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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI FAS TAG

Aug 10, 2019

Worst fastag service by ICICI

I have taken the ICICI fastag as I have to pass the tollgate daily.what I have observed in the 2 months of its usage is they will have atleast one wrong calculation in a week and you have to keep on following up with them to get the refund.for one of my refunds I have raised the complaint for which they responded after 10weeks and I have not noticed the response immediately. When I noticed the responsed after a week the ticket was closed saying that customer is not responding. If they really wanted to refund the amount they would have sent a notification to mobile or email which they did not do.When I contacted customer care they have told that we can not refund the amount now as you did not respond in time.


May 20, 2019

wrong entry of my mobile number

When i purchase icici fast tag they have filed wrong mobile number in my tag. Now i have called so many times in the customer care but every time they have called the request has been forwarded, but no action has been taken yet . I am really frustrated now . Which type of facility they are providing for their customers.
Apr 30, 2019

ICICI Fastag is a cheat

My Fastag is not reading. When complained they are asking money for replacement Tag. They are the big cheat and never ever buy ICICI Fastag.
Apr 18, 2019

Totally Fraud ICICI Fastag

I am using ICICI fast tag from long time, they deducted my money 2 times without passing the toll plaza. In first time of deduction i have not registered the complaint but when they deducted 2 time then i have raised the complaint and they said they will refund the same in 7 days but still not received the same. So i have called them again and they asked me you need to submit the document (When you need to refund direct to account then why you need this.) and it will take 15 days not 7 days to refund. Also, if you will not raise the complaint within 40 days then it will not be refundable. So the best option is not recharge your account because they will deduct your money and you need to stand in long queue even when you have fast tag on your Vehicle.

Try some other options instead for ICICI fast tag.
Feb 11, 2019

ICICI FAS TAG not recivied

I applied the Fastag on 03-01-2019 through online bank of ICICI . I got activation No 21337458, but still i am not received the physical Fastag to my delivery address till date.

My details:
Mobile No : 9949887888
Vehicle No : AP28CG3552
Sudhir Parikh
Jan 10, 2019

Excess Charges

My tag account No.170762531. I used Express toll road between Vadodara - Ahmedabad - Vadodara.
243064847 05/01/2019 05/01/2019 Ahmedabad (Ring Road) Toll Pl GJ06KD4055 170762531 100.00 100.00 View Trip Details
242960366 03/01/2019 04/01/2019 Vadodara GJ06KD4055 170762531 105.00 105.00 View Trip Details
242930558 04/01/2019 04/01/2019 Vadodara Toll Plaza GJ06KD4055 170762531 105.00 105.00 View Trip Details
242566863 03/01/2019 03/01/2019 Ahmedabad Toll Plaza GJ06KD4055 170762531 50.00 50.00

I was charged full toll though return journey was withing 24 hours. If i would have paid cash i would have saved 50% on return trip. I need refund of the amount excess charged.
Dec 7, 2018

Fast Tag not received

I have applied for fast tag and also paid money but i haven't not received. I don't know the tag number, I'm providing my mobile number request you to provide me the status.

Mobile number - 9663078822
Nov 30, 2018

wrong Deduction of Money

I have a ICICI fastag and i made a monthly pass of my nearest toll plaza Niyamatpur Ekrotia, but whenever i am passing through the toll, icici fastag account deduct the toll fees. its ridiculous that already having a pass they are deducting the fees. i have complaint several times on there tollfree number but still no solution. the worst fastag icici .
Nov 11, 2018

overcharged on returning within 24 hrs

Customer id 10836722

i have been overcharged on returning within 24 hours on the same toll plaza.
i have been changed 85Rs each time(up and down) within 24 hrs. That's rediculus.
Please return excess charged amount back.
Oct 20, 2018

ICICI Fast Tag Not Received

Order last week of Aug.

Still not yet received. whenever called (3 times, Sep 1week, last week, oct last week and Now)to customer care, their responded will receive within 3-5 working days.

I lost my hope.

Mobile : 8056797914
Car : TN 11 X 7365
Oct 12, 2018

Never ever trust ICICI fastag


I have been using ICICI bank since 2007 an I have applied for fastag through ICICI bank. I uploaded all documents and paid on 23rd March. I waited till may and stared calling the customer care. After several attempt I got a person on call he said that the Tag was returned back stating that the delivery is in restricted area. Interestingly I am using ICICI service for so many years and not even a single letter from them returned with such problem. when I said the same to the CC executive, he raised a ticket and said i will receive in 21 days.. still I am waiting after several tickets and emails nothing happened.


MY USER ID 10408371 which is still alive without ID :)
Sep 15, 2018

Not received the tag

Please check this COMPLINT number
Paid date 22/08/2018 till today 15/09/2018
No response
More than 8 time called the toll free number. Nobody know what happened. Please
My mob no is. 9847401000
My car no is PY05E0100

Complint no is
Sep 15, 2018

Didn’t send tag

I have order a fastag via online at 22 08 2018 I didn’t
Get the tag till today ( 15/09/2018) amount 663.00
I am several time called the Tollfree number. No body
Give a righ answer. Even no response properly
I feel it’s cheating
My mob no is 9847401000
My car no I s. PY05E0100
Sep 4, 2018

Fastag Amount-Not yet refund-Reg

I am Jeeva, I have own car bearing the no. TN30 BW1253. I have got ICICI fastag and used regularly under local concessional pass @ Rs.300/- Pm. via Thoppur toll gate (Krishnagiri-Thoppur tool gate). During August 2018, I have recharged in thoppur toll plaza as local pass Rs.300/-for August 2018 via NHAI website on Mobile banking. In this continuation, unfortunately the ICICI bank debited more amount from my SB a/c. I have send a complaint by mail on 17.08.2018 . But no reply received so far. The amount also not yet refunded. Hence, i requested to send the reply my complaints. Otherwise, I am sorry to say i will approach banking ombudsmen / High court. Thanking you sir.(customer ID 10349388/JEEVA )
Aug 31, 2018

Fastag not received

I applied for fastag on 16/8/18 but still waiting to receive it at my postal address, customer care doesn't know where it is!!! Pethatic service!!!
May 30, 2018

Worst ICICI Fastag customer care experience & their modus operandi

I have been duplicate charged (I paid cash for return journey & as well on fastag on return jouney) on ICICI Fastag. I gave @ 5 calls each around 15-20 min & one for @ 37 min to customer call without any resolution.

Their modus operandi appears to be as follows

1. When you give them call on toll free no, customer care will ask customer id. Will ask you problem, and when it's time to get some resolution, they will put you on hold.
2. They will never revert back from hold and you keep on holding a call.
3. when you check the complaint status, they will put "tried calling customer, did not respond" and will close complaint.

For getting a simple call resolved (it's still not resolved), i gave 5 calls and spent @ 60 min over these 5 calls.

Request to take note of this issue and take appropriate action
May 25, 2018


Dont ever buy Fast tag from ICICI. Customer care is hopeless, nobody is trained well, worst experience with them. THey have taken 3 months to Deactivate my fast tag still under process. Useless people.
Apr 9, 2018

Over charged

i have been overchanged on returning within 24 hours on the same toll plaza.
i have been changed 85Rs each time(up and down) within 24 hrs. That's rediculus.
Please return excess charged amount back.

Mar 25, 2018

Overcharged during return journey

On 28/12/2017, I have undertaken return journey (up & down) via Surathkal Toll Plaza located on NH66. My account has been debited with Rs.50 during both up (at 11:06:25 AM) & down journey (7:33:40 PM). In fact, I should have been debited with Rs.20 only during my down journey. Please reverse the excess debit of Rs.30.

The complaint was filed in the fastag portal on 29/12/2017, but till date the complaint has not been resolved and still in 'In progress' status. I had called the call centre at least 5 times as followup, but every time the reply given was, it would be resolved in 10 days. Now 3 months have crossed, but still no sign of resolution.

ICICI Bank has not defined the escalation matrix for fastag complaints and the same was confirmed by call center executive too. Not sure what is the next course of action.
Mar 25, 2018

Overcharged during return trip within 24 hours

On 28/12/2017, I have undertaken return journey (up & down) via Surathkal Toll Plaza located on NH66. My account has been debited with Rs.50 during both up (at 11:06:25 AM) & down journey (7:33:40 PM). In fact, I should have been debited with Rs.20 only during my down journey. Please reverse the excess debit of Rs.30.

I have lodged the complaint in the fastag portal on 29/12/2017 providing all details I had with me. But till date, the complaint has not been resolved. I have called the customer care at least 5 times as followup, but everytime the reply provided was, it would be resolved in 10 days. However, 3 months have crossed now.

There is no escalation matrix defined by ICICI Bank for fastag complaints. The same was confirmed by the customer care too. Not sure what is the next course of action.
Mar 22, 2018

ICICI Fast Tag - The Worst

Have applied for ICICI Fast tag Via Online Payment through ICICI bank, on 22nd Feb by 22nd Feb,
Got an SMS stating
Fast Tag Account Number – 20605558 (22nd Feb, 11:27 AM)
Account Number - 10332754 (22nd Feb 11:27 AM)

Inorder to confirm the same I made a call to your Customer care number on the following dates.
1) 22nd Feb - 4 mins 8 Sec (11:29 AM)
2) 23rd Feb - 3 mins 20 secs (3:32 PM)
3) 7 March - 6 mins (4:44 PM)
4) 8th March - 6 Mins 15 secs (9:35 AM)
5) 10th March - 6 Mins 59 Secs (9:36 AM)
6) 10th March - 9 Mins 45 Secs (11:04 AM)
7) 10th March - 1 mins 45 Secs (2:04 PM)
8) 13th March - 24 mins 38 Secs (3:10 PM)
9) 13th March - 46 Secs (3:34 PM)
10) 13th March - 20 Mins 43 Secs (3:36 PM)
11) 22nd March - 12 Mins 34 Secs (11:06 AM)
So far I had spoken to your Members nearly 11 Times to Following Persons
1) Mr.Mayavan
2) Mr.Saravanan
3) Ms.Anusha
I cannot able to get any details from their side, every time I am Making a Phone Call, I need to start fresh from the date I applied from Fast tag and Other Details,
And Till I cannot able to get any Firm Answers from them,
These people are the worst in service, I am not sure, why ICICI doing such chaep things to its customers
Feb 8, 2018

Horrible Service icici fastag

My TAG got damaged so I called up customer care to provide a new TAG, the answer was that I need to go their office and request for newtag, so I wanted to opt out.
Since then I have called customer care more than 5 times and requested to transfer my money back o my bank account and everytime they open a service request and close with any action.
Some one please help

My customer ID: 10085809
Feb 6, 2018

ICICI charged for a Faulty card

I Purchased ICICI Fast Tag on December 2017 this card never worked during my first trip to Chennai.
when i raised the complaint they have mentioned they will send me a replacement card.
Now they are charging me for the replacement card. Why do I need to pay for a faulty product which never worked?
even my request to cancel everything and refund the balance amount they are hesitating as replacement card request already placed.
Cheating done. Please do the needful

Tag a/c :20429262
Feb 6, 2018

ICICI charged for a Faulty card

I have purchased fast tag from ICICI and used it for my first trip. The card was never read by any of the toll plaza.
On raising a complaint i was told they will replace the tag. Now they have charged me for the replacement tag.
Why am i asked to pay for a faulty product? Cheating.

Please do the needful -
Tag Account No.
Mukund Vilas Shinde
Jan 26, 2018

cancel fastag

Dear sir,
I am buying new car. Fastag is already included. Yesturday I am activate this tag but my mistake apply new Fastag. One car two Fastag so please cancel of one Fastag. Cancel Fastag Details are as follows,
Cancel Fastag Account no - 20527012
Account no - 10261507

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