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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI

Dec 14, 2018

Cancellation of one assist plan and refund of deducted money.

I want my one assist subscription cancelled. This is no way to lure a customer without giving him clear and concise information. I don't want the plan and I want it cancelled. Request you to do the same as soon as possible and refund rs 1399/- which have deducted from my credit card.Thank you.
Nov 17, 2018

Recovery Agent Harassment for my father's debt

Hi Team,

I am writing this down to express my disgust regarding one of your recovery agents who called me a month back for asking my father's contact detail. I politely told him that my relationship with him has gone bitter and we are not in talking terms listening to that he started to use abusive language and threatened me of complaining in my office as was yelling n not believing me I disconnected the phone.

After that he made my life miserable by calling me continuously which forced me to blacklist his number. After that he took my bosses number from office reception and since then he has been disturbing him & has made his life miserable.

As this is regarding my father's debt about which I have no details & also I am not supposed to be bothered about his debts.

Also few if my relatives which includes my father in law have also received calls from ICICI.

Please take necessary action to ensure they stops bothering me & my boss about something we are not aware about.

Ish Sachdeva
Nov 9, 2018

Jio recharge refund

I have recharged my friend mobile number yesterday through UPI but not recharged, plz refund
Spandana R
Oct 1, 2018

Debit Card Fraud on My Account

On 02 oct 2018, One fraud transaction has been made from my
My account ICICI Bank Account XX2956 was deducted with Rs 442.5 today against VSI*GOOGLE INDI without my authorization.
" Sir neither I have received any OTP nor I have shared PIN details.
ICICI bank please look into this and revert my money back. Please don't force me to close my account in your bank.

Hoping for a quick reply from your side. Thank You!

Spandana R
Mob. No.:+91-7090890068
Jun 22, 2018

Cancellation of one assist

Dear icici
My name is Rasulata swain

I got a call regarding CPP, and the amount they told me was 1899rupees. Now I want to cancel that Plan.
So I want you to consider this and deactivate this plan ASAP.

Rasulata swain
Pramod Tiwari
Jun 21, 2018


Icici Lombard provide insure your family health just Rs11543 for sum insured of 6 lakh Free Health check up every years & cashless service call now 9650941946
1- Medical expenses incurred during hospitalisation for more than 24 hours, including room charges, doctor/surgeon’s fee, medicine bills, etc.
2- Medical expenses incurred 30 days prior and 60 days post hospitalisation
3-Day-care expenses for advanced, technological medical surgeries and procedures requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalisation
(including dialysis, radiotherapy and chemotherapy)
4-Pre-existing diseases, but after 2 years of continuous coverage with the Company
5-Life Long Renewability: The policy provides life - long renewal
6-Floater Benefit: Floater cover to get family (self, spouse, dependent parents, dependent children, brothers and sisters)
covered for the same sum insured under a single policy by paying one premium amount Any
individual above 3 months of age can be covered under the policy provided 1 adult is also covered under the same polic
7-Additional Sum Insured: An Additional Sum Insured of 10% of Annual sum insured provided on each renewal for every claim free year up to a maximum of 50%. In case of a claim under the policy,
the accumulated Additional Sum Insured will be reduced by 10% of the Annual Sum Insured in the following year
8-Free Health Check - up: The customer is entitled for a Free Health Check - up at designated centers. The coupons would be provided to each Insured for every policy year,
subject to a maximum of 2 coupons per year for floater policies
9 -Tax Benefit: Avail tax deduction on premium paid under health insurance policy as per applicable provisions of Section 80D of Income Tax Act, 1961 and amendments made there to

10- Reset benefit: We will reset up to 100% of the Sum Insured once in a policy year in case the sum insured including accrued additional Sum Insured (if any)
is insufficient as a result of previous claims in that policy year
11- n Patient AYUSH Treatment: Expenses for Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy (AYUSH) treatment only when it has been undergone in a government hospital or
in any institute recognised by the government and / or accredited by Quality Council of India / National Accreditation Board on Health
Shourya reddy
Mar 24, 2018

Unknown transaction

Unknown transaction happend money got deducted.donno how and why!!

Unknown transaction

Ram Prasad
Mar 13, 2018

money deducted

i got message like 50 rupees deducted from bank by saying inf0:BIN GOOGLE SER . i have not done any transaction . please return my money
seby varghese
Dec 19, 2017


I Received call from ICICI BANK and their just give information about ONE ASSIST PLAN after then they automatic activated this plan and deducted RS-1399/- from my credit card A/C. without my permission..

I dont want this plan actually.Please deactivate this plan and refund my money ASAP





Dec 18, 2017

fraudulent transactions

I have lost Rs 5000 from my bank account thru unauthorized transactions - min/google*ser, min/google*akh. I called ICICI bank immediately and blocked my card.when i search these keywords in the internet, i see lot of people are facing the same issue and people are losing their hard earned money. ICICI is known for secure banking and there you go, i see that my own money is looted thru online transactions.
They have a pattern , they first debit a small amount say rs50 or rs100 and revert in your account and the try for a bigger amount( in my case rs5000) and thats it you have lost your money.If you don't trust me try searching "min/google*"or "vin/google*", internet is flooded with these complaints.
I am sure ICICI knew about this issue because i see that ICICI replying to those customers on complaint boards.
When i went to bank to complaint abt my issue i see another women who faced the same kind of issue and has lost Rs8000.
I had trust on ICICI but now i doubt their security system .And our government asks us to link our aadhar, pan card to these banks with incompetent and flawed security systems, so that someone comes and take our hard earned money
And we talk about #digitalIndia
Oct 12, 2017

Credit Card Incorrect Fees

ICICI personnel came to our Office in Pune Talwade and offered LifeTime free Credit
Card to ICICI Account Holder. I signed up for Rubyx card which got approved eventually. However I
received a call from Credit card department on 11/10/2017 stating I will be charged Rs3000+GST joining fee
and Rs2000+GST annual fees. Your ICICI employer made me sign the document highlighting the fact
that its a free lifetime credit card then how is the credit card
department stating that I will be charged above stated amounts??? The banners they were carrying
were also mentioning the same that the cards are free from joining and annual fee. Isn't this shear
cheating?? I have been a loyal customer of ICICI since 2010 however such cheating is
very heartening and need to be dealt with immediately. I can share the recordings of my discussions
with your ICICI employee to prove the entire episode. I tried raising complain and called customer care multiple times yet no luck.

Application no: 2017270759157

Oct 2, 2017

money deducted every month

some amount gets dedudcted every month from my ICICI savings account . The remark column says IIN/I-Debit/Atria Con/2017080516200 1. I dont understand where this money is going.
Please help by contacting on 7769055874
Aug 31, 2017

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Shahajahan Pathan,

We confirm you that, the call you have received has not been made by ICICI Bank. ICICI Bank never asks personal, account or financial information from the customers. Please do not reveal your financial details or passwords to anyone. We request you to write to antiphishing@icicibank.com with your contact details in case you receive any such calls. Further, we have made a note of the mentioned contact number and will get it investigated.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Aug 29, 2017

Fraud & abusive call

I got a call from no. 9210562461 claiming that he is calling from ICICI bank & call is related to credit card no.

The height was he knew my name & even my credit card type. Dont know how bank can support these people by providing the customer data. Also when we understand the caller they start abusive language. This is what we choose the bank for. Hope to change the bank & complaint about same in cyber-crime as well.

Shahajahan Pathan.
Jun 20, 2017


Dear Paritosh,

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Paritosh Katyal
Jun 18, 2017

Credit rating affected due to lack of communication

Details of complaint: The following steps will encapsulate my grievance.

> 1. I have been a long time user of icici bank using my personal email id. Around 2 years ago I took a credit card on my workplace email paritosh@netapp.com

> 2. I left India and the company last year for higher studies in the US, cleared all my debt on the credit card and used my account sparingly.

> 3. Apparently there was an annual charge of 1599 that was levied on my card, which I was not notified of, because I wasn't using my work email or the cellphone.

> 4. I understand that the cellphone updating is my responsibility, but if I had been notified of the charges on my personal email (which is still used for by personal banking account), all the confusion could have been cleared.

> 5. The situation now is that my credit card has been cancelled, my debt is around 6799, and worst of all, my credit rating has taken a hit when I have been nothing but punctual in all my payments.

> 6. Just because ICICI's departments are not integrated with each other ( a simple email would have sufficed, not to mention multiple calls that I made to phone banking officers to transfer money to my US bank account, none mentioned any outstanding balance till now, ever)


> I wish to clear this up, but I also want my grievances sorted because the damage to my credit rating is incalculable in terms of my loan taking ability and it has tarnished my trust in the ICICI institution.


> Hoping to hear back soon!
May 6, 2017

Several attempts to resolve fradulent transction

I have had a fradulent transction on my icici credit which i closed when i left india 2 years ago. When i came to k ow abt this transaction i immediatelyreported it to icic credit card dept. Send 5 emails to many people explaning the issue also provided them with my number as i am in the USA. I have never heard or got any reply from anyone and rather send collection agents to my house in india. I have also sent an email to Swapna Dandu see below but never heard anything.

All i want is the issue to be resolved and dont want it to reflect on cibil scores. Please help.

Hi Swapna,

I am forwarding you this email regarding a FRADULENT transcation on my account ( please read the email carefully).

I have your email because I spoke with Amul a month ago and he was very helpful to help me follow a process to dispute this fradulent transaction and I wanted to appreciate him for all his profesionallism. Which I still want to do.

However, even after me being cooperative enough to help in all possible ways to resolve this ICICI seem be behaving irresponsibally and no one ever reverted to me despite me sending all the copies of passport which shows I am out of country and requested the card to be closed and I destroyed 2 years back when I left India.

I am totally upset that despite of resolving this ICICI have sent someone to my home asking for the amount which is rediculous .

All I want is to get this thing sorted out.

If you need to talk call me at +1 6502838575

May 3, 2017

fake credit card issued in my name

there is a credit card no ################ issued from icici, i dont know anything or any other detail accept the number about it and i had never asked for any credit card in past. i recently came to know about it. kindly look into the matter as soon as possible
abhishek ph no. 7060245236
Devesh Kumar
Apr 12, 2017

related to cash withdrawal

. sir my account in uco bank in bihar and i withdraw money in rajasthan tonk niwai through icici atm but cash not withdraw and in my account show debit so kindly request you to please back my money in my account
Feb 20, 2017


Dear Customer, (sivaranjani v)

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
sivaranjani v
Feb 19, 2017

deactivate the one assist plan

I received a call from icici bank the just told the uses of one assist plan and automatically activated this plan for that the took money and sent overdue notification. Still iam not activated the credit card. Please remove the overdue notification and deactivate the one assist plan.

Reach me @ 9942797524
sivaranjani v
Feb 18, 2017

deactivate one assist plan

I received a call from icici bank and the just told the information about one assist plan. Automatically they activated the plan and took money , And sent overdue notificacation. Since I have not used the credit card till now. Please deactivate the one assist plan and return back the money.I hope quick response from you.

Reach me @ 9942797524
mohd siddiq shareef
Jan 29, 2017


Hi.I have an account with ICICI bank with A/c No.539524348.From last two month my account is getting deducted with SMAB charges i didn't got any notification of such charges. While i check my transaction i got to know about deductions..please help me in my problem. My contact no is 8121725859.

Dec 30, 2016

ICICI Bank Care

Dear Customer(ravinder@anjali),

We regret any inconvenience caused. Our official will get in touch with you. We appreciate your patience.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team
Dec 29, 2016

Refund of money towards failed online SOL Admission of B.Com (final year) payment


I paid my SOL (B.com final year) admission online fee. I got payment gateway error and the transaction got failed but the amount debited was not credited back to my ICICI bank account.
Below are the transaction details.
Name : Ravinder
Account no. : ############
Transaction Amount : Rs.3465.00
Mobile no : 9990395929
Mail id : singh.ravinder1254@gmail.com
Kindly request you to refund the money Rs.3465.00 to my ICICI account ASAP.

Refund of money towards failed online SOL Admission of B.Com (final year)  payment

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