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Consumer complaints and reviews about Income Tax Department

Aug 3, 2018

fraud person doing illegal credit card transaction in the name of help.

Parthiban Rajendran(8939387900) , This person is having fake company with name Arrow Computer and doing credit card swiping and all from very long. He asked for my help with around some 1.5 lakh rupees, as a courtesy and kind heart, I thought of helping him and gave my credit card for online purchase. THough little i was aware about that he is just channeling my credit card money to his fake company account. Starting few months he paid the credit card emi bill. But latly he is not paying any bills and i got to know that he is doing similar things with oterh colleagues as well. His wife who works in SBI credit card department also helping him.

Please help me to get my 1.5 Lakh rupee back as i am not so wealh and depend on my monthly salary for daily needs.

raj singh123
Jul 29, 2018

black money

one person abhishek malhotra staying in hyderabad beside slate school all doing black money work doing finance and taking 50% interest for 1lakh all doing without any paying tax taken home of 1crore taken car of 15lakh all fraud bussinesshis contact n0-9885472772 please take a quick action on him
Jul 29, 2018


I’m Amit Kumar, Add-A-2/81,82, New Kondli, Mayur Vihar Phase-3, Delhi-110096. My contact no. is 9654630976, 7011058754. Sir, I want to inform you that a company whose name is Gulllak, which is cheating lot of people. Basically, it is a finance company. They are providing an app Gulllak on gulllak.com and they make money double in few days. They are providing three plan 1K, 5K and 10K. They are taking money via three bank accounts and Paytm wallets. The Details of Bank and Paytm no. are given below.
1. Name of Account Holder: Stars Konnect,
Account No. ############
IFSC Code: ICIC0000074
Name of Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd.
2. Name of Account Holder: EB Retails,
Account No. 918020055897499
IFSC Code: UTIB0003248
Name of Bank: AXIS Bank Ltd.
3. Name of Account Holder: EB Global Ventures Pvt. Ltd,
Account No. Currently NA
IFSC Code: INDB0000275
Name of Bank: Indusind Bank Ltd.
4. Paytm No. 9873001006

They are providing their two address-
1. G-173, Ground Floor, Sector-63, Noida, UP-201301
2. C-4031, Imperial Heights, Kondhwa, Pune, Maharashtra

Their toll free no. is ############. I have also got four times. In starting, I can’t believe and invest again and again 1K and I got. But, now I have invested 5K and 10K also. And I have not been getting my money for last one and in earlier they provide my money within five or ten days as per their plan. But now they are not giving any information about my money. When I visited their google app store and check the review of users then I have found that they are cheating lot of people. Then, I have decided to complaint in Income Tax Department. Please help us. Their contact nos. are- 9873001006, 8766379800, 8766299626.
Aditya the one who got scammed.
Jul 26, 2018

Pan card fraud

My parents' pan card details have gone into some fraud people. Those frauds have registered themselves with those pan numbers .When I tried to register with e-filing website both the pan cards were shown already registered. Please help. There's nothing we are able to do about it.
Jul 25, 2018

tax evasion and black money

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to inform you that in our area Mr.Kartar chand R/o 868 Chungi mohalla,Basti Danishmandan, Jalandhar is filling the incorrect income tax return.This person was worked as a labourer in a leather factory and resided with his family in a rented house few year back.But surprisingly now this person has more 3-4 houses, plots & one commercial shop nearby Chungi, Basti Danishmandan, Jalandhar in his & his family members name, At present he is doing the work of money lending to poor people against some security like property or gold etc of which there is no record.In this way it is directly leads to tax evasion and utilization of black money. So I request you to please do the proper enquiry and take corrective action
Jul 24, 2018

Salary paid by an inter college to its teachers is near about 4-5k but the get signature on 10-12k. Why?

Dear sir/madam, This is to inform you that there is an internationally college named K.M.S.Inter college situated in pilkhuwa zila Hapur state U.P, which pays it's teachers the salary between 4k-6k in cash and gets the signature of their teachers on the salary paper ranges between 12k-15k. By this process, the inter college is showing that it's paying the salary between 12k-15k which​ is illegal. And by this way, the inter college is saving it's income tax illegally that is totally tax evasion.
So, it's my humble request to you that kindly take an strict action towards this inter college.
Waiting for your action.
The details of the inter School is as follows--
K.M.S.Inter College
Rampura Road, Pilkhuwa,
State-- U.P.
Jul 23, 2018

Salary paid by an inter college to its teachers is near about 4-5k but the get signature on 10-12k. Why?

Dear sir/madam, This is to inform you that there is an inter college named K.M.S Inter college in Pilkhuwa, Hapur, U.P, which distribute the salary to its teachers in cash. And the salary ranges from 4k-6k. But the college gets signature by the teachers on the salary between 10k-15k, which is just double the actual salary of the teachers. And by this process, the college making profit by saving tax after showing the high salary of teachers. Which is totally a fraud to Teachers as well as to the income tax department.
So, this is my humble request to you to take a strict action towards the inter college.
The details of the inter college is as follows----
K.M.S.Inter College
Rampura road, pilkhuwa
District-- Hapur
State-- U.P
Shalini Gumber
Jul 12, 2018

Salaries paid by cash and black money collected

Edumentor Educatipnal services based at preet vihar , New delhi, gives salaries in cash to all employees except 5-6 ,whom they have shown as employees in company documents. In actaul theer are arnd 100 employees. They run by 2 company name "Edumentor Educational services and Edumentor Educational Services Pvt. ltd." after giving cash salary they get a voucher signed from employee. All proofs are kept at the residence of Director Vikas Jain, no proof will be there in office.
There is no EPF system in company and they don't file proper service tax. Infact they even dont pay Sundays or week offs ( Off taken if employee is working on Sunday). They devide monthly salary by 26days instead of 30 days.
They even dont pay for notice period if Company tell employees not to serve. Even income tax is not paid accordingly.
Even my TDS is deducted from salary but TDS certificate is not issued later on when i left i asked again for TDS certificate they refunded my TDS amount .

Address is:
2nd floor, 80 defence enclave, opp preet vihar petrol pump, near metro pillar number 86 Above bandhan Bank, New delhi
Veeraiah Konduri
Jul 10, 2018

Tax Evasion

Director General of Income Tax
1st Floor, Dayal Singh Public Library Building,
1, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg,
New Delhi – 110 002

Sub : Tax evasion – suppression of information from tax authorities – illegal money lending – money laundering – black money - to evade taxes – Request for investigation and other necessary measures

Respected sir

One Mr. Seera Krishna Kishore, s/o Satyanarayana, resident of Flat 406, Block 24, Rain Tree Park Apartments, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Hyderabad, and Ms. Ch Uma, w/o Seera Krisha Kishore, resident of Flat 406, Block 24, Rain Tree Park Apartments, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Hyderabad committed serious tax evasions and suppressed income and assets worth more than 10 crores over the last five years.

Mr. Krisha Kishore is Managing Director of Endeavour Technologies having its registered firm in Visakhapatam special economic zone. Mrs. Ch Uma is owner of Endeavour Software Solutions. But both of these firms are running from Hyderabad having their operations at Door No. 1-53-193/D2, CMC Layout, Pearl Village, Kondapur, Hyderabad. Their stated business is software development, on scrutinizing their cash flow statements of respective bank accounts, it is undoubtedly proved that both Krishna Kishore and Ch Uma are more into money lending and money laundering than generating income from software development.

Mr. Kishore’s (PAN No. ATSPS1008H) personal annual income as shown in his ITR for the financial year 2012-2013 is merely Rs. 6,44,585 (Six lakhs Forty Four Thounsanda Five hundred and Eighty five rupees only), for financial year 2013-14 the same stands at Rs. 7,49,603 (Seven lakhs forty nine thousands six hundreds and three rupees only), for the financial year 2014-15, his earnings stood at Rs. 882446 (Rupees Eight lakhs Eighty Two thousands Four hundred and Forty six only) and for the financial year 2015-16, his earnings stood at Rs. 11,24,814 ( Rupees Eleven lakhs, Twenty Four thousands Eight hundred and Fourteen only).

Mr. Seera Krishna Kishore along with his partner Mr. Konda Siva Prasada Reddy, purchased land admeasuring 500 Sq yards wide document no 1471/2011, registered at Sub Registrar Office, Ghatakesar, Rangareddy district, Telangana. The value of this property as per the SRO document is Rs. 23,00,000 ( Rupees Twenty Lakhs only). In the year 2013, Krishna Kishore purchased land wide document no. 3472/2013, 3473/2013 registered at Jangaon SRO valuing Rs. 180000 ( Rupees One Lakh Eighty Thousands only). In the year 2015, he also purchased three commercial shops in SP’s River View wide document No. 15077/2015, registered at Mangalagiri Sub Registrar office, Andhra Pradesh valuing Rs 7755000 ( Rupees Seventy Seven Lakhs Fifty Five thousands only). He also purchased an asset of 533.32 Sq Yards wide document no 311/2016 registered at Sub Registrar office, Dwarakanagar, Visakhapatnam whose value is Rs. 1215000 (Rupees Twelve lakhs Fifteen thousands only).

In the year 2012, Mr. Kishore loaned Rs. 2 crores (Two crores only) to one Mr. K Sivanarayana by mortgaging property owned by Ms. Madhavilatha where as the neither he personally, nor his company Endeavours Technologies had that much of disposable income according to the ITRs filed with income tax department for the year 2012-2013 assessment years.Apart from this, Mr. Kishore also lend another 1.54 crore to Mr. Sivanarayana through various accounts during the years 2012-2013 again which was suppressed from income tax department.

As part of the said loan transaction, he transferred about 40 lakhs from his Endeavours Technologies (PAN No. AACFE3480C) to Ms. Madhavilatha whereas the said company reported a net loss of Rs. Rs. 44633.17 ( Forty Four Thousands six hundred and thirty three rupees and seventeen paise) according to the filings with income tax department stated in its ITR for financial year 2011-12. This clearly proves the fact that as on the year 2012, neither Mr. Krishna Kishore nor M/s Endeavour Technologies are in sound financial health to lend that much huge amount.

Mr. Krishna Kishore also loaned an amount Rs. 20278439 ( Rupees Two crore Two lakh Seventy Eight thousands Four hundred and Thirty Nine only) for the financial year of 2012-13 and an amount of Rs. 10170400 ( Rupees One crore One lakh Seventy thousands and Four hundred only) for the financial year 2013-2014 and an amount of Rs. 4763926 (Rupees Forty Seven lakhs, Thirty Nine thousands Nine hundred and Twenty Six only) for the financial year 2014-2015 through his ICICI bank account. He also has an account in Axis bank, KPHB colony branch, Hyderabad, whose scrutiny shall prove worthwhile with similar volume of transactions.

Similarly for the financial year 2012-13, Mr. Kishore received Rs. 19025200 ( One crore Ninety lakhs Twenty Five thousands and Two hundreds only), for the financial year 2013-14, his receivables stood at Rs 8420000 (Eighty Four lakh Twenty thousands only) and for the FY 2014-15, his receivables stood at Rs 5050000 ( Fifty lakhs Fifty thousands only). Put together for all three years the receivables stood at Rs. 27950200 ( Two crores Seventy Nine lakhs Fifty thousands and Two hundreds only)

In the year 2015, he received Rs. 5.34 crores ( Rupees Five Crores Thirty Four lakhs only) from Mr. Sivanarayana as indicated in the payment receipt wide stamp paper No. 237, dated 4th March 2015 which was later affirmed by the forensic report wide ref file No Doc/8/2018 by promising that he will release the mortgaged property of Ms. Madhavilatha. He also registered 24 commercial shops in Bandlamudi Complex, Chirala on the same promise and undervalued them in collaboration with Mr. Sivanarayna thereby denying Sivanarayana’s debtors right to collect their dues.

Culling out from the details listed above indicates that the value of assets purchased, loans given out and payments received stands at Rs. 159125965 ( Thirteen crore Eleven lakhs Seventy Five thousand Seven hundred and Sixty Five only) where as his income shown in ITR for the financial years from 2011 – 2016 shows merely Rs. 3401448 ( Rupees Thirty Four lakh) One thousand Four hundred and Forty Eight only) where as the amount lend and value of assets purchased stood at the level of

All the income that Mr. Krishna Kishore generated is through illegal money lending. As he registered his companies at SEZ Vishakapatnam and availed 100 % tax exemptions, he laundered that huge money into money lending business and thereby concealed an income of nearly Rs. 15.5 crores which necessitates an urgent scrutiny and forfeiting of his bank accounts until he is proved not guilty. I submit these details for the necessary action from the Hon’ble office of Director of Enforcement for the charges under illegal money lending, money laundering, siphoning of foreign exchange into money lending business and requesting to try Mr. Kishore and his companies under Prevention of Money Laundering Act along with necessary provisions under Indian Penal Code and Foreign Exchange Management Act.

Yours Sincerely
Veeraiah Konduri
Cell 9871794037.
Ankit Kumar
Jul 10, 2018


my name is ankit kumar

Main ek company main internship kar rha tha jiska naam israni photography hai aur iske aur bhi naam hai jaise (signature films , happy films israni photography ). Sir ye clients se cash payment jada lete hai aur apne company ke employees ko half salary cash main aur half salary account main dete hai . sir this is cheating .ye black money hai . Sir iske khilaf action hona chaiye .ye half salary account main dete hai aur half salary GST ke karan aur tax chori karte hai . Company address :-om heera panna mall Oshiwara andheri west office no 205 near Oshiwara police station. Thanku sir
[email protected]
Jul 7, 2018

Complaint on Home Affairs India Pvt. Ltd

Dear sir,
My name is venkatesh. I am working as a assistant warehouse manager in home Affairs last 2 months on wards.... This is luxery furniture retail company. my company functioning total black money... They are illegally import from China, Italy and turkey... Furniture... And they are doing ruthless hawala(Blake money transaction). In twin cities of Hyderabad. They are doing monthly 10 cores business.... They don't have to maintain a legal formalities... They are using two erp softwares....... One is legal and 2nd one is illegal...they are not paid the income tax....

Note : their business have 100 cores per year.

Company name : Home Affairs India Pvt. Ltd
Location :Transform building. Jublihills road no 45

Managing director : Mr. Neeraj
Manoj : transport the black money....
Parasuram and Tejas timbadia : black money planners.

Total information about their business they are maintain a separate extarnal hard disk for their business (Mr. Parasuram maintaining this)

Please take the action and save our country.

Black money.... Hawala.....

Jul 5, 2018

Unaccounted Rental Income - 3.6 Lakhs Per Month

Owner of my flat collects 3.5 L per month from his 23 apartments. All collected in Cash. Rent ranges from 12K- 16K per month for his 23 portions. Total Rent around 3.5 Lakhs per Month (Around 36 Lakhs per annum).
Even during demonitization, he collected 3L plus cash as Rent.
So total around 36+ LPA.
Even when vacating house, he collects around half month rent for cleaning and other purpose, but does nothing.
We, honest tax payers, are not able to claim our allocated HRA as he does not provides his pan card to any one.
They live luxorious life.
The amount of IT he has to pay is more than our annual Income and am sure that he is not paying his tax honestly.
Also he has other properties.
Please take action against him.
Serilingampalli, hyd.
Jul 3, 2018


Request to take necessary stringent action against Pilli Saibabu,S/O: Krishna Murthy, Gollavanithppa village bhimavaram,AP, West Godavari.
I am hoping to conduct enquiry againsty Pilli Saibabu and hoping to investigate against his assets and to submit income tax returns by him or else his illegal earnings will not be known and his financial activities suffer irreparable loss by his avoiding of paying the income tax to the department,in the interest of justice and equity.
brahampal singh
Jul 1, 2018

black money and benami sampatti

sharma machine tools
brahampal singh

May 16, 2018
Black Moneyand Rong I.T. Riturne Filing
Black Money And Benami Sampatti
This is for your kind information Mr.BABURAM and his son RAMLOCHAN rasident of -B=116 Gali NO= 5 Hardev Puri Shaadra Delhi 110093, Ownar of Sharma Machine Tools Add- 179/1 Anand Industrial Estate MOhan Nagar Ghaziabad -201007 UP .Having More Black Money and Benami Sampatti As -No 1- A-19 Khasra no-1743 Mahamayakunj Behta Hazipur Loni GZB (406 Sqy Plot No 2- 100 Sqy Plote at Rajeev Garden Loni Gzb No3- 15 Bigha land in Karhera Villege Gzb . And somany Benami sampatti and Black money and Cash and Jauvalry in Hose and Lokars Ramlochan,s waif is a govt Teacher she is not give proper details in his I.T. Riturnes and not mention his husband s income and Proparty. So kindly take proper action and Propar investication all famly manbars ,.
Tsering Dorjay
Jun 29, 2018

E-filling -Online ITR

I need some clarification for which i have tried to contact on phone given on site as well as call centre on the following nos..Given No. on site 18001030025 not working but 08046122000 has advised to contact 18001801961 who has shifted me to 18001030344 and so on..18001023738 to ############ again to 18001030344 despite of my request that i have already contacted this number but she was adamant & said i can also contact on 18001801961..however I failed to get the clarification. Please advise on which no. to be contacted so that I can resolve my issue..My request is with regard to e-filing (online ITR)

Thanx & regards

Tsering Dorjay
[email protected]
Jun 25, 2018

Unligale propity

Neelam rani un ligel proporty and 1 12 kg gold and 50 lakh ki proprty ,donot fild the tex ,plz chak the propopty ,work is shop kiping 9814546440
hanumantappa bhajantri
Jun 23, 2018

Lot of Ill Legal in come

Sri Srinivas Mane M L C in karnataka He is have Lot of block money Reyal Estate business Lot of Land,sites,Marble Stone Business
take action plese
hanumantappa bhajantri
Jun 23, 2018

Lot of Ill Legal in come

R shenkar M L A Of Ranebennur Haveri District in karnataka He is a ill legal Reyal estete Business Lot of Land Lot of sites Factaries plese check and action
Jun 22, 2018








Jun 22, 2018

Regarding a huge black money

Dear Sir,
I would like to bring your kind notice that Shri Samsher Bahadur Singh S/o Late Shri Baba Deen Singh, resident of Village Sherpur Laval, P/O Nigohan, Tehshil Mohanlal Ganj, District Lucknow UP, who is a retired police officer was posted in Fatehpur District, UP, who had been suspended many times from his post during the duty period against corruption. He has collected a lot of black money during demonetization with the help of Bank Manager of Dena Bank Nigohan and Aryawart Grameen Bank Nigohan. He is not paying income tax to Government at all.

He has built a house on a huge illegally acquired land No-1140 (10 Biswa approx) and a grain collection store (Kanta) near “Jai Ram Baba Samadhi” Lucknow- Allahabad highway, Nigohan market.

He has built 5-6 shops on illegally acquired land No-1919, just aside of Dr Sahu’s house, Nigohan market on Lucknow- Allahabad highway and other might be in city also.

He has illegally acquired Gram-Sabha land (in acrs) in village Sherpur Laval Gram- Sabha premises itself, near Nigohan market on Lucknow- Allahabad highway.

He has many VEHICLES (4-wheelers) and unauthorized “WINE SHOPS” one situated on Lucknow- Allahabad highway, in Nigohan market and others in Lucknow city.

He is also carrying a corruption in consolidation program with collaboration of consolidation officials, which is going in the same village since last one year. Though, this matter is in under the court and is on stayed for time being only, against complaint of villager of the same.

His son Arvind Kumar Singh alias Lallu Singh, who is a Gram-Pradhan of villege Shrrpur Laval, illegally occupied a “Rashan Distribution Shop” which is issued by the up government in favour of a dalit lady Smt. Shrikanti Devi w/o Shri Lalar resident of villege Sherpur Laval, since last 5-6 years.

Apart from this, Shri Samsher Bahadur Singh and his son Arvind Kumar Singh alias Lallu Singh are playing a main role as a Bhoo maphiya for selling and purchasing of different kinds of land.

This is my humbly request you to take a necessary action against him and hope, your good self will look into this matter and take proper and immediate action

I hope for your response and action against them.

with best regards

Waiting your response and thanks for your cooperation

From: same village
Sherpur Laval,
Nigohan, Mohanlal Ganj, Lko
Jun 20, 2018

Fraud by the employer in payment of Income Taxes


I want to bring your notice that we are here 8 faculties working in the Shanthi arts, commerce & science college, malavalli, mandya dist - 571430. We draw our salaries from UGC.In this Institute the Finance Officer has deducted the Income Tax and other Tax from faculty's salaries but paying very less amount to income tax department by showing smaller salaries. On approxiamte around 60 Lakh amount is not being paid since 10 years.

The Detail are as follows :-

PAN No of Deductor : PANNOTREQD
TAN No. of Deductor : BLRS09389C

This is my humble request to you to take necessary action against him.

Hope, your good self will look into the matter and take proper and immediate action

waiting for your response and thanks for your cooperation

From : Lecturers
Shanthi college, malavalli, mandya
Jun 18, 2018

black money

there transation of shop happened in mumbai 10 crores in cash masjid bunder west 400009 289 gurubhavan near masjid station owner kishore 9819551533 ED DEPARTMENT ENQUIRE IS GOING ON BeCAUSE MONEY IS FROM ABROAD .
Jun 17, 2018


I am a common man, i want to complain against blackmoney, that person (moolchand goel) and his family members ( gaurav , priya, suman, saurabh) all make blackmoney . they live a rented house . and moolchand work in (everest company meerut to sale spices, on a commission base in kairana) but in his account a lot of blackmoney, they cant tell this money comes from where.
They make a lot of commision to change old currency to new currency in NOTBANDI period 9 nov 2016 to 31 dec 2016.
all members have accounts in many banks ..
i know MOOLCHAND GOEL have a account in ZILA SEHKARI BANK LTD PILKHUWA , ghaziabad. ACCOUNT NO 000520000004130, you take information from this bank i.e aadhar card , pen card to catch this person , i know also he has account in AXIS BANK NOIDA , and BANK OF BARODA PILKHUWA.
his son gaurav and saurabh also many account that is one AANDRA BANK railway road Hapur, And his daughter Priya have account to make blackmoney and his wife suman also use bank account to make blackmoney....
therefore all five family members used less than 250000/- . so that no body organisation can catch and arrest.
And moolchand's landlord also help to make blackmoney.. landlord name is ZAHID TAILOR. who is working to stiching the clothes in SHIVPURI HAPUR,

they make tax evasion .so you can take action to catch this type of person and his landlord..
they mainly use transaction cash to cash .. sothat no body can caught.



Jun 13, 2018

benami proerty and it theft

against mr kapoor, shop no,24 central mkt sector 50 noida [gb] nagar 201303
1, 200yard kothi in sector 41, mkt price aprox 2.50cr
2, 1 shop 60mtr in posh mkt sectro 50 b block price aprox 5cr he gating rent from this shop 2 lac per month
3,1 kothi he gifted to his doutgher aprox 2 cr
4, 2 office sapce in posh mkt sector 18 choukhani suqeir aprox1.50 cr he also geting rent from there aprox 1 lac per month
5, 1 plot in sector 72 area 250 mtr now he built price aprox 2.50cr and also rented for 60 thousend
6, 1 farm house also he hv purchese recently aprox 1cr
5yr back he was nothing he hv a small car but now hv 3 luxury car like innova or more, he was a small contrector in delhi jal board but now he is a carorpati, how ?
if u invesigate his home lots of cash and gold maybe u can get, during dimonitisation lots of cash he was change from new to old note
some large property i dont know but whn u investigate lots of documents u can recover
i hope u will confidential all this,
Rohan Bose
Jun 13, 2018

black money

This is to inform you that few wholesale traders in siliguri (westbengal) espacially in Nivedita Market.Has huge amount of black money with them. And even they are carrying out their business with the same black money. On single day they are trading average 20lac.Please look into the matter and take immediate action.

Few outlet names:

Manideep (Dudul Roy)
New Swastik (Pradip Saha)
Pravat (Sujit Saha)

These are leading outlet for black money hondering.

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