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Himachal Pradesh

Consumer complaints and reviews about HPSEB

Jul 11, 2019

Excess bill charge last one year

Respectfully sir,
We are facing same problem last one yesr's already informed to concern department.but problem still same.
I am writing to point your attention towards the above-noted subject. Recently I have received the bill for March 19 to July 19 which is much higher than my usual bill amount. This concerns me a beat since lately I haven’t used any electrical appliances that could escalate high electricity consumption. I think there has been some mistake during preparation of the bill.

Therefore, I would request you to have the bill thoroughly examined against your record and rectify it as early as possible.
Request bro change the meter
Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Pradeep Thakur
AC no ############
Apr 20, 2019

Faulty meter

Bills being received even when premises is locked . March ‘19 bill ₹ 932 and April ‘19 bill ₹ 824. Request to change meter

Manjuna Sharma
B212, sector 3, new Shimla
Consumer no 10001169968
K no 1112112510
A/c no. 11121 NSB 1000514
Mobile 9418085678
& 7018524634
r [email protected] yahoo.co.uk
Apr 20, 2019

Faulty meter

my premises B212 , sector 3 is locked since Sep 2018 and in spite of my switched off of MCB and removal of kit kat, I was billed ₹ 932 in March and ₹ 824 again in April. I talked to concerned but to no avail. I sent e mails but no action. I am out of station since Sep 2018 and now going out of country for 4 months till Sep 2019.
You r requested to CHANGE FAULTY METER AND REVERSE March and April charges.

Manjuna Sharma
B212, sector 3, New Shimla
Consumer Id ############
K no 1112112510
A/c. 11121 NSB 1000514
Apr 20, 2019

Faulty meter

Respected sir,
My premises , B 212, sector 3, new Shimla is locked since September 2018 and I have switched off all mcb and removed kit kat grip for security.Till feb 2019 every thing was ok . In March I received bill of ₹ 932/- without consuming any power. I talked to concerned and was asked to pay the bill and that this will be adjusted in next bill. I followed and paid. To my great surprise I was again billed for Rs 824/- in April. I complained In your call centre and the person connected me to concerned AE , Khalini sub division to whom I explained the position . Nothing happened . Then on 17th April I sent an email to SE, XEn and AE. No response received. I again msent a mail on 20/4/19.
Sir, I do not stay in my house and look after my aged mother in law out of Shimla.Premises is locked and cut out ( kit kat, grip) taken out, in spite of this I am getting bills without power consumption.
I May mention that I am going out of country for 4 months and my phones wont work there after May 14. So I request you to do correspondence on mail with me for any query, which I will be glad to reply.
It seems your meter is faulty and jumps without any consumption , which I request you to REPLACE THE FAULTY METER and reverse the amount of Rs 932 and 824 of March and April.
Details are given below:-

Manjuna Sharma
B212, sector3, new Shimla
Consumer Id ############
A/c. no. 11121NSB1000514
K no. 111211 2510
E mail [email protected]
Mob 9418085678 & 7018524634

Sir its not possible for me to come to office of board and if raising of bill continued in locked premises I I May have to seek justice from channels opened to me to redress my problem.
Hope you will CHANGE THE FAULTY METER and REVERSE March and April bills.

Manjuna Sharma
Nov 20, 2018

Excessive amount of electricity bill

Dear Sir,
With due respect I would like to bring in your attention that my electricity bill amount is showing excessive consumption of electricity instead of the actual usage.

We are using 4 CFL and the consumption is only for 3 to 4 hrs a day approx and a refrigerator only. Stating this here is only mean that we have very less consumption of electricity but the meter reading is showing against it , possibilities are there could be any issue with the meter.

Therefore, it is requested to you kindly direct your executives to check and resolve the issue ASAP so that we can deposit the correct bill amount in time.

Details of the meter is mentioned below :

Name of the meter holder : Dhyan Singh
K number : 1132202493
Address. : Vill &. P.O Surla
Teh. Nahan, Distt. Sirmour

Your sincerely,
Dhyan Singh
Oct 29, 2018

Low voltage and power cut

Dear Sir/Madam,

Village Nichla Jarwa P.O. Jarwa Tehsil shillai district Sirmaur H.P.-173027.
Is the place where very low voltage and power cut problem continue from last 1 year.
Please tell me is it right that we pay 300 to 350 Rs bill every month and their is not regularly supply of electricity with full voltage in this area.
Please solve this problem ASAP.

From Mohan Singh
Village Nichla Jarwa P.O. Jarwa.
Tehsil shillai district sirmaur H.P.-173027
M/B 9736009504
Email id [email protected]
Sep 10, 2018

Power cut

Power cut in the village from morning 7 am to till 7.30 and no action has been taken against irregularities in power. Complaint has been already made o toll free number prescribed on official site , customer care executive gave contact number of JE 9805144490 but number is not reachable. It becomes a step toward making Himachal like UP . No authority is available to talk or to take initiative. The contact lists of officers displayed on official sites are not upto date . Electricity department playing very bad role in tge socity. Now the people of Himachal have no other option except take recourse of law. HPSEBL will solely resposible for the same.
Sep 8, 2018

Frequent power cuts and interrupted supply.

Every monday is a shutdown and maintainence work is cited. In bigger towns of himachal maintainence is done 3-4 time a year. I fail to understand why is it needed every monday? Also 3-4 interruptuons in the power supply are almost a daily phenomena. Who will be responsible for damage to reectronic products caused? Have lived in Shimla , solan and kullu but this utter mismanagement is a new sight in Holta Palampur.
[email protected]
Aug 19, 2018

excess bill amt received in SMS and paid excess

Dear Sir/Madam

I RamJi Dass VPO Khad 2427 Una Tehsil Ispur Distt Una HP Consumer ID: ############, I got sms from HPSEB for bill generated of Rs. 1987/- on dated 10th Aug 2018, the very next day i paid the same amount of Rs. 1987/-, but after getting hard copy of bill its due amount is Rs. 1547/- ,kindly check and adjust excess amount in next bill.
and take care in future sms and bill amount should be match.
RamJi Dass
Consumer ID: ############,
Jun 26, 2018

Electricity wires near my house

Respected sir,
My self manoj kumar , S/O sh. Pyare lal vpo harsar teh. Jawali distt kangra hp. I beg to state that the electrcity wires (2 phase and 3 phase ) is very much closer to my house. There can be any accident in future. It can be dangeriuos for me and my family. So i request that please shifted these electric wires move away from my house . I shall thankfull to for this kindness.
Manoj kumar s/o sh. Pyare lal,
V.p.o harsar. Teh. Jawali,
Distt. Kangra H.P.
Near by Govt. sen. Sec. School, harsar.
shekhar patiyal
Jun 24, 2018

change of electricity metre

Respected sir,
I have kindly requested you that for the past few years, I am getting a lot of electricity bill. Sir, I want to change my meter to replace it with a new meter. My meter bill always comes ₹ 1200 and ₹ 1300 . We do not spend electricity for so many rupees. But Electricity bill still remains the same. We use the same power as much as compared to others . So my sincere request to you is that please replace the my electricity metre and put the new one in place of them. I shall be highly thermal to you thank you sir.
My metre number is gel AN - 249
And my address is
Surjeet Singh
S/O Sh late meharChand
village Nahalwin
post office -Aghar
tehsil and district -Hamirpur (Himachal Pradesh )
pin - 1766041
Mob - 9459190268
Email - [email protected]
Apr 25, 2018

Frequent Electricity Power Cuts

This is regarding unaccountable power cuts faced in our area ie village Kolibehar, P. O Mohal Distt Kullu H. P. We have been facing the problem of power cuts virtually everyday. Especially whenever the weather is bit windy. Now we have decided to put pamplets/posters on every pole stating please donot sneeze infront of the pole as this can cause disruption in electricity of our area, jokes apart whenever we ask the concern authority regarding the never ending power cuts we get this answer what can we do the material used by the department is not appropriate. Is this our fault that for the mistakes of some of the employees we have to suffer. Please dont punish us because we reside in the village.
[email protected]
Feb 22, 2018

Amount deducted from account but payment yet notdone to hpseb

Hi ,

Below mentioned amount was deducted from account on 20.02.2018 for the payment of electricty however the payment to the merchant not done yet but amount for the same was deducted from bank account

Please do the needful ASAP to refund the amount for we can proceed for the payment

Below attached screen shot . .. .

20/02/2018 TECHPROCE/461713566/0124094702/electrici 1,597.00

20/02/2018 TECHPROCE/461651501/0124082338/electrici 498.00

K Number Name Address Bill Number Bill Month Due Date Amount

1222602905 NISHA GOUTAM Maclodganj ,DHARAMSHALA - 1 Pin- ############ Feb. 2018 Feb 20, 2018 Rs.

1222605661 NISHA JOGIWARA ROAD MCLEODGANJ ,MCLEODGANJ Pin-0 ############ Feb. 2018 Feb 20, 2018 Rs.


Ratesh Gautam
Shivram Verma
Jan 22, 2018

online payment of electricity bills

Last date for paying electricity bills is 23 rd Jan 2018 but the bills have not been made available for payment. Consumers are left with no option but to stand in a long queue to pay the bills else pay 2% extra at a later date.
Question is that if the HPSEB is not capable of providing online payment facility to the consumers then why to boast about it unnecessarily and deceive the consumers?
If someone from HPSEB really reads these complaints then I humbly request you to kindly take some remedial action and stop deceiving the public.
Thanks in anticipation.
Jan 20, 2018

access bill

I, Rattni devi w/o Sh. Chhanga Ram Vill Sahnwin P.o tal have an electricity connection from Bhota electricity division as a domestic meter acct.no SP-66.Sir our house monthly consuption is 130-150 units regularly. but in sep,2017 the electricity board gives the bill of more than two thousand units amount ten thousand somthing in a month that is much more than our consuption. sir I belongs to poor family and not able to pay so much amount.so it is my earliest request that you should take n/ac about this.
Dharmpur EB
Jan 16, 2018

Power disconnected without notice in writing

Hi Sir/Madam Power disconnected without prior notice.
I want to know can HPSEB disconnect power supply without prior notice from there is pending payment issue.

City: Dharmpur
Mandy singh 07
Dec 12, 2017


Update the November bill please, when i am trying to pay the bill for the month of November it is showing me the electricity bill of October that i have already filled last month.So, fix the problem as soon as possible.
Nov 27, 2017

Non uploading of electricity bill online for the month of 11/17 K No.1111513824

Helloo.My consumer number is 1111513824 at Phagli Shimla171004.I am pying my ills online,but due to delay in update even after your website is generating old paid bill today on 27.11.2017 amounting to Rs 335/only. How can i pay current bill instead it has been added to current bill alongwith late fee,which will not my fault. I will have to knock the door of consumer forum.
Dinesh Kansal
Nov 21, 2017

Site of hpseb dead for many days

Website of bill payment of hpseb dead for too long. Please rectify immediately
Nov 20, 2017

Website non functional

hpseb website for payment of bills is non functional for last more than 5 fays.
Nov 16, 2017

Website non functional

The SEB website for payment of online electricity bill has been non functional for past more than 3 days.
Sep 13, 2017

Bill not delivered

Bill not delivered for K. No. 1111407261
Aug 7, 2017

Overhead 3 phase electricity wire on our house

I 'Mathura Das' resident of Village Baliah Kalan,tehsil Barsar,District Hamirpur,Himachal Pradesh-174305, would like to bring into notice of the concerned authorities of the overhead 3 phase electricity wires passing directly over our house. The wires were made to cross over our already constructed house. i had already complaint in the local office Mehre but no action was taken.
This has caused a lot of threat and inconvinience to my family members.
Kindly take prompt action as soon as possible.
Feb 24, 2017

meter dead

meter dead since 4 day
Sunil meena thakur
Dec 23, 2016

No updated new December bill in site till date

No updated new December bill in site till date
How to online payment????

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