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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB WASHING MACHINE

B. Shivashankar
Aug 5, 2022

Motor eror

My ifb washing machine is under AMC from 21.01.2022 to 20.01.2023(Ticket no. 1008134855) my complaint ticket no. is1009349999. I registred on 29th July 2022 all most one week over. Machine is showing motor error. This complaint registred through custmor care. Iam contacting since one week they have not taken any action so for. They are telling motor is out of stock, will getting from Gao then only will repair. Therefore, I would request you to take nesassary action and oblige.
B. Shivashankar
Jul 29, 2021

Issue with IFB warranty and customer service

Ashfaque Sayed,
Andheri West
Mumbai 400058.

I purchase IFB Aqua 7 Kg during pandemic situation April 2020. My PCB was found defective
in August 2020 and they changed it since it is under 48 months warranty. After that there was a lamp issue in April 2021 which was fixed by technician Vijay. Last three days I was experiencing electric shock while staring machine and it stop working. I raised ticket on 28th July 2021 . Today Mr. Malick visited my place and then told that I have to replace PCB board and it should be replaced by paying 5000 rs. I told that my machine is still under warranty still he did not do anything and told company person will talk to you. Now I am waiting for the call. I am not able to do washing from last 2 days. I told him that within one year PCB got damaged. He told that it is due to moisture. I told him in my society more than 200 family are using LG brand washing machine and they are not facing due to moisture. I have escalated this to Top management and expecting resolution soon. My ticket number is 1007088738.
Nov 30, 2019

authorised service centre for IFB - Their Technicians are highly incompetent & damaging appliance working parts while coming for service.

My IFB washing machine was purchased in 2008, it was working perfectly without any techincal help or servicing until 2018. In 2018 techinican visited for service & henceforth I took up AMC, replaced some pipes, timer, etc. Now currently having taken 2 yrs comprehensive AMC which will expire in 2021.
Few days back, I registered an issue with IFB customer care for water leaking while machine is in operation. At first a technician from GRS solutions, Pai layout,  Bangalore visited, he changed the suspension which was covered under AMC, he told to replace 2 rubber fittings which costed Rs.750 (not covered under AMC). After reassembling machine, found that water leaking problem is not solved! He opened machine again and found inside outlet pipe is leaking.
Later he brought a replacement pipe from office, but it was not of correct size. So he put thread & tape & fixed the existing leaking pipe. When he assembled back the machine, WE found that the Start button has been damaged by him. The On/ off function had stopped functioning, & light always glowing. This button was working perfectly before he came to check the appliance! When we asked him to look into it, he never bothered & left & marked the ticket as Resolved!
I raised the issue once again with customer care. A new technician visited & he pulled the machine out with lot of force, which caused the pipe connected to water supply at the back to dismantle & all water gushing out.
He replaced the faulty outlet pipe with a new pipe, but never informed me that it is chargeable, i.e not covered under AMC. Next he tried to fix back the pipe that had opened at back & he was unable to fix it. He removed the Filter (aqua softener or so they call it), & informed that both pipe & filter needs to be changed as its threading is all gone!
This issue was never there previously, he had pulled out the machine so roughly and caused this damage! And now we have to pay for his errors! We had already replaced this Filter back in Jan-2019. Not even 10 months over & now he is making us to purchase new filter again for Rs. 1850 just because he spoilt it and he is not able to fix it back. We would have easily managed with the existing filter another 5 years if not for his MISHANDLING!!!
When I i telephoned the GRS solutions service manager, he guaranteed that filter functions for 2 yrs & definitely 1 yr+. He assured me that the unnecessary filter sale amount will be refunded back. However, when technician visited, he suggested to keep the new replaced filter, so in effect no refund of my Rs. 1850.

We are very very disappointed with this type of service & causing a hole in customer pocket with technician MISHANDLING,  LACK OF KNOWLEDGE & SHEER LACK OF EXPERIENCE.
What upsets me the most is that from when I bought the appliance in 2008 until 2018, machine worked perfectly without any issues. Even the filter worked 10 yrs for me without causing any issue.  Now they made me to change filter 2 times in span of 10 months!!!!

Ever since GRS solutions came to our service, we have ended up spending almost same amount as cost of appliance which we had paid Rs. 20,000 (from 2018 to 2019- last 2 years time- GRS solutions charged us towards servicing, replacing parts, AMC ,etc amounting to Rs. 18,000).

KIND ATTENTION TO OTHER CUSTOMERS::  if you happen to read this complaint, pls dont take up their AMC, its total waste of money and cheating customers.
When they visit for service, they will damage perfectly working parts, ask us and infact convince us to change parts which are not covered under AMC. Total total waste of money!
[email protected]
Apr 6, 2019

I'm complaining against IFB Servicing

It's so true that these IFB Service people are so lethargic and attend to complaints at their whims and fancies. I registered a complaint for my front load washing machine on 20th March 2019 from Bangalore and my complaint ticket number is 1002963510. I was getting Error 'TACO' message and Machine stopped working. Initially one person came and said it's heater problem told us about the rate made us do AMC pulled out heater connection and told us use cold wash and he'll come back with the replacement of part. But the error message started coming even in cold wash and completely stopped working. It's almost 15days and almost every day I have been calling the customer care or the technician but on a deaf ear. Every time I call the customer care they give different service center/person number which when I call they'll give false assurance or it'll be a person who has left the job or some wrong number. I am totally fed up not knowing what to do. Can IFB manufacturer people help?
Sep 21, 2018

No replacement

My IFB washing machine was not working and called the help line number. A technician was sent home who checked and said the motor required replacement as the old one was burned. He advised to take extended warranty as it be cheaper. I paid 7000Rs to the technician Mr. Venkat Atreya 072596 77863 he also gave me an IFB bill, it's been more than two weeks now he has put all numbers I have used to reach him under call block and I am really upset about this. I need my washing machine fixed please help me
Aug 30, 2018

Defective product received. No response

I had ordered an IFB washing machine through Flipkart Order ID 113118344770763000 on 17/08 which was delivered on 18/08/2018. The technician installed the machine on 19/08/2018 during which we started the first use when we saw that the machine was vibrating & making lot of noise during spinning / drying for which we sent the video to the technician who installed it. He again revisited & checked on 20/08/2018 & confirmed that the product is defective that's why is vibrating & making that much noise. He confirmed that complaint will be raised & machine will be replaced. I had claimed for replacement through Flipkart App, called IFB customer care to resolve the issue. They filled my complaint & gave me a complaint ticket number 1001972496 & after 2 days I got a message saying your complaint is resolved but my machine was not replaced or my complaint was not resolved. Again I called up IFB customer care & filed a complaint & they gave me another complaint ticket number 2001237510 which was again showing as resolved without resolving the issue. The same thing has happened 3 times.

Unable to contact the seller (Flipkart) - Omni Tech Retail who sold us the product.
Very poor service from IFB.

The machine is in uninstalled position from 12 days no proper response from IFB.
Naveen Reddy 1989
Jun 29, 2018


We have raised a request for service on 28 may but today is 29th june. After so many follow ups after 15 days of complaint one executive came and inspected the washing machine and said that we have to change the main board and confirmed that he will come and replace it next day. But next day when we called him he asked whether the machine is under warranty or not, after confirming that the machine is under warranty he stopped responding to our calls. We have been calling from last one month but none of the service executive or Manager is responding to our calls. We are contacting Mr.Suchendra (9513710261) ONE OF THE WORST SERVICE WE HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED

Dhayalan Subramanian
Jan 18, 2018

IFB Forces to take AMC : Very bad service engieers

Two weeks back i have raised a complaint , since I faced issue with water not getting drained. The service engineer had visited me and without even seeing the machine the problem , all he has done was switching on the machine. He told that , there is a major problem , it will take close to 6000 to replace the motor , pump and tube. And also he told to take AMC for tow years by paying 7000 , after one month he will come and fix the issue. This is because AMC will cover the problems that occur after one from date of issuing the policy.

I have got a doubt , because he has told that motor has gone , if the motor has gone the washing machine should never run. The washing machine runs , but at the end when it tries push the water out it says drain error. I can clearly see that error with the drian pump and its nothing to do with motor of washing machine. So I have asked engineer to cancel the request and come after one month since i don't have budget to get it fixed.

I thought of taking a second opinion , i have asked for engineer locally to verify whether the finding are correct. The engineer has visited the place he took nearly tow hours analysed the washing machine thoroughly and told that the drain pump has some power issue which need to be replaced and the cost will be 2000. I have got it fixed , after that i didn't face any issue at all.

I have lot my trust with IFB. Fraudsters basically. Yesterday My sister had called from Tamil nadu , she told that she had a problem with Door not closing properly and IFB service engineer told that the mother board is gone. It will cost 10000 and if she gone with AMC for two years this issue can be fixed easily paying any money. I told her the same thing happened with me , and don't go with their words and asked her to take second opinion. After a while she called me and told that , there is problem with door handle and it got replaced with 1000 rupees the issue was solved.


The service engineer also told that , Don't call service center hereafter call to his personal mobile number What the hell !!

The service ID number : 1000825134
Dec 3, 2017

Washing machine not working since more than two months now.

Hi I have been making several follow up with IFB service center KBS Services since 9/10/2017. My complain is from July 2017, ut could not follow up with IFB as we were out of country. We were back to Bangalore on 9th Morning and since then I am complaining it to the IFB Customer care phone number ############ the call center. As of now the complaint is still pending and some time back from IFB Washing Machine, a Quality Assurance person promised to resolve the complaint but when I call him he always says I am coming with in two hours but he never comes I would have made nearly 20 to 25 calls from October 2017 November 2017. As of now my machine has stopped functioning. Earlier it used to work but the rinsing operation was never happening.

This is the harassment to senior citizen like us.. as of now I have already spent on the same complaint an amount of INR 12,822/- with out any service and it is always change of the parts whether it is required or not. KBS Services had also promised to come in two hours of time but never attended.

I demand that the similar capacity machine to be replaced at no cost and the compensation of INR 13,000/- for wrongly changed the parts.

Ashok Majmudar
[email protected]
Nov 15, 2017

Technician not turning up in Whitefield branch of IFB washing machine

The IFB services in whitefield area is very very bad. When they need AMC to be renewed they would come to our place even before the maturity to collect the money. But when we call for service, they would never turn up even after multiple calls. The phone nos. that call centres provides of the whitefield branches are all wrong. When I asked to connect me the call to the manager at call centre they just made me wait for 30 mins on phone and then would say manager is busy and she would call back. But I have not received the call till now. The most horrible services I have ever seen. I recommend do not buy IFB washing machine ever. The whitefield , Bangalore branch especially the worst branch.
Nov 3, 2017


We had ordered a new washing machine Senator smart touch Front load on 18th October 2017 from IFB dealer Bengaluru. The delivery was promised to be made by 23rd October 2017. It has been more than 20 days and still we are yet to get delivery of the product. We have been in touch with ddealer who only gives false promises and has delayed the delivery till date.

However, after much persuasion, the dealer now informed that the product is discontinued by the Company "Which is a BIG LIE".
Note that the Product is still being marketed and sold by online dealers like Amazon, Flipkart etc and how can a new product be discontinued all of sudden??

IFB Company and dealers only knows to cheat the customers by giving false assurances. Dont ever purchase any product from this Company.

I have never come across such a FRAUD COMPANY

Daniel J
Oct 25, 2017

Defective Washing machine

Hi Team,

Recently purchased a washing machine from IFB Point in Bangalore Kormangala which has the following problems.

1> While the washing is on stops in between and we have to manually reset the timer to make it work again.
2> The Water falls on the RIM of the tub and spills out.
3> The machine give a burnt smell while in Dry mode. Since then the washing machine is not been used.
4> The water spills and comes out of the washing machine and which is a Immediate posing a electrical shock threat.

I had raised a ticket with the IFB Customer Care on 16th October 2017 - 1000550318 for REFUND of the money and was closed today the 25/10/2017 without even my concern.

The machine was checked by 2 technicians and one of the technicians who seems to have no prior experience started the Switch on the machine without water being connected and also tried to run the machine in Dry mode for almost 15-20 minutes. For which we had to forcefully ask the technician to leave our premises.

The case is now handled by Mr. Nadesh the Area Service Manager for IFB Bangalore region who has promised to refund but its taking a long time as expected as we do not have any confirmation of whats been done.

I would urge the issue to be fixed as soon as possible as we are unable to use the Washing machine due to Electric shocks that might occur.

With all due respect I want the REFUND within Saturday 28th October 2017 as promised by Mr. Nadesh.

On Monday we would try to check with Mr. Nadesh and if there is no proper response we would take the assistance of the Consumer forum.


C/O Charles J 9741875655 Please contact me for any clarifications.
Oct 17, 2017

IFB Washing machine Senatir 6 KG Complaint number 1000520257 9/10/2015

Complaint number 100520257 dated 9/10/2017 was registered and the technician came from KBS Services on 10/10/2017 . The problem is the rinsing does not happen and he said motor has to be changed and changed the motor and charged Rs. 4790/- in cash. Receipt number 245 dated 10/10/2017. My washing machine model is IFB Washin Machine Senator6 KG front load.

The same problem was faced during June 2017 and the Pump was changed and Rs. 2755 was charged by KBS Services, Receipt number 3285 dated 26/06/2017.

For the same problem complaint was registered on IFB Customer care number and this time it was serviced from IN TIME SERVICE receipt no. 308 dated 13/05/2017. amount charged was 5257.

So in the span of May 2017 to October 2017 I had spent Rs. 12,822/- and still my washing machine is not working. For the same fault three different times the parts were changed but still problem is not solved.

I want the new machine now and also refund the amount paid so far.

I would like an answer from IFB Washing machine company and want senior responsible person from IFB washing machine should handle my case on urgent basis. Failing which be prepared to face the legal notice.

Ashok Majmudar
[email protected]

IFB Washing machine Senatir 6 KG Complaint number 1000520257 9/10/2015 IFB Washing machine Senatir 6 KG Complaint number 1000520257 9/10/2015 IFB Washing machine Senatir 6 KG Complaint number 1000520257 9/10/2015

dinakar rayasam
Sep 24, 2017

Water leakage near Drain Pipe

Dear IFB,

Ticket no:1000460736.

First of all I didn't call for a general service. On friday i.e 15/09/2017 I received a call from the IFB Service Center, Bangalore saying that my machine is due for general service and asked for appointment. Then I gave the appointment for doing service. That same day in the afternoon, service center guy came my Home showed the IFB iidentity card and we allowed to do the service. He mentioned that descaling to be done and also filter should be replaced then we allowed to change the filter. If you don't trust this we have a CC TV recording in my apartment premises we will show it you if you don't trust the customer.

After that service it started leaking near drain pipe, the same we reported to the customer care.Then another executive came and saw that there was a crack in the drain pipe which is to be replaced and he mentioned that first executive is not from IFB. First of all how he confirms that without proper evidence the first technician is not from IFB. On top of that you have taken his words and again confirmed the same. I have evidence recorded in my CC TV footage that who has visited my flat.

It is your responsibility to safeguard our personal details which was missing from your side. Due to this we are losing Hope,Trust and interest on IFB appliances.

Henceforth I will not prefer IFB appliances and the same I will suggest to my friends and relatives.

I am ok for replacing, however I am losing the interest and trust on IFB that the executives attending for service are from IFB or not.Please create trust to the customers first.

Next thing none of your service center executives are not supportive from top level to bottom i.e Manunath and Shivangi Bansal(Service Head). They are not ready to understand and act on the situation.

Please take this as serious issue. My sincere suggestion is first create trust to the customer.

Dinakar, 9535376299
dinakar rayasam
Sep 21, 2017

Water leakage near Drain Pipe

Washing Machine under warranty. Service executive visited and serviced the washing machine as a part of general service.
After service it started leaking. Reported this to customer care, sent a different executive and told the part was broken. To be replaced which will cost 2000/- which needs to be paid by customer(me). When I asked the same to that executive told that previous guy who came was not from IFB authorised service center. For your information, I never called IFB customer care for servicing, they only called me and asked for appointment. Now they are saying first service guy is not IFB authorised guy and saying some stories.

The same escalated to Service manager(Manjunath), Service Head(Shivangi Bansal - 9342936472). No Response

Poor Service and didn't expected from this.

Sep 17, 2017

Extra charges

I have bought a IFB 6.5kg washing machine on 16th Sept.and they had charged 1200rs as processing fees for bajaj Finance, wherein all other outlet they were asking only 600-700rs processing fees.

At the time of delivery on 17the Sept 2017 they had charged extra 200rs for it, that too jst 3km radius from Girias outlet. This is too much of charges that they take from customers

Also to highlight Very bad customer service, They never explained abt the product we were looking for at all.. plus to get the finance approved from 3 o'clock till 7:30 night I had to wait
Abhra Debroy
Sep 1, 2017

Pathetic Service

Pathetic service from Bangalore Marathalli Branch. I have raised a service request more than months ago, ticket #1000280024. The work is half done due to missing parts, since last two months machine remained unusable. I am personally following up with Service center, Mr Ananth (+91 8553838111) and IFB area Manager Mr Sarath (+91 9019216746) . Every time I get new date and new promises, but no technician turn up.

I have paid 45000/- for AMC, is there any way to cancel AMC and get back the money ?
Aug 14, 2017

Top loading washing machine stopped working

Please note that my top loading washing machine which was purchased 11 months back, suddenly stopped working.I have registered a complaint # 1000321118 on 13.08.2017. A technician has visited today i.e 14.08.2017 and has told the PCB board needs to be replaced. He has also mentioned that since it comes under warranty period, the said part needs to be supplied by central ofc. He has promised that he will be coming and fixing the issue within next 3 days. Request you to prioritise and resolve my issue at the earliest.
[email protected]
Jun 20, 2017


Respected Sir/Mam,

Iam a member of AMC.I would like to know whether charges are applicable for products like fabric detergents , appliance descaler and filter .
Sunayana Gurani
Jun 7, 2017

Irresponsive and False support Claims from ifb

My Ifb front load machine 9 kg washer and dryer is Six years old and the technician says cannot provide spare part as the machine is outdated.

My cry of agony
... The machine has been not working for almost two weeks. The customer care response time is more tha n six days for my two requests. 1105649641 and 1105717309

.... And why should a spare part not be available when the website boasts of ten years spare part support. See attached

Irresponsive and False support Claims from ifb

Jun 6, 2017

No support from IFB - close to a month - Issue still not resolved

I had raised complaint to customer care on 8th May 2017 and the ticket number is 1105449609. After follow-up an engineer visited my house and suggested to go in for AMC though I was ready to pay the repair cost. He disappeared with the cheque for quite some time and the ticket was closed.

I had to raise a freshe ticket - 1105632811 on 27th May 2017. After several follow-up one technician called me on Saturday, 3rd June to fix up a time for Monday, 5th June. But, the ticket was closed on Saturday itself.

Again, I had to call the customer care to escalate today - 6th June. I spoke to Mr Ali who promised to solve the issue. Of course, a new ticket - 1105710399 has been raised today.

3 tickets, too many calls / follow-ups to get one issue fixed from IFB? What a poor service despite paying hefty money to buy the product and paying AMC charges - we are the mercy of their service engineer who think and speak as if they had invented the washing machine and CEO/board member of IFB.
Zaina afreen
May 18, 2017


I'am zaina afreen and I have an IFB washing machine its almost been over a month since I registered a complain that my washing machine is not working a technician came down and checked the machine and confirmed that the problem is that the PCB of the machine isi damaged because of power fluctuations since my service lies still within the warranty period my demand to replace the PCB was accepted and the respective agency people had sought 4 to 5 days time citing tax issues and now its been more than a month nobody has turned up my repeated enquiries have fallen on deaf ears last time also I had faced a simlar issue where my machine's external drain hose had to be replaced and it took them more than over 3 weeks to replace it and it wasn't covered under warranty and I had to play 3500 rupees.l have been regreting using this IFB product.pathetic service and a pathetic product.
May 17, 2017

Spinning not happening properly


I have a front load IFB washing machine.

Spinning is enabled, but not happening properly. Clothes are wet after wash cycle. Kindly attend the issue ASAP.

Customer no : 4184019
Mob: +91-8105923600

Sanjiv Anto
[email protected]
Mar 15, 2017


Dear Diana,

Hope your issue has been resolved. In case you require further assistance, you can contact us on: BSNL & MTNL subscribers: 1860 425 5678 Other subscribers: ############  Email id: [email protected]

We assure you our best services.

IFB Team.   
Mar 7, 2017

washing machine not operating properly

It has been over 30 hours since i have raised a service request for an issue with my washing machine. I was assured of acresponse by an IFB technician within 24 hours. My ticket number is 1104942400 that i raised by calling the IFB Customer care number.
I called the custimer care today as well to check the status of my request and I was again assured that a technician will be sent within two hours.
pathetic service is all that i can say.as i await a response from IFB my washing machine lies with a drum half full of soapy water!

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