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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB

Nov 24, 2022


TICKET NUMBERS: 1010139912 AND 1010178570
Nov 24, 2022

Pathetic service under warranty and low quality products

Fed up of calling customer care and service centre...hardly 6 months old IFB microwave stopped working and no support from company..............assinging back to back tickets number only........their assigned technician asking money on warranty products...Again and again assigning new ticket numbers but issue not resolved...First and last time for me to trust IFB...
complain ticket no.:1010139912 assigned to us on first complaint...technician visited and told us asked for 1500+ rupees for spare parts.....issue still not resolved but complaint was closed ......On hundreds of follow ups a new ticket number was allotted (1010178570)..Still we feel like begging to customer service for rearing and they are too rude...Resolve the issue or I will have to come to you through consumer forum...
Pragati Shukla
Fed up IFB customer
[email protected]
Aug 27, 2018


My issue is I had logged a complaint on 5th July, 2018 regarding IFB Microwave not working. After that till days I did not get any message of my complaint and even that adviser on the call did not give me any complaint number. Later on 25th July,2018 I again logged a complaint and this time I got a complaint number as well (Ticket no. 1001792030). Nobody showed up until 10th or 11th Aug and then 4 IFB representative attended but with no resolution my oven is still the same.

It's been more than 2 months now, My oven has become worst now and I can clearly see the rust inside as you people are not even bothered to fix. I called so many times and also spoke to your supervisor and the franchise. They are just procrastinating. I am so fed up now

Complaint number - Ticket no. 1001792030 & 1001899113
Spoke to supervisor - Pooja
Name - Nitin Chauhan
Contact number - 9833799075

I am also attaching my IFB product bill with the complaint response screenshot for your reference

Nitin Chauhan

Dec 8, 2017

Defective Microwave

ear Sir/Madam

I have procured IFB Mircowave model no 20CS from Croma Showroom, Worli, Mumbai in Jan 2017.

My registered mobile no is 9819605905 and alternate is 9022925253

I have been facing a continuous and major issue that the when the microwave is turned On, power supply of my house goes trips.

This is happening from past few months for which the complains etc are mentioned below:

1. 16.09.17, with ticket no. 1000443615
2. 23.09.17 with ticket no. 1000467304
3. 04.12.17 with ticket no 1000743765

Also in between September and December the same thing have serval times however a complain was not lodge as after the tripping issue if microwave was not used for few days it would start working normally.

After so many attempts your service team was able to diagnose on 06.12.17 that a door switch have been on fault.

Please note that I would request you to please provide me a replacement with fresh pieces considering that it has been happening on regular basis.

Also my warranty period is getting over in Jan 18, after which if face the same issue than am I to pay for service where machine is faulty.

Even in case if the door switch is faulty and your team replaces it with a new ones, and after few days if same issue happens again then who would be responsible. This concern is mainly because it took you guys almost 4 months to diagnose the fault of door switch.

Hoping to hear from you soon and in positive manner.

Awaiting your feedback.

Dhara Ghiya
Oct 11, 2017

Dishwasher Faulty - Service not provided

I have purchased an IFB Dishwasher Neptune VX in 2015. Since almost 6-8 months this machine is giving e a problem. it abruptly stops midway through the cycle and gives an F5 error. Each time I call customer care they direct me to their service centre by the name Sai service Centre. The engineers from Sai Service visit my place and each time they tell me that he pipe is twisted and hence the machine was not working. The fact is that my machine is fitted in such a way that there is no chance of any one touching the pipe at all. Actually the electric panel is faulty and each time the machine goes on dry mode the F5 error appears. The company is avoiding replacing the panel. The reason being that they will have to do it free of cost since my machine is in warranty period. They are dragging their feet on the issue and waiting for my warranty to lapse. Each time I call Sai service they assure me someone will visit and have the issue corrected but that does not happen. I want a refund of my money or a replacement machine since the fault cannot be corrected.

Complaint numbers - 1000475048 and 100459083. these are the latest. in the past I have complained as well and the details will be available with IFB.
Anand Anvekar
Sep 6, 2017

Forcefull Extortion

I have bought a IFB washing machine thru Flip cart. The Delivery was timely. The demo and installation person, one Mr.Jitendra Singh.was trying to extort money by installing unbranded accessories and was not willing to give proper tax paid bills. He was trying to sell 3 items one which cost 500 rupees and two other items worth 1800 rupees each. He threatened us that if we do not buy them the warranty for the machine will be void.
I have made 2 calls to IFB in the matter it's been 10 days that I have not got a single response from them. My complaint I D is 2000237688.

Forcefull Extortion

aman kahnna
Jul 16, 2017

Microwave - Complaint

I was shocked to see the poor services and product of IFB. I have a IFB microwave which i bought around one and a half years ago and the same started to show some problems a month back. Whenever I used to switch on the microwave the electricity of the house used to trip. I lodged a complaint to the customer care and they referred my case to a local service centre in Mumbai. The technicians used to come and say that there is no problem, on their compulsion i also called an electrician and got the wiring tested at my place, however there was no issue there in the wiring of my home.

Later on the service centre took the microwave to their office and kept it with them for around 10 days and on continuous and rigorous follow up only they returned it saying that it tripped once in their office so they have changed certain parts without even asking form us. Even when it was returned back it had the same problem. After lodging a complain again the technician visited yesterday and the machine again tripped in front of them wherein all the MCB of my home along the high low cut out which was brought by your service team also tripped because of a spark in the microwave. It was a huge spark, and according to the technicians who had come there is some other part which is damaged which they did not realized earlier. Even after all these things and also prior to this Mr. Jian of your service team used rude, abused and filty language.

In connection to the above I would like to make a request you to please replace my microwave because of such a big and dangerous problem is there inside and a lot of R&D has been done by your service team with it. Even your team is not clear about the problem and is totally incompetent and too rude for the customer service. Mr. Jian and Mr. Gajanan along with their team in the service centre in Mumbai are totally very incompetent and too filty in their work and conversation. They not only are not competent in their work but they are also very rude and do not know the way how to talk even if they are at mistake. They have abused and used filty language even when they have done fraudulent work by changing those parts which were not required and did not even inform us that they are changing them and on the contrary some other part was faulty.

In furtherance to the above I again request you to please take quick action against your team in Mumbai and also replace my microwave because just in a small span of time it became faulty and no one is able to repair it totally.

I give this as a last chance to you company otherwise I will have to lodge a complaint against you team in Mumbai against fraudulent charges and also knock the doors of consumer form against IFB and thus start with the legal procedure against IFB for fraudulent charges and harassment charges.

Hope you heed to my request at an earliest and take a quick action. I will maximum wait for 10 days from today for an action from your end or otherwise I will opt for legal procedure from thereon.

Also find attached herewith the copy of the bill of my microwave and the receipt of your service centre firstly issued to us a month back for the visit against the problem which is still there and not solved.

Thanks & regards
CA Aman Khanna
[email protected]
Jun 3, 2017

IFB AC problem

Hi .

I booked two ACs 1 ton inverter and 1.5 ton 3 star AC on 01.04.2017. Among those the 1 ton ac got delivered after around 1.5 month saying the product was out of stock. On 15.05.2017 the 1 ton Ac was installed in very pathetic way by untrained service personnel.

On 22.05.2017 I booked complaint regarding non cooling issue my complaint no is 1105579391.

Since then the service guy visited twice at my location after several calls.He found the refrigerant gas loss due to punctures in copper tube there are around 4-5 holes caused due to poor workmanship of the person who installed the AC.He cut the pipe and assured will be back next day to fix up the issue but not turned back.

Even after 15 days my problem is not solved several times I called the help center even escalated by there end but nothing is working.

The brand like IFB should focus on service as well if want to withstand in this competitive era. I am very much disappointed with my experience with IFB.

Request you to look in the issue

Thanks & Regards

Shrikrishna Rasam.
[email protected]
Feb 24, 2017


Dear Utpall

Hope your issue has been resolved. In case you require further assistance, you can contact us on: BSNL & MTNL subscribers: 1860 425 5678 Other subscribers: ############  Email id: [email protected]

We assure you our best services.

IFB Team.   
Utpall kumar
Feb 18, 2017

Issue with washing Machine

This is with reference to IFB washing machine Model Senorita six 6kg Sr. No Bo55485 purchase on name of Madhushree. It is observed its digital panel is not working and same has register as a complain at IFB call centre on 3rd Jan 2017 through complain no 1104474605 , as per no action later in week 1 of February again complain registered through complain no 1104777650. But so far no action taken to rectify the issue. Service engineer gives executed as no spares available and call centre reply matter has escalated. I m clueless what going on.
Pl. help to address the issue.

[email protected]
Feb 2, 2017


Dear Manpreet

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details so we can further assist you.

Alternatively you can also write to us at [email protected] along with your contact details and we will help resolve your issue.

IFB Team
manpreet saggu
Jan 31, 2017

Money taken but services not provided

On 14th of Jan i had logged complain of washing machine is not working.Two days later some one from Antek Services come to check washing machine and gives us quotation of Rs 6460, to which we agree. After 4 to 5 days some Mr Anil comes and changes the parts of machine and takes the entire amount. Now Still the problem of water leakage is there. Every day i am calling Antek Services there is no response. I called up customer care for ifb washing machine 18604255678... i was given some Area Sales Manager's number (Ritesh Mehta). He took all the details and assured of taking care of the issue. Now no response from him. Called customer care and was given some Mr Suresh's number .....but no response.FED UP

[email protected]
Nov 11, 2016


Dear Joshi

Hope your issue has been resolved. In case you require further assistance, you can contact us on: BSNL & MTNL subscribers: 1860 425 5678 Other subscribers: ############  Email id: [email protected]

We assure you our best services.

IFB Team. 
[email protected]
Oct 19, 2016


Dear Rupali,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details so we can further assist you.

Alternatively you can also write to us at [email protected] along with your contact details and we will help resolve your issue.

IFB Team
[email protected]
Oct 19, 2016


Dear  Joshi,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you our best services.

IFB Team
Oct 9, 2016


Defective Trolley in Dish Washer. No response to complaint No. 1102869106 Dated 10-07-2016. Particular Part required from Goa Factory as per Mumbai service center which was not delivered for repair.
No response to numerous Emails.
Rupali Mehra
Sep 19, 2016

Refund of AMC Amount.

We have been IFB Washing Machine users since nearly 2 decades. We had a Star 6 kg machine till August this year. We had taken a 2 year AMC ( Invoice No. 14491 , book no. 484) on 11.2.2016. However since the washing Machine was causing too much trouble , we decided to go in for a new Washing Machine. From the technician who came to repair the machine , to the manager at the Brand Store in Juhu , to the Service centre , everyone told us we will get a refund of the AMC as we have bought a new IFB and the AMC will not be needed.

After having tried to contact Perfect Cool Services ( As advised by the call centre) , I was finally told by Ms Jaya of Perfect Cool that no refund will be given and I should " take " from the person who told me a refund will be given. I am now wondering if its just Ms Jaya having a bad day or should I give up all hopes of seeing any refund on the AMC .

Wishing You guys at IFB a great week. ( Mine has'nt exactly started out well)

Rupali Arvind Mehra
Jul 16, 2016

Complaints are not addressed

The machine was not working last week so we raised the issue with the customer care. They promised to send someone to attend the complaint withing 2 days but no one turned up. Finally one representative from their franchise in chembur turned up and behaved in an unprofessional manner saying that some new components have to be procured inorder to replace the existing defunct components. Then he has never turned up again and neither the call center, franchise is responding to our calls. IFB is run in a very disgusting manner with no customer centric approach. Their service is deplorable to say the least.
Seema Patil Wagh
Jul 13, 2016


Seema Patil Wagh
Jul 13, 2016


[email protected]
Jul 9, 2016


Dear Bharati,

Hope your issue has been resolved. In case you require further assistance, you can contact us on: BSNL & MTNL subscribers: 1860 425 5678 Other subscribers: ############  Email id: [email protected]

We assure you our best services.

IFB Team.                 
[email protected]
Jul 4, 2016


Dear Bharati,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you our best services.

IFB Team.
Jul 3, 2016


This is with reference to my complaint for repairing my washing machine which was placed with the customer care executives on 21.06.2016. This is to place on record that I have taken a service contract of IFB washing machine which is valid till 2017. The service engineer reported to our place the next day and informed that the problem is very huge and despite maintenance contract we have to bear expenses of 2500 for the same. On 27.06.2016, service engineer reported with the part. There was a leakage of water from machine for which the engineer said we have to pay further Rs. 500.

After 4 days of operating the washing machine, it went completely dead on 02.07.2016. On calling Elite services who are the franchisee owners of IFB, I was told that service engineer would report within one hour. After two hours when I called Elite services, their response was very high handed and rude, and I was informed that I was not their priority customer and would have to wait till other calls are serviced, Further he even had the audacity to bang the phone on me.

I once again contacted the customer care of IFB and informed them about the rude behaviour of Elite services. I was given the contact no of Mr Dushyant (supposedly the head of the service operations).

I called Mr Dushyant, and he assured me that the service engineer would report to our place ASAP. The whole day however no engineer reported. I again called Mr Dushyant- who assured me that service engineer would report late in the evening.

No service engineer reported on 02.07.2016 and subsequently I even sent a message to Mr Dushyant about the same. His phone was not reachable. and am yet to receive a reply from him till today (04.07.2016)

It seems as though Mr Dushyant has no control over their Franchise and Elite services appears to be handled by a bunch of rude and unprofessional personnel. Also Mr Dushyant doesnot have the courtesy to respond to my complaint despite following up with him so many times.

Customer is a beggar with IFB and not the KING. I regret buying IFB washing machine.

Request IFB personnel to address my complaint immediately.

vivek Thakur 22
May 27, 2015

washing machine timer problem

It's been nearly 2 months since my machine has been opened up but not attended till date
It's been a total mental and physical harassment from the service center side which always says that part will come in 2 days but never comes all fake promises
When complaint is given to their head office they always have only one answer that they are forwarding complaint but to whom they are forwarding only God knows as the complaint is still unattended
The service center antek services has the worst kind of staff firstly they don't know to talk to customers secondly their technician all are useless as know nothing about machine 4 people 4 different answers
Ifb has totally lost its valuable customers and faith in them
Till date my machine still unrepaired and useless
My contact 7208652284 devendra thakur
Aug 12, 2011

Machine Not Operational

IFB Service Station and IFB Local Team has been making me go in circles for my washing machine to be repaired.

2 times the engineer came and just inspected my Machine and promised to get me a part and then the area manager as well did the same.

Still no reponse and the local team blames us for the problem

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Job No 6849480

Machine Under Warranty

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