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Consumer complaints and reviews about Income Tax Department

Laxmikant Meena
Sep 19, 2017

ITR refund

Dear sir ,

I filed Income tax return and successfully e verified in the first week of august 17 and expecting to get ITR amount but have not got yet so i checked my bank statement, my ITR status as well as Pre-validate bank details than after i was trying to make refund reissue request but could not make due to "no refund failures to raise re-issue service request" status.
kindly find attached screen shots for reference of above conversation .
I know that ITR refund may be got within a week so I am expecting that you resolve this issue as soon as possible .here below my acoount details

User Id (Pan card) -BSLPM0590H Name -LaxmiKant Mahaveer Meena

bank details Ac No. 67375660429 name Laxmikant Meena

bank address SBI mahaveer nagar 3 Kota Rajasthan Branch code (31728)

MICR NO. 324002028: IFSC CODE: SBIN0031728

Please do the needful .

ITR refund

Mar 21, 2017

Black money and non-payment of tax

Owner of previously rented house save their tax by taking rent in cash. They got very scared at the time of demonetization and gave us somebodyelse's account details for online rent transfer. The owner even refused to provide us their PAN no. , they were afraid that they would get caught if each of the four of us declare that rent amount in our form-16 tax declaration but somehow she got convinced to give me her PAN No. - ASWPS1499K (SANDHYA SHRIVASTAV) . It's not just single house she owned, she has around 4-5 houses in Mumbai and her husband works in Dubai

Request you to take action against them.

I have a whatspp chat as proof
Feb 2, 2017

Refunds not yet received

PUNITA BANSAL 1, Gautam Niwas,
St Paul’s Street,
ITO, Ward 11(3)(2),
Aayakar Bhavan,
M.K. Road, Mumbai 400 020.

Dear Sir,
Sub: Rectification application made u/s 154 still not carried out
PAN : AFRPB 3791 B
Assessment Years : 2011-12 & 2012-13
I am enclosing copies of my applications for rectification u/s 154 for the assessment years 2011-12 & 2012-13 filed in your office on 29/06/2012 & 03/02/2014 respectively, alongwith 26AS & intimations u/s 143(1) for both years. The mistake has arisen due to tds/advance tax amounts mismatch as follows:

Advance tax/ tds payments
Assmt Yr As per 26AS As per intimation Diff Refund claimed
2011-12 30,000 15,000 15,000 24,337 -Refund 9,710 adjusted against demand for AY 2009-10,
which was a mistake subsequently rectified and demand was made nil

2012-13 68,804 38,804 30,000 20,179 -Demand raised 9,920
The above rectifications have not yet been done due to which my refund of Rs. 12,280/- (Rs. 11,070/- plus interest Rs. 1,210/-) for the succeeding AY 2013-14 has been adjusted against earlier year demand to the extent of Rs. 11,999/-. On rectifying the tax credit amount for the earlier year i.e. AY 2012-13, I shall be entitled to a refund in the subsequent year AY 2013-14 also [143(1) copy, AY 2013-14 enclosed].
You are requested to give me due credits of tax in the above mentioned three years resulting in refunds of tax as follows:
Assmt Year Refund due
2011-12 24,337 plus interest thereon
2012-13 20,179 plus interest thereon
2013-14 11,070 plus interest thereon
Also, request you to cancel the demands shown as outstanding as per intimation u/s 245 dt 29/01/2014 (copy enclosed) for the AY 2009, 2010 & 2012. The rectifications for the AY 2009 & 2010 have already been done by your office by cancelling the demands and issuing due refunds in my account. Copies of the assessments made are enclosed for your perusal.
Thanking You,
Yours Faithfully,
Punita Bansal

Dec 25, 2016

Black Money Transaction.

We are enclosing herewith photocopy of two registered documents, of MotiLal Todi flat purchase and sale, at Vishwamahal, C Road, Charch Gate, mumbai – 400020. In sr. no. 1- property value show 1.35 Carore for area 1200 and s.no 2- Rs 2.31 Crore for area 105.48. Serial no. 1 property purchase @ 6 Carore from Alok Agrawal/Amarnath Agrawal/Ratan Agrawal at Barapatti, Lal Bazar, Jharia, Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Agrawal bandhu do not deposited capital gain and other tax to department.
They are also involve to change old note in new with Todi bandhu. They occupied 60% flat of Todi family of illegal money in VishwaMahal, Charch Gate. They are transferring black money to Jharia for new note through Ratan Agrawal with Dr. Krishna Agrawal Jharia.
Specially Amar Nath Agrawal is related to Dubai and hawala business operated from Dubai which can be verified from passport.

Black Money Transaction. Black Money Transaction. Black Money Transaction. Black Money Transaction.

Dec 16, 2016

Reporting Black Money

Rakesh Jainidas Shah is continuing his stock market business after being fined, expelled by SEBI and Reliance Company where he was a stock broker.

His address is 501 La Vista Opp Tulsiwadi compound Mazgaon Mumbai 400010

He also has million of Rupees worth of Rolex's, jewelry, properties in other people names, and other items in his house.

Please investigate asap. as he also may be using a US based platform via his son Shalin Rakesh Shah who is in San Francisco if SEBI sends me an email where I can attach his recent stock transactions for himself and others will be happy to do so


Reporting Black Money

Dec 7, 2016

Receiving cashless approval SMS for no reasons

I had received few messages about cashless been raised and the further approved for paitent name Sangeeta Suresh Rane for sevenhills hospital on 23 Nov 2016 (MDI2928585). Cashless amount Rs11664 / Rs16546.

I have never been to this hospital nor do I know any sangeeta Rane, neither do I have any insaurance policy in my name.

Address of hospital : (as provided by contact with MDI on 18002334505 )

Opp. Seven Square Academy, P.K. Road,
Mira-Bhayander Rd., Mira Road (E),
Thane, Maharashtra, India
Tel. : 2812 7711, 2810 7711
Email : info@sevenelevenhospital.in

I have been raising this with MDI and sevenhills hospital since then to remove my number from here which could have been incorrectly added. On following up regularly for almost about a week have received silly responses from MDI end. Both the side hospital and MDI used to point finger onto each other. I got responses like they might be our relatives, total nonsense as if we don.t know our relatives. Later they inform me that it could have been a mistake, so then it can be corrected which does not seems to be happening from MDI side. On connecting with MDI or hospital each of them told me that it is not possible form their end. So then where am i suppose to go or whom to connect with.

Also hospitals informed me that the patient is also getting the SMS about the cashless details.. Patient number provided by hospital is different from our number.
Now this is not possible to have SMS on 2 number for the same cashless request. I am not sure if this is genuine or any illegal activities been carried out here in.
May 23, 2016

Agency taking lot of money and cheating

Hi sir this is khalid imran from mumbai mahim i would like to complaint about the unique management agency in santacruz that he is taking money illigely from people to send abroad.
Company is paying every thing but agency is taking 60000 from each person and cheating people.
People r harasse in company for doing extra things.
And agency is not co operating here.
I request you to raid unique management agency in dheerag heritage santacruz.
i dont think so that they must have paid you income tax for this.
Plz take action aganist these people and they wil no.

Khalid imran

Contact number is 9967355794. Imran

Agency taking lot of money and cheating

Mar 25, 2016

PIN not received for activation


I had done registration process to login on tax portal.

But unfortunately couldn't complete the process of activation.

Now when i try to activate, it takes me to the page where i need to put pin. Which i dont have have & they are not triggering any new pin on my mobile number.

Cant select option forgot password as there an an pop up something stating i need to first activate the user name using the link sent. When i click on link which was sent in past it again takes me to the page to put PIN.

This is going round and round where i cant login & file returns.

Jun 5, 2015

Not receiving refund

My pan no AAZPN1321L I have not received my refund amounting to nearly 200000 for my returns filed for the year 2013-14 for reasons best known to income tax department I have opted for VRS and hence would like to receive my money immediately or know the reasons for non receipt of the amount . My email address amnair1996@gmail.com
Kishore Naitam
Jul 31, 2014

Unable to activate link

I have registered e file account. and resend activation link to many times. I have get mobile PIN and email also. all time I have got massage to me Pl activate you account by clicking on below address .or cut paste on you browser . after that I am unable to activate my account.
Aug 27, 2013

CPC - Incorrect ITR submission address

The ITR V that I had sent across 17 days back is still not recieved by CPC department, though the same has been delivered successfully by Postal department.
Got to know the reason today (after following up since 2 weeks) that the address mentioned within ITR V is DIFFERENT for Speed Post and Oridinary Post.Speed Post shouldnt be having Post Bag No1 mentioned in the address whereas for ordinary post the address should be the same as the one mentioned in ITR V.
I think the CPC team should have mentioned this clearly in the ITR V (last section). They should have thought about this issue much before Mar'13. A simple MISTAKE by them (or which ever team involved) is unnecessary leading to delays and several follow-ups by assessee.
Hope this is taken into consideration and rectified ASAP.
Jun 28, 2012

IT refund not yet received

The refund is not received since last three year so that refund is
processed as soon as possible

thanking you

yours faithfully

Arun Samant
May 18, 2012

Income Tax Refund

I have received a letter from IT department regarding my Refund for AY 2009-10. This letter was received on 30th January 2012 which was dated June 2011. The reason as to why it has been kept pending for more than 6 months is not known. Further inspite of written reminder and telephonic requests to Ms. Rashmi Mondkar, this refund is not being despatched. The reason is not known. Please help.
Aug 5, 2011

IT refund not yet received

After numerous follow ups, i havent received my IT refund.

Pan no: AGOPR0740G
Year: 2009-2010

Amount: 13000 + interest.

May 25, 2011

Not yet Received TDS amount

TDS REFUND 2010-11
May 25, 2011

Not yet Received TDS amount

TDS Refund for the year 2010-2011 cheque No CMPP7542142 despatched through speed post EW742292241IN but the same returned due to insufficient address and we are not present due to unavoidable circumstance. You are therefore requested to re-send the same at the earliest and intimation to this effect may please be intimated through e-mai (jhumur.transport@yahoo.com). My PAN No is AJFPA3357G
May 10, 2011

Income tax refund not received even after 2 years

I am Ashwini Kumar Purwar (Pan number AQXPP3788P). I have not received my tax refund for FY09 and FY10 till date. Please help.
May 10, 2011

Income tax refund not received even after 2 years

I am Anup Kumar Omar (Pan number AAKPO6525C). I have not received my tax refund for FY08 and FY09 till date. Please help.
May 10, 2011

Income tax refund not received even after 2 years

I am Pradip Kumar Khare (Pan number AZEPK7952J). I have not received my tax refund for FY08 and FY09 till date. Please help.
Feb 17, 2011

Not yet Received TDS amount

I have not yet eceived my TDS amount. I have done return of income for Assessment year 2008-2009. I have launched a complaint to Income Tax officer on 20th August,2011. I will be highly obliged if you take action on my given complaint.

My Pan A/c- ANCPG1348J

Thanks & Regards,
Kinjal Gangar
Feb 9, 2011

Income tax refund not received even after 2 years

I am Vikas Nair (Pan number AEBPN7475D). I have not received my tax refund for FY08 and FY09 till date. Please help.
Oct 20, 2010

Tax refund not received yet

Respected Sir,

I have not received tax refund for FY 2008-09 till dodate. My PAN No. ADHPA9373Q.

Pse forward the refund cheque to my new present address mention below :-

Tulshiram Deoram Adak (POGI)
Qtr No. Asha 2/36
New Navy Nagar
Mumbai - 400 005

Warm Regards
Sep 24, 2010

Tax refund not received yet

I did'nt get my tax refund around 28000 for the year 2008-2009. i am not sure how to get it.

There are many people who have not received theire returns. Can anyone pls look into it. When we pay our tax on time then even our refund should be given on time...for tax payments they catch hold of u from anywhere in this world...then why not for the refund purpose how come we get lost...

Pls take care of the request from so many indians. Pls someone lok into the issue.
Aug 5, 2010

REFUND MONEY for AY 2008-09 n 2009-10

sir i am abdul kadir bohra at khargone m.p. mujhe suchna adikar ke tahat jankari chahiye thi ki khargone jile may kitni cheritable sanstha kariyarat hai avam kiss sanstha ko kitna fund mila hai yeh jankari lene ke liye mujhe bataye ki me kaha avedan lgau my e mail kadirtv100@rediffmail.com my mob.no.09179611000
Jul 12, 2010


Hello Sir,

My Uncle is Lic Agent,

My Uncle Pan NO.AFFPP 5579 R But his Not received pancard.
it is required for LIC, so, It is urgenlty required pending since last 6 years

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