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hyundai i20 electrick power steering


Consumer complaints and reviews about hyundai i20 electrick power steering

Dec 11, 2018

Power steering failure

Am having a i20 magna 2010 model,
Its power steering have failed again 2nd time. And my car has just done 28800 kms. Its very bad to know that hyundai cars are having this kind of problems, what is the use of brand in here and nobody is bothered of the issues here hyundai is playing with peoples life here, my car powersteering failed when i was getting on to the highway at the turning its just failed. Who gave license to hyundai to play with their valued customers life. I was to buy a hyundai car again but moved to honda .what is this low grade steering motor doing in a reputed company like hyundai.i20 steering motor is just a crap.
Vineesh vijayan
Nov 27, 2018

Frequent EPS problem i 20 era

Purchase in 2013
4 to 5 times EPS repaired at each time cost 4000
So long time clutch stuck problem when shows to authorized service centre says it is ok but clutch stuck any time while driving car which is threatening after 3 to 4 local service centre clear problem
My key stuck at last ignition step
Only drive 350000km and also use regularly for few km daily
There is large selling of i 20 but actually EPS problem in many user say it is failure of hyundai
Authorized service centre is jock in surat
Surendra Kumar Srivastava
Oct 6, 2018

Steering hardness problem

I have purchased I20 sport model in July 13.
Steering module has been failed as per authorised service station " Tirupati Hundai workshop, Fazalganj, Kanpur. The driving of the car becomes very difficult on turnnings & on backing the car. Car has run only 25000 k.m.
It is a great mechenical mistake in the part of Hundai but they are not paying any attention.In my personal opinion no one should purchased the Hundai cars.Purchasing of Hundai cars is on your risk.Failure Engg system of Hundai.
Aug 17, 2018

EPS problem

I am using i20 magna 2011 model. From last 2, 3 days EPS warning light is displays on my dashboard and my steering becomes hard. After restart EPS sign goes off and steering becomes normal. But again after 2 hours same problem persists. I used this car 40000 kms.
Rupesh G
Ramanik kapoor
Jul 29, 2018

Steering failure in i20 Hyundai magna

I am appalled at the number of complaints pertaining to starting failure in i20 Hyundai.
The company is taking the gullible consumers for a ride and we all are falling victim to their bad technology.
Ministry of transportation and ministry should ve approached in addition to filing a petition in high courts against the manufacturers.
Jul 9, 2018

Eps motor problem

I have an i20 and facing EPS motor problem. I had bought new one from authorized service centre and after 1.5 years problem has resurfaced. Getting it replaced again. Hyundai should act to rectify this problem and stop charging customers for faulty parts.
V K Anand
Apr 19, 2018

Power steering failing intermittently

My daughter in law having I20 encountered this problem. I got wheels air pressure checked up and found in three wheels pressure was 20 only instead of 32. Problem disappeared after that. I checked up for two days and it did not reappeared.
V K Anand
Apr 19, 2018

Power steering failing

My daughter in law having I20 encountered this problem. I got wheels air pressure checked up and found in three wheels pressure was 20 only instead of 32. Problem disappeared after that. I checked up for two days and it did not reappeared.
Mar 28, 2018

defect in EPS I20 MAGNA

I have given my car for checkig the sound coming from steering while rotating right turn and reverse.they are saying motor problem or EPS SET problems.I have drove my car just 35 k in last 5 years(dec 2012).

This is poor quality product used in magna i20 and is very expensive.Hyundai should replace this free of cost.

Mar 13, 2018

Steering motor of i20

I purchased i20 magna on 2013
This car is driven hardly 28k
I have replaced
1.master cylinder kit brake
2. Clutch cylinder
3. Steering motor is going to replace 3 rd time

This is not a bluff ..i have already made several complaints to Hyundai regarding this matter.
Once they compromised by charging 40%
For steering motor. 3 paid services gulped about 10k

Bills are kept with me for ready reference.
It's better to buy any other brand like Maruti .. Mahindra
At least service and spares are cheap and easily available..

Am planning to avoid this dirty brand
If any body having doubts about the above said matter
My mail id is manuachayan@gmail.com
Jan 9, 2018

EPS breakdown proble of i20 magna

My i20 magna model 2011 has EPS problem steering becomes very hard and it is difficult to take turn but after restarting it becomes free but the problem reappear when the car is used after a while
Dec 27, 2017

EPS breakdown of i20 magna

My i20 magna model 2011 has EPS problem steering becomes very hard and it is difficult to take turn after restarting it becomes fine but the problem reappear when the car is used after a while
Distance covered by my car is about 20k
Dec 15, 2017

Failure of electric power steering while driving on highway

I am having a i2(sportz).My power steering failed while driving on highway and escaped a near accident.Went to service centre and they said MDPS failed.Called customer care and they said it is out of warranty.So hyundai has full rights to play with peoples life in the name of warranty.I see many cases of Hyundai power steering failing.I think government of India should focus on these issues where a car company can play with peoples life in the name of warranty.
I have been asked to pay 22k for replacing power steering by the service centre.
I will not replace it and Hyundai will have entire responsibility of any future consequences.

I think all of common people should approach consumer forum.If Hyundai knows this problem, why they didn't recall the cars.
Recently they recalled in some other country.I think they take India for granted.

My number is 8511471169
If anyone from Hyundai has dare to call and listen to my concern, i will wait before raising to PMO.
Oct 30, 2017

ESP Malfunction 2012 hyundai elantra

(ESP) ELECTRONIC POWER STEERING malfunctioning ESP WARNING LAMP ON accompanied by a loss of steering assist. the vehicle unexpectedly revert to manual steering mode. Possible defective Electronic Circuit Board.
Sachin nisar
Oct 9, 2017

Steering motor replace

My car no is MH 02 BZ 5269 I bought I 20 in 2010 from 2010 to 2017 I replaced steering motor 3rd time last I replaced motor on 2015 on 22000 km now 34000 km the same steering noise is Cmg and steering was hard so Wt can we do all 1years 1 1/2 years we have to replace steering motor
sujay Gopnarayan
Oct 2, 2017

eps issue in hyundai i20 2011 Model

Hi Hyundai Team,

This is one more complaint from my end about EPS and I would like to highlight here on hyundai mechanics if we whenever go to the service center and if any part having issue than those mechanics don't know how to repair and they only ask customer to replace it.
I do not understand as very small to big problem on mechanism replacement of part is the only solution.
I would request to Hyundai engineering team manager or head of India manager to look into it, you can't make fool people in this way.

HUNDAI should work. .in only 43 k KM I am facing issue with EPS which is totally unacceptable as you people know that how dangerous if all of sudden your eps stooped working while driving.
MH01 AV9093.

would be really appreciate if Hyundai will contact with me ASAP.

Thank you.
Best Regards.
Sujay ....
Aug 23, 2017

Hyundai I20 Sportz model 2010 - Hard Steering EPS warning


I have same issue of Hard steering on my i20 sportz bought in 2010 dec. Car ran 37k and steering became hard with EPS warning on. Service center person just saw the car and told motor needs to be replaced and will take 4-5 days
After 4-5 days, when i called what happened, he said we put motor but issue not resoled so we need to replace steering assembly and will cost 42k...
If the problem is consistent across the units, i think hyundai should do right service. Find out faulty parts... I have never heard of such issues in any other manufacturer and if at all same issue across units, right callback is being done.

Aug 15, 2017

power steering unit

frequent replacement of the electronic power steering . i have ahyundai 1 20 which has done only 30000 km i have had to replace the power steering unit twice and the air conditiing compressor onc e in curring a cst of rs 25000 till date can anybody advise and help me because all the jobs are done at the dealer workshop
Apr 25, 2017

Dalip Singh

Having read numerous issues affecting us all who own i20 and are facing problem with EPS light and the steering become hard to drive.This has further eroded my liking for Hyundai vehicles and have decided never again to buy them,How come the Company is selling the same at such a high cost?
Feb 20, 2017

Steering problem

It seems it is known issue, wonder why a renowned company like Hyundai can do such things.Have seen other car makers call back there vehicles if there any issues reported, not sure hyundai ever done this.Even i have to pay 15k to rectify the issue.Worried either to sell it off this junk or keep it repaired.Neither wont buy any hyundai vehicles in future nor recommend

mangaldas naik
Feb 17, 2017

EPS defective

what is the solution?Most of the hundai car owner have defective EPS problem.My i20 magna run mileage 15875 Km facing the same problem.Purchased in jan.2014 I had aproblem front left side making a tak sound. At second service they had told me problem is solved by tightining something.The sound as it is.As now I approach a car mechanic/expert for my EPS .He asked me replace motor,lets what is result.
Jan 9, 2017

i20 2011 model EPS problem

I have the same issue with Power steering EPS as well steering rack for almost 15k, initially work shop people were unable to find the exact reason for the problem now they have asked me to change EPS assembly motor looks bizarre but no choice left as i have to use my car, steering wheel used to become very hard while taking turns etc while parking.

This is major manufacturing issue with Hyundai ehich they do want to take blame, in turn work shop people are charging unnecessarily

rohan shetty
Oct 28, 2016

power stering and rack


I had bought my i20 Asta(petrol) in dec 2010. From the beginning there were issues from the steering/suspension, There used to be an annoying noise which creeps in.
The issue was reported in every service, and just before the vehicle was coming out of warranty, I forced the service center to replace few parts on warranty. The worse thing was that, as I was taking the vehicle out of the service center, after replacement of part, the sound reappaered. Shows that the service centre has not identified the exact issue or not replaced the part as promised.
Since then I have changed struts, links and what not to resolve the issue, but in vain.
Now the vehicle has done 34000 kms, and it is showing EPS error. The sound which was bothering from the beginning still persists. The service centre is now corelating the noise with the EPS motor and insisting me to change the unit.and abs sensor.in problem.
Looks like there is a part issue with Hyundai for their i20, for the steering module, which they do not want to acknowledge.

My advice to all potential car buyers - please do not buy a Hyundai car. In these 5 years I have replaced the clutch master cylinder which failed when I was driving in dense traffic, reloaded corrupted software in the ECU and the EPS failure twice. Buying a Hyundai car is like signing a death warrant, you do not know when the car will fail and your life and those of the passengers will end. I now pray hard before driving the car.i am not satisfies hyundai car.

request for free replacement of defective power steering parts
Please refer to my complaints dated Nov, 01th and Nov,2nd as given above.I am sorry to say that I have not received any reply from you.Since steering problems cropped up even when it was used hardly less than 26000km, I requested you to replace the defective parts free of cost,Hope you will consider it.

Thanks & regards.

Oct 20, 2016

Steering Motor

My Hyundai !10 Sports Steering motor changed 3 times. Total Kilometer run : 11500. I took extended warranty for 3 years. They changed during extended warranty free of cost. They took my steering motors for checking. Hyundai Service center didn't inform the extension facility of extended warranty. Last Time I paid their Bill. Please advice


Jose Kachappilly
Oct 2, 2016

EPS circuit module Failure

I bought i20 sportz in the month of January, 2011. My car is having steering problem. When I contacted Shree Hundai, Chas , Bokaro. They told me to change steering motor and module. Then was asked to change EPS also. I demamded for G Scan. After more than one and half month they have checked through a tab and told be that I will have to change steering motor and EPS circuit module . All costing approx 25 thosand. According to them clutch plate also requires to be changed. Total running is 22K km only. Really a painful thing. Service is very poor here in Bokaro.

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