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Consumer complaints and reviews about idea cellular

Mar 24, 2018

Poor Network

I have been facing Idea network issue since one month. I also complaint the issue to near idea store and I was told Complaint had been registered and their executive will adhere to the complain within 48 hours , but its 20 days and still no effect of my complaint also none of the idea personnel contacted me. I work in Telecom field where I have to be available on phone 24*7. It is affecting my work.
Mar 16, 2018

Illegal deduction Rs 100


Idea illegaly deducted 100/- from my mobile balance . I got a message saying you jave been charged Rs 100 for downloading Nazara animation. However I dont even know what that is. Neither have I downloaded anything like that.

Please refund me my amount. Or else I am afraid I cannot continue using Idea if I encounter such fraudalent deductions.

Illegal deduction Rs 100

Mar 1, 2018

illegal idea deduction for nazara

Idea CEO
I will like to inform Idea and your team last week (20 Feb 2018) i received a message you have been charged Rs 5/- (Without any further details) Your balance is Rs 17.34/-.

Again today i received message and they deducted rs 17/-. Message is thank you for downloading Animation from Nazara. in both the cases i didn't downloaded the content. Its cheating. Now my mobile balance is rs 0.34/- There is totally Bullshit. And believe me if I was having balance of 1000/- also it would have been deducted by NAZARA.
I have my data pack. I don't want any further deduction.

One clarification I want to know from Idea service, that They want customers to use Idea network or not?

Return my balance immediately

Angry Idea Customer.
Feb 19, 2018

Deduction and rude behaviour of idea customer care

Hello Team,

Very disappointed called idea customer care to know about the deduction made on my mobile number.

Surprised to see the behaviour of the customer care executives don't know the real name. They mentioned there name as first Madhuri she answered my call and for 20 sec I was listening to what they were talking later she realises that the phone is on and when I asked d reason for keeping me on hold for so long and why this kind of attitude.... instead of apologies she said yes we do have lot of attitude and was not ready to transfer my call to a supervisor and hang up d call.... I called back this time the customer care executive was Amol... I requested my call to be transferred to a supervisor which he denied...

#idea : Requesting your attention towards this kind of behaviour from your employees is not acceptable
Feb 5, 2018

amount deducted but recharge not successful

today 5 feb 2018- i have done 459 recharge but my amount is deducted but recharge is not done on my mobile-8087792005
I have done recharge from my idea app through sbi net banking-
transaction ref number is- IGACVUVDS7
Jan 22, 2018

Extra Charge of VAS

I am Abhinav Nimje, Mobile No. 7722069777. I have been charged with VAS last month costing 150/- when I didn't even activated any services (because I really don't need any VAS). I raised a complaint and got the refund and Customer care assured me that I wont be charged with any such charges and service is deactivated.

This month I was again charged with same VAS of 150/-. When I raised complaint again, Customer care said they can't process any refund like that and I will have to pay bill irrespective of the case its not my fault.

Please note that 150/- is not small amount for me as it is 33% more on my total bill.

Kindly address this.
Dec 28, 2017


I received a message on 27th December that Fashinz has been activated on my mobile and I was charged Rs.100/-. I immediately unsubscribed it by messaging STOP on 155223. Again on 28th December same thing happened and again I lost Rs. 100 from my account balance. Then on 28th December I again received sms that midnight movies has been activated and I lost Rs.21/- from my account balance which again I unsubscribed by messaging STOP on 155223. Why are you stealing my hard earned money. If you want money come and wash my car or do some work I will pay you.

Iliyas I.Katchi
Dec 28, 2017

VAS activated without my knowledge/consent

Telecom provider details:
Idea Cellular Limited,Sharda Centre 11/1 Erandwane Off Karve Road Pune - 411004.
Contact No - For Queries & Request :+91-9822012345 , For Complaints : +91-9822000198
Fax - +91-9850003999
Email - customercare@idea.adityabirla.com

My complaint details:
My mob connection number: 9881291362
VAS added without my knowledge. They charged me Rs. 150.00
I randomly checked my account and found that 1 VAS have been activated as "fashion world" which I never did so immed. deactivated.
I have called Idea cust. care today (28th Dec 2017) they told they cannt do anything becoz I have activated this service by clicking on some popup advertisements in web browser accidently.
Its a broad level fraud and we are being victims please take some action asap for these harassment.
Dec 14, 2017

no data service

prepaid 446 frc -84days (1000min/week or 250min/day std+local + 1gb 3g/4g data per day) received sms to that effect soon after recharge. after approx 15 days, data plan doesn't work. called up customer care. visited idea stores. they want me to "recharge".. don't know y. chatted with cust care. opened complaint.. apparently, they will take 4 days to "resolve" it..
interestingly, if i disable isd, std is also disabled. not sure if every cellular operator operates this way.

no data service no data service no data service

Bharat Sharma
Dec 3, 2017

Misbehaviour of customer care

The customer care ask me about date of birth of me and when I ask why u want my date of birth then misbehaviour was start

Check my last customer care contact on 3 December 2017 time 11:05 near
Dec 1, 2017

Network issue

I am using Lava X3 handset, i am facing idea network range problem since last 10 days, yesterday I updated my handset with latest software but the problem is with idea low range, i checked with other companies sim it's showing high range, so please check and do the needful.
Nov 27, 2017

Porting from post paid to pre paid

The Idea Team

This complaint is regarding my Idea no. which I want to port from post paid mode to pre paid mode. I visited Idea centre, located near my place to have my mode of payment converted from post paid to pre paid.

At my first visit, my request was denied. Reason being that billing of my Idea no. was still on and was told to come once I pay the current month's bill. It was completely acceptable. After paying for that month, I again visited the centre. This time the reason was even more interesting: sorry ma'am, right now we are out of pre paid sim cards. Further, I was told to visit after some days. I am a student and it gets extremely difficult for me to commute to the centre now and then taking time out of my hectic schedule. Isn't there any online way to port my Idea no. from post paid to pre paid mode ?
Kindly revert.

Arohi Bhate
Email Id: arohi.bhate16@vit.edu
Nov 6, 2017

Unauthorizeded deduction of balance

Hi ,
There is unauthorizeded deduction of RS 150 from my idea account. There was no concent for such transaction from me. Idea balance was deducted was unauthorizeded and company refused to take action. Request to provide the credit and stop such unauthorizeded transaction. pH number impacted 9880536165. Idea cellular is not ready to acknowledge that there is no concent from me for transaction.not even ready to register a complaint.

Attached is screen print of unauthorizeded transaction.

Thank s

Unauthorizeded deduction of balance

Chandrakant Kothari
Nov 6, 2017

VAS activation without prior permission

My cellular service provider ( Idea ) had activated VAS without my prior permission in last 6 months and debited charges for it from my balance. After debiting my money from my main balance they gave me option for deactivation of service which is not so simple.
Nor have they reimbursed my balance.
They had debited around Rs. 500 in this period.
They have adopted unethical method by enforcing their product to customer which is unethical way of their business practice.
I visited their Gallery asking for refund for such VAS for which they confused me saying that it may happen due to Apps ads coming while browsing. Only option given was to deactivate VAS service.
Today, I have searched on Google in this regard , I found there are many customers like me who are facing same issue.

I am demanding to them to credit my money.
Chandrakant Kothari
Akash Neel
Oct 25, 2017

regarding to recharges

In last month I had prepaid plan (i.e. 404 Rs for 3 months & they gave me UNLIMITED CALLS & 1GB/DAY). Now my validity is over and I want to recharge in the same plan but now they give me a hopeless offer (i.e. 498 Rs for 2 months & they gave me UNLIMITED CALLS & 1GB/DAY).

This is not about 'how service providers make us fool' this is about 'SYSTEM which is responsible to control them'

openly service providers making loot but seems there were no laws of government in order to control the price of DATA.....

Oct 24, 2017

Portability with false commitment

Dear sir,
Idea representative call me for portability of 299 STD and local calls unlimited and PER Day 1GB Dada even he has send me SMS from 9921054650 (Mr Balaji) dated 9 Oct 17,So I did portability to IDEA.Now Plan is active 350 & 1 GB data per month.Now representative mobile is inactive I had mail & call customer care no body look in out & not ready to do portability to previous operator.Below no is for portability.

Kishore kale.

Portability with false commitment Portability with false commitment

Aditi barche
Oct 21, 2017

CAlling & internet service

I am facing the internet & calling connectivity problem with idea network. I chose idea because it used to be the best service provider in cellular networks but from past few months there has been a lot of problems in connecting calls,call dropout, calling but other person not able to hear me properly as well as the internet speed is pathetic. I recharged for 4G internet pack and they are not even providing me 2G speed. Its very frustrating when you cant even google things with this speed of internet.
If this problem persists i would simply just change my service provider from idea to other network.
Very much dissapointed with IDEA..!!
Sep 13, 2017

Recharges and unsatusfactory service

I am a cust. Of idea from last 4years, I do not get a satisfactory response of idea ever.
The Cust care of idea are too rud. And when we try to contact , its never be connected in 1st attempt.
Minimum 4 5 times when we call then it connect,and they have hold the call 15 20 min. Then talk again put hold for 10min,or most of times they directly disconnect the call.

Sep 7, 2017

Activation of VAS without permission

Hi Team,

The Idea cellular service provider activating value added service without my permission. They did this twice hence I call the customer care they speak very rude, not ready to me blaming me only.

This is really bothering me if no action taken on priority will take it to TRAI or else move to another service provider.

I hope you will take further action as I am your genuine old customer.

Ijas Shaikh
Sep 7, 2017

After requesting Port, offered me Special recharge and no benifits has been given after recharge

I requested for port on my Idea Number 8380074049, Immediately, idea executive called me and offered Rs 404 recharge, giving 1GB/day and unlimited Local + STD for 84 days. SR No for this special recharge is ST 1-############.

After recharging Rs. 404 , i didn't get the benefits that idea promised, instead i got 5Gb limited data and Unlimited calling for just 50 days.

I reached to Idea customer care, First they took complaint (1-############) but after some time when I called again , they refused to give the promised offer and didnt refunded money.

I also mailed idea (customercare@idea.adityabirla.com) but no response, please help me.

Thanks & Regards,
Pavan Khachane
Sep 4, 2017

Service Stopped abruptly

I had recently ported to Idea from airtel by submitting all my documents asked by the agent..and took 1 week to get the sim and another 2 days to get service started. After the long wait, the service finally started only to get stopped again today.My outgoing services have been blocked.I called up your support guy. He said some documents are missing and I should call the person who gave me the sim.
Your agent, Nilima(9970545350) who had ported me to Idea, does not pick up my calls
I was not given any intimation about this and my services stopped abruptly.
This is the service we get in India, no accountability, pathetic customer service no value for customer problems.

I am going to report this to consumer forumcourt with very little hope that some action will be taken.

Jude Aloysius
Prafull Mane
Sep 1, 2017

Charges debits for IZ-ideaCMS


Following msg i received

Dear Customer,
thank you for downloading Animation from Nazara.
You have been charged Rs. 100

That chages are debited to me
Please help me in to this
Sep 1, 2017

Useles 4G service and customer care

I have subscribed for the Ultimate 499 plan for Idea 4G in Pune. Since past month and more, the 4G speeds have dropped so much that it is slower than 2G and many times not available. I have complained to them on their Tweeter handle. Apart from posting copy pasted responses they have not been able to resolve the issue. I have been Idea customer since last 8+ years and the quality, customer care and efficiency to resolve issue has plummted significantly. They have become absolute incompetent to handle customer issue.
Ashish S Desai
Aug 25, 2017

VAS services

Its request to you to please remove these automatic activation of VAS servi├žes . My balance gets deducted by 5Rs every time due to these. This is the request to you please deactivate this from my no. Otherwise I will report. Just a worst company I had ever seen.
Contact no.- 7083041881
Please deactivate that automatic activation
How can you company activate these kind of services directly without permission of customer?
Abhijit Jadhav22
Aug 22, 2017

Rejecting Prtablity request

I had provided Number Portablity request twice to Idea cellular for my number 9960223024 but they have rejected stating that outstanding dues.The payment was made in complete and infact had balance in negative but still rejected.I had lodged a comliant to idea appellate authority but in vain.No response.First request was put on 29 July and second on 16th Aug 2017.I have made repeated calls but nobody is ready to answer and no body responds to mails.The serive reception is such that always the number is not reachable.Complianted about that too but bluntly idea told they cannot resolve the issue.So I put a portability request that to is rejected.This is the kind of harresmane tdone by idea cellular to the Customer.
Please take action against them and resolve my issue of portability.
Abhijit Jadhav

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