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ICICI Bank Credit Card


Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Bank Credit Card

soumendra mondal
Nov 16, 2017

Credit card auto debit system

Dear Sir,
(ICICI Credit card )

As per the statement sent on 16/11/2017 it was observed that despite of paying all the dues on due date ( 02/11/2017), an auto debit has been generated on 03/11/2017 and a charge has imposed as auto debit return charge. Viewing the above I would like to ask you that –
1. I have paid the full amount as per the previous statement on the due date according to your statement but still how auto debit activates to deduct the same amount from my account.
2. After paying the dues on due date auto debit system again activated to debit the same amount from my account as double debit. Though there was no sufficient balance but it can not be consider as return as unpaid, and also if there would be sufficient balance, then bank will deduct double amount from my account, which may be considered as a crime.
3. Charges has imposed on me like payment return due to insufficient fund, though already paid.
4. On 03/11/2017 I have got a SMS in my mobile That “ Dear customer, autodebit for credit card XXX8594 has returned due to insufficient fund in your acct. Pl make fresh pymt immdtly to avoid charges. Ignore if paid” It is clearly mention to ignore the SMS if I paid the dues. As a result I ignored for any payment as I have already paid.

During the period of 16/10/2017 to 15/11/2017 there was only one purchase of Rs. 9388.00 and that will be the only due that I have utilised with my credit card.

Requesting you please reverse the charges which have generated due to wrong activation of auto debit on the next day after full payment of dues on due date as it is a system mistake at your end.


Soumendra Mondal

Oct 21, 2017

Non resolution of credit card payment

Payment of RS 49000 made for my credit card but bank refusing to accept. Also got confirmation mail regarding crediting of my account. Bank is absolutely non cooperative and ha blocked my card and charged me late payment fee. Is this a good practice from a bank of repute? How do I resolve this dispute?
Oct 11, 2017

Credit card has been used by unknown person stating them as bank employee and used 8082 Rs

I got a call from a person(Female) stating they are calling from ICICI bank and they were asking if I received my statement I said no.She immediately responded that I will receive the statement in a week.They verified my credit card number and my address details themselves and they transfered the call to her senior.She said I have got reward points of 4000 and that will be credited to my account.Then they said I will receive vouchers to my address and adding to it.she said I will receive a mail from ICICI bank.Within sometime she swiped my card and took Rs 8082.I couldn't realize how this all happened.Please register my complain and take immediate action.I called ICICI they said they could not help me in anyway and blocked my card thats it.The card was swiped in name of QUANTUM ENTERPRISE.
Oct 9, 2017

Credit card

My name is k.vinay kumar and I'm holding a icici platinum credit card and the credit limit is 60,000/-,one day i got a call from ONE ASSIST regarding card protection plan they confused me and activated card protection plan for which they debited 1399/- ,I raised request regarding deactivation of that plan so they credited 399/- and the remaining amount 1000/- is not yet credited,I made a call to call center they said the processs takes (1) week for activating you are taking with in hours for deactivating it takes a week ,you guys are degrading and spoiling your company reputation day by day,this is not a murder case to probe in to the matter for weeks & months.

Contact no.9963707111
Yasha mateen khan
Sep 14, 2017

Error in bill payment of credit card of icici bank

I had paid Rs.7000 of my credit card of icici bank on 6th of July but i didnt received bill of that month infact i got my bill in August n in that no changes are made in the amount that i paid n later i should no updates are shown requesting u to check the details n let us knw exactly about the problem. Plzz look in this matter. contact on 9892540389
Sep 13, 2017

credit card statement


My bill was last month 317628 out of that i have paid 242628, remainnig amount, i have paid 75000 on 08th sept. Due to this they charged 20,000 rupees. have called couple of times, to understand the amount chargers, they are detaining give the details. Top of that it will calculate 3.4% rate. it will 20000, you have to pay, no other way.

This kind of ridicouls, getting the response from ICICI bank, I never expected the same from them

Please check and do the needful.

Aug 28, 2017

Not getting credit card and status also

I think this is goof off and cheesy service of ICICI bank. I have applied for credit card from a long days but till now i did not get any status and card. Specially tried so many time to this mob no-9087109406,sharmi.
Jul 31, 2017

Charged more amount than used.

I have used total of 4507.72 rupees but my statement shows me 4987.72 rupees and i have calculated in statement also it is coming total of 4507.72. I want to raise a complaint but i am not sure how to log a complain. I will block my card and close my account from this bank.
Jul 5, 2017

ICICI Credit card

i have been receiving Credit card bills to my mail ID and also getting sms on my phone from past 8 months but i have not received physical credit card at all till now . I dont understand how is the bill even getting generated . The customer care team is not even bothered to speak to the customer to understand if i have received the card .i want this account to be closed immediately and i should not be charged anything for this as this is spoiling my CBIL score . Please take the action against this ., hoping the issue will be sorted soon .
Jun 30, 2017

ICICI Card blocking

Respected Sir/Madam

Deepika Das holding ICICI card no ################. Today got a call from your Credit Card Dept that my card has been blocked due to no payment towards outstanding of Rs 39523/-

Very disappointed to received such a call when i have already done the payment on due date 26th June 17 on the first half thru' online banking HDFC bank.

I do frequent transaction and also do payment regularly full amount still such a bad service. Not acceptable.

Please look into the matter urgently and revert soon.


Deepika Das
Jun 29, 2017

Asking for ICICI credit card number which i don't even have

I have been getting calls from Uttarpradesh since two days as they claim they are calling from credit card department of ICICI and they want to upgrade my card and so keep asking me for my 16 digit card numbers. The best part i don't even use ICICI credit card and they aren't aware about the same. And when i catch hold of their scam over the phone asking them to stop this they proudly say the government can't do anything and our job is to do scam and no police or board can take action against us. Please check on this at the earliest and take action against this cheapster. The mobile numbers are +917269804169/+917557397411
Ved Parkash Mahajan
Jun 28, 2017

wrongly charging late fee and interest even on paying bill on time

kindly refer to my email dated 15th June 2017.which is reproduced as under;-,

In the statement for the period 15th May to 14 June, 2017of my credit card 5177 xxxx xxxx2008 you have
shown following amounts:-

04/06/2017 Service Tax 75.00
04/06/2017 Late Payment Fee 500.00
14/06/2017 Service Tax 88.38
14/06/2017 Interest Charges 589.21
Total 1252.59

In this connection it is pointed out that payment was made in due date
vide SBI, Chandigarh cheque no. 394751 dated 21.1.2017 dropped in drop
box of your branch in Sector 38. But on 4.6.17. I received a call from
you office that payment is pending and make payment and in response to
this I made clear that payment of Rs.8635/= has already made on due
But on 7.6.2017 I again received call that payment is still
outstanding since the amount is not credited to my account and I may
contact the branch where I dropped the Cheque.. On my personal visit I
was told that the bank is in receipt of my cheque and has sent to the
concerned clearing branch of your bank. The next day when I again
received call from your credit card branch I made the position cleared
and matter was also brought to the notice of Customer care. From the
above it is clear that there is no delay in my part. It is requested
that instead of dropping the cheque instructions be issued that the
same may be received by the official at reception to proper
acknowledge the receipt.
It will not be out of place to mention here that from the perusal of
my previous record you will find the all the payment whatever amounts
it may be made in full and in time.
Keeping in view the above position revised statement be issued by
deducting Rs. 1252.59.
Thanking you

Requisite reply is still awaited. Please look into the matter and
credit the amount to my creit card statement.

Ved Parkash Mahajan
gajender singh9899
Jun 15, 2017


My card was blocked because I had not paid the yearly fee & on the yearly fee ICICI charged my late fee month on month and got threatening calls from ICICI to spoil my CIBl score and finally I had to pay Inr 6000 for no fault...now again ICICI has renewed my card without information without my approval and charged Inr 500 plus tax as yearly fee....i spoke to the customer service team maNy a times that I am not using your card but still this has happened...pls urgently issue credit note against the charges you have billed this year and if this will not happen than I will go to court than If i will have to spend thousands on my lawyer I will not leave ICICI bank for such fraudulent activity.

Hs Sudarshan
Jun 5, 2017

Credit Card department response and Harrasment

I had made online payment to ICICI Bank credit card on 27th April 2017 for May dues. As i realized that the payment has gone to my old dormant card, i raised a service request to ICICI Bank customer care on 2nd May 2017. SR No: 470661885 asking for transfer to my new card. I also got a sms on 2nd May 2017 stating that the SR will be worked on and resolved by 3rd May 2017. Till date this has not been resolved.Quite a few things have happened aftrewards:
01) I have been getting calls from collection team asking me to pay again (atleast 2 calls every day)
02) I have contacted customer care atleast 3-4 times, but they have not been able to give me any answer, but state that i have to wait for their resolution without any time frame.
03) I have been debited late payment fees, interest cost and taxes.
04) My email asking for correct person to be approached has not been answered.
05) Can i get any help
Apr 11, 2017

new credit card transection.blocked without any information

hi am arun kumar and my complint is that my credit card had lost and i applied new one . and got new credit card with pin but that transection is blocked by icici bank without given any information.
my new credit card number is-- ################ . this credit card transection has blocked i want to unblock.
arun kumar
sreekanth reddy peddireddy
Apr 4, 2017

credit card not received but still charges are imposing from ICICI Bank

I have never used any credit card of ICICI Bank, I have applied for credit card but you are failed to deliver that and now you have been charging for this since 2015,I am not understanding how can I pay the bill when I do not have credit card or credit card number.Kindly treat this letter as a complaint against the bank for harassment,Even no representative is calling from ICICI bank side asking for money to pay their bill,How can i solve this problem,Please help me as they are charging each and every month fines even i do not have their credit card.
If no action taken i'll go to consumer court as you are not letting me to deal with this issue.
you can call me on this numbers either 8123624349 or 9833568441.

Sreekanth Reddy Peddireddy
Mar 21, 2017

Surrendering of Cradit Cards

Dear Sir,

I want to surrender my ICICI cradit cards as i recieved a wrong bill of Late fee and interest.

OK Sharma
Dilip Devaraj
Mar 6, 2017

Late Payment Fees and Interest charges

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am Mr. Dilip Devaraj, using ICICI Credit card from past 4 years and till last month i have paid all my bills within due date and last month due to non receipt of ICICI reminder message, I had forgotten to pay Credit card bill. after receipt of reminder message i immediately paid on same day.

But in this month bill, I have been charged Rs.500/- late payment fees and Rs.75/- Service tax and Rs. 438/- interest charges and service tax on same of Rs. 65.73/-.

Total nearly 1100/- extra have been billed.

This is really not acceptable. Request you to waive off the same and enable me to pay the reduced amount. As a Savings Bank account holder, I request you to send the reminder message before a day or 2 of due date.

Please waive off this extra amount at the earliest.

Thank you,
Dilip Devaraj
Satpal tomar
Mar 2, 2017

Dues credit. Card

Mere upper 50000 ka balance dikha rah hei mein customer care mein Kei bar complaint ki likin koi Karachi nahi hui mein apke jandewallen brunch bhii gya per koi fayeda nahi his meta credit card no.################ height meine customer care me bola ki mujhe merit statement to do kuch nahi Mila
Feb 28, 2017

cancellation ofcredit card

since i am not using credit card of ur bank for the past 3 years idont want to renew my card and also not willing to pay ur so called late fee and all that. So i am very much thankfull if my card is cancelled along with my bills. card no. is xxxx1000 in name of. VISWANATHAN .S ,ERODE _ 638012 tamilnadu
Feb 24, 2017


Dear Customer (Keerthi15),

We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to email us your concern with your contact details on care@icicibank.com. Please mention the UID (019885_aagt) in the subject line of your email. Our official will assist you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Feb 23, 2017



I have never used any credit card of ICICI or taken any loan, imfact no relationship with ICICI. BUT I got call from 8860105926 stating that on credit card there is a due amount.Kindly treat this letter as a complaint against the bank for harassment.Kindly Check your Records and also show me the original credit card application along my proofs and my signature if you have.This is a matter of threat by your call center on behalf of ICICI Bank.
If no action taken i'll prosecute legally.

Feb 23, 2017

Cancelled my credit card but still getting bill

Hi Team,

I have cancelled my credit card over two years ago. I didnt get any bills there after.
But from past 3,4, months i amk again getting bills to pay annual charges like that. Please look into the issue ASAP.

Contact :9014312223

Feb 22, 2017



I have never used any credit card of ICICI or taken any loan, imfact no relationship with ICICI. BUT I got call from 8860105926 stating that on credit card there is a due amount.Kindly treat this letter as a complaint against the bank for harassment.Kindly Check your Records and also show me the original credit card application along my proofs and my signature if you have.This is a matter of threat by your call center on behalf of ICICI Bank.
If no action taken i'll prosecute legally.

Feb 22, 2017


MOBILE NO. 9879488715

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