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Consumer complaints and reviews about IDP IELTS

[email protected]
Jan 25, 2020


Hi All,

I have given the IELTS IDP exam 3 times. Every time they are making the exam so difficult that becomes impossible to clear all the modules specially Listening and Writing. Moreover, there is no transparency in evaluation for couple of modules.This has just become a money making business. I think so its high time now and we should report it to consumer court to stop such malpractice in our country. Its time for us to collaborate and take action against them.
Hashmi m
Nov 21, 2019

Test result

How much money idp want to give desired score.
Kshamata Yadav
Oct 21, 2019


I have given my IELTS exam
My speaking test was on 18 October 2019 that was in YMCA International House 18, YMCA Road, Mumbai Central, South Mumbai. 
This was my second time giving IELTS exam so I was having an idea how questions are asked by the examiner.
On the second time my speaking test was not good due to examiner attitude and behavior.
He was extremely rude from starting to end and he did not let me complete my answer properly.
This is not correct I pay so much money for the IELTS exam and this kind of examiner I get. Due to his bad attitude I was also not able to think properly. Please take action as soon as possible or other students will also experience the same.
Thank You
Rahul chatrathi
Sep 28, 2019

Speaking part

Recently I have given the IELTS speaking part of IELTS and I have notice alot mistakes by the person who I s conducting my speaking part. This is my second time writing my IELTS the first time was very different from the second especially on speaking part. The person who was asking me about the speaking part questions at the second part of my test or the que card section the student is given one to prepare the notes before speaking about the related topic. Even I was the given time to prepare but the person who took it didn't even alert me or didn't even tell me when is my one minute starts and didn't even warn me when did it stop, she started to started to asking me directly and more over I wasn't given the notes to prepare I asked her whether I can take the notes which was on her side. I think it's not a correct atticate for an invizilator to behave like that so I think there should be done something about this.
harpreet singh1984
Sep 18, 2019

simranpreet kaur took 6 lakh for gain ielts score

my name is harpreet singh.simranpreet kaur d/o baldev singh D/O/B 24/06/1996 R/O gali jand wali mohalla joshia patti tarntaran. she is also ielts student.she taken 6 lakh rupee from me to gain ielts score with cheating or manuplating but i get nothing.plz take a proper action against her.she allaged she will get 7 score,because some one else is going to attempt ielts test instead of her.plz take action in this serous matter.
Aug 12, 2019

idp ilets

i tried to booked ielts exam on 11 august 2019 but i have not receive conformation letter and money is also deducted from my account
and when asked customer care...they did not give relevant solution and she said,try again...we will return your money within 7 working days....according to her instruction i tried however i lost my payment and i have lost my 26500rs
i have very bad experience with idp....they are fraud because they have not refund me....dont choice IDP
[email protected]
Aug 9, 2019

Behavior of examiner and scores are so low

My name is Simran. My LRW exam was on 27/07/2019 and speaking held on 22/07/19. On Speaking exam day there was a female teacher Ms. Kakkar (I actually don't remember her first name) , when she was taking my test I found that she was tired means like she was taking naps in mid of my exam .This implicates that she was not listening properly and her facial expressions was so odd and I think that she should be more focused on the candidates, after all, we spend so much money in this exam.
Now move on other day 27 July when I took exam of LRW,
When recording was playing in the listening session I don't know out of sudden it stopped and when I raised my head to look the matter I found that I wasn't the only one who was suffering means there were other students as well who raised their hands.
On the request of ours they played that portion once again which was good I fee but there were certain things I found intolerable just like the bench voices , the room wasn't in the decorum .Ultimately I would say in both days my experience wasn't good
Now moving into results ,
My writing and speaking scores were unexpected, because I performed very well in both modules but you gave me very low scores this is completely unfair. I don't know why but you are taking advantage of students and trying to manipulate our scores which is completely unforgettable.
With all due respects but we all know that idp is famous for corruption like you guys deceive youngsters to make the money, not give them their deserving scores which they should get and this is the way of your business to force them to come and come to take their exams over and over so you will full your accounts with the money. These kinds of malice thinking, might be creat unreasonable results so better you should take care about this
Afterall I started to think children should take steps to forward in these critical issues, rather than to wait that they will respond and do something for us . People must file petition against this corrupted company who is taking unreasonable prices for one test and even after all of this ,not evaluating our exams in rightful manner and making money . If anyone agree with my suggestion then please make sure to respond and think that we should stop them
Here is my gmail id :[email protected]
Aug 1, 2019

Bad behaviour of speaking examiner

Actually, 31/07/2019 I have done my speaking exam but my speaking examiner’s behavior was really bad. Her facial expressions changed each n every second . When i started talking she made me really distrust. Moreover, she was a sleepy mood it was very disappointing to me . So I cannot concentrate my speaking exam. Please don't do like this because we have paid a huge amount of money and we are from a middle-class family. Please do some solution about this problem.
This happened not only for me , but for my friends also ..
Jul 30, 2019

Speaking examiner

Actually, 30/07/2019 I have done my speaking exam but my speaking examiner behavior was really not good. He always interrupts while I am answering. He didn't allow me to fully answer. Moreover, he was a sleepy mood it was very disappointing to me .i cannot expect this kind of incident. That is why I cannot concentrate my speaking exam. Please don't do like this because we have paid a huge amount of money and we are from a middle-class family. Please do some solution about this problem.
Jul 15, 2019

Speaking and Writing

HI Team,

I have completed my Masters from Dalhousie University,. Canada and lived there for nearly 7 years. Also I have written IELTS more than 5 times and have scored band of 7 and especially scored well in speaking.

When i recently took IELTS exam in chennai (29-Jun-2019), I received poor band score for writing and speaking (6). I know i did well in both exams and I even felt that i might have offended the ability of the examiner who was not even the level of good invigilator.

I deeply regret for being affiliated with IDP, although for many times they supported me well. I feel they have converted them to money making firm and placed themselves to attain their business goals.

My name is SREENIWAS SREEKANTHAN (DOB: 21-Aug-1987). If u don't believe what i appraised here is not truth, I ask you to evaluate my speaking recordings and u might see what they have done to me ,

I believe any firm that cheat or create hassle for truthful candidate will never flourish and should answer god for what you guys have caused me (Money, time and family).

Sreeniwas Sreekanthan
PH: 7358 588175

I am so disappointed and hearyt broken for the way u have analysed someone who literally lived abroad and did his education.,
Jul 13, 2019


I gave exam and got score of which i was not satusfied. appeared for LRW IELTS exams in 29 june 2019 and 28 june speaking .idp give me only 3.5 bnd in speaking and reading 4.5 .last i got better score in this module
Jun 22, 2019

IDP IELTS test - money making business

Recently I have appeared IELTS, I had a lots expectation, But results disappointing, they evaluate my writing as 5.5, this unbelievable, I’m working in MNC, writing any letter or Paragraphs are my day to day work life, also I have followed all tips & process which can improve my writing in expectations of IELTS. But, it appears that, IDP has started business to make money out of this exams.

I need a group to be created which can work to gather to create awareness on people & take steps to stop this fraud.
I’m creating as what up group to create a community, request to join, post that we will file complaints to administrators or even to police if required
Contact me in what [email protected] 09145425950
Jun 19, 2019

Regarding speaking test experience

Hi, I am Aparna Kanavaje from Mumbai. I completed my speaking test today (19 June 2019 - Wed 9.00 AM - Kanakia Wall Street Centre) and had some weird experience. Hopefully, this comment will not affect my score. I reached for the exam before time and was waiting. My invigilator was the last to enter in the exam centre.It might be the case because of some traffic or rain in which she was stuck. Not judging anyone but it shows kind of unconcerned behaviour. Finally, my test started 10 mins late. After that, when I began my test, she was interrupting me a lot of times. I was not able to complete my answers and hence, my sentence were broken. She was correcting me in between and giving her suggestions instead of listening to my answers.

Additionally, I found it lil bit disturbing that she was checking her hair whether it is properly set or not (near 3-4 times). Her expressions were not that encouraging, however, I would not comment on that factor as that is part of their job.

I am hoping, I will get the desired score else I will have to give it for re-evaluation or rescheduling for the test with another invigilator as I was confident and covered everything relevant.
Meha Desai
Jun 14, 2019

Inappropriate exam environment

I am Meha desai. I appeared for my first ielts exam on 1st june 2019 at TGB hotel, surat. During my exam I noticed that the exam hall was not well lit, the lights were deam yellow and I opted for general module exam of ielts so, the exam papers were yellow as well. Because of this I couldnot see the paper properly, after a few time my eyes started straining and couldn't concentrate because of the inappropriate exam call conditions due to the dim yellow light. I couldn't perform as well as expected during the exam due to such conditions. Moreover, they didnot provide any food atleast a biscuit could do before the exam as it was a long exam and the idp staff also didnot come on time at 11.15 am as the time was given 11.15am and we waited for about an hour untill they came, after that the registration started.
I would just like to suggest that idp should first check the exam hall conditions and other factors before assigning the exam center so that students and results do not suffer due to any external conditions.
Thakur Mritunjay Chauhan
May 25, 2019


I took IELTS on 11 MAY, it was my 4th time and i got overall 7 band but in speaking they gave me 5.5 band, however, i gave my best and the examiner took 20 minutes and she asked me several questions with cross questioning. I gave all the answers with relevant points. I don't know why they are doing this with several students and i believe that they are making money nothing else. We have to stand with each other and take some strict actions against them.
Apr 30, 2019

Fraudulent Criteria of checking IDP & BC

I am also one of those victims of IDP & BC who are not scoring what they deserve. Being an IELTS Faculty for years even the students whom I taught got 7.0 and even more in the writing module. It is very heart-rending for me as I had appeared for the exam thrice and got only 6.0 bands in writing module. I am unable to understand on what basis these people judge others. Astonishingly,
I have seen plethora of students who stands just in a row of average writers; who even not spell well got 7.0 bands. HOW????? There is no transparency in the marking procedure. I am getting the desirable score in every module.... then why not in writing??? I hold dreams, put forth my dedication but now I am pissed off. It is a burden to pocket for a middle class denizen which these money makers should understand. Atleast, before checking they should use some sense whether a student deserve 6 or 7 or more.
Apr 14, 2019


i am aatisha gupta. i gave my ielts idp exam on 23 march 2019 and the result was out on 5 april 2019. but my result was not declared. idp said it had gone under investigation and there is no stipulated time for the result. how is it possible. i have to file my case for july intake but due to this delay i am not able to file my study visa. really i did not expected this kind of behavior from idp. i called them n number of times but they dont know anything about my result.
Apr 7, 2019


Hi, I'm Bhart Gupta. I gave IELTS test thrice, once from British Council and twice from IDP. Apparently, with each test there should be an improvement in overall band. However, my band level dropped with each test I gave. IELTS in India is a money minting process. They have no basis for evaluation. They never show their marking scheme. Even the amount for re-checking is huge. Especially there computer-delivered IELTS is a complete FLOP SHOW. They are just fooling around by giving an excuse to those who have bad handwriting. I have two pieces of advice- One, don't make an attempt for IDP IELTS ever in life. It's a sheer wastage of your hard earned money. Two, if still, you've made up your mind-never go for COMPUTER-DELIVERED IDP IELTS.During the listening test my system got stuck, I could not choose my answers and my section 4 went completely blank. When I filed a complaint, they refused and reverted back that there could never be any problem at our end. I can challenge that the ratio of people to clear the IELTS test is 2:15. That means out of every 15 people they will only clear 2 people. After all, IDP is a proud co-owner of IELTS. How will they earn money otherwise. Imagine the profits that they are making ! If one candidate is appearing for the test twice or thrice. That's why most of the times, candidate loses just because of 0.5. One thing I've learned and I tell others also (who so ever is thinking of IELTS ). Both British Council and IDP are THIEVES who are stealing your money legally and officially!!! NEVER GO FOR IT.
Sachinkumar desai
Jan 29, 2019

Very rude behaviour of examiner

I am Sachinkumar jayeshbhai Desai , I had gave my exam of ielts which was conduct by idp Vadodara and there was some problem about vanue happened on 10th of January which was my speaking date however that’s not big issue because the all staff help us a lot but my examiner of speaking who’s surename Banerji had behave very rude I had gave exam 3 time 1 in British Counsil and 2 in idp .
First time I had found that examiner is not giving response properly as compared to past and also in ielts givers have fear about banerji madam so I request you to take action on her and explain her how to treat the student .
Your all other staff are very well .
Thanking you
Sachin Desai
Jan 23, 2019

anyone knows the email id of head-idp austrlia, we shouldcompain them about what fraud is happening in india.

I gave exam and got score of which i was n0t satusfied. filled up eor form and i dnt think they even sent the form to australia. they have no tracking id for australia, even the trf date was same as before. i just lost money without them rechecking the same. idp is fraud and they should be abondoned. there should be system to rectify the same.
if anyone has any email id of the topmost head of head office australis, kindly provide me, i would like to write him a mail about the scam happening here in india from dip education.
Dec 1, 2018

Unprofessional way of conducting the exam

the jalandhar centre, for exam conducted today on 01.12.2018, is being too unprofessional. The power went off during the exam 5 times in total out of which, 4 times in writing module itself due to which i lost flow and task not being achieved properly. I just called them but its not the time they operate, from 9 am to 5.30 pm
I am very much disappointed with them.
I have to file a legal complaint against them.
Nov 26, 2018

ielts writing 6

I am going to file a legal notice against idp , anyone with me kindly message me 8446005491, took it from mumbai , its a clear scam in india , they want to increase there revenue by forcing us to retake the exam . i have taken it 3 times already . please lets file case in consumer as we would like to get a copy as how the writing is evaluated , also the revaluation fee is too much , why should we pay such a huge amount .
Nov 25, 2018


Nov 13, 2018

IDP speaking slot mismanagement

I have applied for IELTS from IDP my LRW was on 10th Nov 2018, but they are not capable of managing speaking test correctly. Why are they focusing on getting so many aspirants, if they can't manage that volume. I am sitting back and waiting for the speaking test schedule for no reason, as IDP care is totally clueless about the situation. I am going to claim the fees I submitted and the salary I sacrificed with the harassment and stress I have undergone. Anyone who would like to join me, please leave your comment here.

Sandy sandhu
Nov 12, 2018

Speaking Test

I am not satisfied with IDP services as I booked my exam on 10 November 2018 just because they providing a speaking slot selection but when I tried booking the speaking slot there appeared to be an issue in their site and there were no mail and message till 9 November 2018 but in the morning on 9 November on my speaking slot they upload my speaking date 8 November 2018 without venue.Till now there is no information about speaking date.Today I call IDP centre and the response of customer care executive is not good . I am very disappointed.

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