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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Bank

Nov 5, 2019



I am one of the esteemed customer since 1999 and none of the time I made any late payment. I an using Credit card No.############ 8000 coral card another new card No. ############ 4007 amazon pay card.

Statements pertaining to ending No.8000 and ending No.4007 were due on 13-10-2019 and Rs. 5178-08 and 551-50 respectively..

I have paid the amount in one cheque No. 126177 on 9-10-2019 Rs. 5729-00 (5178.08+551-50=5279-58) rounding off 0-58ps short and duly honoured by my Syndicate Bank Malleswaram Branch on 10-10-2019. This is very clear about the outstanding dues were cleared before due date by way of one cheque. (blunder mistake from me even I am fool in front of non accounts persons)

Bank execute called me and noticed about non receipt of payment towards Rs. 551-50 and repeated messages were received from bank to my Mobile. Accordingly one more time paid amount on 22-10-2019 by cheque No.126179 and duly honoured on 23.10.2019.

As per the ICICI bank credit card department it is delayed payment hence you will be penalised by way of Late fee, GST, Interest and GST. (Late fee 500+90 and Intt 221.43+39.86 Total Rs.851.29Ps.

As I have paid the amount before due date. In views of the banker (Executives) the payment has to be made in two separate cheques other wise they will treat customer is defaulter of payment. When a customer make the payment in one cheque and explained to pass the necessary journal entries in both the statement debiting credit card ending No.8000 statement and crediting the credit card ending No. 4007 statement not only over phone but also mail..

An Accounts person can do this immediately before generating the statement for next period. But the other departments may have poor knowledge in accounting. But as result of this I am penalised by way of debiting Rs. 851-29 ps.

I have requested several times over phone and also written mail to customer care but they refuse to reverse the debited amount. Totally I am not satisfied about penalty imposed in spite of non defaulter of payment.

Please verify statement card ending No. 8000 for bill dated 25-10-2019 credit balance of Rs. 21-92 ps (utilisation of of card on 25-9-2019 BSNL Rs. 329 and another on 12-10-2019 for Rs.300 totl of 529)

Please advise your concerned officer to take necessary action for reversing the debited amount of Rs.851-29.

Thanking you And waiting for your favourable earliest reply.


Babu karthik
Oct 21, 2019

Deduction of money

I have been Your account holder ,want to tell you that on Oct 16, 2019, 5:44 PM I have received an email regarding a purchase made of 1899 but that purchased was not done by me and money was deducted from my account without any information this is totally act of crime and the faith which I have in your bank has been destroyed please check my account and refund my money otherwise I will have to take an action against your bank this is totally cheating with the customer please check and refund my money as soon as possible.pls

Deduction of money

Sep 30, 2019

Fraudulent transaction

Fraudulent transaction done from my ICICI account (Account Number-############)
My ICICI account was debited Rs. 1899/- on 27 Sep 2019 with transaction remark as IIN*I-Debit*SIONEAST/2019

I have not authorized the transaction in any way.
Please resolve the issue and get me my money back.

Fraudulent transaction

[email protected]
Sep 11, 2019

Fraud debit card transaction

The icici bank

On 10thst September at 10:50 PM, approx 112000 INR has been deducted from my account. Overall five transactions have been done in 10 minutes and I have not received any OTP for confirmation. I tried to call customer care immediately but it took so long to connect with them. I was getting calls to approve the transaction but without my approval, the amount got deducted. I am wondering how it is possible, my debit card was with me only and nobody knows the pin. Which kind of security is this??? without any approval my account got empty within few minutes.

Please help me the process to get my money back.

[email protected]

Fraud debit card transaction

Aug 14, 2019

Fraud call using ICICI name

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are getting fraud calls using ICICI Bank name from ############.
They say that we have been chosen by ICICI bank for some reward and then ask us to transfer some amount using net banking to their account.
Although I have not fallen into their trap I would like to complain.
They are using Just Dial contact so that the number displayed is not theirs.
They fail to understand that JD sends us the callers details via SMS.
Thank you
Manish Bothra
Aug 14, 2019

Fraud Call

Dear Sir/Madam,
I get fake calls from a no. +912268779000 saying they are from ICICI Bank.
This is done through Just Dial contact so that the number appearing is of Just Dial. They fail to understand that Just Dial also sends us details of the caller.
These people are running a company involved in fleecing the ignorant citizens by saying that ICICI has selected them for some reward then they go on to ask the customer to transfer some amount from their net banking in lieu of promise for transferring the reward or loan.
Kindly take notice and investigate.
Manish Bothra
Jul 31, 2019

Amonut deducted from ICICI Bank for HDFC CREDIT CARD

Amount has been deducted form my account(ICICI Bank) but still getting message as below

We could not ascertain the status of your card transaction from the payment gateway.
However, we have recorded your request and shall verify the details and try again.

Transaction Status Pending
Transaction Reference Number QICI7816551871
Account Number: ############
Bank Name: ICICI
Transaction Date and Time 31-07-2019 11:58:26

Amonut deducted from ICICI Bank for HDFC CREDIT CARD

Jul 16, 2019


ICICI bank is not doing anything for transactions which happened to me without my knowledge on 16 -07-2019 for amount of 1472 from VIN*FACEBK AD. Without OTP how can they direct some fraud to access my account. Messages to mobile phone are quick enough like stolen money from account. I need to block my card. I am awaiting for 31days required investigation from icici team. please call Customer Care and quote SR623117563. Let us hope they recover and credit it to my account..
Jul 15, 2019

unathorised Transaction

Dear customer Txn of 2,050 and Txn of 410 and Txn of 260 and Txn of 1250 and Txn of 199 and Txn of 160 and Txn of 199 done on Acct XX464 on 16-JUL-2019.Info: MIN*GOOGLE V.Avbl Bal 46,806.83. call 18002662 for dispute or SMS BLOCK to 9215676766.

In my icici bank account this much amount deducted 7 times with my authorization and permission. I did not authorized this transactions and did not get any OTP passwords also, with out my permission this much amount deducted. Really i don't know why this happens.

Please refund me deducted amount immediately and close if any that type of services is activated. Please take serious on this type of fraud transactions.

Contact me on for refund money:6362291361 or 9535047963
Jun 14, 2019

Unethical Charges

On 04/04/2019 I Opened Zooop Savings Account Through Online Portal With Rs.2000 Initial Amount

My Intention Was To Make UPI Transactions And Earn Some Reward But After Activation Of Account It Didn't Allow Me To Do UPI Transactions, I Called Customer Care To Know The Reason They Told Me To Visit Nearest Branch, As They Said I Did But No Resolution And Now I No Longer Want To Use The Account And Also Not Ready Pay A Single Penny To Such A Modern Burglars

So Please Kindly Help Me To Close The Account Without Loss Of Even Single Paisa

Unethical Charges

Apr 29, 2019

Unauthirised transaction

An unauthorised transaction of rupees 520 has been done from my account without informing me. Kindly do the needful.

Unauthirised transaction

faisal pasha
Apr 24, 2019

Unauthorised deductions

Dear all,

From almost 2 years I am facing this issue, Every month I use to get a message of deduction of 55/- without my knowledge, Till now I was thinking that I might have subscribed to some service for which charges are getting deducted which I might not be remembering, But today when I went through the above mentioned complaints I got to know that it is unauthorised deduction, I think there should be some strict action about this, Bank should take a strict action about this and they should provide proper security to their customers, Somebody simply can't deduct someone's hard earned money, Hope for positive action on this without any delay.

Thanks in advance
Faisal Pasha
Jan 23, 2019

Environment inside the office should be under survilence

Who sets the standards of chatting unofficially with colleagues in office time.. And after office hours also, there should be some rules to followed, because those sort of environmemt in offices are spoiling many houses..due to affairs occuring there..
Harish Kumar
Nov 23, 2018

discarded the reward point with out intimation

hi Sir,

i am ICIC credit card user and recently i feel the ICICI customer care not customer friendly and requested cancel my credit card and ICICI customer care people use to instruct me many time to pay the pending amount, clear to EMI loan taken from card etc but they never mention the use the reward point else it will collapse.

once card cancelled, i see reward points also got collapsed and i called them. ICICI people had taken a month of time to address this and they replied we helpless and card already got cancelled.

really ICICI the way of handling the customer is really bad.
Aug 10, 2018

ATM related

Dear sir I honor to state that I am MD burhan Uddin actually I am a SBI account holder because now I want register complaint against ICICI Bank ATM actually last 24/06/2018 I used my SBI debit card through ICICI Bank ATM regardin withdrawal 500/- amount ATM 🆔 SPCNJ106 but machine is not despise amount but 500/- debit on my SBI account. That time I register complaint through my SBI call centre after one month 25/07/2018 I get one message your complain is closed result transaction is successful because I not get amount that's why again I register complaint I not satisfied on this result I need confirmation related document. so my bank is giving one printed document there mantion this type.25/06/2018-07:59:22 cash present timer expired 07:59:48 transaction end 08:08:17 cash taken after 08:22second despise amount but I not got any amount if after 08:22 second despise amount it's not my fault is ICICI ATM machine fault that's why I visit ICICI bank with this document because ICICI not accept my complaint ICICI is telling what is your problem you come throw your bank but my bank given this document and telling this document is provided ICICI Bank and it's last solution from my said. so you register complaint against ICICI Bank. So I request you please check the details and help me .
Contact 8147570895

ATM related

Arjun G Arjun
Aug 10, 2018

un authorized transacton done from my icici card

unautorised transaction of rs.50 twice a time got deducted from my icici debit card by vin*google*ser pls refund my amount.
[email protected]
Jul 24, 2018

i bank app is not downloading

I was using i mobile app. I recently uninstalled due to handset issue. I am unable to download the app now it is stuck with the page download pending.

Please find the screen shot attached herewith.

Thanks in advance

i bank app is not downloading

Nandan Nair
May 22, 2018

Unauthorized Transaction

There was unauthorized money withdrawal of 99 rupees from my account against VIN*GOOGLE*MUS on 21st May, 2018.
Reference No. 20180521181249/0

Upon calling customer care, they had told that google had withdrawn and it's fault. How a transaction take place without asking for OTP? Is ICICI bank that insecure?

Need to do something on this fraudulent activity. Kindly help.
[email protected]
May 9, 2018


Card holder:AMARESH


Apr 26, 2018

Non Approval Of Loan

Kindly refer application number 7722507844. Despite submitting all the documents number of times in last one year the loan is still not approved. SR536934249 refers. The ICICI system is not allowing me to even escalate the matter to higher management. No other way to contact them.
Indrajith Ajith
Apr 25, 2018

speed post not delivered

dear sir,

since 19th april 2018 speed post courier has booked from gurgaon to bangalore-560105.but now it is showing NSH Hyderabad since 20-04-2018. kindly help me to get this courier as soon as possible .

Booked At Booked On Destination Pincode Tariff Article Type Delivered At Delivered On
BNPL UNIT (SPC GURGAON) 19/04/2018 500001 35.00 SPA
Event Details For : EB543618412IN Current Status : Item Received at NSH HYDERABAD
Date Time Office Event
25/04/2018 02:24:58 NSH HYDERABAD Item Received
24/04/2018 09:19:05 Raj Bhawan S.O (Hyderabad) Item Received
23/04/2018 12:39:39 NSH HYDERABAD Item Received
23/04/2018 12:39:39 NSH HYDERABAD Bag Opened
23/04/2018 12:39:04 NSH HYDERABAD Bag Received
20/04/2018 14:44:34 PALAM TMO Bag Despatched to NSH HYDERABAD
20/04/2018 12:34:05 PALAM TMO Bag Received
20/04/2018 05:44:45 BNPL UNIT (SPC GURGAON) Bag Despatched to PALAM TMO
19/04/2018 22:41:54 BNPL UNIT (SPC GURGAON) Item Bagged for NSH HYDERABAD
19/04/2018 13:27:18 BNPL UNIT (SPC GURGAON) Item Booked
Shilpa Jayaprakash
Apr 13, 2018

Totally Fraud Bank: ECS presented to my account even after paying EMI amount through net banking

I've existing loan with ICICI. Loan Number: LPBNG00034368922
05-04-2018 my ECS got rejected due to insufficient balance.

Attempted repayment on 6-04-2018 but they said our system still didn't get updated so you can pay it on 09/04/2018.
I paid my EMI on 09/04/2018 and the reference no is BD6205224706.

So again they presented my account for ECS on 13/04/2018 when I already paid the amount.

The issue is here,
1. Why again they presented for ECS. Why are there system didn't get updated even after 4 days?
2. Without there update of the system, how did they present one more ECS to my account?
3. Who are going to bear the charges of check bounce when I already paid the loan amount.

ECS presented to my KOTAK BANK and I've to pay check bounce charges from both the end.
Kotak and ICICI which will be around INR1000+

How is it right when I already made the payment.
Shilpa Jayaprakash
Apr 11, 2018

ECS Rejected Charges

I have an existing loan with ICICI bank running from past 2 years.

In the month of Oct'17 ECS wasn't successful in the morning due to insufficient balance in my account and on the same day I reinitiated the ECS by calling my bank Manager and it was successful on the same day when I was supposed to pay.

But the problem with ICICI is they are charging me this charges many months after it happened without giving any prior information which is on April'18.

I called customer executives and the way she behaved with me was not at all right. Why is it not informed before? Bank can have many excuses for not having sufficient amount in ATM's but the common man can't? I have refilled my account just hours back after my ECS rejected but still these charges that too without prior intimation.
Apr 1, 2018

DD Issue

Pathetic service by ICICI Bank. SR to deliver DD at home was closed without even ensuring that the DD has been delivered. The authorised courier of ICICI Bank did not even attempt delivery once and just updated the status as "delivery failed". They give a phone number to contact and no one answers the calls. The home branch did not offer any help since the request was for an online service. Since the date of paying my daughter's school fee was approaching, I asked the floor manager (Preetam) to cancel the DD and credit the money to my account. He cited the process of receiving the DD whenever they send it again and then cancelling it at my home branch. The useless manager is concerned about only this part of the process but is not even apologetic about the process that says the DD will be delivered in 5 working days. I am sitting here 10 days after I placed the order and still don't have the DD. Beware all, ICICI Bank closes the SR even without ensuring that the DD has actually reached the client.
Feb 28, 2018

Fraud Transaction

There was fraud transaction happened on 20th Feb 2018...from my account 18000/- was deducted....immediately I reported to the icici bank customer support...I explained them entire story how fraud happened and they debit card and net banking was blocked.They told me to submit my documents to bank branch which I did..after 2 days I received msg from icici bank stating that this request had been declined because of 2FA.I lodge a complaint in cybercrime and they are asking to have a followup from police.Police is asking to take followup from Bank.
Icici does provide any safety nor they provide resolution.

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