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Consumer complaints and reviews about Idea broadband

Mar 6, 2017

The requested new connection was not serviced yet.

We have requested for new connection on friday last week with idea broadband services , according to our request one guy came and visited our flat and taken money from us for the plan as well.but he did not given the connection yet..till saturday he was picking up the call and keep on telling that will provide connection today or tom something .but today he is even considering our call .. Seems they are cheated us ..please take a look at my issues.
+919850050103 - this is the number belongs to the person who came as idea person.
Feb 21, 2017

RE : Disconnection

Hi Manish,

As per your telecon with our customer service associate on 21st February 2017, we wish to affirm that your aforesaid concern has been discussed and addressed. For further assistance, kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.

Feb 20, 2017

RE : Extra amount is charges

Hi Swati,

We regret the unpleasant experience. Kindly provide your Idea mobile number and alternate contact details, so that we can assist you. You can also visit our website, www.ideacellular.com or call 198 from your Idea mobile.

Feb 17, 2017

Extra amount is charges


I have taken Idea broadband connection for three mon from 12th July,2016 to 11th Oct,2016.
It is prepaid plan. On 13th Oct Idea braodband care calls and said me that mam please pay the bill of July mon
as our billing cycle get start from 1st of mon. You have paid for aug,Sep,Oct. Please pay the bill.
I did not pay for 4 mon the apply late fine for me. and finally i have to pay 4500/- Unnecessary.

Feb 15, 2017

RE: Bill generation for inactive connection


As per your telecon with our customer service associate, we wish to affirm that your aforesaid concern has been discussed and resolution has been communicated. For further assistance, kindly contact our Idea customer care helpline.

Feb 14, 2017

RE : Disconnection

Dear Naushad

Contact me on 91303 77759.


Manish Kalani
Feb 14, 2017

RE : Disconnection

Hi Manish,

We would request you to provide us with your ten digit mobile number for further assistance.

Feb 13, 2017

RE : Disconnection

Hi Manish,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We have noted your concern. We will get back to you shortly.

Feb 13, 2017

RE : Poor Customer Service and Harassment

Hi Siddarth,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Please provide your contact details to assist you further. You can also visit our website, www.ideacellular.com or call 198 from your Idea mobile.

Feb 13, 2017

RE : Discontinuation of service

Hi Abhishen,

We regret the inconvenience caused. We have noted your concern. We will get back to you shortly.

Feb 12, 2017


Dear Idea Customer Care

Would you even show some professionalism and revert back to me for my post on 16.01.2017 or see below (copied and pasted in case you are too lazy to scroll down and see). I will be left with no option rather than going to TRAI now.

Dear all..

i think we should all form a group and go to TRAI against Idea. Any suggestions welcome.

Account Number: ############

I rang to Idea Customer care (December end) to disconnect my service as I was sick and tired of the slow speed I was getting. After few days I get a call that my service is being deactivated and the ticket is being closed.
Surprisingly, there is an invoice generated and my account is still active as of today and i am getting regular reminders to pay the bill amount.
Upon contacting the customer care everytime, they repeat the same story telling me to ignore such emails/sms and need not pay anything (ya right as if i am going to pay any single penny) and they will resolve the issue within 24 - 48 hours and nothing been done after that except closing the tickets.

So, stop harassing customers and do the job properly and deactivate my account immediately.
Siddarth Dubey
Feb 10, 2017

Poor Customer Service and Harassment

I subscribed to idea broadband when in pune. It has been six months since I've shifted from pune and while shifting itself I had informed customer care executive about disconnection of services and since then no action has been taken. Bills have been generated and sent, legal notices are being sent to my mail.

Every time a customer care executive called me up, I informed about disconnection and they replied in positive and cycle continued. Why should a customer face this kind of harassment? I haven't used the service since 6 months and yet I'm being billed. Not even a kb of it used in 6 months.

A friend of mine who happens to have suffered from similar harassment earlier gives me mail id [email protected] and guides me to sent a disconnection request to this mail id. When I raised a disconnection request for the first time I get a reply asking the reason for my disconnection. And now even after specifying the reason, there is no further correspondence from the customer care.

I don't understand why there is no separate mail id where a customer can raise a disconnection request. And why customer is not informed about mailing to [email protected] for disconnection? And why the mail id is in some gmail domain, why wasn't in idea domain? Why should a customer go through all this harassment?

Later when I called up customer, the customer care executive talks rudely and disconnects the phone. Pathetic services.
Feb 10, 2017

Discontinuation of service


I have paid all the bills of idea broadband service and asked them to disconnect my service many times. After calling them many times to disconnect service , they haven't done it & they are repeatedly sending bills from past six months. I don't know how much professional these idea guys are . These type of cheating will not increase your business instead it will make u down in business.

My idea customer id is ############.
My humble request is to stop the service and stop sending bills

bedaprakash rout
Feb 10, 2017

Idea broadband - RE: Bill generation for inactive connection

Thanks Riya for the quick response.

I got a message from idea for a credit note of 295.7 rupees.

Could you please help in how do I avail it?

Beda Prakash
Feb 10, 2017

RE: Bill generation for inactive connection

Hi Beda,

As per your telecon with our customer service associate, we wish to inform you that we are working on your concern & shall revert to you at the earliest.

Feb 10, 2017

RE: Bill generation for inactive connection

Hi Beda,

We sincerely regret the inconvenience. We will revert with an update shortly.

bedaprakash rout
Feb 10, 2017

Bill generation for inactive connection

De-activation ticket number--TCT2016122827

I really can't understand that why Idea Broadband generating my bills again and again even after i am not using your internet & also deactivated the connection since 31st -Dec -2016 .( Please check my usage/ consumption of data/no cable).

I hope your team will resolve this issue as early as possible without generating a next upcoming(undue) bill.

Beda Rout
Jan 30, 2017

Undue Demand of Bills & Deactivation

Discontinuation of Services of ############

Please find the below mail communication which i have already sent to Idea customer care about deactivation for my existing Idea account (Account No - ############ , Name - Shivam Mishra, Shivane, Pune) & the same has been instructed to Idea customer care executive from last two months periodically.

I can't understand that why Idea Broadband generating my bills again and again even after i am not using your internet & also discussed about deactivation so many times.( Please check my usage/ consumption of data/no cable).

I have taken three months plan because i was staying at Pune for small span of time for my official work. In future, I am planning to shift to Pune permanently because of my work so i can think for future use of Idea.

Your representative did not bring to my knowledge that this is a postpaid plan and you have to pay bill after completion of three months. I was under impression that i have taken three month plan and it will be automatically deactivate after three months or your representative/ customer care executive will call me just before ending of this plan to continue the same for future use. I receive calls for paying payment for the months of Dec'16 & Jan'17.

I have receive mail for deactivation on 21st Jan'17 & suddenly i received mail today for re active of my account. What the hell is going on and on with me.

Idea is my first experience. I have used so many network operator earlier & they also maintained same practices to confirm with customer for continuation of the plan before completion of existing plan, not generating unnecessary bills as your team is doing. Their representatives always talk to me on factual basis & didn't hide any thing from me.They don't play hide & seek with customers as i am facing right now with Idea.

You can see the attached screen shot of mail. on 24 Jan'17 , My account has been Deactivaed & today Jan'30th , my account has been re active. What is going on ???? I can't able to understand that what Idea guys want to do....

I have opted IDEA among other good network provider because my friend is using and IDEA and given reference to your representative of IDEA and its services in our society & around the area.

I have discussed with Idea customer care executive on 9th Jan (It may be near around this date) & she confirm me that if you did not use so you don't pay any charges. (Because she checked my usage from last two moths & it was zero usage) so why should i pay money (Rs. 2567.00) without usage of my internet even after confirmed & agreed with your customer care executive.

My concern is that whenever you give a new connection to your customer then why you guys can't discuss hidden points and other terms & conditions so that customer should aware that what should be the best one for him/her.

All these is a example of lake of clarity from Idea broadband & its causing me a lot of inconvenience & stress. I am, in all seriousness , now felling harassed as an consumer of Idea.

I hope your team will resolve this issue as early as possible with maintaining long term relationship with your customer without generating a next upcoming bill.

Shivam Mishra
Shivane , Pune

Undue Demand of Bills & Deactivation Undue Demand of Bills & Deactivation

Jan 28, 2017

Undue demands of bills

Discontinuation of Services of ############

I have been receiving sms about an "outstanding" amount against my Idea broadband connection.

I would like to inform you that due to persistent problems of your server and very bad services of your connection and your neglect of our complaints we had put in an account disconnection request in the first week of October 2016. Then also our connection was prepaid connection and was never meant to be post paid.

You have disconnected my connection and no services are provided to me. You deactivated my account and once again activated the connection only so that you can charge me for services. Your customer centers are often calling me and harassing me for payment of bills for which I have not used services. Your actions are amounting to criminal intimidation for me to submit to your demands of payments which are not due as I have not used your services, would like you to go to my account details and check the data usage.

Despite your fault of not providing proper services and not upgrading your technology we have not filed any complaint in Consumer forum and even after requesting for a deactivation request to the Idea customer care, Idea not proceeded with the disconnection request and continue to bill me and are harassing me. Despite not using any internet services via this Idea broadband connection after the since November 2016, I have been billed for the complete package amount for the month of November, December and January 2017.
I had enough of this going on and would like you to stop harassing me for undue demands. I reserve right to proceed against your company and its management for criminal, civil, and under consumer protection act and in various legal forums.

Tahira Iqbal Ahmed Shaikh
Jan 28, 2017

20 GB consumed in 5 days!!! useless IDEA


i have specific complaint against the use of net. IDEA broad band used.
1. i was using tata earlier, 20 GB pack , it was rarely exhausted in 30 days. With IDEA , it is exhausted in 5 days. RIDICULOUS .. i am not running a net cafe. it seems day light robbery

2. speed as such is low 2 MB PS , with so called "20 GB use " in 5 days it gets reduced to 512 KB. i get better speed with dongle.

3. look at usage.. i cant use 20 GB in 5 days. it seems the biggest fraud on user.

i have unfortunately paid for 6 months. need the balance back if cancelled the connection now.

please come back.

pushkar kulkarni

viola warje pune 411058
[email protected]
Jan 27, 2017

Overpayment - Cancellation of account was not actioned since October 2016


I have received the email below about an "outstanding" amount against my Idea broadband connection.

However, I would like to inform you that we have put in an account disconnection request in the first week of October 2016 (between 1 and 5 October 2016, to be precise).

I would like you to go to my account details and check the data usage - you will notice that after the 1st week of October 2016, the usage has been nil because we have vacated the apartment where the connection was installed.

Now, my questions to you are as follows:
Despite requesting for a deactivation request and the Idea customer care confirming the same, why has Idea not proceeded with the disconnection request?
Despite not using any internet services via this Idea broadband connection after the first week of October 2016, I have been billed for the complete package amount for the month of October, November, and December 2016. In good faith, I have even cleared the bill for October and November 2016. But why should I continue doing the same?
Despite making several follow up calls to Idea customer care and even being assured by your executives over phone that a) we will not be charged if we are not using data and b) the service will be disconnected within one month, there has been no action from your end.
Despite providing alternative contact number to Idea customer care about making disconnection confirmation call (as I am currently not living in India), the disconnection call has not been made.
Despite calling Minaz Pathan 9922423845 (as per text highlighted below in your email) from my registered mobile number, there is no answer. Interestingly, when I called from my wife's number, a lady answered the call, took the details and then the phone got disconnected. Now when I call from either my number or my wife's number, there is again no answer to the call. (please see attached screenshot of a call of 31 seconds duration to the said number of Minaz Pathan).

I also want you to know that I have received the following communication from Idea broadband in the past few months about the same issue.

Please see details below.

Service Request has been generated. Please find below details:
Ticket Date : 14/Dec/2016
Ticket Number : TCT20161214261
Thanks & Regards
Idea Broadband

[email protected]
to me

Your account number ############ status has been change to Deactivated

Thanks & Regards,
IDEA Broadband

This lack of clarity from Idea Broadband is causing me a lot of inconvenience and stress.

I am, in all seriousness, now feeling harassed as a consumer and am considering approaching the Maharashtra Consumer Forum for further assistance and advice.

Until I have further clarity from Idea Broadband, I see no genuine reason why I should simply pay another INR 1,100/- without using your services.

I would like an explanation from Idea Broadband on this.


Sanjay Wadhwani
Jan 24, 2017

Deficiency of services

I don't understand what problem you have every time the same issue I have negotiate with .Again I am getting call and mail for bill payment. I don't understand whenever I complaint at this space I get a call and also get confirmation that all matter is solved and there will be no further calls and billing issue ,But now again I got billing payment for 193 .I don't understand why and on what basis as my account is already deactivated on 28 th Nov 16 the same which I mentioned in my earlier complaints mentioned below.
Do you really take action or just convey that all is resolved. So this time I am expecting of prompt and correct resolution. And also want to mention that your customer support team is full of idiots as they never understand what we are explaining and also don't listen. Improve your staff and make them to understand customer value.

Hi On the below issue I had got a call from your end and it was confirmed that my request is resolved and no further call will not be received and all is sorted out and also I have received a confirmation message for closing the issue. Now I can see that again I have received a bill for Rs 311/- and also getting call from billing department for the payment .Now its really harassment that after sorting out still I am getting calls.This shows how much you care for your customer.This also shows the double standards followed. and also such a idiots are sitting in your call center that they never understand what we are telling .I don't know whether you will take this matter seriously
and resolve it

Deficiency of services

I am writing this with great regret that I am facing problem with your services. I have never expected this from your side and sorry to say all idiots are there in your company who don’t know how to handle a customer issue.

I have given same complaint 4 times and all the time I get the information after contacting with your team that the issue is resolved but I can see that it is still not resolved. So I don’t know how many time I should raise the complaint to get it resolved. Every time I have to repeat the same story for which not getting proper reply. The third time when I said I want to terminate the service that time I got a call and I was informed that all my issues are resolved also the service is terminated. But I can see that it’s still not resolved and the service is still there and also for the same you are generating the invoice. Just want to know are you cheating the customer or you work like this only that whatever the customer say we will not listen and let them struggle.

Once again I am narrating the issue and expect this time you will resolve with positive approach

I have taken the broadband service in the month of may end ad for six month which started on 1st jun 2016 Now at the time of installation your represented said that I have to pay 4462/- for six month charges including all charges and 1000 rupees separately for Modern and there will be no installation charges also. And I paid accordingly now off late that to in the month Nov-16 I am getting a message and call that I have to pay 796 as monthly internet charge. Now when I asked your customer care they said there is some mistake and we will resolve it and update me but I have not received any proper reply it was the same the 2nd time and also the 3rd time when I said I don’t want to extend your service .

Now tell me why I have to pay additional when all the payment are done with all charges .So do you are cheating me with some hidden charges or its some type of plan you are playing with me.

My termination request also was said is resolved but I can see that it’s not done.I have already sent several mails for response but not a single reply I received

Request you to kindly take a proper action and give me proper resolution. Hoping best service

Please find the ticket no which I raised


My Registered Mobile number is 9689567028

Alternate No 9689903843
Ashish Bankar
Jan 21, 2017

Abusive Language by Idea staff

I have received a very arrogant and abusive call from idea broadband staff to pay my bill that was due. It started with a SMS which had abusive language and when i called back to the number the staff started using abusive language. I live in Pune and am a customer for past 6 months. The number from which i received the call was: 976383482

My customer id:
Praveen Singh
Jan 19, 2017

Deactivating my connection

Account # ############

I had requested for the termination of my account 3 months before and they haven't done that. I received many calls from the Customer Care and regarding the bills and I everytime updated them I don't stay there and already had updated about the termination of the account.

Customer Care Rep told me to pay the bills and I informed her that I already paid the last bill and how can I pay the bill of the month I had not used the BB and also till the time payment is not done, bundle data is not activated and we can't use internet.

Customer Care Rep disconnected the call without replying anything.

I got an email yesterday with the Subject line : Legal Notice ! Idea Broadband
Dear Customer,

Greetings of the Day,

As per agreed terms and conditions of Customer Service Agreement duly signed by you, we have provided Broadband services towards your Broadband Account ############.

As per the agreement signed, you have agreed to pay your monthly bills on or before due date of bills raised and if in case of Non Payment therein you will be charged Late Payment and Interest charges as applicable.

However, you have failed to keep your commitments and not paid the billed amounts on time which has lead to outstanding of Rs 2170/- Towards your a/c including current month Bill.

Thereafter, despite of repeated requests and reminders by our representatives, you have not paid the said overdue amount till Date.

You are now hereby requested to make the payment of the outstanding amount of Rs.2170/- within next 2 days from the receipt of this notice.

In case of any queries/support regarding the outstanding amount, please feel free to call on MINAZ PATHAN:- 9922423845

You can pay your bill amount by any of the below payment modes:

· Use our Self pay service :- https://selfcare.ideabroadband.com/jsp/customer/Login.jsp

· To make the payment through Cash or Cheque - Visit your nearest My Idea showroom.

We value your association with Idea, Looking forward for your cooperation!

This is an auto generated e-mail; Replies to this message are routed to an unmonitored mailbox.

Team Service Delivery
IDEA Cellular Limited- Broadband
I tried on the number MINAZ PATHAN:- 9922423845 many times to reach and to take the update as updated in the email.

No response, kept ringing.

I called the this morning on the same number and a girl replied and she was only talking about the pending bills.
I informed I received this kind of email and I can't reply to this email and no response on this number from yesterday and how you send Legal Notice like this.

She again replied; you pending bill sir, you have to pay bill.
I said, do you have call record as you can check background of this.

She again replied: your pending bill sir and disconnected the call.
I tried to call again and like always it is busy.

I would like to inform IdeaBroadband stop harassing customer and I would not be the customer again of Idea BB by this kind of response.

Would sincerely request to Idea BB to check with your people first and come back with all the information and then talk.
Jan 19, 2017


Broadband No. ############
Complaint against Co-ordinate

I am using idea broadband service connection since long and I am paying the charges regularly. Today morning I got a message stating that " requesting for payment which is just due with warning if not paid Legal action will be taken. The last payment date is 21st Jan 2017.

As the Contact no 9922423845 was given for clarification, I contacted the nos a lady was spoken on mobile, I was discussing with her why the legal action is taking when only the last month is due for payment and the payment date is 21st Jan 17. I told if such messages are sent.. I wanted to stop the connection, thereafter the lady has use very bad words to me.

There is lot of harassment everyday on payment always by the Idea broadband team which is injustice.

Are there any training is given to team, how can they should behave with customers.

I want to hear an action against such defaulters.

Thanks and Regards,

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