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HP Gas


Consumer complaints and reviews about HP Gas

Nov 21, 2019

Extra charges and no service

Renuka gas agency
Cheating taking extra money
No online booking service given
Nov 9, 2019

delivery boy extra charge

HP GAS delivery person is taking Rs 50 extra on and above the printed price on the slip. and my consumer no 734944 laksmi enterprises
Oct 29, 2019

Online booking

My consumer no is 655794.I have booked the gas by online mode on dated 21/10/19 and paid the amount of RS 574.50 vide transaction ID ############ but bill was not generated for the same. After complaining at my HP gas agency about this they assured me that it will be refunded in 3- 4 working days.

This is unfortunate still I did not received my refund. I request you kindly help me to refund my money back.

Aug 21, 2019

Late delivery

Hi there is a late delivery for the HP gas cylinder I had booked the gas at 15 Aug 2019 till now I have not received.when we are giving a call to the guy he is asking for the money and telling us that we will not deliver if we will give the money to them than only he will deliver the gas. Even next month this thing has been happened with me at that time even I had called customer care service and I had given the complaint to them.but no one is taking any kind of objection on it. Please tell Kumar service of ghatkopar that please give us the proper service. If he is not able to give the service to us we will make sure from next time we will sport award cylinder in someone else company.please enhance your delivery
Sumit _kumar
Jul 25, 2019

No Delivery

Highly frustrated with Vasundhara Gas agency, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. Very poor service and careless attitude. My home is only 5 KMs away from gas agency but they are not delivering my gas refill cylinder even after 15 days of booking. Hope somebody will address my grievance.
shabana mahfooz
Jul 10, 2019

delay in delivery

i am literally a frustrated customer this time, i booked cylinder on 28th of june and now its going to be 15 days but haven't received it. It is seriously troubling us, kindly, please enhance the process of you delivery.
shabana mahfooz
Jul 10, 2019

delay in delivery

I am literally a frustrated customer this time, I booked cylinder on 28th of june, and its going to be the 15 days but I haven't received the cylinder. kindly please enhance your delivery process, its troubling alot now.
Dharmender Saxena
Jun 2, 2019

Gas Leakage

I am a consumer of hp gas ..and the gas cylinder is leaked .i have complaint yesterday for the consumer no.626464 with complain no 65295 , but the distributor didn't take any step...the number he gave of the mechanic is not even picking up the call... .it is very surprising that even the leakage complaint is not promptly attended.

Who will be responsible for any untoward incidence. Very callous attitude, HP authorities must take up this issue strongly with in the system and take appropriate action for this inordinate delay.
Sayantani Ghosh1
Apr 29, 2019

Mental abuse in the name of service

This complaint is against my local HPCL agency 'Tatini Sales Corporations'. Distributor code is 395050. Located in Amherst Street. My consumer number is 606625.

This morning i went to my local lpg agency to request them to help me link my bank details with the lpg gas that i buy every month. This would help me get the deducted money back in my bank account every time.

The person sitting in my local agency said he wants my passbook xerox or a blank cheque. Immediately i corrected him saying that i cannot give him a blank cheque but a cancelled cheque. He said he wouldn't at all accept a cancelled cheque and he will push me out if i go for any help next time followed by abusive words for me and my 19 year old daughter. Is this what you call respect and service where you have given a distributorship to people where neither a women nor their bank accounts are safe. I need an apology for this kind of miserable behaviour. I am a citizen of India who has every right to deny when asked for a blank cheque. Common that's common sense and i will definitely take tgis legally to sue them in the court. Every conversation is recorded with me.

Pushpalata Ghosh
Email id: [email protected]
Apr 22, 2019

Gas Agency Denied to provide Cylinder

Balaji Gas Agency has started pushing some card for delivery purpose and they are charging Rs-20/-. When i denied to buy it they stopped providing service even after booking cylinder they denied to provide Gas Cylinder.
This is very bad about the agency. I think if you have applied any process to improve your performance then why they are taking charges from customer. why should we install there app in our mobile. This is ridiculous
Ashi 2-000
Nov 11, 2018

Delivery boys asking more money at Tejaswini Enterprises belgaum


I stay at Camp and am disabled staying alone.Since 3 years the delivery boy Shiraaz around 50 years at Tejaswini Enterprises Camp Belgaum trouble me by asking me 30 rupees extra more than the gas bill. If I refuse he yells and make a scene in front of my home. I am tired as he threatens me of not delivering the gas on time. The clerk at Tejasvani gas center Camp also support him and has made me helpless.
Kindly help me as it is a torture I undergo everytime I need to book a gas.
Jul 28, 2018

extra charges taken by delivery boys


Jul 27, 2018

gas leakage

I am a consumer of hp gas ..and the gas cylinder is leaked .i have complaint yesterday for the consumer no.636803 with complain no 61311
but the distributor didn't take any step... not even pick up the call... plz do something immediately ..it is very inconvenient in this rainy season to survive without gas ...
[email protected]
Jul 11, 2018


dear sir
Today, your distributor went to Purshottam Gas Agency and I told him all his problems. He told me before that he would not be able to tell me after the posting that he would be done. Then I told him how much he would have felt so that he told me that Rs. 5200. I told them, please tell me which service is ammount, they said 3050 DPOs + 1570 after posting I asked 580 what they said to me, ammount of the reconnection and saying that they all seem to be in the agency he is abusing with me his on office this is a not tolerable. this is the all show integrity issue
I am also a corrporate employee and also I am given a home service but no extra charge is taken.so please suggest me what will do and please resolve this issue as soon as possible

M. H. Peeran
Jun 17, 2018

Transfer of LPG gas near by agency to for away agencyy without

My LPG gas No was 601816 in Kitchen needs agency which is near by to my house. Now it is transfered to Gulbarga HP GAS Agency kalaburgi no 603389 without my consent/without my knowledge resulting very inconvenience to me and also which is 8kms away. I am a senior citizen facing very difficult to reach that agency. Therefore L request to transfer back to kichen needs and oblige. Thank you.
citi inn
Jun 5, 2018

coorection of my email id

dear sir my consumer id is 1900153 and my email id is [email protected] but by mistake we are frist time create fill email id is not valid . so please change my email id kindly mob no 8877661447
seenu gopuran
May 25, 2018

not recived the deposit after cancelling the connection

I had transferred the gas connection from Chennai to Bangalore .I did not receive the security deposit amount even after two months of transfer from Chennai. I contacted them several times but still did not receive the refund.
Sachidananda Barik
Mar 31, 2018

Subsidy has not been credited in my bank account

My Consumer No is 634884. I have not received my 4 months subsidy amount till now. My bank account have already linked in LPG along with my Aadhaar. It is show that subsidy amount has already been delivered but payment hold. Please arrange how I shall get my subsidy amount of last 4 months. My mail Id is [email protected] and mobile No is 9438134900.
Mar 18, 2018

HP GAS Extra charges

HP GAS delivery person is taking Rs 50 extra on and above the printed price on the slip.
Mar 6, 2018

charging extra amount for delivery

Dear sir/madam,

Every time, the delivery boys charge extra Rs.20 or 30. And when we ask them about this they give rude answers and talk in a threatening way and tell us that they dont deliver the cylinder next time.Today he delivered cylinder to my mother and charged about Rs. 30 and the mentioned amount is Rs,741.00 for which he took away Rs,770.00. My consumer number is 654789, LPG.ID.2 ############ 7713.branch name. padmarao nagar, sec-20.
I have already complained many times before regarding this but no action was taken so far and the delivery boys are charging extra and their rude behaviour with the consumers didnt change.i am really fed up complaining these many times but the higher authority is not at all concerned about this.And I expect atleast with this letter they look into this matter and see that this would not repeat again otherwise a complaint of criminak offence will be lodged in the court.
thank you,

Jan 10, 2018

Service Transfer of LPG Gas from Burdwan to Arambagh

Respected Sir,
I would like to inform you that, I am Sanjoy Koner (LPG customer ID-21120808100001756) with LPG Gas connection in the year 2012 at Haldia, West Bengal under Distributer “GIRINDRA HP GAS SERVICE” (14340870) and submitted the documents like Voter ID card (Card NO- JVP1412444), Ration Card and Service letter for my present address where continued service in company’s letter pad (Company Name- GANNON DUNKERLEY & CO., LTD., REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS: NEW EXCELSIOR BUILDING (3RD FLOOR), A.K. NAYAK MARG, FORT, MUMBAI-400001, Branch Office:- 86A, TOPSIA ROAD (SOUTH), HAUTE STREET, 7TH FLOOR, KOLKATA – 700 046.)
Firstly, I have transferred my LPG connection from Haldia to Mednipur Town in the year November-2013 under Distributer “MAURYA INDHAN” (13064900) and submitted the above mentioned documents with service letter in company’s letter pad for present address purpose.
Secondly, I have transferred my same connection from Midnapur to Panagarh in the year January-2016 under distributor “INDER RAJ AGGARWAL” (19608700) and submitted the same documents with service letter in company’s letter pad for present address purpose and also submit my Aadhar card No- ############ (in Xerox copy).
Now, I have transferred my LPG connection from “INDER RAJ AGGARWAL” (19608700), Panagarh to Arambagh. As per my Transfer Voucher no. TV/CTA/SVCD-2005410 Dt.28/12/2017 the LPG connection is under distributor “RAMAKRISHANA SARADA HP GAS CENTRE” (13973900). So I am shows following documents with transfer voucher to distributor for continuing the service but distributor refuses the connection and I am already harassed 3 (Three) times.
Following documents are as below.
1. Aadhar No. ############
2. PAN No. BQGPK0060F
3. Voter ID No. JVP1412444
4. Company’s letter pad for present address purpose.
In the above first and second case distributor has co-operate, but now what reason distributor no any help and not give proper justification.
So you are requested to kindly co-operation in the above matter.
Thanks & regards,

LPG ID:- 21120808100001756
MOB. NO.:- 8116238124
E [email protected]
Jan 4, 2018

HP gas delivery boy not give changes of Rs. 7 per delivery

मी एचपी गॅस उपभोक्ता असून माझा ग्राहक क्र.652944 असा आहे. मी सध्या बांद्रा (पूर्व) गव्हर्नमेंट कॉलनी येथे राहत आहे. मी दि. 01.01.2018 रोजी सिलेंडर रिफिल साठी ऑनलाईन बुकिंग केले होते. परंतु मला ते आज दि. 04.01.2018 रोजी मिळाले. निनाद गॅस एजन्सी, बांद्रा येथे चौकशी केली असता त्यांनी सिलेंडर वाटप दोन दिवसापासून बंद आहे असे उडवाउडवीचे उत्तर दिले तसेच डिलेव्हरी बॉय ने सिलेंडरचे रु.713 ऐवजी रु.720 घेतले. त्याला विचारले असता त्याने उत्तर दिले की, आम्ही प्रत्येकाकडूनच घेतो पैसे परत करत नाही. ही तर जनतेची सर्रास लुट आहे. एकीकडे गॅस स्वस्त झाल्याचे सांगायचे आणी दुसरीकडे जनतेस लुटायचे. कृपया माझ्या तक्रारीबाबत कार्यवाही करावी.
Pratiksha samant
Jan 3, 2018

Gas not deliverd

My consumer 615412 I received message HP HAS
is HPGas BookingNo 594603 CashMemo 1069616 Dt 29.12.17 Rs.719.00,is generated.EZYGAS Authentication Code is 9400.

TILL DATE Means 3 jan 18 I can't received the gas.
I visted the office on 31 st Dec and 1 st jan

Ple look into this
Satish sh
Dec 22, 2017

Delivery boys collecting Rs50 extra


For first floor ground floor, delivery boys are collect Rs50 extra that to compulsory. If not next time delivery will be delayed.
Dec 6, 2017

Cylinder sold black by distributor

Hpcl,. Hp-sahil gas service has been selling 30 cylinder in black. To customer, this gas distributor and her bodyguard both are earning lot of black money to selling cylinder in black. Customer demand of daily cylinder has been shorted daily. Plz hpcl u would take hard action against this distributor, distributor ship undertaking by hpcl thank u

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