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Consumer complaints and reviews about idea cellular

Sep 13, 2017

Recharges and unsatusfactory service

I am a cust. Of idea from last 4years, I do not get a satisfactory response of idea ever.
The Cust care of idea are too rud. And when we try to contact , its never be connected in 1st attempt.
Minimum 4 5 times when we call then it connect,and they have hold the call 15 20 min. Then talk again put hold for 10min,or most of times they directly disconnect the call.

Sep 7, 2017

Activation of VAS without permission

Hi Team,

The Idea cellular service provider activating value added service without my permission. They did this twice hence I call the customer care they speak very rude, not ready to me blaming me only.

This is really bothering me if no action taken on priority will take it to TRAI or else move to another service provider.

I hope you will take further action as I am your genuine old customer.

Ijas Shaikh
Sep 7, 2017

After requesting Port, offered me Special recharge and no benifits has been given after recharge

I requested for port on my Idea Number 8380074049, Immediately, idea executive called me and offered Rs 404 recharge, giving 1GB/day and unlimited Local + STD for 84 days. SR No for this special recharge is ST 1-############.

After recharging Rs. 404 , i didn't get the benefits that idea promised, instead i got 5Gb limited data and Unlimited calling for just 50 days.

I reached to Idea customer care, First they took complaint (1-############) but after some time when I called again , they refused to give the promised offer and didnt refunded money.

I also mailed idea (customercare@idea.adityabirla.com) but no response, please help me.

Thanks & Regards,
Pavan Khachane
Sep 4, 2017

Service Stopped abruptly

I had recently ported to Idea from airtel by submitting all my documents asked by the agent..and took 1 week to get the sim and another 2 days to get service started. After the long wait, the service finally started only to get stopped again today.My outgoing services have been blocked.I called up your support guy. He said some documents are missing and I should call the person who gave me the sim.
Your agent, Nilima(9970545350) who had ported me to Idea, does not pick up my calls
I was not given any intimation about this and my services stopped abruptly.
This is the service we get in India, no accountability, pathetic customer service no value for customer problems.

I am going to report this to consumer forumcourt with very little hope that some action will be taken.

Jude Aloysius
Prafull Mane
Sep 1, 2017

Charges debits for IZ-ideaCMS


Following msg i received

Dear Customer,
thank you for downloading Animation from Nazara.
You have been charged Rs. 100

That chages are debited to me
Please help me in to this
Sep 1, 2017

Useles 4G service and customer care

I have subscribed for the Ultimate 499 plan for Idea 4G in Pune. Since past month and more, the 4G speeds have dropped so much that it is slower than 2G and many times not available. I have complained to them on their Tweeter handle. Apart from posting copy pasted responses they have not been able to resolve the issue. I have been Idea customer since last 8+ years and the quality, customer care and efficiency to resolve issue has plummted significantly. They have become absolute incompetent to handle customer issue.
Ashish S Desai
Aug 25, 2017

VAS services

Its request to you to please remove these automatic activation of VAS serviçes . My balance gets deducted by 5Rs every time due to these. This is the request to you please deactivate this from my no. Otherwise I will report. Just a worst company I had ever seen.
Contact no.- 7083041881
Please deactivate that automatic activation
How can you company activate these kind of services directly without permission of customer?
Abhijit Jadhav22
Aug 22, 2017

Rejecting Prtablity request

I had provided Number Portablity request twice to Idea cellular for my number 9960223024 but they have rejected stating that outstanding dues.The payment was made in complete and infact had balance in negative but still rejected.I had lodged a comliant to idea appellate authority but in vain.No response.First request was put on 29 July and second on 16th Aug 2017.I have made repeated calls but nobody is ready to answer and no body responds to mails.The serive reception is such that always the number is not reachable.Complianted about that too but bluntly idea told they cannot resolve the issue.So I put a portability request that to is rejected.This is the kind of harresmane tdone by idea cellular to the Customer.
Please take action against them and resolve my issue of portability.
Abhijit Jadhav
Aug 22, 2017

Call Barring

Idea can never change your life, it will suck you. They have unnecessarily barred my calls on the no 9730090006. I was paying the bills very regularly. I do not understand whats the issue with these people. Its the worst service from Idea. Never go with Idea Jio is much better than them
Aug 21, 2017

Deposit Amount not received even after long folloups

I have tried to connect with Idea team many times but always got false promises for dispatching of cheque. I wrote many mails to Idea applet authority but they also seen ignorant as that of Idea customer care team.
Not since last 6 months i am doing follow for my deposit amount and no positive response received so far. my last communication to idea is on 16 Aug 2017. in that auto acknowledge mail they said that i will get response within 48 hours. such responses i received may times (30+ times) but is of no use. no one responded back positively. sometime i seen text message that someone contacted me for the query resolution. that text was also false as on that specific day i have not received single call from Idea. overall pathetic team efforts by #Idea team. same with their nodal team. now waiting for my amount to be get credited.
Aug 14, 2017

Mobile Number Portability is not happening

I have a complain to make, I am trying to port my number i.e. 9881725771 from Idea to Vodafone. Even after keeping sufficient balance in my post paid number account. The porting request got rejected two times. Second time it got rejected for a reason "Prohibited under the law of court". I am really not sure what status is that. Can someone please help me resolve this case? Or guide what should I do in case this happens.

I suspect Idea people are not willing to release the number.

Any help would be appreciated.

-Babasaheb Shinde
Aug 7, 2017

regarding postpaid to prepaid migration. prepaid no. is still not activated after 10 days


This is the worst service ever i saw from idea.
I am using idea service from last 10 years and from 2010, I am using idea postpaid. On 27th july, I have migrated my postpaid idea no. to prepaid. I submitted this request from "My Idea store ". They had submitted my request and given me new prepaid sim and said please come to idea store for thumb impression after 2 days of your postpaid connection closed. My postpaid no. was closed on 31st july. I went to the idea store after 2 days when my postpaid connection was closed. Then they told me that we have entered wrong prepaid sim no. while submitting the request, so they had taken prepaid sim back and given me a new one and told me that it will get activated in 1 or 2 days but now its been 7 days and still my no. is not activated. These Idea store people saying me that there is some error in system and we have mailed your concern to idea.. This is really a pathetic service from idea. I am really frustrated due to this as my no. is not working since last 10 days.

Please activate my idea prepaid no. If you are giving such poor service then I will not recommend any one to use idea service.. even i will also not want to be with idea family if i am getting such pain.

Shirish Nagre
Sim Card Number: 89911100000400710878
Jul 29, 2017

Faulty deduction from prepaid balance

Rs. 70 deducted twice from my idea prepaid number. Customer care is useless these days.
Jul 28, 2017

Regarding customer care and idea services

Worst system of idea customer care.. I m trying to connect frm last four days bt nt response frm idea customer care. I had recharge of 348 fr getting 1gb daily internet benefits bt I have been get only 1 gb internet . this same issue was happened with me in last month also but that time they refund some amount and gave assurance abt in next month u will nt face the same issue.. so i m porting the idea sim to other network.. I m using this idea frm last 6 yrs bt due to customer care and its cellular silly mistakes and worst services i dnt want to stay anymore in this network..
Jul 25, 2017

Re: Incorrectly charged for usage charges- complaint no. E1-94097343520

Re: Incorrectly charged for usage charges- complaint no. E############
This is again repeated, I am charged again incorrectly this month and none of your customer care service numbers are able to connect.I will need to escalate it further I guess, I will take necessary steps.
Wasted my time getting help from idea customer care service.

Thanks & Regards,
Yogendra Thorat
Jul 11, 2017

SIM not activated

I have upgraded to 4G sim.. however its more than 12 hours SIM is still not activated
I have been trying to contact Customer care since 10 Pm untill 6 am in morning
NObody answered the call.. Tried calling all possible nos
12345,198,9822012345,0206641222.. Seems no body is bothered to answer..
Total Disappointment is IDEA Services...


I hope still if somebody could help please get this activated
Jul 7, 2017

Monthly Postpaid invoice

I have been using mobile postpaid service provide by Idea Cellular.
I have received monthly invoice yesterday. Duration for the invoice is from 6th Jun 2017 till 5th Jul 2017.
But I have received invoice with GST charges instead of that I am supposed to get invoice on pro-rata basis.
Invoice for duration from 6th Jun 2017 till 30th Jun 2017 as per old tax system i.e. 14% service tax, 0.5% Educational cess, 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess.
And as per GST, I sould receive invoice for duration from 1st Jul 2017 till 5th Jul 2017.
GST has been implemented on 1st Jul 2017 & telecom service provider should not be collecting extra tax from customers.
Ranjit Kadam
Jun 21, 2017

Internet not working

I have been facing mobile internet connectivity issue from last 15 days for my account (Account Number: ############). Initially on 9th June I was told that the data has been overused and the new quota would be allocated on 12th June. On 13th June there was no internet so I called customer care again. I was told to make setting changes in my mobile and the steps would be provided via. SMS. Since I did not receive any SMS, I again called customer care and this time they suggested to change the SIM to 4G.

I was very frustrated with the different information from various customer executives and then I escalated the matter to Idea appellate authority. I was told that the issue would be resolved by 19th June and was advised to change the SIM card to 4G. I changed the SIM card and there was still no connectivity. I sent an email to Idea appellate authority again and then I was told that my handset should be compatible with 4G. Anyways my handset is compatible with 4G. With all these back and forth discussions, I am extremely frustrated and need Idea to resolve this matter at the earliest.

Its hard to believe that with a long relationship of 15 years with Idea, I had to experience this.
Jun 19, 2017

My prepaid balance of Rs. 132.4 suddenly became Rs. 0

Today 19 June 2017 at 12:48 PM my prepaid balance shows Rs. 132.4
At evening 8:00 pm, I saw 4 SMS messages from 54300.
Message 1 at 6:02 pm says: Thank You. We have Received your request for service Thumbr and it is being processed.
Message 2 at 6:02 pm says: Your Thumbr has been activated. Amount charged is Rs 35.00/- for 1 Week, renewal charge is Rs 35.oo@1week as applicable. To deactivate sms STOP to 155223, click http://goo.gl/zzMciJ Your balance is Rs 72.92/-
Message 3 at 7:33 pm says: Your Fun Videos has been activated. Amount charged is Rs. 35.00/- for 1 Week, renewal charge is Rs 35.oo@1week as applicable. To deactivate sms STOP to 15522, click http://bit.ly/2eQPVCp Your balance is Rs. 15.44/-
Message 4 at 7:33 pm says: Thank You. We have Received your request for service Fun Videos and it is being processed.

I have not requested any of such service. As soon as I saw above SMSs, Immeadiately I checcked my balance it shows Rs. 0.

How someone can activate any such unwanted services and deduct my money ?

My prepaid balance of Rs. 132.4 suddenly became Rs. 0

Jun 17, 2017

Idea forcing me to pay bill for the period of non usage and filed case against me in lok adalat

I got call from number 07065917753 (Lady who said she is calling from Delhi Lok Adalat -
named Priyanka Sharma ) said that I have not paid the internet bill for 2 months (ICMS - idea cellular - postpaid).
The reason I did not paid the bill because my account was suspended by idea around 10 days and I was not able to use service.
My internet connection was not working. Still she is asking me to pay the full bill and settle the matter.She threatened me to forward case file to court procedure if not settled.
I have all email communication from idea mentioning my account suspension date and resume date for which they sent me bill for full month.

I have called their customer service representative few times to stop my internet connection and send correct bill. But still they forced to use service for another month and sent me bill for two full month with late payment fine.

Such telecom companies are looting customers by forcing their service and threatening them use Legal case so that customers should suffer for their wrong doing.

What should be my course of action ?

Jun 17, 2017

no response for prepaid customers

I am using Aircel SIM and i want to port to Idea prepaid. Idea has an option on their website to make an application for portability option. i registered twice on the website for prepaid connection and no response from Idea. later i registered for postpaid connection very next minute i got call from idea. seems like idea is planning to stop prepaid plans. very bad policy from idea never expected this
Jun 15, 2017

Postpaid bills even after deactivation of SIM card

I told your executive to deactivate my SIM as it was no more required by me. But your customer just temporarily deactivated the sim and told me that the sim is deactivated permanently. And the networks were also not available in my sim. There were no dues left as I paid the previous bill.
Now I have received ₹622 as my bill for the months in which the sim was closed . There are late payment charges too which have been added month after month . When I talked to your executive he said there was some misunderstanding by us and he's saying that they'll clear it out but still I've received one more bill .

Please clear it out ASAP.

Phone no. 7056701212
Jun 13, 2017

Deposit amount not returned

In Jan 17 I changed to prepaid services. Before that I provided Aadhaar for address change. When new sim was issued again I gave Aadhaar for address proof. I was promised that at new address within 45 days I will receive a cheque or DD of the deposit amount.
Even after 60 days I didn't receive anything. When check at one of the outlets, I was told to be patient and process is going on. All of a sudden i receive an email saying insufficient address. That means either the cheque was not issued or address has not been properly updated in their systems by their (in) competent executives.
Then again I visited their outlet and was told to wait 10-15 days. Since Mar 17 I have been following up with them. Again twice I was asked for address and then again silence. No response. Hopeless service.
Jun 8, 2017

Wrong billing calculation for Roaming Bill

I had visited Bhutan from 8th May to 14th May, for which I had activated international roaming on my Idea Number. As they had no International Roaming Packaging for Bhutan, the Data usage charges were told as Rs.5 / per 10KB of data.

The bill generated later for the billing cycle Showed Data consumption of 165 MB. For which the bill was charged Rs.1,69,190/- + taxes.

2 times Complaints were raised with Idea for Bill discrepancy and seeking explanation. Everytime it was closed saying it is correct without any details and explanation.

Need to know how the calculation has been done.

Idea Account No: ############
Jun 3, 2017

Balance deduction

Tried to call idea customer service many times but no proper number provided anywhere. Facing balance deduction from last 4 days. Requesting idea service center to look after the problem. Sent me a mail or reply here for further communication. Email me at eesha411@gmail.com

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