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Consumer complaints and reviews about HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD (HMIL)

Oct 26, 2017


Respected sir,
This is to inform you that i had baught car [HYUNDAI I 10 GRAND AUTO VEHICLE NO UK O7 BV 2374] on 2nd jan 2017 from B M HYUNDAI .i had old car MARUTI 800 which was for exchange ,they offered 75000 for my old car . i booked my new car since i m in defence services they said to pay me Rs 7000 as corporate discount after getting the RC they have to send to the hyundai company at chennai and the corporate discount will be released from there within 2 to 3 months.this was the final deal with dealer.

On 2nd jan when i went to take new car at 4 PM as they called us at that time .i was kept on waiting and i asked to sales executive named RAHUL with whome i had deal he called the manager Mr DEEPAK he said madam one small problem is there the rate has gone down from 75000 to 70000 but i asked this is not fair then he said otherwise 5000 rs will be cut from RAHU.L,s salari .I felt bad and paid to him rs 5000 then and there [After requesting to deduct money from corporate discount he said dealer will not pay 7000 it will come from company only ] .

I kept on waiting till july after giving them R C twice .i had given them my pay slip also along with R C again on company,s requirement.Then i got my posting from M H DEHRADUN TO MH KOTA RAJASTHAN .Then again i enquired about the same thing Mr DEEPAK asked me to give bank detailes and he will send this money to my account whenever he gets the money anyway i had to do so had no other choice left i rang up so many times other manager who was DEEPAK,s senior he never used to pick up my husbbnd,s phone becose i m very busy with my job .Since ten months are over they denied to give me corporate discount saying we have already given you which i never got till today.i need justice. My husband,s friend went there to enquire about the same the manager told they already paid one more thing they said after clearing the GST they will give but nothing happened nobody is listening manager said u do whatever u want to do .Please do the needful as soon as possible .

My email i d is bhatiaz69@gmail.com and contact no is 7533941947 , 9461837600. LTCOL BABEETA RANI .
Oct 7, 2017


my car no. TS 08 FD4441. Given for servicing at KUN HYUNDAI SERVICE CENTER. UPPAL .HYDERABAD.After completing of servicing observed scratch mark at back sode bumper under number plate,informed service manager shri.NAVEEN KUMAR.
He gives very worst response,no customer respect,rashly ,no work for scratch mark,he is not taken customer satisfaction letter from me.
this is second time facing .so please take action and change back side bumper for my car.
PHONE NUMBER; 8790502104
Oct 4, 2017

Poor Service by Saini Hyundai

Serious Service Complaint

Lokesh Kumar Ray <elkayr@gmail.com>
7 Sep 2017

to Hyundai, crservice
Dear Mr. Chatterjee

I am writing this mail on a serious issue. My car WB 08 2880 Fluidic Verna 1.6 LDM was sent for serious steering problem on 21.08.17 after discussion with the Mr. Sandip Singh of the workshop. To my surprise, due to non availability of spares, the car was kept for 7 days and handed over on 28th. Charge was 30,351/-. But the repair was not good. Car was again sent to the garage on 5th Sept and returned on 6th without rectifying the problem. Apparently spares are not available. Service supv: Aloke Das. This is very bad performance by Hyundai. I am incurring expenditure and undergoing harassment due to this. The overall supervision of Mr. Sandip Singh is poor. Neither he nor the Customer Care manager at Spring Hyundai, China Town pick up the phone and even if they do, they do not call back. I also doubt their integrity re charging for repairs. This is not the first time and I am going to post this as a customer complaint on the consumer redressal forum of the govt.

It is also unprecedented for the power steering needing replacement fir a 3 plus year old car 60,000 km.

Please intervene immediately and let me know.


Lokesh K Ray
Sep 14, 2017

7th time the problem with clutch / Verna - WB06H 4774

Hyundai Motor India Ltd

Dear Mr.Yaser Syed, It was pleasure speaking to you today. I Look forward to immediate solution. I am ready to pay 5th time and I am not looking for any discount.

Dear Mr.Anshu Mail Sarkar - M # 9903812393,
Mr.Debasish Chatterjee - M # 9212141647

Its now 7th time the problem with clutch has cropped up. / COMPLAIN REGISTERED BY AUSTIN HYUNDAI ON 14-092017 - COMPLAIN NO.1-1026426714 / WB06H 4774


7th now Km not known - KM - just got information - 12/09/2017


As per record, the clutch change was done as follows KM in your vehicle :
1st: 35835KM - free of charges
2nd: 65043KM - paid
3rd: 82880KM - paid
4th: 96200KM - paid - at Saini Hyundai - sudden break down in that area
5th: 110952KM - paid
6th 120818KM - paid - 03/05/2017

Warm Regards
Narayan Singhania / Director
m # + ############
e: narayan@compressor.in

compressor.in | LinkedIn | Facebook

50 Years - Manufacture - Exporter - Importer of Compressor parts.... & Service Provider
Indian Agent of Allen Filters, Inc. – USA www.allen.global
Indian Agent of Sloan Lubricators - USA sloanlubrication.com
Indian Agent of Flexware - USA http://www.flexwareinc.com/

Oriental Go Green Initiative: Please Save Paper and take print out of the mail only if absolutely necessary
A K Dhawan
Sep 9, 2017

Refund of booking amount

Dear sir , I booked i10 grand car at hundai Kun dealer , near Lakdi ka pul Hyderabad. Mail id reports@kununited.com on 5.8 17 and paid rs 5000 as booking amount. At the time booking their man Naga Raju promised me that if I cancell the booking I will get full refund. Somehow I purchased the i10 grand diesel from some other source and cancelled the booking. Since they have to return the amount they are not responding at all my mails and messages. Please advice. A K Dhawan.
Aug 29, 2017

Engine repair fault

Complaint ID: 1-990849732

M/s Popular Hyundai Kunnamangalam Kozhikode had already overshot their estimated repair amount by 12000 Rs to make it a 19000 Rs bill. After 3 months of usage and 4000kms the engine oil dried out due to overconsumption/internal leak. Sadly they arent showing any ownership of their fault and justifying themselves. There were 2 new issues created by them in the initial 1 month like coolant leak, AC problem etc which were fixed by Advaith Hyundai Bangalore. I am worried of handing over the car to Popular again for engine repair. Can the company help me to claim the 6 months repair warranty at some other more reputed service center in Bangalore like Advaith?
Only 3 months are over and the parts warranty is still active lilke valve stem and several other parts.
Aug 10, 2017


Dear customer care

This refers my trailing contacts by mail in the matter of changing the audio system in my below referred car since long but there is no out put from your side so far.

from this what should we understand. it is always expected a good service and response from you like a reputed company.

it is therefore requested to please do the needful on urgent basis in order to keep
your company service is a higher level.

awaiting for your in turn action in this matter.

Thanks & Rgds,
Vinod Varlani
Contact Number : 9913437848
Vehicle Reguistration Number : GJ 12 CP 5693
Aug 8, 2017

Pathetic experience to Buy Hyundai Xecent------Replacement Car Required or Consumer court is the alternate option(Critical and urgent.).

Dear Team Hyundai,

I bought Hyundai xcent ( License Number UP 32 HN 1093) on Feb 7th 2017 from SAS Hyundai Lucknow. I bought it for commercial purpose and got the CNG kit fitted from Dealer itself. Since then the Vehicle has visited the Service center 4 times for the same Problem and that is “Over Heating”. First time (do not remember the date) when I took it to service center they took 4-5 hours to repair. Again on 3rd of March just running for 2 and half days as commercial vehicle the same problem occurred and I again took the vehicle to service center this time they took around 7 days and given me back the car on 11th of March. Once again the car started running from 17th of March and this time ran for approximately 10 days and on 28th of March again reached to service center for the same issue such a WOW experience. Your service center fooled me around for a month time and at last handed over the vehicle to me on 28th of Apr 2017, complete one month to identify and to repair the car. This time I was advised to run car on petrol for at least 1000 Kms as they worked on engine over all. As of now my car worked for around 13 days out of 90 days of my purchase. Now I drove the car to Delhi as I was not left with other option due to the circumstances. It took around 2 months to find a driver and to start running car in Delhi and, finally from July 28th it started running in Delhi NCR area attached with Uber but since it is Hyundai Car known for its consistency as expected after a week same problem appeared on 4th of August and now the car is in service center at Ghaziabad.
After telling the history of this car let me tell you the other aspect of buying this car, I bought this vehicle to earn money but due to such a superb quality of product and such an efficient service experience provided by Hyundai I am into deep debt, I am paying EMI of Rs 12967.00 for last 6 months , Given Salaries to 3 Drivers, who could not continue with me because of the issue, I have paid passenger tax to government for Rs3900.00 for three quarters Feb-Apr, May-Jun and July to Sep, Apart for that evertime your Service center charged me for oil change.
I would really thank to Hyundai to Financially broke me down completely, I want to tell you now I am not in a situation to bear it any more. I would request you to take your Faulty product back and Refund the money with interest Estimate is attached,
Please consider this Letter as legal notice and arrange the refund in next 30 Days. Otherwise I would be compel to take this issue to Consumer court and if this happen Hyundai India would be the responsible for all the expenses occurred during legal proceedings along with mental harassment..
I have given 3 chances to repair the product but it seems Hyundai India is not capable enough to repair this product and I am not in a position to give more chances to and wait till eternity apart of that I have completely lost my trust on this brand and its products No more relationship I want to continue with your Company.
Contact no- 9873432347.
Aug 2, 2017


My car is facing some AC related problems ever since it visited the workshop and the workshop is not ready to admit it. Even i am not ready to take the vehicle in this condition and neither will pay for the fault created from the work shop. Regarding this Mr Mayank from ur complaints department has to say that there is no other head above him to report, after asking for the toll free number or any other person to talk to he very rudely and bluntly said there is no one there in all india who will talk apart from him. Even after letting him know that I am recording this call he still behaved like a King of some empire and was very rude. I need a solution to my problem which have been almost 10 days now.
Aug 2, 2017


My car is facing some AC related problems ever since it visited the workshop and the workshop is not ready to admit it. Even i am not ready to take the vehicle in this condition and neither will pay for the fault created from the work shop. Regarding this Mr Mayank from ur complaints department has to say that there is no other head above him to report, after asking for the toll free number or any other person to talk to he very rudely and bluntly said there is no one there in all india who will talk apart from him. Even after letting him know that I am recording this call he still behaved like a King of some empire and was very rude. I need a solution to my problem which have been almost 10 days now.
Rajinder Singh Jamwal
Aug 2, 2017

Purchase of hyundai Xcent SX Petrol

I am part of HYundai family for last 17 years, earlier i have owned Santro.. Now my complaint is regarding purchased new Xcent SX Petrol From your dealer M/s PACE HYUNDAI, PACE AUTO AIDS PTV. LTD. 13 B/C, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu-180004. full payment amounting to Rs. 667305/- through Pay Order dated :- 17.07.2017 of J&K Bank Ltd. I.C. Bari Brahmana, Jammu deposited vide Receipt No. 7500 dated:- 17.07.2017. The delivery of the vehicle given on 28.07.2017 as per delivery challan no. 79 dated: - 28.07.2017, but the bill with other documents given on dated: - 01.08.2017 after 4 days amounting to Rs. 652305/- which is not understand by me. further i have given my old SANTRO CAR for exchange bonus on dated: - 28.07.2017, cost of vehicle Rs. 25000 + Exchange Bonus Rs. 15000/- Total Rs. 40000/- as per credit note S. No. 006 dated: - 28.07.2017 which is still not transfer to my bank account agreed by the dealer.
Hyundai as a brand has always attracted customer . So did i thought of purchasing my new car from Hyundai . I was surprised and was astonished to experience the service from the dealer . Actually, they were least bothered.
The processing of papers and refund is very slow which is not good for customers.
Rajinder Singh Jamwal
H. No. 511, Sector-C,
Sainik Colony, Jammu-180011.
Kundan Lal sharma
Jul 6, 2017

Bad smell comes into car

Dear company
I have visited 3 time in your local distributor Kosmo Hyundai company Jalandhar (punjab) for outer bad smell I have ingnored number of time but it's increasing so that I visited in Kosmo company but still I haven't get solution form your company every time they make their own excuses car has purchased in last year I m too irritate with this serivce centre due to busy schedule I haven't enough time to waste in that workshop kindly advise me so that I will continue relation with your company

Car detail PB 08 DK 0773
Mobile 9888864600
Kundan Lal sharma
Jul 6, 2017

Outdoor smell passing into car

Dear company
I have visited 3 time in your local distibutor Kosmo Hyundai company Jalandhar (punjab) for outer smell which has enter in to car but still I haven't get solution form your company every time they make their own excuse due to busy schedule I haven't enough time to waste in that workshop kindly advise me so that I will continue relation with your company
Jun 14, 2017

Service Issue / Morani Hyundai / Jaipur Rajasthan India

Dear Hyundai,

This is regarding my car maintenance which must be done by Morani Hyundai Jaipur, India. I want to explain the entire incident by this mail and aspect a fair decision for the same.

I bought a car HYUNDAI GRAND I10 (RJ14QC3301) on 4th Sep. 2016 from Morani Hyundai Jaipur. I mate with an accident in Feb. 2017 and I took the car to the Morani Hyundai for repair and they claim entire damage to the insurance company as there was no limit for the same ( they change the radiator and repair front body of the car which was damaged but i was not asked for the same) and repair the car. At the same time, they did second scheduled service of the car as well. They gave me my car back in about one week after completing every damage and maintenance work with second scheduled service as well .

Now few days back I was coming back from my hometown (Kota, Rajasthan) which is approximately 240 KM far from Jaipur. On the way, I feel that the temperature meter of car is showing high side of temperature. I stopped my car on highway and wait for few minutes. Then I check the radiator and found it little bit empty. I arranged some water and fulfill the requirement.

I again took the car to Morani Hyundai and explain everything. They checked my car and told me to repair the head of the engine which is not claimable and I need to pay about INR 12000 Rupees. for the same and I got agree as I was not having any idea regarding the parts and engine maintenance.

After few days, they called me that they have done with the head repair but now the problem is not the same and we have to change the half engine and I have to pay approximately INR 70000 Rs. (As per the quotation received from GM Morani Hyundai) as it is again not claimable. After asking the reason Mr. Naveen (Service General Manager, Morani Hyundai) told me that this is due to the same reason of that accident which held in Feb. 2017 and they people treat this as customer negligence.

Now my concern is that when I have handed over the car to Morani Hyundai at the same time after accident and they did all the maintenance work then how is it possible that the same problem damaged my car from inside?? Why they did not recognize the turbel at the same time even they did my second scheduled service as well at the same time?? Why they leave this at the time of maintenance work and scheduled service??

This is not the first incident of mine with Morani Hyundai as I have faced a big problem at the time of car purchase but I ignore that at that time only and result of my ignorance that I must pay INR 45000 Rupees to Morani which is not a small amount for a middle class person like me. This matter is still pending as it was a mistake of finance department of Morani Hyundai in there calculation at the time of car loan application. They are also not giving me RC of the car till date due to the same.

Before i end my mail I Strictly seek an explanation regarding your company claim to my whicle's engine which was damaged during my accident sand for which you capt my car for 7 days at your service center for getting it total repair and still the same problem arrived and hance you are asking me to change my half engine. Please also mention that when also my second scheduled service was done that time also the service engineer ignored make a mention to any kind of problem whatsoever.

My car odometer is only 16000 KM and 8 Months and they people wants to change the engine of my car…!!! What rubbish is it…???
This is my request to please consider the meter by looking in it and sort this out ASAP as my car is there at service station from 16th May. 2017 and I need it as earliest.

Expecting a reply by 20th June 2017 as i would be forced to stake my claim to consumer court.

Thanks & Regards:

Gaurav Sharma
Jun 14, 2017

Complaint on Service

With reference to the subject cited above, I have given my CRETA Car ( Reg. No : TS09ES2255) for second service on 12-06-2017 at your workshop at Moosarambagh, Hyderabad with invoice no : B201704202, R/O No. R201704463.

In this regard, I wish to bring to your notice that the service is pathetic. As there was a complaint of noise and pulling of the wheels, your service executive suggested to go for wheel balancing and alignment, in addition to oil change and other routine fixed checkups, which you would be regularly doing for second service.

When I have gone to pickup my vehicle in the evening, I noticed that the vehicle is still muddy every where, even though the vehicle is claimed to have been water washed completely by your staff. Also, wheel alignment and balancing is either not at all done or done improperly, as the noise is still emanating from the wheels . All these were brought to the notice of your Asst. Service Manager Mr. K. Raju ( Mob No : 80966 66328 ), who has asked me to bring the vehicle again for water wash next day with no commitment about wheel alignment and balancing. How can a customer go again and again to the service station by leaving all his works in this busy life ? It is pertinent here to mention that all the above jobs are promptly billed in the invoice, which raises a further doubt of whether there is any one in your workshop who checks if the customers complaint is really attended or not, or will they promptly bill the customers, blindly assuming that the job might have been carried out at the service bay level. From the above experience, I seriously doubt if they have really changed engine oil and oil filter in my car !

I am stunned to experience this type of pathetic service from a well established and renowned agency like yours , who has more than 2 decades of experience in this field.

Expecting to have a positive change in the near future !


Mob No : 94946 06699.
May 29, 2017

against staff's member of jhilmil service station delhi

Dear Hon'ble Hyundai Team,

Greetings of the day!

From this email i want to draw your kind attention to your staff's rude behavior.
I'm Hyundai customer from very long time and very disappointed from one of your staff's behaviour at Himgiri auto (Jhilmil Delhi) service center.Name of the staff is Abdul choudhary in Body shop department and the name of their is senior is Sanjeev Kumar.
I had talked with Abdul Kumar few days before regarding my Car I 10 paint that paint he had painted on car are not good and he need to repair it.But, when I arrive at your Himgiri Hyundai Jhilmil service center today , Abdul was not listening me, arguing me so bad, some type of shouted on me, and really very bad behavior I had faced.If he don't want to work then he can tell it softly to customer not by shouting on them.It leads to wrong impression on customer because they all are representative of Hyundai and their attitude tells very much about company.

Now I just want that Abdul Choudhary should apologise before me because I have been hurt from their rude behavior.

My Car number is DL8CAE9961as well last bill and car registration certificate are attached herewith for your reference.

Reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards​
Harsh Kaushik
(Pursuing LLB)
vinish vincent
May 11, 2017

brakes ,no perfomance ,no mileage ,suspension

Hello Sir,
Please see my earlier mail dated 08-04-2017 sent from mail-id viniz4u@gmail.com.
After this mail, from the service station (Thiruvanathapuram) service engineer contacted me and took the car for set right the break. Till time the car was not set right. One i10 car was given for travel in the mean time with out RC book and other papers for running on road.
Without valid documents, how can ply a car on road ?? And the car is kept idle (any one can check the meter for the running)
From the date of purchase of the car, there is a break compliant and several times I serviced the car and that too with different service centers. All of them told that they can not able to settle the break compliant. Break is the main part of car and with out proper break, how can a person drive or travel in the car ?? . I have painfully waited for set right the break, but in vain. Several times I could not able to travel due to the reason that the car was held up for service. Three incidents occurred and I have spent a lot. Now also I could not able to go to my office in my car. I am spending a lot of money for that also.
Trivananthapuram Karamana popular Hundai they kept my car for 20 day and they said they changed module of brake but now it's more worse than before no brake ,please send some experts from main branch need to talk about brake , no pickup, now after receiving my car noise on suspension, please forward this to mr koo MD of Hundai .i call you customer care complaint more than five time no one get back to me . So this is what such a big company like Hundai caring customers.
This is purely manufacturing defect and I request you to change my car immediately. Otherwise, further proceedings I will initiate and for my expenses and for my mental agony, the company should compensate. Car is under warranty period now.
I am afraid of to travel in this car and there is no guarantee for my life and my family. Kindly do the needful immediately.

Thanks & Regards
R.Usha, Dy. General Manager (Finance),
BSNL, Nagercoil.
Mob 944 3100 311
sachin nayak
Apr 20, 2017

part failure issue

Why all Hyundai cars suffering from EPs problems. I have eon magna+ 2014 model running only 23 kms but I faced the issue of EPs and company says I have to change the module.
Apr 6, 2017

Service center issues

Dear Hyundai Team ,

I am proud owner of I10 HR26 BW 8689 which I bought I10 in jan 2013 and it was nice journey since today .

Hyundai is one of the best reliable products in the market and same I have felt so ,In the leading automobile giants Hyundai will surpass maruti with there amazing products .

But my worry is about the service /after sales which is most important part of any company who is looking to be no.1 in segment .

Now the issue starts with , I use to get my services done at safdarjang Hyundai , which is least bothered about the customer verbatim .

It really disturb my thoughts about Hyundai how can you allow people who don’t listen about the customer issue and don’t resolve/call back if something raised with customer care .

My vehicle is there several times for issue of Ac , but what they have done, they didn’t even bothered to mentioned the complaint in the job card .

Since the vehicle was in warranty and ac gas was leaking , they were suppose to change the affected part but either they were not able to diagnose the concern or over smartly they have top up the gas twice .

Now the vehicle is out warranty ,now they come to us with the issue that cooling coil and some pipe beneath the dashboard is damaged .

My question is how can pipe and cooling coil can get damaged automatically ,without any external affect , and if this was so why it was not replaced under warranty when I sent car previously ??

Other thing some seal is leaking , so how can it be possible for brand like Hyundai that the oil seal get leaked by itself ??without any external affect ?

Leaking oil means it dangerous for engine as far I know , so what if the engine get malfunction by that issue ?? who will be accountable for that ?

My car is only 35000 km driven , is it possible seals ,coils get leaked in 35591 km only ??

If it is so I doubt the product quality of the HYUNDAI .

Please explain the same to me and get it resolved without any charges ,as there is no fault of mine either for seal or either for ac .

Warm Regards
Neha Raghav (+91.9718512151, 9716722777)
navin bherwani
Mar 28, 2017

Parts cont find in our city showroom

Dear sir,

i have Hyundai Verna 2012 Model
Verna 1.6 CRDI SX BS IV

Chassis's No : MALCU41ULCM054498

My Key look Switch was Damaged. So i want new Switch.
but it cant find in any Hyundai Showroom.

So please help me for find the My Car Key Switch.
Switch pic was Attached.

Navin Bherwani Khandwa M.P.

Mob. 8878844090

Mar 8, 2017

Pathetic episode at hyundai sangli

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please take a note that, i am Hyundai customer. i took 2 Hyundai vehicles in last 4 months.(Expecting good services from Hyundai) Recently i met with an accident and hence took my CRETA (MH-10-PB 7599) to Hyundai Showroom Sangli. And After that, i started suffering form many different issues.

I dropped my vehicles for repairing on 24th November 2016 at Hyundai Showroom Sangli. and yet to receive my Vehicle. Since last four Months, i am constantly in touch with respective authorities and not getting proper response. Every single time they gave next dates only. as per your respective showroom commitments, it is expected to get my vehicle on 24 Dec.2016. but not happened because of not having required spare parts.

After that, They gave us next date of 10 January 2017. we waited till the said date of January but again got disappointed and got next date 25 January 2017. but the same thing happened. On the 25 January 2017 we have been told to come by 10th of Feb.2017. again the same thing happened and they request to come on 25th of Feb. hence reached to the showroom to take the delivery of our vehicle but we saw that, our vehicle was at the same place in same condition, the way we left on 24th Dec.2016.

After So many request and dramas, finally they committed to give our vehicle on 7th March 2017. And hence we are trying to reach the concern person but he is not responding to my calls. it is also learnt that, after making complaint your team starts troubling more, to the particular customer.

Due to above all the episode i am fed up mentally as well as physically. so i need a reimbursement for all the harassment and three months interest of loan.

Now look into this matter on Top Priority and get it done or i am going to take legal action against company for the mental harassment.

Arun Mohan A
Mar 1, 2017


I owned a hundai i20 from trivandrum karamana popular showroom they give so many fake offers at the time of booking but really happened is horrible.
But my main issue is i pait a 10000 package for ubc 3m coting and ipp yesterday after 7 days from the delivery date the under body coating is still wet and low quality paint with lot of mud and dust
Additional accessories price also very high with low quality car is amazing expect their poor service
Feb 17, 2017

Very poor performance and misbehave during servicing of my Hyundai i10 car at M/s Binay Hyundai, Begusarai

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I had approached M/s Binay Hyundai, Begusarai situated at Zero Mile , Begusarai for replacement of parts and servicing of my Hyundai i10. There was requirement of replacement of various parts like headlight, windshield, bumper etc. and regular servicing of my car was also to be done. People at Binay Hyundai assured me that all jobs shall be completed in two to three days. For two days there was no response from their team after I submitted by car at their disposal. After two days when I went to their service centre, I found that literally my car not even touched and no job was done. I was also not informed about any development in this matter. On enquiry and request they started job on my car, but again there was no feedback given by them. When I went after four days, I found that some job was done and various parts were replaced. I am not sure whether those parts were genuinely required for my car. The parts replacement was not totally done.

After a gap of approximately 12 days, I went to enquire and found that my car is opened from front but no parts have been replaced. After my enquiry, they assured me for delivery of car on the very next day. As promised, I went on the next day to take delivery of my car. Total bill raised by M/s Vinay Hyundai was Rs. 41800.00. I tried to negotiate on rates given by them for certain items and talked to their manager Mr. Abbu, who was not available on that day and asked for payment of Rs. 41000.00 for time being and payment of rest amount , i.e. Rs. 800 after talking in person to the manager. When I tried to transfer money online, system did not allow the same due to daily limits on transaction and hence I requested them to accept payment through SBI cheque which was accepted telephonically by Mr. Abbu. Further when I went to Accounts section to submit by Cheque with required amount , the person at accounts section declined to accept the same and misbehaved with me. I even requested him to talk to Mr Abbu but he told that why should I talk to anyone. Somehow , he got convinced to accept the cheque and I got delivery of my car. But the bill was not provided to me at that time. After that, when I went to start my car, same was not taking ignition and was not starting. On calling Mr. Abbu, his mobile phone was out of range. When I called the shop floor guy, he told that he has already left and now he can cater to me on next day only. There were some people at that place in the showroom who helped to open the bonnet of car. It was found that the Battery connector was rusted and was not replaced. They managed to establish connection through makeshift arrangement and somehow my car was started and I had to literally flew away from that place with my car out of frustration.

Please note that I have already made full payment through cheque and I do not wish to go back to the service centre again to receive my bill. This is a very unfortunate incident and totally not acceptable from service centre of a very reputed car maker, Hyundai. The service centre people are non responsive and do not provide any feedback while my car was looked after. Also they insist on various other means such as application of Anti rust coating, engine coating, exhaust pipe coating of a specified brand (3M) so that they get their incentives but they ignore genuine requirements such as battery connector as seen in my case. Also I believe they are charging more than the standard rates specially on labor charges. Same cannot be confirmed by me as I am in no mood to go back and get my bill. Also they prepare hand written bills which also indicates some foul play.

My humble request is to take this matter in serious manner else it will impact company’s reputation and will hamper new customers to go for buying Hyundai Cars. Definitely I am not going to choose Hyundai as my next car because of this incident because if servicing of car is so hectic and embarrassing then it is better not to go that way. Also , M/s Binay Hyundai is a new opening in Begusarai and if a new opening of Hyundai behaves in this manner with a customer who is willing to pay Rs. 41000.00 in his first visit then you may rethink on how service centres are getting operated by your authorized agencies.

Awaiting your positive response.
Feb 13, 2017

New Grand i10 engine damaged on just 2nd day

Dear sir,
This is to bring to kind notice that i have purchase Grandi10 magna silver from charisma hyundai chd.on 9 Feb2017.in the name of Tarunika D/o Dhruve kumar bearing chassis no.MALA851CLGM571811
It is very regreat to say that while i was going toward U.P from chandigarh along with my family suddenly there was noise in engine cabin and vehicle finaly breakdown at 10 pm.on 10 Feb2017.it become very odd situation as i was along with my family suffer full night i also called ur road assistance service they came at spot after 4 hour bring my vehicle nearest authorized dealer i.e. Khanna hyundai and i came to know my vehicle engine damaged.
So this is my request to that i dont want any kind of repairing and all only want change my vehicle because my vehicle is only one day old and this is to inform you that also this vehicle was purchased for marriage gift purposed and marriage date is 15 Feb2017 so we have only 4days .
So kindly put your leg into my shoes and kindly do the needfull.
This same email forward in hyundai but not any responce or any further action on it

Feb 11, 2017

Finance issue

Hi after multiple visit on harsh hundai showroom in indore not a single sales man touch with me for hundai creata finance. requsest you to please improve the quality of ur sales and finance department else hundai lose lot of good customers base.

Naveen singh
Mob : 9977358353

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