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ICICI Bank Credit Card


Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Bank Credit Card

Oct 31, 2017

Gift not received


I was told by the ICICI representative that once I do the transaction amount of min. Rs 500 on my new coral credit card. Then I 'll receive my gift "Watch" of Rs. 3000.

Still I have not received. How and when will I receive my gift.

Please answer.
Oct 22, 2017

Credit card

Dear Sir,

I am appalled by ICICI credit card company. Months ago I had applied for a credit card which they said would reach in 15 days. They have repeatedly tried to deliver to a wrong address even after my attempts at correcting the address by filling form at local branch!.

Now to top it all they have sent a message saying a bill is due to be paid in a weeks time. I have not even received the card

How to take action?
Oct 22, 2017

Credit card

Hi Team ,

I have raised request for credit card in last month through online and i received a call from ICICI agent on next day right after applying. The lady who was in call told me to provide my documents to the agent who will reach me on next day. Since, it was raised through online, i didn't ask much question to her and agreed for submitting documents. Next day, the agent came and received the documents from me(Adhaaar, Voter Id, Pay slip. PAN card and my photo). Again next day i received a call for verification, but, i couldn't respond for that.

After two days, again i got a call from the same girl who called me the beginning and asked me for my documents again. i told that, i have already handed it to ICICI agent. So, she din't say anything for that and disconnected the call.

After that , i didn't receive any call from that number or the guy who received my documents. I called again and again to that guy's number. After my several calls, he responded to me and gave one number 9986544295(Vishnu) and told me to contact that person. I tried to call that number but, no one responded to that number.

Since, the day i raised request for ICICI credit card, i have been receiving several calls saying ICICI agent and asking me whether i am willing to apply for any Loan in bank. I am really worried of my documents, if they misuse it. I really wondered , is this the way they treat their customers??
I have received even some message stating that i am not eligible for credit card and again recently i received few messages stating that, my credit card application has been approved and soon i will receive my card. I also got a message which has my PIN details and in that massage they stated that the card has been dispatched and it will reach me soon through speed post. But, as of now, i didn't receive any card . So, could you please investigate it. Really it's frustrating.

I tried to call again to guy's number(9986209586), but, till now no response for that calls. I even called customer care number for application status. Right after that, I got a call from the person who doesn't even know proper English and asked me for application number and my PAN details. I provided him the application number but not the PAN number, but he insisted me to provide the PAN number by asking me in different way.(As i know, to know application status, no need to provide PAN number, As system asks only for DOB/OTP and application number and phone number.)

Really!! Will ICICI Bank will do such communications with customer or fraud people? I have a big question. Please check and help me.

Application number: 2017270728071

Note: I received two Application numbers. I don't know which one to believe. Another number is :O############

Sep 26, 2017

icici credit card fraud

i am from hyderabad .. recently i receved a call from icici to apply for a credit card, i accepted to apply for free time life time card and they sent an agent to collect the docs. the agent came and collected my docs with a fee of 50rs/- which was his personnel i think and left . the other day i received again from icici stating that docs were not submitted pls submit later on with the discussion it was clarified as the docs were missing .. aso the same day i have submited the docs again and from the day the agent was not responding and the calls from icici to submit the docs continued for one day .. this is the dtrama from icici for 50rs and i was worried that my docs were being used by icici for wrong purpose. i dont need any creit card from icici but i dont want my docs to be used also.

application number A############
agent M.srinivas
Tushar Chaudhari 23
Sep 1, 2017

Bill payed on time but charged with late payment charges


I'm Tushar my Credit Card Bill Payment Due date is 19th Aug and bill is generated every 28th of the month.

Every last working day of the month or first working day of every month after I receive my salary I make a transaction to pay double my minimum due amount to ICICI Credit card.

This month I did the same but the tried to auto debit my account for the payment which I have already made getting insufficient funds in my account they charged me Rs 450 auto debit return, Rs 500 late payment and 18% late payment penalty so Rs 30 more on already paid Bill.

Please guide me and help me out as I'm not going to pay them 1000 rs more for that and should I file a law suit complaint against them as I can see similar issue with these bunch of dumbass ICICI Bank Credit Card Fraud cases. Many people have similar complaint.

Thanks & Regards,
ks ramani
Jul 17, 2017

icici credit card

ICICI bank service is very poor on credit card - No transparency in the system for availing a new card - at bangalore credit card representative promised to approve the card after submission of documents - eligibility criitera fulfilled - it has been said the card status of delivery or any unapproval would come to know after 21 days - in my case it has been informed with in a week about card disapproved - how ? ( our application dated 080717)

RBI should come forward with stipulations to banks on credit card for basis for rejection - so that the customer should know the fact for any tech rectification or any improvement

Banks are keeping it as a secret and in spite of our CIBIL SCRORE is at a higher side - even at the year 2017 - No clarity in credit card sanction by banks particularly ICICI - Like me many genuine customers are suffering - No other senior officials are attending the issue solved in credit card because of concel the information by bank - Now I try to forward the complaint to chairmen of the ICICI bank to resolve the issue inspite of eligibility

Govind K
kiran pasupuleti
Jul 5, 2017

Credit card application

hi .. I have applied for credit card & received a call asking for all details, then I received an email later one day that your application has been approved & you will a call from executives for documents collecting but its been more than 2 days I haven't received any call till now.

can you please respond to my above query & respond me back on the below email id.

Sai Kiran
c venkataprasad
Jun 19, 2017


I receive a call today around 6:15 pm from 022-30941000,person called me giving my details like name and address and asked whether im eligible to get platinum credit carffd free of charge and he said i need to fill out the application form.. i said no not interested but still he was insisting me to take that.they spoke very bad english and iam really scared whether this call really from ICICI executive or
Fakes .how come they know my details and all..

Please check.
Sandeep Kadyan
Jun 11, 2017

undelivered credit card

undelivered credit card
Sir, I have applied ICICI Credit card previous month , and they dispatched the card through Blue dart, unfortunately I have not received the card till today, Already I informed the customer care plz deliver the card my home address, don't deliver office address. But Courier person went to my office address and leave the message nobody available on that address and courier has been returned to Bank.Hence, I request you kindly dispatch the card immediately my home address.

sundeep s% rajender 119/19 uttam nager gali no 1 near rakesh hospital gohana ( sonipat) haryana
pin code -131301
mobile no -9466425151
Jun 1, 2017

Fraud scheme By third party/ wrong card delivered

This is Prashant bhatt, i have my salary account in ICICI, i got a call from ASHVIL a third party company for providing ICICI credit card which are free of charge
They had all my details and asked me to submit only few documents since i hold a account in ICICI, so they sent me an email ID, but for confirmation i asked to send it through ICICI domain email id,
they provided me three mail ids
Shailesh.kumar@icicibank.com(not working)

The calling person name is Viraat(8149625553, 9762703835)

I was told that its a Free card and hell lot of other benifits, and i will get a limit thrice of my salary, with a design which i can select for the card, for that i was asked to mail my documents and they sent me a ID card of amit shinde attaching along this mail,
But today when i received the card, it was totally different from what i was explained, and the design was totally different and was not free with a limit of just 40k which is less than my salary.
when i called viraat to ask for the same, he said its not free... its your card so make your payments, and for design he said stay happy with what you have got, and when i got angry he started using abusive language, n threatening me.

I dont want any card from ICICI, please deactivate my card, return my documents, n if in future my documents are forged and used anywhere ICICI will be responsible.

Please dont tie up with fraud companies and spoil your reputation.
Me and my company employees have already placed a review against ashvil.

Application no. 2017140956340

I tried calling customer care but for that i needed to activate my card, which i cant.
Kindly revert asap, i will be going to lodge a police complaint after office for this.
I wont spare his nuisance.
I have even mail this to headservicequality@icici.com but no response.

Fraud scheme By third party/ wrong card delivered

Shobhnath D
Apr 5, 2017

undelivered credit card

Sir, I have applied ICICI Credit card this month first week, and they dispatched the card through Blue dart, unfortunately I have not received the card till today, whereas Pin has been received. Already I informed the customer care plz deliver the card my office address, don't deliver residence. But Courier person went to my residence address and leave the message nobody available on that address and courier has been returned to Bank.Hence, I request you kindly dispatch the card immediately my Office address.

Shobhnath o/o the Chief Commissioner of Central Excise, 26/1 M.G. Road Nungambakkam Chennai-34.
Mobile No. 8056004459
Mar 30, 2017

Fraud Call asking Credit Card details

I got a call from mobile no : 7081007975.
He told me that I have 6000+ reward points for my credit card which are about to expire. He will adjust those points in my outstanding bill for the amount of Rs 4000+. He asked for verification. My birth date and credit card expiry date. I was adamant not to share my credit card expriy date. He tried to convince me a lot. He made me talk to his senior. He also tried to convince me a lot but still I did not share and then he suddenly hung up the call. I called back on same number, but not getting any repsonse now.

I want strict action to be taken against this mobile no and the people behind this.
Mar 28, 2017

Fraud Calls to give points

I have got credit card calls from ICIC claimed service department from the following numbers 9540536188
and 8506071236. I have not given my details fully to the person as I recognized that its a fraud call.

Kindly help me who to bring these people down so that others are not trapped.

Jan 16, 2017

Credit card Not Received

Dear sir ,I applied for ICICI credit card ,and it has been approved also ,and I receive my Pin number also but credit card not received ,kindly give dispatch detailed or kindly inform me whom should I call for the concern.
My application Number - 2016366956189
Mob -7709888936
Manisha Khare
Nov 27, 2016

Credit card not received yer


I have applied for credit card and i haven't received card yet and started receiving email statement. Obviously i woulnd't be able to pay because i dont know my credit card number. And there is no way to contact customer care since i dont know my credit card number.
Please find below my credit card reference no 2016274759029.

Manisha Khare
Nov 14, 2016

Platinum credit card pin

I received platinum visa credit card, but pin no not received. how can I use the credit card or how can I activate my card
Oct 21, 2016

Delayed information and no proper communication

I Ravi praksash yadava i have submitted all the document but did not provide any application number
I have try to so many called to Neha which one of vendor she always ignoring calls
Kindly i would request if i have submitted all the why he/she not provide any information

Please look the matter and revert back
Jul 26, 2016

Icici coral credit card

ICICI coral credit offers never work. I have been trying since ages to avail the offer of 100 Rs. off on movie tickets, but can never book it. If the quota for tickets is over for the day, then logically it should be refreshed at 12 am. But I cannot seem to be able to book a ticket at 12 am with 8mbps WiFi either. This leads me to the conclusion that ICICI is defrauding customers by enticing them with cool offers and never making true on them. Very shameful ICICI.
Jul 20, 2016

annual Fee for 3rd year

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is with reference to your credit card statement dated 15/07/2016, You have charged Rs.99/- as annual fee for 3rd year but when card was given to me I have been told that no annual fee will be applicable. I do not have any proof for the same. Though the amount is not big but it breaches trust.

Request you to have a look and see what you can do for the same.

With regards

Bahadur Singh
Credit Card Number ############ 0006
Contact Number 9960641478
Email Id : bahadursingh@ismt.co.in
Jul 18, 2016

Stop the Processing of Corporate Credit Card

Dear ICICI Team,

Today I have received a mail from ICICI credit card team regarding a credit card application where it is clearly mentioned

Dear Mr. / Ms. Das,

Sub: Your ICICI Credit Card Application Ref No. 2016193866503

Thank you for your interest in ICICI Bank Credit Cards.

We acknowledge receipt of your application for a credit card. To enable us to process your application, we request you to reply to this mail, from your official e-mail ID, in confirmation of the request for the credit card.

Looking forward to your co-operation in helping us serve you better.

Cards Team
ICICI Bank Ltd.

and I have replied that

"Dear ICICI credit card Team,

Kindly confirm me the below mentioned details:

1. As per your representative the card is free for lifetime (without any target amount of purchase)- is it true?
2. He also confirmed that if I withdraw money from it, there will be no charges till 89th day- is it true?
3. Repayment days of this card is 90 days - is it true?
4. Also provide any relevant information related to this card.

Ref No. 2016193866503

Please reply as early as possible so, that I can confirm you for further proceedings.

Thanks and Regards,
Sougata Das"

But I have not got any answer from them.

After sometime I have a confirmation message (in my mobile) regarding the processing of credit card without answering to my desired queries.

In this scenario I wish to stop further processing of this card with immediate effect.

Here I am attaching the screen shots of the mail trail with ICICI in this regard.I have tried many a time to contact your customer care executive but numbers are not reachable or not available.

I request you to stop the process without further delay.

I do not want this card at all.

Thanks and Regards,
Sougata Das
Jun 23, 2016

Regarding wrong charges


i am using ICICI credit card fom last 2 year, last month i make a purchase of Rs 17206/- form my credit and on 27/05/2016 i received the bill and on 26june one of the merchant decline my one of order and process the refund of Rs.. 16721/- in my account which is reflect in my account on 28 may 2016 and the i will make the balance payment of Rs 500 in my credit card account,but on 20june 2016 when i check my account there is a late fee charge in my credit card regarding this when i speak to customer care they told me that you should pay the whole amount, i don't understand the reason why should i make the whole payment when the merchant is already refund the amount in my account then what is the meaning to make extra payment to iICICI bank account kindly look into this matter on priority

Name- Nitin Bansal
Credit Card number ################
Jun 9, 2016

Change of payment of last payment not done and charge late fine .


Jun 8, 2016

Pin Number not yet received

Hello ICICI,

I have received my credit card via Blue dart. I didn't receive the pin number for the same. So how can i use my Credit card without pin Number. I tried to set my pin number through ICICI ATM, but unfortunately i am unable to set it. When i was inserted my card into ATM it asking PIN number. There is no option like set your pin number. So how can i resolve/get my pin number ASAP.
Please help me in this.

chandni parikh
May 18, 2016

wrong charges

i mrs chandni rupesh parikh holding credit card with your bank since 15 years, and for rthe same i am making regular payments for my credit card statements.
but sorie to say since last few months i am not getting proper reminders from bank for my payments n dur to that bank have charged me late payments charges in my march statement, for the same i spoke to cust care exc n thy told me that will b reversed in next statement but its not done. n now in this month again i m gettin messages that if i dont amke payment my card will b suspended n that to ust for rs 650/-
kindly chk in to this matter n reverse my charges as soon as possible
thanking you

chandni parikh
May 13, 2016

ICIC Coral Credit Card


I received a call from 8892940849. And they told me that i need to send the document because my ICICI card will be replaced by new card. I send all my documents, it is been 4 days there is no verification call. I afraid that i send my documents to some fraud people
They asked me mail geticicicard@gmail.com.

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