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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Bank

Bhavin Vyas
May 6, 2019

Money deducted for no Service Required

Hello ICICI Bank,

I never opted for ONE Assist service.

Please refund my money back for the service which I never opted.

Bank deducted Rs.1899 for no service required.

Bhavin Vyas ( Bank Customer )
Shaik umar
Feb 13, 2019

Not responding and rashly speaking

Hai this is umar actually i want to open salary account so i visited lots of branch thn i found vijay no..... His no is 9686948676 he is working in bommanahalli branch he spoken with me rashly and didn't given me the information and suddenly he cutted my call i request u for take current action regarding abt him.....
[email protected]
Nov 1, 2018

Refund of Fraud Transactions done in ICICI account

Dear Sir,

Please refer to attached snap for account number ############, wherein three transactions have been done without my consent.

1. On 25/10/2018 an amount of Rs. 177/- was deducted with description : DCARDFEE3720SEP18-AUG19+GST
2. On 29/10/2018 an amount of Rs. 1372.78 was deducted with a description of BIL/ONL/############/PAYTM MOBI/20181027
3. On 31/10/2018 an amount of Rs. 1899 was deducted with an description of IIN/I-Debit/SI ONEAST/20181031134823

I want my money to be refunded and also a assurance of non-occurrence of similar activities here after.

Shridevi K.Kambar
Mob: 9769933887

Raj Iyer
Oct 21, 2018

Harassment through MAB charges deducted

Dear Sir,

I Rajashekar Iyer am holding account in your Bank from November 2010 Account Number : ############. Initially it was a Salary account and was later converted to Savings Account

I have been charged for not maintaining MAB in my account since June 2018 without giving me any notification or intimation. My net banking profile clearly says "MAB required to be maintained in your Savings Account is Rs0" still I have been charged from June 2018 onwards every month the SMAB charge and SGST and CGST on them.

Transaction Remarks - Withdrawal Amount (INR )
SMAB Chgs JUN18 - 266
SGST20180721566124208 - 23.94
CGST20180721566124214 - 23.94
SMAB Chgs JUL18 - 269
SGST20180824604548865 - 24.21
CGST20180824604548867 - 24.21
SMAB Chgs AUG18 - 283
SGST20181004673863188 - 25.47
CGST20181004673863211 - 25.47

This is a clear violation of rule 8 (1) (K) i. E. "levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer" of the banking ombudsman scheme 2006.

Also as per RBI directive "It is advised that henceforth banks are not permitted to levy penal charges for non-maintenance of minimum balances in any inoperative account"

Check this link

This is gross misrepresentation where the Website clearly mentions "MAB required to be maintained in your Savings Account is Rs0" and have been harassed by my account being debited for not maintaining balance continuously since June 2018.

Kindly reimburse/credit the charges levied to my account back or else i will be taking this matter to the consumer court for unnecessarily penalising me for account maintenance balance even though as per latest RBI guidelines its not mandatory and will also will be escalating this harassment to RBI and Banking Ombudsman. Further will be closing my account with ICICI bank.

Rajashekar Iyer.
Oct 2, 2018

Deducted 100 rupees for igtupe NCA

Hi!I am Shubhadip Sarkar.I have been 100 rupees deducted every months for NCA.So how can I remove this NCA ?
Vikas Desai
Aug 30, 2018

Unauthorized transactions

Unauthorized transactions has been made from my ICICI bank a/c in the name of
1) VIN/GOOGLE*PRO/20180828013161/1 (1874 rupees) on 28th august 2018

2) VIN/GOOGLE*PRO/2018081809152/0 (249 Rupees) on 18th August 2018

Please tell the solution because this isn't the small amount
Prabhat Mehta
Aug 7, 2018

Lien amount of rs 10000/-

Hi, This is Prabhat Mehta, i have account with ICICI BANK one of my friend Vijesh Singh transfer in my account of Rs. 10000/- but ICICI BANK marked as a lien amount. Then i contacted to ICICI BANK customer care they said please contact your nearest branch they will help you. Then i visited to ICICI BANK, pimple saudagar branch, pune. And they told me give a complain regarding this i giving complaint on 1st of August 2018 and they told me withing 24hr your amount will revert in your account but i din't till 5th of August. Again i visited 6th of August 2018 again they said give a compliment again i given then they said within 24hr your account will be credited in you account but till date i didn't received my amount. Please help.

Prabhat Mehta
A/c no. ############
Suresh Sawant
Aug 7, 2018

Don't allow online transaction without OTP

Dear Sir,

I request to entire icici team that please dont allow online transaction without OTP anyway. Transaction without OTP please remove and OTP please compalsary.
Please activate OTP compalsary in system as soon as possible to prevent froud transaction.
Thanking u
Date : 07/08/2018
Jul 28, 2018

Automatically Debit account Balance

I install paytm app for online shopping then register and link my icici bank account number for cash transaction.first received cash form bank account to paytm wallet,and at_least 1 month not open my paytm account and bank account ,after open my bank account and see stetment RS- 29.5 number of 22 time total amount RS -649/- debit form my account in one month no message bank side and paytm side. please sir help me for recover my amount

shivraj telange

Jul 26, 2018

Credit Card payment done

I feel the ICICI Bank has big name but poor and irresponsible customer service. I made a drop credit card cheque payment of Rs 3000 at Andheri West, Azad Nagar Branch, Veera Desai Road. The amount has been debited from my bank, for which I have received the initimation but still the bank's customer service claim to say that they have'nt rececived the payment. It is highly disgusting and irresponsible behaviour of the bank. How can I file a legal complaint against them?
Jul 20, 2018


I have made the NEFT of Rs 20,000.00 from India Bank Malad west to ICICI Bank Malad west, LIberty Garden Branch to my saving account. by mistake one digit of account number was mentioned wrong and after follow up 6 days with my brach we come to know this things that my amount will be credited to other ICICI Bank account holder, I have spoke to Indian Bank NEFT department and Indian Bank (VERY HELPFUL) had sent email to ICICI Bank NEFT Dept. about this transaction and ask them to credit to my account. after 7 days I went to ICICI Bank and ask Branch Manager about the status, she tld may it will take ONE MONTH OR ONE YEAR ? THis is the bad answer we got from Branch Manager ? Is this is ICICI Bank reputation ??

today 20th July 21018 - Still now this amount has not been credited to my account ? I just want to ask is every one sleeping in ICICI Bank ? Why ICICI Bank Harresing their LOYAL Customer????? Pls anwer ? pls do needful !!! p[ls weak up

Jignesh - 9867978998
Jun 21, 2018

I dont take any policy or insurance but bank deducte my money every month

My name is shoeb khan and i am from nagpur i am here today for becouse my money i didn,t open any policy or insurance but the bank deduct money from my bank account every month please take the action about this shame type of services
Sudesh Jaitiya
Jun 12, 2018

Transaction failed but money deducted

I had a transaction from ICICI Bank ATM in koparkhairne sector2 near rajdhani sweets . It had attempted two times with 500 rs transaction & it was showing failed but Money got deducted both times.
May 31, 2018

Swiping machine not working


i am having one swaping machine in my store which is not working , my TID no is 15283464. MID no is 470000050199628.

please arrange to solve this issue in preferance please .

Gopal Agrawal
Mayuri Das
May 15, 2018


I have not availed in any google avbl service still from my icici card an amount of 20 rupees has been deducted and even bank has no idea about it.. This is highly irresponsible....i want my amount back
[email protected]
Apr 27, 2018

complaint made about fraudster Kiran aka Rajan sharad deshpande

i had complained to ICICI about a fraudster Kiran aka Rajan sharad deshpande who registered fake companies like vaugle, prudential technologies, persion technologies and so on. And then he opened bank accounts in the name of these companies with ICICI, took a 45lakh loan towards his house in pune, then sold it without informing icici.these accounts were also used to fraud women, disabled people, businessmen for crores and crores. i sent an email to their banking ombudsman through [email protected] multiple times but got no response. kiran is a criminal and has been to jail many times in pune but looks like the bank will support him and safeguard his accounts as if they are a prized possession. no response to the emails i sent, no investigation at all. instead, they are hellbent on knowing my details. attached is his photo.

complaint made about fraudster Kiran aka Rajan sharad deshpande

Mar 6, 2018

Legal action on Fraud Transaction

On 19th Jan 2018, One fraud transaction has been made from my
My ICICI Bank Account was deducted with Rs 1000 with Paytm cash but I have not used PAYTM till that day, 5 Rs deducted 1 day before that to same account.
I have raised Dispute request SR521754952. I got dispute report today and both the transactions made to same person as below.

Please let me know how can I take legal action on this below person.

Account Number: **201766
Beneficiary Bank :- IDBI
Name of Beneficiary: Sachin Bansod
IFSC Code of Beneficiary :- IBKL0000102
Raju Vadivelu
Feb 15, 2018

Cancellation of One assist Plan

One assist has charged me Rs.1399 on 10th Feb 2018 without my permission. I don't understand how my credit card can be accessed like this without my consent, and as of now I don't want any of the services provided by one-assist. ,, I could'nt wait such a long time in call for deactivating this service

Please deactivate the account and refund my money.

Relationship ID: 1705700
Registered Mobile no: 9842301216
Email ID:[email protected]

Jan 22, 2018


i apply for your credit card, you approved but never delivered it to me. You continuously generate credit card bill for 5 months. first of all tell me how i'm going to pay a credit card bill without knowing the number of credit card(because you never deliver it). 2nd you continuously harm my CIBIL score. my CIBIL report say day past due date is 69. can you tell me know how can you make my CIBIL score report correct.
Jan 6, 2018

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Shahid,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to email us your concern with your contact details on [email protected] Please mention the UID (047958_aahf) in the subject line of your email. Our official will assist you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Jan 6, 2018

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Priyanka,

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Shahid bhujwala
Jan 5, 2018

Unauthorised Atm withdrawal

Somebody has withdrawn Rupees 1,50,000 from my saving ac no ############ held with icici bank mohammed ali road branch as i have not shared my Atm pin with anyone how can someone withdrew money from yhe accoint the amoint has been withdrawn in haryana atm and bank is jist shifting the blame on me and has closed my complaint i have also lodged fir woth dongri police station.
Jan 4, 2018

Cancellation of ONE ASSIST SERVICE

Dear Sir/M'am,

A rushed call from the One assist representative listed the need for securing the debit card and another confirmation call wherein the representative then said they're confirming the OneAssist plan and revealing afterwards that its chargeable annually.

The next thing I know a sum of Rs. 1899/- has been deducted from my ICICI account for one assist plan without any imitation via SMS/Email mentioning they've deducted the amount.

They also do not provide a number for cancelling the service.Kindly deactivate the One Assist plan on my Account with the Refund.

Priyanka Ghatge.

Priyanka G.
Amar Patil
Dec 18, 2017

Pl do not apply for - ICICI HOME LOAN for the GOD seck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had applied for the loan in ICICI on my Mhada property in Oct 2016. They debited my processing fees of rs 15600/- in the same month without completing loan formalities. My application number was 7721073064. Legally processing fees will be only charged after sanction letter. DSA told me that it was happend by mistake of one of the Bank staff but i can wait for sanction letter to come. But at the end they came with rejection in loan saying they will not fund Mhada property. DSA who approached me given Mr. Navin kumar Shende number ( 7506392447) to follow-up. I started following up with him since Nov 2016 and till last month ( Oct 2017) ie 1 year this guy was wasting time on E-mail saying approval is in progress.
When i launch complaint online from website - https://www.icicibank.com/complaints/complaints.page
complaint reference number is - 000A9aCYEC83XTUH
Response was like this -
1st Escalations - Auto response,
2nd Escalations to Mr. Subhendu Tripathy, Head - Phone Banking . where they taken 21 days to revert that it was old case and now this refund will NOT happen.
3rd Escalations to Mr. Vinayak M More, Principal Nodal Officer And New request generated as - SR510348546 They asked me to visit vashi and resumbite the application form. Inspite its mistake from Bank why they can just send a office boy to my office and get the form filled. Why this is so much torture even after escalating to 3rd level.( 3rd escalation was pending since more than a month.)
4th escalation done now on 18th December 2017, hopefully some help I can get as a FINAL ESCLATION FROM ICICI. Now pending at Mr. Saurabh Singh.
Dec 18, 2017

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Aditya Rao,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

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