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ICICI Credit Card

Tamil Nadu

Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Credit Card

May 28, 2019

Shipment redirect on same AWB

Hi sir
I applied for credit card in icici bank. Today I got sms from bluedart courier for delivery but now check the tracking number it shows shipment redirect on same awb... Pincode worng it shows but address is correct please send to that address sir
Way bill no. 36407090204
Apr 9, 2018


Dear Ms. Vennila,

We understand your concern.

Your complaint through Service Request SR533080188 is processed.

As per our records, the disputed transaction is authenticated via 3D Secure PIN, which is a second level authentication built in for online transactions done through Merchant Websites.

We understand that apart from the Card Verification Value (CVV) & Expiry date on your credit Card, your personal 6 digit 3D Secure PIN or OTP was used while doing the transaction.

You may further lodge a complaint with Cybercrime cell to assist you further.

This is the message from Bank.
i was asking the Bank to show the records of OTP which was not received in the mobile.
2nd we have not received any goods for purchase too.

I said we will not pay any amount for which is not used by us.
Kindly Assist.

A. Vennila.
Apr 4, 2018


Dear Sir/Madam,

My ICICI CARD NUMBER :-############ 9004
Name: Vennila A
>> Account No / Application No: ################
>> Product/Service: Credit Card
>> Request related to: Transaction Dispute
>> Type of request/complaint: Dispute on fraudulent transaction
>> E-mail address: [email protected]
>> Mobile no:9092005337
>> Telephone no: +91--
>> Complaint/Feedback: wrongly swiped by some frauds

The said card number , I have not used the card .

They called me and ask for reward points details.

But I have not shared any password to them then But they can use my card.

1.Had not received any SMS for the transaction ,had asked on this with Bank bit no reply

2. Even after card transactions I have not received any SMS.

3. We have not received any goods for the same.

request your Assistance on closing this.

Lijumon Vijaya Kumar
Feb 26, 2018

Harrasment and lien marking without customer knowledge


I had a credit card from icici and outstanding of 30 thousand rupees. Due to some unavoidable situations i cant able to make payment. I need emi option to pay the outstanding amount. I requested to collection agent. But the collection agent named mani talking rude in manner and abusive. They are giving mental torturing to me.

One mr ramesh prabhu manager called me and he is not ready to make emi option to pay the outstanding. The collection agents calling me more than 10 times in a day and creating mental harrasment.

To icici bank

Icici credit card department lien marked in my salary account and taken 11 thousand as one time and 9 thousand as another time without my knowledge.

I need to take action against them.

Liju vijayakumar
Feb 26, 2018

Reward Points Update

I Have received call from 7838766281, he said my card detail & long time your not using in your reward points so please convert your revert point for cash that cash update in your credit card but security purpose we have block sum amount for your credit card. He ask my cvv but i am not share my cvv. Again he told your reward point convert cash that amount show 8112 this amount update your credit card so we have share OTP pls input this number that amount update in your card. But after ten minutes i have receive any transaction with in my card we have received immediately receive mail that mail show Rs.8112 transaction my card. Immediately i call customer care but he is not correct solution for this, still now i am spoke that person he told we are not fraud. We are genuine this amount only blocked security purpose in your card. But Credit card department side we correctly not confirm this transaction fraud or genuine. So i am blocked my card for immediately.
Jan 10, 2018

Behavior Issue

I have been getting a continuous call from ICICI about issue of new card. I must mentioned that your team has no manners. They call us during our work time and expect we listened to them and when we enquire about something then they speak rudely and misbehaving and use abusive language. Please train your people on behavior skills.

Nov 19, 2017


Oct 16, 2017

Mail ID Change

Dear Sir,
I am using ICICI Credit card Plz send the Mail ICICI Credit card Monthly statement in my mail ID.

Mail ID: [email protected]
Name : Muralidhar V
Cell : 9440250266
Dinu Karthik
Oct 14, 2017

Icici credit card reward point redeem process -FAKE CALL

Hello, this is Karthik from chennai. I have received a call from 9911629353. They have told that they are calling from icici bank Mumbai regarding credit card reward points redeem process. First person asked me about my personal details and card details. Then that person redirected call to senior person. They have verified my details and asked for otp. Initially I denied but they have said that am senior person I will give my employee Id also you can verify and share the information . I believed that given all the details now I lost my rs.8299/- from icici credit card ... I believed that person because they otp is generated from icici bank.. but finally I came to know that I have been cheated ... please team give me a solution how can I get back the amount .. is there any solution ?? Please help me....totally upset ...
Jul 4, 2017

ICICI Bank — Credit card returned undelivered need to dispatch again

Dear Team,

I have applied for the credit card. I have received the PIN of the credit card but still card delivery is pending. I had received the message that credit card will be delivered by Blue Dart Courier ( AWB Number :- 34348060235) on your mailing address . When I checked the status on the Blue Dart site , they had updated that Consignee shifted from given address and returned back to the shipper. For undelivered the problem is from ur side while I'm Appling on that time itself I mentioned to deliver to my office address but they not updated in the request. So can you please check and dispatch me for below address.

Shaik Mohammad
PINCODE - 600113
MOBILE - +918520805808
EMAIL ID : [email protected]

Shaik Mohammad

ICICI Bank — Credit card returned undelivered need to dispatch again

Jan 31, 2017

Credit Card Customer care

Dear ICICI Bank team,

This is Sudhakaraganesh from Chennai. Off late I am getting call from ICICI Bank Credit Card Operations for ICICI Bank Credit Card application verification process and the landline number is 022-61917600

For your kind information, i haven't applied for any credit card from ICICI. How come they are able to connect with non-customers. Some where customer credentials are shared. Need to verify more from your end

Nov 6, 2016


Dear Customer,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We request you to email us your concern with your contact details on [email protected] Please mention the UID (a2k1k7_aabs) in the subject line of your email. Our official will assist you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Sivamani Perumal
Nov 6, 2016

Card expired

My card is expired on 01/16 my name is p.sivamani.my card name is master card.still I haven't not received new card.but still this date I am using your card only for EMI purpose.so kindly look into this matter and arrange for new card.Thanks.
Sep 30, 2016

Fraud call regarding Cash Back ICICI Platinum Card

I got a call from 7065410727 (Delhi Area) saying that my current reward points card would be upgraded to cash-back platinum card from ICICI. They tried to get the details of card like expiration date etc. I resisted their attempt to fraud and then they cut the call immediately.

Don't fall for these type of fraud calls. It is easy to identify these calls, as the fraudsters usually talk pretty bad english (LOL), in my case it was a female fraudster...I could hardly control laugh in the middle of this call after listening to her. Also these call usually originate from Delhi area. Never give away your personal details or credit card details.
Jul 4, 2016

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Customer, (Janak Jajal)

Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Janak Jajal
Jul 3, 2016

user id & password for credit card

Please issue me user id & password for my credit card
my mobile no 9879917786
email id :[email protected]
janak jajal
credit card no 5176++++++++9005
Bharathkumar a
May 3, 2016

user data insecure

For the icici credit card, which I have been using for almost 5 years, the contact mobile details and email ID has been changed without my permission and knowledge and I am not sure how it has been done. Because of which, I did not receive the email or sms regarding the bill and in turn due to which, bill tracking got missed and the payment for credit card got delayed last month and I have been charged late payment and interest. I want all the charges to be reversed and an explanation on how the details are changed. Security of my information is in questionary.
Mar 28, 2016

Credit card fraud

A card transaction is being reported by ICICI bank and was credited to my account ICICI card, The card is with me and I never visited that place where that card transaction had happened. even though I has submitted all the relevant documents to that. They had favored the fraud and and ruled out the fraud without proper esquire.
Mar 23, 2016

no remainder

Dear team,

Am using the ICICI credit card, and i called to customer care.. they told that i will get a call from higher authority within a hour... But i waited for 3 days, i did not receive any call.

Primary Issue:

First of all i will not get any statement, messages, mail or call from your team regarding the payment. After due date i will get a call from collection team, and after taht am making the payment. It shows in late fee.

Now i want to clear the total outstanding amount, so that i want a favor from your side. I request you to adjust the amount of Rs. 1000/- on my credit card account. So that i wil clear the total outstanding amount. Please process before next due date.

Oct 11, 2015

regarding credit card

This is sindhu. Actually we bought icici coral American express credit card last month. Yesterday we used for shopping n hotels too. But its showing couldn't found. Why its showing like. Then we called ur customer care executive they said like card will be use in some places only not in all places. So u can change to visa. What's is this? In starting itself u can say this right... After buying this how u ppl can say like. Tell me the reason that y I cant use in malls. Even in saravana stores at Chennai I cant use ur card...
Oct 7, 2015

Payment to biller not reaching on time


I would like to share the bitter experience I have had with customer care of ICICI. I made a payment towards my Aircel mobile bill for Rs790 on the 16/09 via ICICI net banking with my ICICI credit card. Aircel with my mobile number is a Registered Biller. I found the next day that my ICICI statement showed the transaction, so assumed it was OK.

Received a SMS from Aircel on 21st that the payment is not received and is overdue. Called up ICICI customer care on 22nd and the lady said all looks ok from ICICI side and gave me a Authorisation number for the transaction. When I called up Aircel with this, they said it doesn't mean anything to them and they require a Transaction ID. Register a complaint with Aircel for their back office to have a look at why my payment hasn't reached them.

25/09 Aircel says they cant see anything on their system. Call up customer care and spent 20 minutes on the call speaking to the customer care executive who did not provide any useful information. the customer care executive in the first place said she will cancel the transaction. when I confronted on why this is being done now rather than the 22nd, I then asked for me to be put to the supervisor and she wasn't of any help either. The supervisor then said the transaction cannot be cancelled. Had a complaint registered for it to be looked at. Total time on the call including hearing just apologies again and again - 32 minutes

Received an SMS on Monday 28/09 simply stating the complaint is closed saying Aircel received it the payment on 17/09. Called up Aircel and they said no payment has come through. btw Aircel duly disconnected outgoing on the 27/09.

Call up ICICI customer care again on 29/09 and went through nightmare again. First the customer care executive said she can see the call has been manually closed - whatever that means. when I asked what happened, she then said she will put me onto the supervisor because they will tell me what happend. had to wait 10 minutes for the supervisor to speak. when I requested that the supervisor call me - they said its not possible and i have to just wait on the call - whose money are they spending - mine?? Finally the supervisor took the phone and he was mumbling something or the other and said he will call me next day with a resolution. the whole call was another 40+ minutes. I asked who do I complain this appalling customer service about and was said I can go to their website and complain. did that by dropping a message to whatever number of characters allowed in there. by now my story is really big to contain it in the number of characters allowed, but just about managed it.

30/09 - no call from ICICI customer care. By now, I know they just dont care enough.

Receive a message from Aircel on 01/10 that the money is now credited. Had the outgoing reinstated after further calls to Aircel.

03/10 - Got a call from ICICI - for the complaint registered on their website and I had said that the amount has been credited finally. Asked them why delay - same answer from ICICI side everything ok. but they are not providing any other information to support this. Asked them about my 80 minutes of customer care time and the late payment fees - they said they cant do anything. I said they can hang up the call because it is of no use to anyone.

After the call get an email just stating the obvious and apologising. Shoot out a reply saying give me facts why the delay in reaching Aircel or give me compensation.

Customer care representative calls on 06/10 again saying nothing can be done by them. Asked to provide information supporting it was an Aircel issue. repeat of same thing - no compensation from their side but no information to prove it wasnt their fault either.

Problem is I am out money for late payment fees, been on customer care number for 80+ minutes - again spending my money, and had to go through phase where outgoing was cut off. All these for no fault of mine. Aircel with my mobile number in it is a registered biller and paid through ICICI net banking like any normal transaction.

Is this customer care or customer service???
Jul 30, 2015

Collection calls for closed account

I live in US. My family in India has recently started getting calls from Saravanan claiming to be with ICICI and that he needs 13k for the closed credit account after around 8- 10 years now.He has no proof or details about the 13k transaction and also refused to share his proof of employment with ICICI.I want to know why such calls come out in the name of ICICI.My full name is Vishnuvardhini Chandrasekaran. I used to have a credit card with ICICI in the beginning years of 2000 and I have no other information about the account or card number with me right now. I remember closing all my bank cards and accounts already. I am curious to know what's happening with the bank or the person who calls.
David Carmel
Jul 30, 2015


Customer Care Manager,
ICICI bank,

There was a purchase made by using the credit card about seven years back for Rs 19000/. due to varied reasons i could not make the payment in time, so they approached me to pay 40000/- plus during that time. but i refused to pay the penalty instead and I agreed to pay my principle only, now last 5 month they blocked my amount of ₹32000/- and approached me to make the payment of ₹31750/- even now also I said i am ready to pay my principle since there is no fault from my end.

With great pain i wish to state that yesterday (29/Jun/2015) from my salary account they have debited with Rs₹ 31752.55 (A/C # ############) without prior intimation and my knowledge and approval.

I strongly condemn this and for no fault of mine this is done since i am ready to pay my principle amount. On the same subject there was no communication till today from their end regarding this query no communication or clarification from their side.

With all these problem i fail to understand how this amount is deducted from my account.

Would appreciate your immediate action and reversal of the amount taken.

A/C No :21860150356
Branch: Nungambakkam, Chennai


David Carmel

Apr 21, 2015

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Mr. Mathew,

We are sorry to hear about your concern. Please write to [email protected] with your contact details. Kindly mention the UID a2k1k7_aabg in the subject line of your email.
Our official will assist you.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Apr 19, 2015

charged interest for even paid amount

icici CREDIT card interest on full amount
For my previous month March my total amount to be paid was 97972.35 I had made payment of 86,000+2000+4000. there was balance amount of 5972.35 for the amount of 5972.35 on this month statement they have put me an interest charge of 4698 + service tax . I strongly feel that for 5972.35 an interest and charge of 4698 is unacceptable. I dont think any bank charge late fee interest for the total amount. they charge for the outstanding amount. Spoke with the ICICI guys and they said they will reverse 2470 inr but still i think they should charge me 3.4% of outstanding which inr 5972.35. This is seriously a good plan to cheat common man by ICICI bank

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