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Jul 17, 2017

unnecessary blaming & harassment done to my child

Respected Sir,
I ,Tanya bhatt guardian of student Fabian who is studying in +1(commerce)Sacred heart convent school in Sec -39,Ludhiana is unnecessarily blamed & harassed by school authorities due to which his study is getting spoiled which is not acceptable.Our child was willingly given admission by Director of school Fr.Mathew Keprath on 13/07/2017 and on 14/07/2017 when admission fees was submitted and complete paper work was done they suddenly blamed our child for no reason and refused him to come to school on 15/07/2017 and said to come to meet Fr.Mathew keprath on monday with parents then they will discuss the matter.Today on monday as we went to meet Fr.Mathew keprath he denied to meet any of the guardians of the student and just called student in his office and without listening to him just refused to give admission .I just want to know from higher authorities for icse board that which school is allowed to harass and torcher the student and make there own policy in which parents are not allowed to meet if they want to meet regarding some concern.School reception teacher Mrs Nisha forced our child to give in written that too in absence of his parents he did that mistake for which he is unnecessarily blamed.It means students are not safe in school authorities and can be forced easily to commit any mistake which they have not done which is not acceptable by parents at any cost sir.Still we are completely ignored by school authorities which is very shameful act .

I humbly request the authorities to look into the matter at the earliest so that it should be resolved as soon as possible because study of our child is suffering.We are fed up with errogant behaviour of school authorities so please take some action.

Details of school is as below:-
Address : Sacred heart convent school, Sec – 39, Chandigarh road,Ludhiana,Punjab.
Director (Fr.Mathew keprath) : +91 9417948782
Principal(Sr.Sharin Thomas) :
Receptionist(Mrs.Nisha) : +91 8557048696

My contact details :
Tanya bhatt (Guardian of child) : +91 9646273727 / +91 7986194793
Mar 19, 2017

Max weight of school bag

6th class students are with more than 10kg school bag...is this guide lines of hounarable Court????? ( St Joseph.K Kendrapada)
bsa. unnao
Feb 4, 2017

regarding query for verification reference number VR10624, VR10929 & VR10930

we have uploaded the document for verification with the reference number VR10624, VR10929 & VR10930 .
in the portal " Data Mismatched"" comment is shown .
what's the difference in the candidate's academic details .. plz clarify. so that termination of this candidate can be processed on behalf of data mismatching. plz provide detailed clarification on this.
thank you
gayatri 17
Dec 29, 2016

Not Paying Gratuity after leaving service the period is April 2015 to December 2016

Receipted Sir/Madam,
I am Gayatri Ganu worked in Sharada Gyan Peeth International school ,Mumbai (Malad) last 8years. i jointed the school June 2007and left school April 2015. school got icse affiliation .many times i requested to pay my gratuity they are reluctant to pay me. So far i have not received my gratuity from school. I wrote letters to my management still they have not reply yet.

Please help me get my gratuity with interest. My mail id is udhi007@hotmail.com

Gayatri Ganu.
Oct 25, 2016

not permitting to send lunch box if student forgot.

Respected sir,
with due respect, my ward is a student of BISHOP JHOHNSON SCHOOL AND COLLEGE, KUTHEHRY ROAD ALLAHABAD. Principal has send sms to all guardians that if student will forget lunch box, they will not permit to send it. it is completely inhuman decision taken by principal. there is no canteen also in campus. so please take action against the school to change the decision.otherwise anytime some unfortunate may happen in the school because children are so small.
thanking you
Dr. P.C.Misra
5232A/ 2E/A, beli colony
Aug 9, 2016

Which catagree icse board following to vellore b m d Jain school,

My son and daughter studied in (Tamil Nadu ) vellore bmd Jain school,this school followed in four publisher books.its very difficult to study, I want this school which category in icse syllabus .and how many subject in 1 to 10th government order in the syllabus ,what is the teacher qualification in ices board.I want to know
My name g poobalan
My email id - g.poobalan@yahoo.com
Azeem saifi
Aug 1, 2016

Incorrect name of my father in the marksheet.

Respected sir,
I have done my 10th in 2013 from ICSE Board St.xavier's college,Bareilly.My father name was incorrect in the marksheet.In 2013 I am going to college principle to ask the solution but she can't replied .
Sir I am facing a lots of problem and it will also create the problem for my future.

Sir please give me a solution of my problem.
Thanking you

About me
Mohd Azeem saifee
Index no.T/3201/016
Contract no.8650724910
manish khulbe
Jun 24, 2016

icse board have given choice of re exam but hiltons school not following it

i am studing in Hiltons school I have completed my class 10 I have scored 80 percent marks but less marks in science but I want scence because it is important for my future so I want to repeat class 10 again but they are saying it is not allowed .Never send your child to Hiltons school because you are not allowed to meet the principal and administrative staffs are very bad they have not manner to tal I hate this school which has destroyed my careere
Feb 26, 2016

Threat to job

Dear Sir/Madam,
I work in a school since more than two decades.I began my career under an S.S.C.Board and was made permanent within three years.Recently our school got I.C.S.E affiliation .It has been brought to my notice that all teachers drawing over thirty thousand will gradually be removed.The new teachers appointed are on contract basis.We are only four permanent teachers left.Sir/Madam my query is that after over two decades of service and being permanent ,can the management sack me on the grounds that my appointment letter holds no validity as the Board has now changed although the management is same.I have a B.A and B.Ed degree.
Sir i am widow and have an ailing father in law aged 92 and a young daughter aged 16.My job means everything to me.It is my only security and source of income.I also request i be given telephone numbers to reach higher authorities,Please help me out at your earliest as I have very few days at hand.
Feb 25, 2016

Distorted History being taught to class 7 student

JAYANTI SENGUPTA 's book "The Trail " is being taught as History book to class 7th Student studying in a the schools affiliated to ICSE board. My complaint is this book provides a view of History that is biased against Hindus and larger Indian ethos and should be immediately removed from ICSE curriculum. Following the details that clearly establishes clear bias against majority population of this country

I am appalled that my kid is reading this as History of India. This is a propaganda material from Pakistan ,This books narrates Hindus as people with spirit of exclusiveness which made them reject foreign cultures. The book refers Al Bueruni as the person who has proclaimed this verdict on Hindus . Is this secular? , and in the same breath this book claims that Arab learned from Indian Civilization , those very Arabs who invaded this country , has been glorified. Post this , this book ask the impressionable mind of 13 years and i quote
" The hindus rejected Arabic learnings and foreign cultures , Do you think this was a wise decision ? Why ?" unquote , almost suggesting that Hindus were intolerant to other cultures and religions , By comparing Hindus to Arab this way, there is a clear effort of demonizing Hindus against a backdrop of glorification of Muslims invaders
This is just the beginning of the book , the entire book is dedicated to invaders , plunderers of India and no space has been given to great rulers such Ashoka , Chandragupta Maurya . Great propagators of piece such a Gautam Buddha has not been mentioned even once , but has entire chapter dedicated to propagation and spread of Islam. Is spread of Islam is part of Indian History. Is this secular ? , This book which is taught as History of India has 90% content dedicated to Mehmood Gaznavi , Aurangzeb , Sher shah suri and whole host of Turki , Afgan and Mughal ruleres and invadors and wraps off glorious history of Rajpputs , Marathas in one chapter . And there is no mention of Prithviraj Chauhan who ruled Delhi in 12th Century , defeated Ghouri twice , pardoned him by giving him his life back even after capturing him the battle
This distortion of Histroy is of alarming proportion almost bordering to a sinister conspiracy to demin Hindus and i would urge all right minded Indian Citizen to boycott this Historian's writing in protest I am going to complain to Indian government to struck out this book as a course material for 7th standard student
This historian "Jayanti Sengupta" sounds like some one propagating anti Hindu ideology , polluting minds of our beloved young ones . I have told my kid not to believe a single bloody word of this perversion of history. Please be alert and save your children from getting corrupted , prejudiced by a sinister plot hatched by a lobby of people who call themselves as historian , but are actually hardened bigots hell bent to pollute young Indian mind ,
Jhalak Chugh
Jan 7, 2016


I have misplaced my 10th original marksheet. I request you to issue the same ASAP. My email id: freebird.sk12@gmail.com
Vikram 123
Aug 18, 2015

Saint john's Academy Rampur karchana Allahabad. Highly rush/ Standing travelling in Bus No. 8

Respected sir/Madam

With due respect I want to inform you that my son yogesh singh class 5c is using school bus no.8 for his to and fro between your reputed institution and home,for last 4 or 5 months my son is not getting a seat in this bus to sit down,in this concern i have talked several times with school principal/ bus driver/ bus conductor and with bus supervisor M.r Rajesh but they are not paying attention in this regards.
I am requesting you to please take necessary action this school and insuring proper seating arrangement for each student .
I shall be highly obliged

With regards
Mob.no. +919450123648
Mail id, vikramsingh.neha@gmail.com
School name. Saint johns Academy Rampur Karchana Allahabad
[U,P] pin [212301]
Date. 18/8/2015
Jul 17, 2015

Mark sheet

I have misplaced my tenth marks .I don't know what to do about it .Can I apply for one ?
harika sweety
May 20, 2015

recorrection of papers

Respected sir / madam
Iam Harika KANDREGULA of good Shepherd school and iam dissatisfied with my results and i request you to recheck my papers such as maths , science and english.
I would be grateful to you if you kindly help me in revaluation in my papers
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Good Shepherd school,
10th class 2015,
Unique id : 5983069,
Phone no. :7659827322
Email : harikasweetyhs@gmail.com
May 3, 2015

detained in class 4th

Detained in class 4th
My son is 4th class student of St.PETERS INTER COLEGE AGRA is detined due to poor marks . I have heard the ICSE Board has a NO DETENTION policy &A/C to supreme courtrulings no child upto class 8th should be detained. If this indeed is the policy,how can the father Paul Thannical the Principal of school make his own rules .How do I take up the issue withPrincipal of school& management so that my son does not loose a year.This is the matter of future of a child.Your early reply will be helpfull for us

Dr.Rajeev Kumar
F-5.Phase-2.trans yamuna colony.
Priya Hospital Rambagh .Agra
contact no-09719410050
Apr 10, 2015

Detained in class 6

Detained in class 6
My son Sriman Ayush Bhattacharyya is 6th class student of Ram Mohan Mossion High School , P.A.Shah.Road , Kolkata he is detained due to poor marks . I have heard the ICSE Board has a NO DETENTION policy. If this indeed is the policy,how can the school make their own rules.How do I take up the issue with school management so that my son not loose a year.Your early reply will be helpfull for us.

Sagar Bhattacharyya
F/O.Ayush Bhattacharyya
Apr 7, 2015

Post for an Admission

Dear Sir,

Here our issue is that your icse board school in our Ahmadabad city and i want to do admission in your school of my child so why not take this admission our principal

about school information

School Name - Divine International School (Professor Name : Ramesh Kachadiya )

Address - Naroda Ahmedabad

About me

Mr. Uday Sorathiya
Cell : 7878447979
Syed Iftequar Mehdi
Apr 9, 2013

Detained in class 6

My daughter is 6th class student of NASR SCHOOL , Khairatabad , Hyderabad. She is detained due to poor marks . I have heard the ICSE Board has a NO DETENTION policy. If this indeed is the policy,how can the school make their own rules.How do I take up the issue with school management so that my daughter does not loose a year.Your early reply will be helpfully.
Mar 17, 2013

hr registration

Registrated sir,
i have completed my xth in icse syllabus based school in nilgiris district,i have got a job in abroad.So i have to do my HR registration for my Xth certificate ,Meanwhile i have visited tamilnadu hr registration office and icse board head office in new delhi,the officers who were present in both the offices said that the registration cannot be done there and they didnot responded us well.So respected sir please clarify my doubt of hr registration and do the neededful.my mail id is sujantheboss@gmail.com,no:8100572928.

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