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Consumer complaints and reviews about IFB WASHING MACHINE

sreenivasa A
Feb 3, 2016

Display board problem (ticket no: 1101602743)

I am the user of IFB washing machine. Recently I faced the problem with the display and for this I have raised the complaint with the customer care (complaint no: 1101602743) on 17th Jan 2016, the service engineer attended on 18th Jan 2016 and took the display board saying the problem with display board and would be replaced in three days, but till now the problem is not resolved. I have called the customer care many times in between and they used to give the contact numbers of the service manager and service engineers, but they never responded properly.

Below are the two numbers which were given by customer care to me to contact for the status, but there response is very poor and many times they did not lift the phone and no response to the messages as well.

1) 9964199888
2) 7483151998
3) 9844986323.

Could you please help me on this.

[email protected]
Jan 19, 2016


Dear Deryck,

Hope your issue has been resolved. In case you require further assistance, you can contact us on:
BSNL & MTNL subscribers: 1860 425 5678
Other subscribers: ############
Email id: [email protected]

We assure you our best services.

IFB Team
[email protected]
Jan 14, 2016


Dear Deryck,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you our best services.

IFB Team.
Jan 11, 2016

IFB Washing Machine Not working and disappointing service from Service Partner

Complain Number: 10129031, dated: 5th January 2016. This is with regards to the mentioned complain and disappointing service provided by Global Enterprise (IFB Authorized Franchise for Washing Machine repairs). The engineer has been misleading us on the service and has taken Rs. 2200 from us for the repairs but the washing machine is still not in workable condition.
The Engineer from Global Enterprises (Suraj Rai Mobile: 8692814156) visited our premises to attend to the complain of IFB washing machine, be changed some part of the washing m/c but the washing m/c is still not in working condition. He is now stating that the problem is with the electrical system of our premises and misleading us after taking Rs. 2200 for the service which was unsatisfactory. Even after the washing M/c still under warranty, the engineer charged us for service.

We want IFB to ensure that the authorized Franchise (Global Enterprises & their engineer) is questioned about the incomplete service and the same to be attended by professional team. Incase we do not hear from IFB or their service partner, we will be reaching out to consumer affairs/court to seek assistance and escalate the matter further.

Deryck Rodrigues
[email protected]
Jan 6, 2016


Dear G Narendra Kumar,

As discussed with you by our branch kindly let us know when you would like to go for an exchange, so that we can guide you on the same.

Alternatively you can visit our website http://www.ifbappliances.com/exchange.html for more details.

IFB Team.
[email protected]
Jan 6, 2016


Dear N Venkatasubramaniaan,

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad your problem is resolved and you are satisfied. In case you require further assistance, you can contact us on: BSNL & MTNL subscribers: 1860 425 5678 Other subscribers: ############Email id: [email protected]

We assure you our best services.

IFB Team.
[email protected]
Jan 6, 2016


Dear Jagannath,

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details so we can further assist you.

Alternatively you can also write to us at [email protected] along with your contact details and we will help resolve your issue.

IFB Team
[email protected]
Jan 6, 2016


Dear G Narendra Kumar,

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you our best services.

IFB Team.
Jan 5, 2016

no reply for my complaint

yesterday i have made an complaint regarding my IFB washing machine still there is no reply from your end pl. do needful at the earliest, or i have to go for legal action.


Jan 4, 2016

Not satisfied with the service from your rep.

dear sir/ madam

I would like to bring the below matter to your notice for urgent necessary action.

Refer to my complaint dated 25 dec, yesterday{ 30 dec} one of your service executive { Mr shankar, mobile no 9945184018} visited us & advised that the drum & bearing of our machine has to be replaced as it is giving extra sound, where as during our last service {25 dec, 2015} the machine was working perfectly.

After the 1st service { 25 dec} only we have observed that there is some additional sound is coming from the machine. Considering the same we have made the below said complaint as we are not at all satisfied with the same, but there is no satisfactory response as the service executive who visited us on 30 dec simply told that drum & bearing has to be replaced for which we have to pay approx. rs 8000/-.

Our main concern is as:

the problem has arised after the service done on 25 dec, 2015 before that our machine was working perfectly, the same you may also understand as the drum or bearing problem was not advised by the service engineer who visited us on 25 dec & we realized the problem when we tried to used the machine after his departure as the service engineer advsied us to use the machine after 02 hrs as he has used some chemicals/ powder.
We gave the complaint feedback next day itself { complaint no. 1101255997 on 26 dec 1320hrs} by SMS, but when NO response came we send the below mail & made a compalint over the TOLL free No. over the customer care centre on 28 dec 2015
We want that our machine should be properly serviced as the problem has arised only after the service of your executive on 25 dec, may be due to his mishandling

Kindly look into the matter on urgent basis as we are unable to wash our clothes which is required everyday

Hope you will do the needful urgently

Enclosed: Service Report copy of 25 dec, 2015 with receipt.


G Narender Kumar

Not satisfied with the service from your rep.

Dec 17, 2015

Rat protection mesh

New washing TLRCG 6.5 Kg machine cash perches at Khalapur HARIOM ELECTRONICS Dit: Raigad pin code : 410202 on 24/10/2015 and m/c demo on 31/10/2015 working ok.

But on 10/12/2015 w/m not working same inform to protection mesh that person say our Technician coming after 4 days.
Technician coming on 17.12.2015 for repair w/m

Found fault in side the m/c bottom side Rat protection mesh was not at place so RAT going in side the w/m & 4 nos control wire cut it

My request is company pl. provide one Rat protection mesh HARIOM ELECTRONICS through my invoice no.2219

miss. Vijaya jagannath Bhagat At& Post: Lodhivali OYH-2 PLOT NO 10-B TAL: KHALAPUR DIST: RAIGAD

W/M SR NO. 0210115150927014431
Dec 17, 2015


Daer Sir

My Complaint No. 1101164552 dt 5th Dec 2015.
As per advice of service engineer the drum changed and belt replaced on payment since this is not covered by AMC.
Subsequently bearing is changed, then front rubber bush is changed by paying Rs 500/- to service engineer. Problem not soved, another engineer came and checked and informed the rubber was not new one and it was used one. Now they are asking me to buy new rubber bush which cost about Rs 850/- which I do not know the original cost as they never give the bill. I agreed to pay this amount and asked them send engineer with bill. last three days I am waiting for this . The branch manager is not taking the responsibily of his engineers action. I called every day to their toll free number and endorse my complaint again and again but no use. Is it fair on IFB part. ?? It is broad daylight cheating. After complaining to Area Manager,
he has taken action two days back. But it is not solved. All are joined together for this ...
They never maintain schedule timings. If we are employed, we should forget it.

Better get out of IFB company products. Once it was good name but now the people working are spoiled the image.

N Venkatasubramaniaan
Dec 12, 2015

No support for AMC

I am writing this for highlighting a very disturbing and insensitive to customer trend that has been going on for a very long time with respect to customer service of IFB in Bangalore.

I have a problem of my washing machine, Senator 6kg. The machine has persistently been giving the same problem at repeated intervals since last one year i.e the drum of the machine stops rotating and all other functions happen. The machine is under AMC and I have been raising complaints tirelessly for the same problem. Everytime an IFB rep visits many days after lodging the complaint and temporarily solves the issue. The issue crops up again and i have to repeat the harrowing experience of dealing with IFB customer care.

Presently, my machine is unusable from 28 Nov 2015 and I have raised a complain with No. 1101125076 on 28 Nov 2015. I have been calling customer care repeatedly and still there was no follow up. I was then given the mobile number of Mr Rudresh, Area Manager on 07 Dec 2015. When i called Mr Rudresh, he sent a technician Mr Laxmi Reddy to check on the machine today i.e. 08 Dec 2015. This was after 10 days of raising the complaint.

Mr Laxmi Reddy on visiting our house and seeing the AMC papers said that he will come back again after getting the AMC converted. I asked him for the reason to do so and when would he come again. To this his response was very rude and unbecoming of the behaviour that is expected from a service providing company. He said i don't know when and how and asked me to talk to the company. I was totally exhausted with this kind of response as i have waited for more than ten days for a response and still no end to the problem is in sight. I don't understand why there is a need for conversion of my AMC now, as the IFB reps have visited earlier on the same AMC. The machine is still unusable and I don't know when will i get the required service from IFB.

My machine has a two year comprehensive AMC and the invoice no. Is 011317 dated 11 Jan 2014. The AMC is valid till 10 Jan 2016. I want IFB to take strict disciplanary action against Mr Laxmi Reddy for misbehaving with me and my wife to start with. I want IFB to rectify my machine at the earliest by initiating suitable actions. I also want IFB to provide me with an answer for long response time and inability to solve the problem with the machine for the last one year.

Kindly advise me on the action i can take for initiating proceedings against IFB as per law for cheating me on servuce contract.

Thank you.
S K Singh
Dec 10, 2015

IFB Dishwasher - IFB Customer Care Not Responding - Not Attending to the Service Request After 15+ days

Hello IFB,

Even after calling and escalating to customer care (############) and your service centre (7026621446) multiple times, You people are least bothered in attending a service call, also your team members in local service centre is always lying.

If you people are really incapable of attending to a service request even after 15 days of request, do you really think you should be a part of IFB's authorized service partner?

and now, your team is not answering any calls.


And hats off to customer care team sitting in Hyderabad!!, without any knowledge of local team's working style or working hours, you are committing to customer that the service person will visit today without fail.



Please Note: If any of your customer service team responds like "Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details so we can further assist you."

or The matter is escalated to higher authority, we will look into it, etc, IT WILL NOT BE FAIR ON YOUR PART...


GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 4, 2015


Dec 1, 2015

IFB Washing Machine - Worst Service

We have given the complaint on 24th Oct and complaint number is 1100956625; technician came after 4 days and said baring is gone and he required to order and get it; after 1 week he came after multiple follow-ups and told us that he need to replace the drum and he did not turn up for 2 weeks. Even after followup, he will say that he will attend today and will not make it; customer service supervisors are also giving same false information. If we followup every day then they give reasons like it is raining or i am not well. This is going on for a month now. Is this the way IFB provides the service to customers. The technician are behaving rude to customers and asking customer to why are you escalating to supervisors? Worst part is my IFB machine is under AMC still there is no user or help. I am really frustrated with service; customer care executive do not have any control over the service provider; it becomes useless to call customer care then we do not get any help. I feel that I should not be using the IFB products any more.
Nov 26, 2015

Complaint No: 48595...Customer Care not responding

I have been calling IFB Customer Care since... Nov 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26th...till now no response received.
2 months back, Machine was repaired and we have paid 8000 Rs. Again after 2 months, same issue is coming up.
When we call customer care, they say they will call back. But don't call.
Feeling bad for taking IFB Machine
Nov 25, 2015

IFB washing machine is not working from 20/10/2015

Hi IFB Customer Care,

I am very very unhappy with the services provided by the IFB till day, I have raised one complaint on 23rd OCT 2015(1100944364) and this request on 18th Nov 2015 ( 1101072303), which is still unresolved...
I have called many times daily from 23rd OCT 2015 to today to your Bangalore service center numbers (7026621446, 7026621448 and 9686999583 and these all are very very big idiot(They are not responding my phone and they are telling always lie). And I am very unhappy with the service provided from those service center people.
My washing machine is not working from last 1 month and I am calling daily once to your service center to repair my washing machine.
and I called many time to customer care as well for this issue (############), and I did not got any resolution till now,

Kindly escalate to your supervisor if it is not possible to resolve from your side.

Kindly check who is working on it and do this task on priority...

Thanks and Regards,

Shashi Bhusan Kumar
[email protected]
Sep 25, 2015


Dear Rama kantha rao

We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have escalated your concern and will attend to it immediately.

Assuring you our best services.

IFB Team.
n rama kantha rao
Sep 23, 2015

no proper servicing

Last month august 21st we gave a complaint..ticket no. 1100637405..saying that machine door was not proper, it used get stuck from the begining and on 21st the door got stuck and was not getting open. So we filed a complaint. Sevice man attended us on 25th august who was without company uniform.And within 5minutes he opened and did something with the door and i was not there my wife there in the house.But when i came and saw, nob of the door had been bend and i replied not "N" that is not satisfied to the feedback message also. When i called service man and asked he talked carelessly and told it is like that only.He also told he doesnt care if we complaint also.From then on we are facing alot of problem about the door. Again on 15th september i complainted that is no. 1100748780. then i called the call center and reqested to do servicing neatly. They told service will be done in 24 hours. The service man came on 22nd september and told the outer door is been cut.message came to me saying complaint is been satisfied before the service man attended. I showed that message to him also. When he saw the machine he told door's nod has got cut and told us to apply for complaint. the first service man broke the nob odf the door now they are telling me to pay money. I requested branch manage to do good service.U tell ifb is no.1 but servicing is so poor.Noone even responded to us.Now i have kept the machine like that only.Please come and do servicing untill then i wont used this [email protected] .
Jul 28, 2015

Worst service from IFB

Hi Team,

This is worst service i have seen,i have complaint again my IFB washing machine on June 6th ,engineer came to home checked and said that he need to change something and went absconding .when i called customer service they are saying request got closed without any reason.I asked to re-open the request for which they said they can't and gave me a new request number ..once again same thing happened.i called them and they are saying request got closed again without any reason ,when i spoke to complaint manager Santosh he said he will call me with a solution within 24 hr but its almost 2 months no action has been taken.


I don't understand how can they close the request with typing something or giveing a valid reason ..pathetic service from IFB

Jul 27, 2015

drum not running

Ticket No16023541 dated 19th July 2015, the service personnel visited on 21st July, inspected and told that magnetic coil has to be replaced and it will take 2 days. No further action. I have contacted KBS ph. No. 080-42297375, they told me the spare part is not available here, it has to come from Goa and it will be done on Tuesday 28th. Please follow up my complaint and see that it is resolved by Tuesday. Already 8 days over, just to replace the spare part.
May 26, 2015

No service from beginning even if 4 years warrenty is there

I bought one IFB washing machine online directly from IFB website, they had an offer of giving rice cooker free along with that.
When it got delivered, the delivery people are horrible person, asked for money forcefully, though delivery is free, but after checking the box rice cooker is not inside, then I called 5/6 times to send it, nobody responded, after I send a big mail to IFB, they send it to home. Now I am having one small issue to connect the inlet pipe to new tap, I asked their help to do that, but I fed up with calling them and holding the phone, I talked to senior authorized people (Suresh, Durga, Balwinder) also, nobody has proper commitment, they are giving someone's contact no every time, but those numbers are either not working or nobody picked the call.

Everyday they committed that it is going to resolve today but no one came and contacted, it supposed to close by 48 hours as per the policy but last 7 days I didn't get any service for this. Somebody called one day and asking for some other address, When I told my address is different, he is replying I got this information from customer service team, when I told this over phone to customer care, they are not sure who is for which area and telling in internal mis communication happened. This indicates that their customer care unit is not properly managed and structirized.

Moreover I was staying in Indiranagr upto April 8th, I was using Kaveri water and used IFB liquid detergent, but I am not satisfied with the wash quality, it is not doing wash properly no one will identify that the clothes are in washed state. I did mistake, I bought this machine.

Advice to all, please don't but IFB washing machine, it is totally waste of money
May 25, 2015

IFB Washing machine Issue

Dear IFB Team,

It is really unfortunate that I am your customer , time and again you do not miss the opportunity to realize us that we have made a big mistake!!!
Kindly take note of complaints which I have registered at your complaint center for resolution of only one issue “My washing machin is not taking any water intake and hence not working” :

1) 14970324- registered on 28/Feb/2015
2) 15254379- registered on 3/april/2015
3) 15385671- registered on 22/april/2015
4) 15598353- registered on 22/may/2015 – “ Still unresolved”

So many complaints for the same issue conclude that :
1) Your technicians are not trained enough to troubleshoot the issue and resolve it
2) Your company do not give a damn to customers raising complaints

I already have an AMC and legally you are advised to perform your duty of providing the services else if you want to harass us then we can reciprocate with doing so in consumer forums and courts.
Apr 29, 2015

Highly unprofessional Customer care and AMC- Complaint ID- 15401666

I have owned and recommended IFB washing machine for a few years now. However I am deeply disappointed in your customer care. I am not aware of any reliable appliance giant that treats its loyal consumers in such unprofessional manner.

I have an AMC which I think was a huge mistake. Seems like cunsumers with AMC are the last choice for your support technicians. it has been a week since I logged the
Complaint id- 15401666 as my washing machine is not functioning at all.
Nobody has since responded with a call or visit till now. We urgently need to use the appliance but in spite of AMC we are helpless.
Now the situation is so bad that nobody is even picking up the call.
I sincerely request you to please handle my request on priority and have a technician fix my appliance as soon as possible.
I am now inclined to buy other brands which care for customers a little.

I really hope You can do something about it soon.

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