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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Bank

Dec 14, 2018

Unauthorized transaction

This unauthorized transaction/purchase of of INR 1,118.40 has been made from my account through my debit card, even when i am working in my office right now, having my card on in my pocket only. I didn't get any OTP or SMS also regarding this transaction also, just happened and i got an email saying this :

A purchase of INR 1,118.40 has been made using your Debit Card linked to ICICI Bank Account XX0994 on 14-Dec-18. Info: MIN*Audible US .

If such big banks cannot protect my money which i have deposited, then what do i need bank for, ICICI bank should thoroughly look for and investigate this and i would like to have my money back as soon as possible or i will have to drop them as my banking partner.

Unauthorized transaction

Nov 8, 2018

Fraud Call for Bank Deatls

I got call from +916291585196 this number caller was a man, they saying i am calling from Icici Bank your ATM Card closed because card is old bank is issuing New card and share the details like card no name full name ect..

I not said anything to him. After that he was using abuse words and said him that I will give your number to police and I cut the call.
After that I installed True caller and it shows me that the number is from 24/7 Service Call.

So, sir/madam what should I do is there any action can be taken on him, how should I stop getting fraud calls like this and how they get my number.
May 2, 2018

online fraud transaction

Dear Sir, ma'm
I want to inform you that without my authorization today from my saving account no ############ online transaction from my debit card on 11-04-18 at 4:36pm three transaction of amount Rs 35822 was done.within 5 minutes fraudulent transaction was done.the following details as under.
1) Dear Customer,INR 16.958.58 was spent using debit Card of Account XX3671 on 11-apr-18.Info:VIN*TAKAMI.at 04:36pm
2) Dear Customer,INR 9,432.01 was spent using debit Card of Account XX3671 on 11-apr-18.Info:VIN*TAKAMI.at 04:36pm
3)Dear Customer,INR 9,432.01 was spent using debit Card of Account XX3671 on 11-apr-18.Info:VIN*TAKAMI.at 04:37pm

online fraud transaction

Jan 3, 2018

ICICI One Assist is open

Dear Sourabh, We tried calling you multiple times but the calls went unanswered. Requesting you to kindly mail us the Alternative Contact Number to [email protected] Brijesh, Team OneAssist.
Jan 2, 2018

ICICI One Assist is open

"Dear Customer

Greetings from OneAssist..!

We are very sorry to hear about your experience and regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have forwarded your details to our team and they shall update you with the current development on your case.

We appreciate your patience in the interim.



Team OneAssist
Jan 1, 2018

ICICI One Assist is open

Dear Sir/Mam,

An amount of Rs. 1899/- has been deducted from my ICICI account for one assist plan on 01/01/2018. And it has been done without my permission.

I don't need any kind of plan. Please deactivate this plan and refund my money as soon as possible

Relationship ID : SR517901188
Mobile no :8800833595
Email id: [email protected]


Renuka Saini
Dayanand Singh
Oct 2, 2017

reversal of QAB and other unknown charges

I operate a 3 in 1 account no ############ with your branch since july 2009, I saw some unusual/wrong deduction in my account.
08.01.10 QABchgs, oct-dec09+ST77 827 Rs
29.01.10 ############:Int. Coll:09.07.2009 to 29.01.2010 9.0 Rs
27.02.10 ############:Int. Coll:30.01.2010 to 26.02.2010 12.0 Rs
31.03.10 ############:Int. Coll:27.02.2010 to 30.03.2010 14.0 Rs
16.04.10 QABchgs, jan-mar10+ST77 827 Rs
29.04.10 ############:Int. Coll:31.03.2010 to 29.04.2010 20.0 Rs
29.05.10 ############:Int. Coll:30.04.2010 to 29.05.2010 28.0 Rs
29.06.10 ############:Int. Coll:30.05.2010 to 29.06.2010 29.0 Rs
14.07.10 QABchgs, apr-jun10+ST77 827 Rs
29.07.10 ############:Int. Coll:30.06.2010 to 29.07.2010 36.0 Rs
30.08.10 ############:Int. Coll:30.07.2010 to 30.08.2010 48.0 Rs
30.09.10 ############:Int. Coll:31.08.2010 to 30.09.2010 48.0 Rs
06.10.10 QABchgs, jul-sep10+ST77 827 Rs
29.10.10 ############:Int. Coll:01.10.2010 to 29.10.2010 57.0 Rs
29.11.10 ############:Int. Coll:30.10.2010 to 29.11.2010 64.0 Rs
26.08.17 ############:Int. Coll:30.11.2010 to 26.08.2017 5101.0 Rs
The detail statement is annexed with this letter
At the time of opening of this bank account it is stated by the bank representative that due to opening of 3 in 1 account your account is zero balance account. But it is very disappointing to note that your bank did not inform about deduction of QAB and deducted major amount. Your send so may mailer, but fail to inform regarding this.
The above mentioned wrong deduction from my account please be credited back as soon as possible it is my humble request
Thanking you
Dayanand singh
Bank account:- ############
Sep 3, 2017


Dear Mr. Nainwal,

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
chander shekhar nainwal
Sep 1, 2017

debit card transaction dispute

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself Chander shekhar nainwal, having ICICI BANK saving account no.-XXXX8143 made a transaction through I mobile app "SCAN TO PAY" feature to recharge my tatasky dth service for id -1145818157(19/8/17) of Rs 199/- but i did not recharged after 20 hours.i made compliant at customer care of icici bank but no result obtained. its more than 10 days matter is not still closed my complaint no. SR488785034.

chander shekhar nainwal
[email protected]
Jul 4, 2017

Debit Card Cheating by ICICI

I got a message of some amount deduction from my account on 29 Jun 2017 however mentioned transaction was not done my me. In panic I got my card blocked and requested for new debit card. Your customer agent told me that cheapest card available with ICICI is Coral card with charges of Rs 499 + service tax annually. However later I got to know that there is other debit card available with ICICI like smart shopper with no charges or very minimal charges which was offered to me at the time of account opening. This ICICI move was to cheat customer. I am holding salary account since 2015 and had belief that my financial life is completely safe with ICICI however this experience has completely changed my perception. I am now feeling completely cheated and want to shut down my account at earliest.
When a customer is associated with you with his whole life saving then why you think that cheating of just Rs 500 from customer makes ICICI extra rich.
I want my money to be credited back to my account and change my card to normal one.
Neelam Mishra
Apr 24, 2017

LIEN Marked on Savings a/c

Sir / Madam,

This is to lodge a complaint against ICICI Bank Loan / collection department who has unjustifiably put the amount in my savings account # ############ on lien for Loan taken from the Bank in Fy 2002 and duly settled in FY 2004-05 . There was absolutely no communication regarding loan statement (via email, phone call and hard copy letter). Since loan was settled now for more than 12 years, there was no transactions / communication regarding the same from the bank's side. Since the loan was duly settled, I was sanctioned two more loans afterwards which I have again paid in full.

When I enquired about this they talked very easily said that they have authority to do so against my outstanding for which they are not even giving the details. My account is blocked by Rs. 10,196/-. Instead at the customer care I was mentally harassed by again and again saying that I am a defaulter. I could not bear this undue behaviour because I have duly settled my loan, just because some bank official's has not closed my loan and on account of Bank's inefficiency I cannot be punished.

I was not at all contacted either by Recovery Dept. Now they are telling that they'll not remove the blocking until unless I pay the total outstanding which they are still showing as 10,196/-.

Particularly look for answers to the following queries from my side:

1. Is bank authorities / collection agents sleeping for last 12 years ?
2. Why wasn't I contacted about details before marking lien?
3. Why was I not informed about the one sided decision taken by the bank?
4. How can credit card/Loan department put amount from my saving account on lien for recovery without informing me? Later I am getting a letter saying that the lien has been marked.
5. Our money is not safe even in bank??

I would like to lodge a case against ICICI Bank for removal the lien on my all my savings account at the earliest.

I request you to please contact ICICI bank and remove lien on my savings accounts # ############.

Looking forward to an early and favorable action from your side.
Mar 9, 2017


Dear Sir,

I deposited cash in my ICICI S/B account of Rs.10,000/-. But ANW-CHRGS:150.00 S-TAX=172.50 Charges has been deducted balance is Credited in my A/c. Please Explain by which rule it has been deducted and whether it will be deducted for each Cash deposited in ICICI A/c.

I want refund for the same.


Deepali Paruthi

1 09/03/2017 BY CASH:10000.00 ANW-CHRGS:150.00 S-TAX: Cr. 9,827.50
Oct 10, 2016

personal loan

Hello Sir,

I have applied for personal loan from ICICI bank and it was approved. At the time of initial level discussion have been told 13.5 ROI and 1 percent processing fee on which i agreed. But when I got call for loan disbursement confirmation call the guy told me 15 percent ROI and 2 percent processing fee on which I denied and ask him not to disbursed my loan.
But next morning loan amount got credited in my account without my acceptance.I am really surprised how could ICICI credit the loan with out my acceptance and yes. I am sure ICICI must have final disbursement call recording in which i had clearly said no.

I don't want this loan on this higher ROI.
Please take necessary action against this.I have sent so many emails to ICICI persons but haven't received any response yet.

My contact number - 8505957111

Loan Number - LPDEL00034901643

Thank you in advance.
banerjee. c2009
Sep 10, 2016

received spurious sms category imposter theft

Dear Team,

I am not a customer of ICICI bank and have not applied for any of their banking products.

However just received an sms on my number 9560831063 mentioning that a person will come and visit me on 11 Sept 2016 from ICICI Bank to collect documents for a credit card.

I don't know why I am receiving such a sms without me applying for any such service.

Request you to please intervene and validate any case of identity theft happening. I have not applied for any credit card.

Copy of the sms which I received is given below
"Our Field Exec PURSHOTTAM shall visit you on 11/09/2016 at 07PM-08PM
for collecting dox for ICICI CC. Kindly keep your dox ready. for any query call on 9717201121"

Request you to please look into this.

Dec 11, 2015

online fraud from my account

my account is with icici bank.On 28 october i got a message on my mobile that 958.30 rs and 6561.83rs have been fraudulently shopped in dhaka bangladesh as told by customer care of icici bank.but my card was with me.the bank is still investigating the matter but not giving the positive response.
so kindly look into this matter and please do the needful.
A/C name:shivangi kumari
A/C no: ############
Customer care complaint no. SR387612393
Shivangi kumari
[email protected]
Nov 27, 2015

Fake call

I have received a fake call from No. 9546094969 quoting as ICICI customer care and asking for my card No. , CVV and Adhar
Jul 5, 2015

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Mr. Customer (Muniraju1977),

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Jul 1, 2015

Insisting to settle the loan which does not belongs to me

My name is Muniraju. N, today Mr. Kumar (Advocate) called me and asking to settle the Personal loan, which does not belongs, only having my mobile number (9164193181) he is telling me that i have taken loan and settle, I told him that i dont have any outstanding loans, the loans i have taken earlier i have settled and taken NOC.
May 28, 2015


My debit card has been blocked due to wrong entering of password so tell me the procedure to unblock it
Apr 27, 2015

fraud transaction

Apr 21, 2015

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Mr. Singh,

We are sorry to hear about your experience. Our official will get in touch with you to assist you with your concern. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Veerpal Singh
Apr 19, 2015

personal loan

2nd Feb-2015, I have given papers to Mr. Ravi, (DTS) for Loan amount 12.5 Lacs( 8.5 Lacs BT and 4.0 Lacs for my A/C.) on Rate of interest 13.0%, After all submitted all papers, day by day contacted to Mr. Ravi but loan status not found. On dated 15.02.2015 he has received four Blank cheque and blank loan agreement for amount Rs, 12.5 Lacs. At last as informed to me for my loan amount has been approved Amount rs 11.0 lacs on Rate of Inerest 13.5 %. I have refused for that but without my consent loan amount 11.0 lacs ( 2.5 appx. Lacs transfered on 27th Feb in my A/C and A DD for an amount Rs. 8.5 Lacs (appx.) validity up to 19.03.2015 sent to me on 28.02.2015. I have contacted to Mr.Ravi, in this regards but he has started put off the mobile not for attending many times.Now till date no any correspondences by ICICI has been made by personal loan agreement copy, loan approval copy for rate of interest, EMI and amount. I have contacted to costumer care and suggested to Mr. Deepak Sharma ICICI bank. On dated Mr. Deepak Sharma said your case has been send to DTS Team , after analysis I shall be contacted to you. During this the validity of DD for an amount Rs. 8.5 Lacs has also been expired on dtd. 19.03.2015. On dated 23.03.2015 I have contacted to Mr. Deepak Sharma , Mr. Deepak Sharma called with Mr.Deepak Kr through conference calling. Mr deepak Kr.has assurance to resolve the problem but he has not contacted and not pickup my phone till now.Mr. Ravi DTS has not given/inform proper information and without my consent regarding Rate of interest at 13.5 % for loan amount Rs. 11 lacs . He has every time informed for approval amount Rs. 12.5 Lacs for an Rate of interest 13.0% only as I was agreed.

In the above I want as such payment has been transected in my A/C- 2.5Lacs may please be made EMI for personel loan on rate of Interest 13.5% and for an Amount Rs 8.5 Lacs(DD for BT has invalid on 19.03.2015) is to be returned to ICIC bank properly.I am suffering but ICICI bank is not responding.

Thank and regards.

Veerpal Singh
B-980, MIG DDA Flats East of loni Road, Delhi 110093,

Mobile No- 9999533810
Mar 16, 2015

About a fraudulent ATM withdrawals through my ATM ICICI debit card on 08 March 2015

Dear sir,

This is to inform to you that about a fraudulent ATM withdrawals through my
ATM debit card on 08 March 2015.

I have made a transaction of Rs.3000/- from nearby Mayur vihar phase-3, ICICI bank ATM around (12:32) PM on 08 March mention above. After made the transaction I cancelled the button, took my card and walked away from there because I have to go Clinic. When I came back at home I saw a message which received from ICICI bank withdrawl message. There were two message one of 3000 Rs transaction that I made and another message about Rs. 20000/- which was received after two minutes(12:34 PM) of first one transaction, that is not made by me. I got shocked and instantly complain(SR360408576) on ICICI customer care about that what happenned with me. They said they will search out whole the things. After one day(09 March 2015) I got a message from customer care that “we are unable to reverse the transaction of Rs 20000/- as it has been paid completely. THen I have raised another complain(SR360642744) about that. they again said they will search out. It has passed one week but I did’nt get any helpful response from ICICI Customer Care.

I also raised FIR for this fraudulent transaction in nearby Police Station.

Looking forward to have positive cooperation from seniors of this forum.

Also please let me know when I would be getting my money back.

Juhi Verma
[email protected]
Jan 7, 2015

Regarding CC customer care

Escalating this issue after wasting hell lot of time with your cc people and repeatedly stating this problem since last 6-8 months.Being such and old customer with ICICI (Saving A/C,investments etc.),having this credit card is now becoming painfull.Earlier there used to be alerts being raised prior payment due date etc but now none of them.Shared this as feedback & pain , but to no solution.Again gave call today requesting reversal of imposed late fees charges as due to personal emergency was out of town wherein had no access of net or to reach you guys on this but as soon as returned did pmt on highest priority.Raising this issue with your customer care person Sylvia & Swati Mehta,got great blunt responses refusing to help me out in this, rather were happy to accept cancellation of credit card on full payment of remaining o/s asap.Sylvia was highly unethical and unprofessional in talking even being told several times the pain that i had been facing was simply stating that her system being correct which she herself not even aware of.This clearly shows that being so rigid at customer care front would tarnish the bank's image only.She was happy to get this issue escalated further,to my surprise howcome bank employed these kind of people who are first face to customer.So firstly i need quick reversal of late fees alongwith strict action on these kind of cc person.Immediate action & response is expected,may contact me for further discussion/information over mail & mob#
Nov 27, 2014

abchgs W/O any prior info this is illigel

This is Neeta holding an ICICI saving b/a : ############. My complaint is related to the minimum account balance charges, that bank has debited from my account without even notifying there policy changes, if any. ICICI bank is simply debiting amount from my account. I think ICICI bank is not even following the guidelines mentioned by RBI. Previously they take the average for a quarter to check the minimum balance. My minimum balance requirement in my account is 5000 from the time I opened account(minimum should still be INR 5,000 because there is not any call/msg about any change about that from bank.).

Please find the below details for transaction made by bank.
19-11-2014- MABChgs-Oct14+STax 30.9 280.90

Charges above shows that this is for Oct month of 2014. In that month only 31st oct my balance was 3,217.15 but all the other 30 days balance was more than 5000. also I want to say that if on 31st oct balance was 3,217.15 than on 01st Oct balance was more than 21000 and this was above 21000 till 07 oct. so now tell about average crieteria by which my account debited 280.90 for Oct month.

280 rs. meant a lot for me. Kindly do the needful and i want my money back. I tried to get in touch with the manager but they say we can't do anything about this. Please take some action against this bank for not complying RBI standards / guidelines.

[email protected]

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