guys. WROTE EMAIL

17-Apr - Email Cust Service rep advised issue has been escalated. EMAIL TO PURVI TRIVEDI in customer service
17-Apr - No one came from Hitachi. Called up Cust Service, explained the whole story & cust service rep said that she is raising a new complaint number to get it resolved as soon as possible. In the evening, Hitachi Service Guy called up and put me on conference with 3 people. They were talking amongst themselves with me on Hold. After 15min I told them to just come to my house & fix what they spoiled in my AC. SPOKE TO HIMANI in customer service
17-Apr - Wrote an email reply to Purvi telling her the current status & again requesting someone to come home & fix the unit. EMAILED AGAIN TO PURVI TRIVEDI in customer service

18-Apr - No one came & no one called & no one responded to email. Called up Hitachi again. This customer service rep was very rude & mean. Was simply reading through the notes & refused to call up the service guys to follow up on my behalf. Kept on insisting that someone from Technical Team will contact me and that the complaint has been raised. I already am aware of this. He had nothing new to say & no further assistance. SPOKE TO RAHUL PANDIT in customer service
18-Apr - When did not get any assistance by calling Hitachi, wrote back via email. No revert yet. EMAILED AGAIN TO PURVI TRIVEDI in customer service

19-Apr - Called up your Cust Service again. There are no notes on my account in regards to this continuing issue & I had to start over and explain everything to the rep. He assured me of an immediate action on my complaint and said my issue will be resolved today for sure. SPOKE TO MOIN in customer service

After all the above running around, I have completely lost my trust in Hitachi. I have been extremely patient with all this but these guys are least bothered. That us why, I am now considering to approach Consumer Court & will also spread all the above on every possible social network. My AC Unit has been spoiled and no one is even reverting to any of my complaints.
Team Hitachi
May 16, 2018

AC Breakdown

Dear Arpit,

We hope your complaint is resolved. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if the issue still persists.

Team Hitachi
Team Hitachi
May 8, 2018

AC Breakdown

Dear Arpit,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you. Kindly share your registered mobile number or complaint number with us at [email protected] so that we can assist you.

Team Hitachi
Arpit Gupta
May 8, 2018

AC Breakdown

have registered a complaint on 2nd May regarding no cooling. Service engineer visited after 2 days and confirmed that HVAC evaporator coil leakage issue. I want to know how are we ensuring the quality of AC that within one year the coil gets damaged. Engineer informed us that it was damaged because of runnel but i want to prove it that there was no runnel the places where i lived.

Are they trying to find out the ways of looting customers by giving invalid reasons? I preferred this AC because Hitachi is such a big brand and not expected such services.

Moreover, i have been trying to contact them to get it fixed but nobody is giving appropriate responses. Please help otherwise have to send a legal notice in against of Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited
Jaibeer Hans
Apr 12, 2015

Split AC not working

First I call in customer care toll free no. no body responding from your side .Come to the point my Split AC is not working I'm very Disappointing from the New AC .So change my AC as soon as possible.
Aug 19, 2013

Faulty window AC

I had purchased a Hitachi 1.5 ton Window AC (Model No. RAV518HSD) on 8th-Mar 2013 from Techno Life, SCF-92, Ground Floor, Sector-14, Main Market, Gurgaon, Haryana (Pin-122001).

The installation engineer who came the next day for installation, found some oil leakage inside the A/C .
I contacted the dealer to get my AC replaced but he said that oil spillage is a common thing which occurs when an AC gets assembled and I don’t have anything to worry about.

Over the next few days, I noticed that the AC was not cooling properly.
Accordingly, I had put up a complaint at the Hitachi Service Center on 13th March 2013 (complaint no: 13031301736) for low cooling.
The service engineer, who came to address the complaint, inspected the cooling and found things to be normal.

Now, after 4 months, on 3rd August 2013, my AC stopped cooling altogether and I again raised a complaint on 4th Aug 2013 (complaint no: 13080400414). The service engineer came on 5th Aug and after inspection said that gas refilling would be required.

I am not feeling comfortable with gas refilling, as I had given a faulty unit.
Refilling of gas may leak after few months as like same situation.
Ac won't be used in coming winter, and after losing my warranty nobody will consider my complaint in future.

After paying 35000/- to the company we are sleeping without ac in this summer from last 22 days and nobody is considering my problem.

Lav Agrawal
Jul 28, 2012

fraud servcie

I have 3 door Hitachi Refrigerator Model No;RS-31MVMD purchased in 2007. I had no issues with the fridge until last month. We shifted from Bangalore to Gurgaon.On June 28th 2012 the upper compartment of the fridge stopped cooling.I called the Hitachi Helpline on 79-30414747 and registered a complaint. I had to follow up with around 10 call to have a engineer to come over. I received a message from the call centre stating that a engineer would call before visit. This message was from the number 9212322422. I got a call from a person called Ashish from the number 9716973032 saying that he would come over. He looked at the fridge and said that the sensors and the PCB had to be replaced which would cost Rs.8400/- He was with the Hitachi uniform. They took the PCB and returned in 2 hours and fixed back the fridge and it was working. He gave me a receipt which was from BHAWNA SERVICE CENTER-Shop nNo 490,Main Market,Madangiri,Khanpur,Delhi.Ph Nos:8447305419/8447307372/[email protected]
The receipt read with one year warranty.

I had the same issue again on the 18th July 2012 the upper compartment has stopped cooling. I tried calling all the above mentioned numbers but they were all switched off. I called the hElpline again on 79-30414747 and was informed that my complaint was not registred.They registered a new one under 12071900066. I called them again after 2 days and the response i got was they cannot do anything as the window for the complaint to be attanded was 48 hours and they still has 1 day to go. The whole circus started from here on as they had not sent an engineer till July 28th 2012. I spoke to several people and was not provided an escaltion number. I had a call today from an engineer who came over and looked at the old receipt and paperwork and to MY HORROR informed me that i was duped and they had no authorised service center by name Bhawna Service Center and i was also informed that the PCB was not changed . The option given was to change the PCB as the existing one had no memory card or to install a UPS.

Hitachi is supposed to be the most reupted company but i would geniunely dvise customers not to go for the products but instead opt for an Indian which is way better in performance and technology.
Jul 17, 2012

New AC not working since installation

I purchased a Hitachi 1.5T AC from Croma Store MegaMall Gurgaon (Price 34090/-)
It was promised to be delivered and installed on 13th July 2012.
It was delivered on the promised date but the installation was not done.
On the second day 14/7/2012 when the installation was done, it was found by the Company represetative that the Compressor and the Air Swings are not working.
He immediately lodged a complaint and it was promised that it would be attended within 48 hrs. It is the 4th day from the installation day and no one has still bothered to visit and rectify the problem.
There has not been a single call also to understand the problem or give a date. My family including a 1 year old kid have to sleep in the heat and humidity as I had disposed off my earlier AC at the time of this new AC installation.
Jaun Rizvi (9811147679)
Jun 2, 2012

Service not given

Nobody is listening to attend my complaints – from a world fame company – “HITACHI”
I am calling to the concerned regularly since last one week even thrice a day but no body listening

Dear Authority,

My Complaint number
• On dated May 24, 2012: (1) 120 52500 358 – case and (2) 120 52500 364 – case
• On Dated May 28. 2012 : (1) 120 529000 80 – case and (2) 120 529000 82 - case

• I purchased two Window AC on 18/06/2011 vide invoice no SLF02A############ from TATA CROMA DLF MEGHA MALL Gurgaon in the Name Kuldeep Singh Chauhan
• I called only Company to install and shift the units.
My Units’ Complaints are:-
• My One unit being very hot and not working properly.
• Second unit is not cooling as required.
• Both Units’ front and rear soft nets are pressed badly – it’s not good. (Your field technician Mr Javed came when shifted the units).
• He “Mr Javed” partially damaged my units and not working properly.
• After few days when we checked the ACs and found one unit damage due to high voice.
Complaints against the technicians:-
1. I feel your technicians are unskilled labours.
2. Field technicians are handling the units carelessly.
3. Always these technicians insist to sign the service paper at the spot without checking it to run the unit at least one hour running.
4. These technicians are not polite – some time very rough on asking something.
5. On shifting your Technician Mr Javed came and damage one AC unit and he did not inform us.
Please, do the needful.
6. On May 27, 2012, your technician Mr Sumit came in a hurry and treating the units very carelessly and insisting to sign the service paper. But problem not resolved. (complaints : 120 52500 358 and 120 52500 364.)
I had to lodge a second complain:-
• On May 28, 2012, I had to lodge second complaint –((1) 120 529000 80 – case and (2) 120 529000 82 – case)
• I dialled to 07935324848 at 9.40am on 2nd may. 2012 – Mr Janadarn – gave me email [email protected] and suggested me to dialled to the same number but extension 2
• To Purvi - I dialled to 07935324848 – extn 2- at 9.40am on 2nd may. 2012 – she assured me to do the needful.
chandra mouli
Apr 8, 2012

Hitachi Instalation & Demo not done till date

I,R.Chandra Mouli of Hyderabad purchased Hitachi AC RAU5 18ESD ON 29.03.2012,vide invoice No.MALL/CR11/61861
Dared 29.03.2012.At Bajaj ELELCTRONICS,Panjagutta,Hyd,after several times phoning on 04.04,2012 the installation technician by name faheem having cellno.9346216528 came to my home.when he opened the out door unit box I, found that is damaged, has convinced me that nothing will happened withthis, and when he opened indoor unit box,the indoor unit's outer body also damaged,I told him to replace the out door unit,and indoor unit.He has talked to the Bajaj show room Hitachi manager Mohd Habeeb having phone number 8885587970 ,after conversation technician told me that it can be replaced.very soon.he wnt off A day passed out there was no replacement or are contact I, personally went to the Bajaj electronic Panjagutta Hyd.I contacted the Mohd Habeeb who is Hitachi manager of the show room,he was not even responded a little bit, after repeated asking he told me that it will come, the second day also passed away. again I went to the show room Manager behaved the same there was no response,I consulted the owner of the show room he backed the Manger told him to replace soon.At last the out door unit replace on 05.04.2012 and indoor unit was replaced on 06.04.2012.The technician faheem installed on 06.04.2012 but no demo has given.so far the faheem technician is not responding to my phone. By this I had very bad experience the Hitachi and the staff of Hitachi.very poor service,very bad attitude service of Bajaj Electronic panjagutta,Hyderabad

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