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Consumer complaints and reviews about ICICI Lombard

Sep 6, 2017

Refund Request 15082017575

I have purchased the ICICI lombard health policy online on 22-Jul-2017. There was no responce for few days. Whenever I call they tell me I will get a medical call in next 48 hours and these 48 hours are considered from time whenever I call.
After 10-15 days I called them to know the status of my policy they are saying due to some technical issue we haven't received your payments.
Their executive are worst and don't call back once premium is paid.
The they suggested me to put cancel request , after putting the cancelaation request its been a month.Still I am wating for my refund
Apr 20, 2017

WC policy, fraud agent, Negligence by employees

This has a refer to an WC policy sold me by an agent of ICICI Lombard (who claim that he is an agent but the reality differs, we come to know after submitting and rejection of claim)

A Horrible experience of ICICI Lombard, Baramati Branch Employees, Not receiving phones, sending massage from mediator that you can complaint about me anywhere a typical government employees sound,

At the time of purchasing the policy the minimum admission of 24 hours is needed as per presentation by insurance agent and which was agreed by the branch manager at the time of purchasing the policy.

now a rejection letter was sent by lombard head office that minimum 3 days admission was required and your claim is rejected.

Jul 6, 2016

health insurance

Dear sir/madam
for your kind information if you go through the test reports and the condition of the patient that why she got admitted I dont think this rejection is accepted by me hence if you cannot understand the criticality of the patient suffering from brain stroke then I am nomore interested in continuing the health insurance with your company as it is no way helpful to me hence I would speak to my employer and get the insurance stopped for my parents because it is all false assurance given to us that 24 hours hospitalisation will be recovered but it is nothing like I would request your goodselves can you please tell me how a patient suffering from a brain stroke treatment can be done in OPD without hospitalisation. I have lost all faith in ICICI LOMBARD after this.
C Jatia
Jun 27, 2016

Non-Settlement of Medical Reimbursement Claim- Disappointing services


This is with reference with my mother's medical reimbursement claim. Claim number- 2016051101485; Policy number- 4125i/HPR/91403782/01/000.

One, I was thoroughly harassed by the company while trying to get an update for the claim, every time I tried calling I was told it would take a few more days before they would give me an update. I have a mail communication clearly stating that I would be updated with the status for the same within 25 working days starting 9th May.When I received no revert from the company I started calling them daily only to know after a lot of follow ups that my claim has been rejected because apparently the amount was included in the hospital bill.

My question is how can the amount be included in the hospital bill, if I have furnished a separate bill for the same? Also the hospital TPA clearly communicated that the concerned amount is not included in the bill. Secondly, if medical insurance companies do not settle the expense the incurred by a customer then what is the point of keeping a medical insurance? Third, why do your representatives keep bothering people much before the premium is due with the tall claim of getting the money released asap?

Fourth and most importantly when I had contacted the company earlier with regards to the reimbursement stating all the facts, why did you say that it would be no problem getting a reimbursement?

My mother is a senior citizen and this kind of lies are in bad taste.

Hoping to get a reply soon.

May 4, 2016


Mar 12, 2016

life insurance

Dear Sir,
i am in need for work , i am informed when attending to interviews & even while applying for work on the online websites ,that a threat all my details - like pancard , identity proofs would be hacked so that i can receive my monthly incomes , i am a bread winner to maintain the routine & yes to bear the threat about the premiums & the mediclaim benefits every year .

this i do come to knw , when i am at a bank or recent due to some hack work say for past 2 years , i did lost on my money due to credit card farud & i am threated to pay the unwanted money - till dat , that's because i am suppose to not to be answerable to these hackers for the reason that , a ghost or a bhoot may be around just to harm me.
Mar 12, 2016

original documents - misplaced

re : the health insurance provided to me ( cant disclose my name & other details of my both the parent) the service & the promise to reimburse the amount - is not fulfilled.- such that in today date i am facing a crunch to even maintain the daily routine of buying medicines , expensive injections, & other essentials.

I AM SUSPECTED for these reasons - that i am a normal girl , working for past 8 years, & to not to eat money in a bribe or now a days a trend in malad west about the prostitutions work.- the pincode - 400064
i am writing to complaint about the a very torched harassment just to get my own money which is spend for the medical assistance of my father , who is a senior citizen and a chronic patient too.
https://www.icicilombard.com/Content/ilom-en/Downloads/Health/Claim_Form_iHealthcare.pdf - this is a link to fill the health claim form - please do refer to understand how my confidential information such as the cancelled cheque - & pan card number & other identity proofs including the bank passbooks.
THIS IS HACK - i am victimized in manner i am unemployed to not to work or even at times forced to work in a hack. work.
every now and than , i am asked to send text messages , email , till now i must have send more than 100 messages just to inform about the payment made to icici lombard for a health insurance. ( a very expensive sum of amount is paid by me , really i do feel that i might fall short of my remaining life just to bear with this expensive amount 17000.00 i am a young girl ( 23 years old) to pay this money , which is more than my monthly income - salary., that too for 1 year on y and if not used within 1 year , than the paid money is useless, than pay another sum of money to renew the premium & the policy.)
the contact number - is 1800 - 2666 is never ever contactable, & the other contact number : 022 - 66876777 is only to first listen to the IVR - a pathetic answering machine, a hack to interrupt while i am on other calls just to socialize to.
i did manage to keep the TPA & the Jain International Organisation about my incapability to pay this, i am at zero cooperation., it seems its a deaf ear even to hear & listen to the concerns.
samadhan borse
Jan 4, 2016

Partiality of the same polycy, of same organisation employees

I am already submited my claim, claim No.############. i am before claim contact with your Executive dated 04 Nov tame 4-5 pm enquiry about coverage, He get me answer u r in coverage & he send me form instant on mail.& Now status is reject, why this type of falsy behavir. and differentiate about our employees polycy. some employee give u benefit & some r not for this coverage(I have proof). why this type of missbehavir about employee to employee of same organisation & categories, i already told with ur executive. samadhan borse

> 9552485001
Dec 23, 2015

Health insurance policy


I am really very frustrated with the icici Lombard policy 4128i/iHR/86173440/01/000 , I brought an online health insurance for my mother in 2011 and since then I am regularly renewing it every year, every year the premium was raised upto some extent but for the last two year it has significantly increase.

This year the renewal notice came for 21184 Rs which is almost 8000 Rs more than last year renewal, how come the premium has suddenly increased by 8000 Rs? Since we brought this policy we have never requested or involved in any kind of claim processing, I don't understand the criteria behind increasing the premium by 45% after being a regular customer for 5 year.

This is really not good, its simply fooling the honest people. If you are reading this then think 100 times before getting enrolled into icici Lombard. May be they will give offer you lower premium initially but down the line they will make it worse for you.

If this matter will not be resolved by icici in timely manner before the renewal of this policy then I will certainly raised this with IRDA.

Nov 22, 2015

hospital claim of Rs one lakh rejected by icici lombard


MyPolicy No is 4128/HPR/99173203/00/000 and my hospital claim no is ############ which is rejected by ICICI lombard health care
As I claimed for the chest pain of my wife Mrs Yasmin Rohinton Fatakia and her date of admission was on 25th Aug 2015. Please advice me what to do as I am a senior citizen and I dont have any other source of income.
Oct 15, 2015

Rise in Premium from Rs. 19775/- to Twenty Four Thousand


POLICY NO.4128i/HPR/84289125/00/000

With reference to above policy of mediclaim expiring on 29.10.2015. I would like to bring to your notice that when I made renewal of policy in 2013 by paying Rs. 19775/-, your executive told me that policy premium will be the same upto the age of 70 years. Please look into the matter as soon as possible.


Anil Sharma
Aug 25, 2015

Students Health Insurance


Umri Christian Hospital is a registered charitable trust and society which is managing Dr Yardy Eng High School in Yavatmal Dist. Maharashtra. The school has 900 students who are transported to school by 9 school buses. Previously the school had its insurance for the buses with other companies. But, expecting good services it tied up with ICICI Lombard, and arranged Insurance all the buses with ICICI Lombard. More than this, it also took health insurance policy for all the students with ICICI Lombard. Recently one student had a fall and broke his right arm. I, being the Administrator personally submitted all the relevant vouchers along with X ray to the Yavatmal office. It is more than a week no agent is taking care of the matter. It appears that nobody is interested in developing the company. Today I contacted Mr Swapnil and Mr. Ajay Chandak. Hence, we have decided to stop the business with Lombard, seeing its poor quality of service.Please appoint qualified, dedicated staff member, otherwise you will lose your business.
Thanking you, SATHISAM, Administrator 09422866452 sathisam@rediffmail.com
Aug 11, 2015

removal of money from my account

sir i had a call early morning on my mobile from 9554606871 saying that he was calling from icici lombard and he will return my policy money back of Rs 12500/- after that he took my bank account number and ifsc code i gave him the number after he said that he wanted the debit card number and it is online payment i gave him the number after that he made some computer entry and said two message have come on your mobile so that is not your message please delete it and he asked for opt number i gave him the opt number the then removed the money from my account of rs 7200/- and then switched off the mobile number i had gone to my bank and enquire about the fraud and asked about the who had removed it branch manager of the bank gave me the information and this information was matching with the message in my mobile 1) thank you for using sbi debit card 459xxx4323 for purchase worth rs 5000 on pos 22317740 at vodafone bill desk mumbai in txn############# and 2) thank you for using 459xxx4323 for purchase worth rs2020 on pos 70000950 at PAYU GURGAON IN txn# ############. as the branch manager told that you could go and stop the payment at vodafone gallery i rushed to vodafone gallery in viman nagar pune and lodge a complaint but no reply. Sir I am very poor and that fraud was done so looking for your kind help and justice.
Aug 9, 2015

removal of money from my account

removal of money from my account sbi

raj bhala
Aug 9, 2015

issuance of policy against my knowldege

I had taken a loan for fulltron finance and said to mr devipriya sales manager lower parel and mr rohan shukla agent who had done my loan that I do not require any policy and i have several of policy that has been lapsed but these people removed icici lombard policy without my knowledge. I had not signed any form or any documents for removing of the policy how has icici lombard got the authority to issue the same without the customer knowledge or the are doing fraud just to earn income i have complained about the 2 people to fullteron finance. The complaint number is 01720118. I had put a complaint to icici lombard to cancel my insurance and return back my 12500/- as i am in need of the money but no response. Sir/Madam I am requesting you to please cancel the policy and give back my money

Ravi Pawar
Aug 9, 2015

Premium amount for renewal is 3 times more from last premium

Hi Team

This in reference to the above mentioned policy. I have got an email for the renew of this policy wherein mentioned that I have to pay Rs. 78000/- approx for 2 years premium to get the benefit of continuing my policy.

I do not understand how this premium has gone upto 3 times more what I had paid two years before. Do you think customers are mad. They are purchasing policy and continuing the same from last 8 years. When I make a call to customer care they told me some up-gradations has happened due to which I need to pay this much higher premium.

Why this is not being informed in the advance to the customer that the premium amount can go upto any such limit. Tomorrow, your company will come and ask the customer to pay upto an amount of sum insured to continue the benefit of this policy.

I had so much confidence in your company that I had taken top up policies from your company thinking to continue with your company. But you people are making customer foolish by trapping them by false promises.

I am going to port this policy in another company if I didn't get a satisfactory amount of premium which should not be more than 20%-30% of what I paid as my last premium amount. If I didn't receive the satisfactory response , not only I will port this policy , I will go to consumer court and IRDA to make complaint against this kind of a move of your company.

I would like to know whether my top up policy (4113i/XOL/85726267/00/000 & 4113i/XOL/85727029/00/000) will continue if I will port this basic policy and would it be renewable or not.

I need an urgent response from your side so that I can decide whether to shift this policy to another company or not.

Saurabh Sharma
Jul 20, 2015

ICICI Lpmbard General Insurance Ltd.

My Name is Ashok Kumar. I apply for home loan from icici bank of 1250000/-. My Loan Account No. LBDEL00002359403.
The disbursement amount was received in two checks.
1st Cheque is - ........ - 1200000/- Payment to DDA Account.
2nd cheque is - ......... - 50000/- To ICICI lombard for HSP and Personal protect Policy.
The icici lombard customer care told me that they receive only amount of 30000/- for these two polices.
But I talk to ICICI Lombard executive Mr. Vipin who is handling my cash. He told me that the remaining amount of Rs/- 20000/- (part payment) is received in your loan account. But I am waiting for receiving the remaining amount. It was too late. My part payment amount is received after two months. I am very disappointed with the ICICI Lombard General Insurance Ltd. such a delay. The ICICI lombard also refused to returned the interest of 20000/- which I have to pay to bank in EMI
Jul 6, 2015

delay of approvel

Comp no.MOT 04708604.

Pls solve my problem.
Thanks & rgds.
Sujeet k jha
Mob. 07564842484
Ashish Lawaniya
Jun 16, 2015

Online Policy Renewal


I have a health insurance policy for my father Plicy No: 4128i/HPR/72375900/02/000.

The renewal due date for the policy is Jul 02, I was trying to renew the policy online and I am getting an error that it cannot be renewed online. I had already opened a request on June 05 to get the issue resolved Request ID: 5062015899.

This issue was supposed to get resolved by June 13, but I still cannot renew the policy online.

I had called ICICI Lombard customer care so many times, but I didn't get any resolution so far.

Please have a look into that so that I can renew the policy before the due date.
Jun 8, 2015

Car Insurance renewal


I have a existing Policy Certificate Number : 3001/W-27903472/00/000.

I talked to customer care executive for renewal of the policy but the person who addressed my call was so arrogant and misbehaved. He told me that he can not help me to renew the policy and i need to visit the nearest branch if i want to continue being a customer of icici lombard. Person have was T srikanth.

It is shame to be a existing customer of such a company where employees does not know how to talk to customers.

May 17, 2015


Claim No. MOT04124996 Reminder- I

My Self Dheeraj Sharma Director, M/s Vee Gee Faucets Pvt. Ltd. want to inform you that my car Hyundai I-20 sportz CRDI registered in the name of M/s Vee Gee Faucets pvt. Ltd. ( vehicle no. DL10CS3082 ) is stolen on 17/10/2014 and I have submitted the all documents to you as per your requirement. I have called to your office several times and also i had visited to your pitam pura office. But still I have not got my claim til today. so you are requested to please take an immediate action on my complaint. Your immediate action would be highly appreciated.

thanking you,
May 17, 2015

ICICI Lombard Claim Delay-MOT04559853

I Surender owner of Swift VDI June 2014 model, Reg No. DL 2C AU 0246 ch no.MA3FHEB1S00682448 Engine No.D13A2391780, DL no- P04112007545931.
ICICI Lombard Policy No.:3001/MI-02087784/00/000.
Claim number: MOT04559853
Had an accident on 12 April 2014 at muzzafarnagar when I was travelling from New Delhi to Haridwar
I was driving on the right side of the road at normal speed then one truck came and tried overtaking from left to right, truck driver pushed towards right side where he hit the left side of my car from front and within that car was misbalanced and hit the divider(photos are attached of damaged car).
By looking at the situation I handed over the damaged car to the RADHA GOVIND PURI AUTOMIBILES PVT.LTD. (authorized dealer of maruti)and as per the condition of car, they prepared the Performa for all damaged parts and assured that your car will be delivered by 27 May 2015.
So I always used follow up with them to make sure whether work has been started or not and they always used to assure that spare parts have been ordered and once all part are available will get the work done.
I called him last week and they assured that all the parts are available now and you will get your car soon.
So I called him today to ask the progress of the work so he told me that your car cant repaired as insurance company has put that on hold due to Total cash loss.
I was shocked that since last 1 month I was getting surety that I m going to get my car then all of sudden how this has come to the picture that it can’t be repaired.
And story doesn’t end here. Then I called the area manager (Anup) and explained the whole story and he again gave me surety that by Monday decision will be taken and according to action will take place.
Somehow I was satisfied but then I got a call from ICICI Lombard again that there will be an investigation for which statements and licenses will be required for who all were traveling with me at the time of accident and he said that I will have to visit accident location with him and still he did not give me any deadline that after all that process also how much time it can take to get my car.
Here my concern is that what was happening with my car since one month, now when my car was about to deliver; ICICI Lombard wants to conduct an investigation. Why there is so much of delay. so it simply means that from last one month my car was just parked in the work shop with no action and here I am desperately counting the days to get my car.
In this overall process customer was made fool with all fake promises and delay by ICICI Lombard and MARUTI.

I request you to please look into this matter at the earliest and take the appropriate action.

I hope you can understand my terrible situation that I am getting through.

Best Regards,
Mar 23, 2015


Dear Mr Ashish Ajmera,
Hello !

1. Please refer to the above cited references.I have partly explained you the details that under what circumstances my vehicle had few bruises on the right hand and left side of my WAGON R.It was giving little ugly look.

The same issue was discussed in detail with your surveyor after waiting for Mr Gopinath from 1400 hrs to 1830 hrs on 20/03/2015 at Autovista Workshop at Taloja.

I do not know how many times I have to explain as to under what circumstances this all mess has occurred. I am more than 61 years of age.You all are bent upon harassing a senior citizen.

You are behaving with me as if I am a criminal of high order.

2. Later you told me that I should I call you back after 2130 hrs. As per your instructions,I called you at 2133 , 2134 & 2135 hrs.respectively but you did not pick-up my call.

Neither, you had the basic courtesy to call me back after seeing my three miss calls and my SMS too.

3. Mr. Ashsh if you find that you can not take the work pressure , can not justify that whatever you do is right or not and can not attend to the genuine calls, it would be better for you to quit your present assignment. Do not think that without you , work will suffer.Many many are available outside to work in your current position.

4. Well ! You are required to justify to me in front of top ICICI Lombard official that under what circumstances , you have not cleared my work for all the main doors.

If you fail to justify the reasons for authorized payment in a day. I will have to knock the door of top authority of ICICI Lombard. Even if the claim is not paid,I will initiate legal proceedings

5. I am sorry to submit you can not take unilateral decision at your level. Other options are available in plenty in a demonstrative India

6. Please call me back immediately telling me your line of action.I can not keep my vehicle in Autovista Workshop,Taloja for indifinitely.

7. I need my vehicle back today by 1200 hrs. I have an unguent meeting in ONGC at 1500hrs today

8. It is better if we meet today at 1100 hrs at Taloja Workshop.

General Manager(Retd)-ONGC-MUMBAI
+91 98209 60160(M)
Jan 15, 2015

Motor claim- pathetic services


I had given my Pulsar 220
(DL-8S-AY-1418) to service center(Bagga link Kirti Nagar) for Accidental claim in the month of Aug.2014.

They took too much time to do the repairing work and finally after 2 months they have given me my bike after paying Rs. 17,000.00 through credit card.

I had submitted the all my policy documents for insurance such as policy copy, bank pas book, cancelled cheque to Mr. Virender (Bagga link) as he told me that he would be submitting the all documents to Icici insurance team.
After that insurance team had done survey for my bike from ICICI lombard and sanctioned the claim amount, later they intimated me for same and confirmed that the survey had been completed.
After two months they told me that my claim was not intimated by one of his colleague, due to his mistake unfortunately i'm not getting anything from insurance company.

Then I contacted ICICI lombard directly they told me to file claim again, i had done the same with claim I.D MOT04255817 but now they have rejected my claim and said that it can't be approved as my bike was repaired..why the hell they said that we can use reimbursement scheme.

I had written a lot emails but neither service centre revert nor Mr. Yougal Kishore(Surveyor) revereted on my emails, he never respond on calls.These peoples are really pain to deal, i suggest to please don't go with ICICI lombard as they don't care for service.

Pradeep Saini
Dec 30, 2014

Fraud with motor insurance Policy

My Name is Sikandar Bansal. I have renewed online motor insurance Policy on 26 December through ICICI Lombard Website. But as usual, Transaction was not successful due to ICICI lombard website traffic jam. Amount of Rs. 10609 was debited from my credit card. but I never got policy renewed since transaction was unsuccessful. but till date neither policy renewed nor amount is revert back to my credit card account.

I have contacted verbally and by email to icici lombard for number of times. but till date I am not getting any response and every time customer care person is talking rudely.

my service request number for ICICI lombard customer care is 27122014153
please help me to get my money back to my account.

thanking you and hoping to get help soon.

Sikandar Bansal

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