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Consumer complaints and reviews about IBM

Feb 26, 2019

Cheating recruiters in ibm

I got a call from IBM that my resume scheduled and later they asked me fee of 2500 for the reference interview later 2500 again he sent some pics of someone's with IBM stamp I believe and its having IBM impression and he said job is confirm and you will get a call from IBM I believe I wait for 2 days called him no response I have call recording s and WhatsApp chat proof his name Sanjeev number +919049460878 also I lost 5000 Ra I hope some one will take care of IBM name and fame like me so many will losing their money Hr Sanjeev. G.G
Has taken Hr round
Hr Shewta A
Has taken Technical Round
Hr Anand Raghu T
Appty and manager round
Interview is taken has taken from this number....08049228000 he said like this I wait for call 2 days

Cheating recruiters in ibm Cheating recruiters in ibm Cheating recruiters in ibm Cheating recruiters in ibm

Feb 12, 2019

MY Parcel from UK is stuck in DIMC

Hello sir,

As per the tracking details my item has been shipped from UK to india on 04-Feb-2019 and The Status is showing that the parcel is in Delhi International mail center.From past 8 days there is no update from DIMC. Could you please fix this issue ASAP.This is IMPACTING the business of IBM Subramanyam Arcade,Banglore,India.And in case of any further delay, necessary legal action will be taken.

Parcel Tracking ID: RS851468125GB

Rajesh Neelam
Nov 22, 2017

Chanrging more GST

IBM Premises G Block Cafeteria in Manyata Tech Park still charging 18% GST on Regular meal.

Dear Authorities,

After GST reduction on food item still "IBM Manyata tech park bangalore" Premises food code authorities are charging 18% GST on regular meals and providing low quality food ,Saying that GST charges are not changed on caterings and they got this information from govt ,to do so attaching the notice with complain, Hope authorities will take care of it. Thank you in Advance!!
Oct 18, 2017

not able to update aadhaar number in EPFO site

While i try to update AAdhar as patrt of KYC details update in UAN portal - below message is being shown

"Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data"

Email : [email protected]
Jul 27, 2017

Fraud and threatening in the name of IBM


I had posted a ad on OLX regarding mobile phone, a person from IBM named Kishore Kumar D who said he was HR from IBM took my phone and said the amount is transferred online i'll be getting in another 15 mins and left. I didn't get the amount and he said me he'll be giving me the cash next day. He fooled around for 3 days then he started blackmailing telling he'll blacklist my name, he'll remove me from job he is an HR in IBM. He'll hand over me to police. He is still threatening me and he is also hacking my facebook profile and passwords. He is playing a lot with my life. I request you to take action on him.Below are the attachments of his profile and messages.

Thanks and Regards
Ashwini A

Fraud and threatening in the name of IBM Fraud and threatening in the name of IBM Fraud and threatening in the name of IBM Fraud and threatening in the name of IBM

Jun 25, 2017

fake job offering

it started with the call from a guy named NISHANTH REDDY- Hr of IBM telling that at back end my resume has been shortlisted alongwith one more person to work as a software engineer (role software testing) in IBM. so initially they asked 550rs. to release my offer letter so i paid and side by side i mailed to IBM complaint mail regarding this issue for which i got late reply and also i lost 550rs. but saved some rs. too.
then he asked me telling that they need 4500 security deposit for documents verification which is done by IBM only. 4500 will b refunded after 48hrs they told.
since i was not sure about this so i didnt paid this amount, u people b careful with them. the account details to which i was asked to deposit money is mentioned below:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 36193533247
contact details of Nishanth Reddy: 09958388048
they warned me telling that they will cancel my joining if i dont pay amount within the given time limit.
i donno whether IBM know abut this agent n frauddster things or not. if they know why r they not serious then?? are they doing it intentionally.
i got saved from paying huge amount but still i lost 550.
A computer company only not able to safeguard itself how will it safeguard your lifes by employment n all.. seriously feeling bad about it.....
Shiwansh Tiwari
Aug 23, 2016

selected in IBM for R2R

I have been selected in IBM for R2R position and got confirmation from HR also. I dont know what has happened they have cancelled my job and told that business has closed on 2 person istead of 4 person and i told them that i have submitted a resignation letter from the company which i am working. But they not listein anything from my side and said sorry. How foolish the company is and i have never expect from this IBM they he will do this from me and what will be impact it shows on me. I will to media on this thing.i am married person and i have spoiled my things because IBM is providing job to me.

Shiwansh tiwari
mohammad hidayath
Jun 27, 2016

cab from IBM has hit our vehicle on midnight for the fourth time


Every now & then , our 4 wheeler was hit at the same place. This is the 4th time a vehicle hit our 4 wheeler. Till now we were wondering who was the culprit. But this time we got to know that it was the Cab from IBM , who used to come to our place to drop there employee & very rashly they used to reverse the vehicle.

Every day a new cab is used to drop the employee , who stays diagonally opposite to my home. this is the such fourth incident the cabs have hit our vehicle on the same place. They take reverse very rashly, they are worst driver i guess since there is a wide road, easily 90 yr old can reverse a truck there.

Now IBM has to take responsibility of this & have to bear all the cost of damage & also we are planing to file a complaint against IBM for using such a negligent drivers .Who drove very rashly & has hit & damaged our vehicle for the fourth consecutive time.

Till now we have spent a huge amount for the repair & has incurred losses. Now we are planing to suit a case against IBM & also the trasport department there.

I wish i can get a reply asap

Mohammad Hidayath
[email protected]
Feb 25, 2015

IBM guy Cheatd by giving fake offer letter. [email protected]

Hi sir, IBM guy GOKUL RAJ P has cheated me by taking 30,000 rs, and given FAKE offer letter. When I reached IBM with that offer letter security did not allow inside, I was very disappointed. I have all receipt of amount transfer.
now hos mobile is switched off. his mobile number 9019358776 . His IBM mail ID : [email protected]

I can submit all proof of banking receipt. Please take a action on him, He cheated my friends also.

Please help me sir, I will beg you.


IBM guy Cheatd by giving fake offer letter.  gokulraj.p@ibm.com

Jul 8, 2011


forgot to give you the number: 9818412528 from where I get the calls.
Mar 18, 2011

PF Pending

check your status here - http://www.epfbng.kar.nic.in/
Mar 16, 2011

PF Pending

Totally agree with him, i am facing the same issue. PF office is liable by law to settle the amount within 30 days, else the PF commissioner can lose his salary, and also we must get the interest on our PF account (for the delay). Anyone settled their PF claims with IBM? how have you gone about it ?
Feb 10, 2011

employee exploitation

I strongly agree. I was interviewed twice. First time, I was made waited for 2 hrs and after 2 hrs I was told that my profile does not match with their requirement. In 2 nd interview, I almost reached till salary negitiation and after 2-3 days they gave me the same reason and rejected me. F****rs!! They play with people's valuable time.
Jan 23, 2013

harmfull Stray Dogs

Respected Sir,

I would like to bring this to your attention that we Residents of Mackan Road, BhartiNagar, Bangalore 560001 - are facing critical challenges around Stray dogs. It has become difficult to pass by the small lane of Mackan road (Opposite St John's Church) and let our kids move out for any reason.

In the last couple of days there has been multiple cases where the stray dogs have bit/injured people passing by and unfortunately they attack and aim primarily small kids.

It is become very difficult for us to Live in such a surrounding. Hence we request you to take strict action against this and capture these stray dogs before any further Incidents.

Thanking You.
BhartiNagar Residents
Jun 21, 2012

didn't get the Interview reimbursements

Dear Sir,

Last 2 months back i interviewed by Univercell mobile company and get shortlisted also then they contacted me and say that have the another interview at chennai and they are paying the travel reimbursements.
I goes and completed the interview on 24th April 2012 and after they said that i didn't selected...after they processed for reimbursements i submitted all supported documents to them.....after they said to me it will take 7 working days....but still i didn't get the reimbursements.

Kindly do needfull
Jun 6, 2012


Hi friends ,my name is XXXX and i came down to bangalore in search of job like any other graduates..gave interviews in lot of companies. i met one guy while giving interview in ibm his name is narendra babu n his dad name is narayanappa he is from bangalore he promised me to get me job in ibm told me ibm is recruiting some freshers through some training process we need to give money and took near about 2 lakhs from me and my friends and but never knew he was a fraud guy...don believe dis guy he ll change is name also biggest fraud in bangalore...saala randi ka baccha...i will attah his photo jus be aware of him...
Apr 17, 2012

No Update on my PF Withdrawl

I made request for PF Withdrawl , filed with the PF Office for Settlement dated on 24/02/2012 .

Currentely i can see that my PF Settlement Claim ID's PYKRP############ & PYKRP############ got Rejected , AGAINST Member Account No ( PYKRP00192140000071321 ).

It says that Rejection letter is under dispatch/dispatched to my address. It was almost 2 months from now , I didn't got my Claim form to my address.I raised Grievance and its pending with EPO officer Ningshen Thotar who is not picking up the phone, neither replying to my emails .

Please let me know why my Form got rejected and when did Rejection Letter got dispatched to my address .

Following are the details.

Name# Surfraz Mitegar
Company # IBM
PF NO: KN/BN/19214/071321
Jul 26, 2011

IBM recruitment drama

IBM HR team - What are they doing?

If they have made up their mind not to select any person then why to do drama by calling for interview.
The person who took interview was searching for a reason to reject every guy.
He said to one guy "you need to have SAP experience, only domain exp is not sufficient".
His next comment to one more guy "you need to have Domain experience, only SAP exp is not sufficient".
Another comment & my favorite one " you have domain & SAP exp then why don't you continue in same domain/company"
Jul 8, 2011


Dear Sir,

I get some calls and sms from some unknown person, I'm facing this problem since last one month.
this guy continuously calls at odd timings and talk some nonsence proposals.
Please help me to get rid of this situation.

Jun 21, 2011


Dear Sir/Madam,

It started somewhere in March when i requested my deppartment manager to either give me a transfer of location or grant me work from home for some time,as my family situation was critical and they needed me to be with them.My manager Mr. Partha Dutta(Technical Services Manager-Service Management-Novartis) refused to grant me the leave at any cost.As it was important for me,i went ahead with the request to his senior manager.This angered Mr. Partha(it hurt his ego).From thereon,he started finding faults in me every now and then,monitoring my every single activity and sending me mailers asking for justifications.when nothing worked out for him,he misguided HR deppt with false accusations and they together issued me a Show-Cause notice.I was asked to put a signature that i accepted all my mistakes.Since it was all non-sense,wrong painful allegations,i told them that i could not put a signature on something which i do not believe in.This is something like FORCING a person to admit his crime(which actually he has not done).To this,i was told that they wanted me to resign.I said i love IBM and i would not resign.I appealed to the Open-door Concerns and Appeals deppt and my 2nd line manager requested me to meet him face to face on 17th June 2011( i have the e-mail proof).However,as i came to office on 16 June feeling very excited as it was the 100th anniversary of IBM,my 1st line manager Mr. Partha took me to meeting room and told that i was terminated.I requested him that i had already appealed to the higher authorities and i had a meeting the next day regarding this.To this,he told me that he does not want to listen anything and that if i did not go,securites would be called to throw me out.and he called the security.Now i found that my entry access was blocked that day and all my official communication between and the senior authorities were blocked as well.what sort of injustice is this?I am not even sure if at all i am terminated as i have received no formal mail or letter or anything like that.what Should i do now?Mr. Partha has now been misleading the higher management authorities with all false arguments,justifying his stand to terminate me but i am unable to contact them to present with my side of the story.This is gross injustice,inhuman as well.I do not have a problem with termination,as a private sector company they reserve full rights to sack an employee on discretion.But,I haven't got any formal order of termination(no mails,no letter etc..) and my entry is blocked in the company.I do not have so much money to hire a lawyer and fight the case.But my hope rests with you now.Please feel for me.Please help me get justice.
May 8, 2011

access fair demand in auto

Auto number KA A5162. Driver was ready to fight for access fair. i called for auto 3 O clock after noon from kaderenhalli cross to bank clonony. i have asked him to put metter but he didnt after some time he start to deman me for more fair. and he force me not to leave auto. i have to go in same cab.

It i snot matter of more money but as he talk to me and forced to use that auto that is my issue. Kindly do some thing for that. other wise it is very difficult to stay this beautifull city.
Apr 5, 2011

PF money not yet receieved


I am Sankar was an employee of IBM from 25th Sept 2006 to 28th July 2010.
My PF no is:KN/BN/19214/046268.
After finished by IBM formalities the PF form reached at KR Puram PF office before 4 months.
I am continuously trying to reach them and after all nobody is picking the call and not giving any updates.
Someone from PF office told the money will be credited to my SBI account by the 1st week of Apr 2011.
But today again I tried to reach them,but nobody picking the call.
Since it is more than 4 months and since last 2 months they are telling that it will credit soon.But the money is yet to come to my account.

Please do it needful.

Mar 5, 2011

PF withdrawal settlement not done

I have done all the formalities to withdraw my PF amount from Bangalore PF office on 6 month back and till now i have not received any updates on that.
My PF account no is KN/BN/19214/091953.
request you to update the same as i require my money urgently.

Ashish Agrawal
Feb 7, 2011

employee exploitation


its about IBM in Manyata tech park. i work in us shift and my timings are from 6:00pm to 3:00am. but everyday i do not get permission to go till 4:30. its only after 4:30-5:30 that am released. also the cab facility is absolutely irregular. i have to wait for as long as two hours for other employee who have to board the cab.
we do not get break in the mid, its hardly 20mins.
am unable to sleep and loosing my health everyday. it takes an hour and half to reach my place. so i have to spend at least 14 to 16 hours behind my job and no one understands our problem but are only concerned about their work.
Jan 10, 2011

Delay in PF Transfer

My self "Amit", I was the previous employee of IBM, my emp id
was - 001860 belongs to Bangalore EGL office.
I requested for my PF amount transfer from IBM to my current employer TCS
account in last year, but till now there is no update regarding the
progress of my PF amount transfer.

please update me the status regarding my request.

Name - Amit Pratap Singh
Emp id - 001860
Date of leaving - 04-Jan-2008
PF A/C No - KN/BN/19214/042902

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